12 Biggest Personality Flaws Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you buy into it or not, your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself. We're not just talking the ol' horoscope. There is so much more that your zodiac sign can tell you about beyond if it’ll be a good week for love - though, that can be important too. Your sign dictates certain personality traits, both good and bad. Depending on your sign, we can tell you what your biggest character flaw is. No, seriously, we can!

Why exactly would you want to know what your biggest flaw is? It’s like someone telling you exactly what you suck at in life. Knowing one's biggest flaw is not usually something that makes people happy. However, being self-aware can help someone overcome said flaw. The only way to correct, or work to correct your flaws, is to be aware of your shortcomings. See, we're not insulting you by telling you your biggest flaw. We're actually trying to help you become a better person!

Some of these flaws are at the core of your being and also extend from your strengths. If you’re a born leader, your flaw may be that you’re domineering. If you’re a great friend, your flaw may be that you’re possessive or sensitive. Our flaws are usually connected to our strengths in specific ways that make it hard to completely overcome our flaws. It's just who we are deep down. Still, being aware of your weakness keeps it from overpowering you in any situation... or so we all hope.

Below is your biggest character flaw based on your zodiac sign. Sorry that we have to break the bad news about your flaw to you, but maybe this way you can overcome your particular shortcoming.

12 Aries, You’re Short-Tempered

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Aries, you’re a fire sign and very strong-willed. You’re a born leader and one of the bravest signs out there. If there is ever going to be someone who will dive headfirst into a new adventure, it’s you. However, this leadership and bravery also results in your being short-tempered. You lose your cool quickly, because your emotions and passions are always right below the surface. Your short temper and impatience comes from a desire for all of your projects to be successful quickly. You put in a lot of work and you want to see the fruits of your labor as fast as possible. This sometimes makes you seem child-like.

While your dominant personality may result in your being stubborn, it can also be what helps you be a great leader. Check your fiery side at the door and remember that it sometimes takes time to get to where you’re going.

11 Taurus, You’re Possessive

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Taurus, you don’t have the same problems as Aries. In fact, one of your strengthens is that you are so patient. This patience, coupled with your reliability and sensitive side, makes you one of the greatest friends out there. Seriously, if someone wants a good bestie, they should make besties with a Taurus.

Being such a great friend can also make you a little possessive After all, you put so much effort into your relationships and you expect the same back from all of the people in your life. This uncompromising personality makes you a great friend, who never gives up in the good times or the bad, but it can also make you jealous and possessive of all your relationships. You can also be lazy at times, because your ambition is overshadowed by your desire to be close to people.

Just know that not everyone will be able to devote the same time and affection to their relationships as you. It doesn't mean you're less important to them than they are to you.

10 Gemini, You’re Restless

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Gemini, your duality can be both a good and a bad thing. It makes your curious, so you are always learning and asking questions. That is, obviously, a good thing. You never grow bored with life as whole because you see everything as an adventure.

Your duality can always result in a restlessness. You tend to have a hard time staying satisfied, moving from one thing to the next, looking for a feeling a contentment. This can also result in you being unpredictable. Your unpredictable side can come out in a fun, adventurous personality, but it can also seem like you like inconsistent.

Being that you’re the sign of the twin, it makes sense that you have such extreme personality traits. You just have to make sure that you don’t ruin a good thing due to this restlessness. You may have the itch to leave a relationship or a job, but it may just be due to your inner conflict.

9 Cancer, You’re Moody

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Cancer, you’re imaginative and creative. You’re a sensitive artist of sorts. You’re also extremely loyal and care deeply about the feelings of your loved ones. Being so in touch with emotions, unfortunately, makes you extremely moody. You're very much like the typical sensitive artist stereotype.

Being overly emotional, you will bounce from being ecstatic to being devastated in the blink of an eye. This emotional range can also make you insecure and suspicious. It does not take much to suspect someone may be betraying you. One wrong peep and your head will fill will ideas of betrayal and suspicion.

Keeping your emotions at bay can be difficult for the sensitive Cancer. However difficult, doing so will be best for everyone since loved ones can sometimes be exhausted by your changing moods.

8 Leo, You’re Self-Centered

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Leo, it’s your world and we’re just living in it. You’re a passionate, humorous and cheery person. People love being around you because of your bright personality. You're like a light that draws everyone to you. However, this can also result in you assuming that you’re the star of the show... every. single. time.

Your self-centered attitude comes from your extreme pride and arrogance. Though, we can't fully blame you. With everyone swarming to your bright presence, it's easy to become arrogant. This self-centered nature can also make you very possessive. You sometimes think that you should be front in center to everyone all of the time.

When you’re not the most important thing in everyone’s lives, you are not happy. Take a chill pill. You may be bright and bubbly, but not everyone can be focused on your 24/7. We love you, Leo. We just don't love you that much.

7 Virgo, You’re Harsh

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Virgo, you’re very kind… or, well, you mean to be. You have very sweet intentions. You’re also practical, hardworking and loyal. You can be vanilla from time to time, but that is just your practicality coming out. You want to work hand and live a nice, simple life.

This practical sense for life can also lead you to be overcritical and harsh. You’re a perfectionist and hold yourself to high standards. Unfortunately, you can also hold everyone else in your life to these same standards. When they don’t live up to said standards, you can be very harsh and cold with them.

Learn to let both yourself and others off the hook from time to time. No one is perfect, not you, not your boyfriend and not your besties. We’re all mere humans, even Ryan Gosling.

6 Libra, You’re Indecisive

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Libra, you are a fair and social person. You are extremely diplomatic and love to consider all the angles and positions before making a decision. This fair-mindedness can also make you indecisive. You will be paralyzed with the weight of the decision, as you try to consider all the options.

Being considerate is a good thing, but you can too considerate from time to time. The sociability of your personality can also make you very pliable. If you're trying to make a decision, you may be manipulated by the opinions of those close to you. Beware of people trying to take advantage of you in this way.

You should consider all options, but also follow your gut. Trusting your gut could lead to faster decision making skills and to less outside manipulation. Stay diplomatic, but don’t let anyone take advantage of that.

5 Scorpio, You’re Obsessive

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Scorpio you are passionate. When you love something or someone, it is your everything. This is great… to a point. You can sometimes cross over into the realm of being obsessive. If a loved one is at the center of your obsession, this can result in your being extreme kind and loving to them. It can also have a negative outcome. This obsessive nature can make you easily possessive, jealous and suspicious of your loved ones. Try to take a step back. Letting your obsessive nature result in thoughtful presents or career ambition is great. Letting it result in texting someone 96 times is not great.

If someone has wronged you, this is something you can obsess over too. You can be very resentful and bitter towards anyone who has ever crossed you in life. Don’t let your passion turn into a negative. Keep your obsession for things towards the positive side.

4 Sagittarius, You’re Inconsistent

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Sagittarius, you are idealistic and generous. This idealism, however, results in a somewhat distorted view of the world. While it makes you adventurous and brave, it can also result in you becoming bored with things. You have a perfect version of things in your head and when they don’t play out like that, you can become bored and disappointed in the reality.

Because of this boredom, you sometimes lack the patience to stick with things for the long run. This can result in your easily quitting things and having an inconsistent nature. You hop from one project or adventure, to another, without ever letting anything fully run its course.

Don’t let your impatience get the best of you, Sagittarius. Instead of hopping over to the next thing that excites you, sticking something out something could yield better results.

3 Capricorn, You’re Controlling

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Capricorn, you are so responsible and have such self-control over yourself. This disciplined manner makes you achieve your goals without many slip ups. You’re rarely the girl who embarrasses herself. In fact, you’re sometimes the only one without a hangover at Sunday brunch. This discipline can result in you being controlling towards others. While this control can make you responsible, controlling others won’t yield the same results. In fact, it will disappoint you and make them itch to get away from your control.

You can also be very conservative from time to time, without the ability to hear out other’s opinions. Keep your control inside, girl. It will help you achieve your goals. Trying to control others will not have the same results. In fact, it'll just piss your friends off.

2 Aquarius, You’re An Extremist

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Aquarius, you are a breath of fresh air. You are progressive and original. You have an independent mind and think for yourself. This results in creative ideas that are new to people. This inventive way of thinking can also make you an extremist. Your ideas and theories are very extreme, which can sometimes be polarizing to others. In fact, your ideas can sometimes be polarizing to your other ideas. You contradict yourself with such extreme ideas.

You can also be detached and non-emotional. You’d rather spend your time experimenting and learning, than indulging in emotions. Give into your emotions once in a while. Don't forget, there is also a middle ground in some situations. There is no need to feel so very much one way or another.

1 Pisces, You’re An Escapist

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Pisces, you gentle, gentle soul. You are imaginative and artistic. This gives you a strong intuition. You connect with people deeply. This imaginative, gentle soul of yours will escape reality as much as possible. Instead of dealing with the harsh details of the day, you’d rather avoid them and pretend to live in a perfect fairy tale world.

You can also be indecisive, because, again, you don’t feel like dealing with the real world. This avoidance results in your being timid, instead of just going for what you want in life. Don’t be shy! Pisces, if you want something, you need to speak up for it. Since the world can be a cold and cruel place, escapism can be nice one and while. Don’t let that get in the way from actually functioning in the world, though.

These are your biggest, baddest flaws based on zodiac sign. Now that you know your weaknesses based on your sign, you can try to overcome them… or you can just be one of those people who blames their shortcomings on their zodiac sign. (“Sorry, I’m such a bitch. I can't help it. I’m a Taurus.”) But, don’t be that girl. No one likes that girl.

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