12 Apps To Help You Sleep At Night

With work, school, and our busy day-to-day lives, it has become rare for us to get a good night’s sleep. Our minds might be racing while we are staring at the ceiling, we toss and turn to try to fool ourselves into going to sleep—but it still doesn’t work. And with this lack of sleep, our whole day seems in a fog, we can’t concentrate properly, and we sometimes get in a grumpy mood—craving for a nap. Luckily, there are hundreds of thousands of apps that you can download right onto your phone that allow you to, not only track and monitor your night’s sleep, but some help actually guide you into falling asleep. Out of the hundreds of sleep apps out there, here are some of the best ones to help you sleep like a baby.

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12 Headspace

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Sometimes we can’t convince our brain that it’s time to shut off and go to sleep. We constantly have distractions, noises, and duties in our head that restrict us from fully relaxing and resting. Headspace calls themselves an app that “is a gym membership for your mind” and promotes meditation. Meditation promotes a healthy mind, bringing less stress, worry, anxiety, and adding awareness and sharpness. This app allows you to solely focus on the “now” and to help clear your head of any external or internal noise, therefore, helping you fall asleep.

11 Calm

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Not only is this a meditation app, but this app also has a selection of calming sounds that you can choose from to help calm your mind and help you fall asleep. There are different meditation themes that you can choose that aim towards deep sleep, anxiety, or even ones that promote compassion. They also offer “body scan” meditation that is solely made for helping you fall asleep. This app eases any mental tension and supports you to have a restful night’s sleep.

10 Sleep Cycle Power Nap

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Similar to the original Sleep Cycle app that tracks your night’s sleep, this app actually tracks one’s naps! It uses the built-in accelerometer to help analyze any of your movements, then uses its alarm to wake you up before you fall into a deep sleep! We have all had those naps where we sleep a bit too long and you wake up feeling groggy, confused, and more tired than from when you actually fell asleep! This app helps to avoid that, and even has relaxing sounds that help you fall asleep as well. This makes us excited to take naps!

9 Thunder Space 5k

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This app has 3D audio sound fields that brings the clearest quality of listening right into your headphones. The app does exactly what its name says—brings the thunder, literally. Choose from a variety of storm noises that will ironically calm you down. It allows you to focus better, and to be engulfed in a calming and natural atmosphere, therefore allowing you to sleep better. With this app, they also have a sleep and meditation time which not only drifts you off to sleep, but also allows you to meditate for how ever long you may need or want.

8 Sleep Better

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This app has everything you need regarding your sleep in one. It allows you to track how long you’ve been asleep as well as its cycles, which gives you a better idea of your own personal light and deep sleeps. They also have a feature that allows you to monitor and record any dreams you may have, letting you observe how good, bad, or normal dreams effect your mood and sleep cycles. This app allows you to see and observe all aspects that relate to your overall health, which directly effect your sleep. It helps you pinpoint any struggles that you can improve to make you feel more rested.

7 Motion X 24/7

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Not only does this app track your sleep like many other apps, but it has the feature that actually monitors your daily activity levels—such as monitoring heart rates and body weight. It tracks your sleep and chooses to wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle so you wake up easily and refreshed. Having this feature lets you see how your physical health collaborates with your sleep, and shows you how you can use this knowledge to make any changes in your daily lifestyle that may benefit you and your sleep so that you overall feel better.

6 Beddit

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In order to achieve a great night’s sleep, we need to realize the elements that aren’t helping, allowing us to try to fix or eliminate them. The Beddit sleep tracker sees all of these important elements and summarizes them in to a number that is called your “SleepScore.” Your SleepScore tells you if you have had a good night’s sleep or not, and even if you choose to take a nap during the day, it will beneficially add to your SleepScore. This is a fun way to keep track of your sleeping patterns, and especially helps with your understanding of your over health in general in a more simplistic manner.

5 Relax Melodies

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One of the most popular sleep aid apps, Relax Melodies is an app that provides 52 high quality sounds and 4 brainwave beats to help relax the body. The app allows you to mix 12 sounds together that you can save within the app, so it is customized to your liking and you can always go back to listen to your favorite mixes. Use this app during the day at work or school to help you relax, or even use it to help calm you down as you go to sleep. Any way you use it, you will feel more calm, at ease, and ready to chill.

4 SleepBot

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How great would it be if we all had our own robot that tracked our sleep cycles, our movements, and even wakes us up at the perfect moment during our night? The SleepBot app does just that! The SleepBot app tracks our sleep cycles by recording our movements throughout the night, and also has the feature of recording long-term sleeps. Meaning, you will be able to see your sleep results for the week after using this app every night to see any improvements. This app also records moments of light sleep or snoring, which will be helpful to know if you’re wondering why you’re not sleeping enough at night. This app is our own little sleep robot!

3 Sleep Pillow Sounds

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Sometimes when our heads hit the pillow, we aren’t able to focus on going to sleep. We lay there and we are so distracted by the thoughts and worries going on and on in our head, that we lay there for what seems like hours. The Sleep Pillow App brings upon a calming and relaxed environment for you to successfully go to sleep. The ambient noises and sounds that you can choose from replaces the rapid thoughts in your head, and allows you to feel as if you are in a completely different environment. You can choose rain sounds, water sounds, car sounds, chimes, or even the sound of a hair dryer or vacuum. What ever sound you may choose, it will make you feel at home and comfortable—which is the perfect recipe for a restful night’s sleep.

2 The Mindfulness App

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This app provides guided meditations from any length you may need or want—varying from 3 to 30 minutes. You also have 7 different categories of meditation that you can choose and customize yourself, and you have the endless options of choosing guided meditations from some of the most well known meditation teachers in the world! There is also an option to check your statistics and your progress through your meditation journey. Clear your mind, learn to live in the present, and you will sleep peacefully and serenely.

1 SleepCycle

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This app not only tracks and analyzes you while you sleep, but it wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. By doing this, this allows you to wake up in the most natural way possible so that you feel completely refreshed and rested. You place this app faced down next to you so that the microphone can hear any signs of movement to then determine which sleep phase you are in. When you wake, it presents you a graph showing your different phases of sleep throughout the night. This app really puts you on track to a continuous and healthy sleep every night.

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