12 Annoying Things He Does That Annoy You

Sure, we like guys. They’re fun in the bedroom, great to laugh with, perfect for venting to - but there are some things we can’t stand about the opposite sex, like their constant itch to scratch their groins. Ew, what is up with that? Is there really a need to do that before you reach for a handful of popcorn? Or before holding our hand at dinner? Come on dudes! So not sexy. But don’t get us wrong, we still love you guys and appreciate how different you all are from females (we wouldn't be caught dead scratching our crotches in public, just saying). However, there are some seriously annoying habits you all do that make us go completely crazy - and no, not in a good way. Here are 12 irritating things guys do that girls can’t stand.

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12 Farts In Public

Why is it we try so hard to contain our farts while in the presence of others (especially guys) but they let it out freely no matter who they are around? And to make matters worse, they play it off like it's no biggie. As though they didn’t make a huge scene in the quiet art gallery or didn’t disrupt your intimate dinner by the fireside. They simply don’t care - especially once they get overly comfortable with you - which sort of makes you feel like they don’t really care enough to impress you anymore. Seriously guys, we care enough to hold it in, why can’t you?

11 Doesn’t Have Your Back

How many times have you wished your guy would have your back on a certain issue? Whether it’s work related or something with your family, wouldn’t you love to have him agree with you and say he’s on your side no matter what? Well, most of the time they don’t do that. Instead, they challenge you. They give you their side of the story even though they technically might not even have a side - do they really get a say in why your great grandmother hates your new haircut? Why is it they can’t just agree with you about not wanting to see your relatives again until your hair grows out?

10 One Word Texts

Oh, the dreaded one word text. Every woman has gotten one from a guy and knows how annoying they are. It’s just as bad as getting a one word answer in person or on the phone. You tell your boyfriend something important like you got fired today and all he can say is, “damn,” or you spill how much you love him and his only reply is “k”. Ugh as if! These one word answers make all women crazy because we like detail. We want to know how the guy is feeling or what he’s doing. Why is it so hard for them to do that?

9 Checks Out Other Girls

Sure, you’re a self-sufficient woman who knows she’s a good catch, but that still doesn’t mean you like watching your man check out the girl walking by. Look, we get it guys. We know you all do it but why do you have to be so blunt about it? Can’t you wait until you’re sure we’re not looking before you scope out another woman’s butt? And really? The old sunglasses trick is not working. We can still tell you’re looking at another girl even behind those polarized shades. Don't you have enough time to drool over women when you're out with your friends?

8 Blames Your Emotions On That Time Of The Month

Just because you are having a bad night doesn’t mean it has anything to do with your period. Sure, you know that, your sister knows that, but your man? Well, he’s clueless. If you’re acting a little bitchy or sad, he’s going to right away jump to the conclusion that you have your period. And seriously, it’s so annoying. What, we can’t have emotions when it’s not that time of the month? What’s really funny is that men don’t realize PMS doesn’t happen during your period, it happens before. So while we might get cramps while we're menstruating, we normally don’t have those raging hormones they complain about. Get it right guys.

7 Plans Boys Night But Not Date Night

How frustrating is it when he gets totally enthusiastic about planning a guys night out, but doesn’t even give any thought (or emotion) to scheduling a date night with you? We get that guys love hanging out with their bros (we love chilling with the girls), but when they only make the effort with the guys, it really starts to make us ladies feel anything but a top priority. We’re always the ones that have to set the plans and make sure to follow through with them because we know very well leaving it up to the guy might result in date night never happening. 

6 Selfish In The Bedroom

There’s nothing worse than a selfish guy in the bedroom. After you’ve worked your magic on him it’s only fair he does the same to you. But when that doesn’t happen, it’s like a slap in the face. Um, you’re welcome a$$h&*e. Nothing like working your jaw to the point it’s sore than to have the guy roll over and pass out afterward. Guys, you wouldn't want a woman to do that to you, so why on earth do you think it’s okay for you to do that to us?

5 Wants To Always Fix You

We understand most men have the "Mr. Fix It" gene where they want to mend everything on their own, which is cool when it comes to changing an air filter or replacing a spark plug. But when it comes to solving all our problems, it’s really not needed. Women go to their men to vent about their day simply for support. A simple head nod, a rub on the back, a whisper that “everything is going to be okay,” surely suffices. But when you take our problems into your own hands and feel like you have to fix them, it just gets too exhausting. We don’t need to be fixed, we just want to be listened to.

4 Leaves The Toilet Seat Up

This is an annoying habit we remember our mothers complaining about with our fathers and now, here we are, grumbling about the same thing. Leaving the toilet seat up is one of the most annoying things a man can do, and no matter how many times you tell him to quit it, he doesn’t get it - or refuses to listen. But it’s not just the toilet seat staying up and us falling into the bowl that has women going crazy. It’s the act of not flushing what's in there and leaving yellow droplets all over the toilet (and the floor) that really sets us off.

3 Doesn’t Clean Up After Himself

While the toilet is a big issue, it's not the only thing men "forget" about taking care of. Most men don’t clean up after themselves anywhere. Dishes are put in the sink because the woman will wash them, right? Shoes can be left under the coffee table because putting them in the closet is too much of a hassle, correct? All of these little things really make any woman annoyed. We are not maids, nor are we their mothers. We are the significant other that has our own crap to clean up and doesn’t feel like tidying up after someone else in the process.

2 Brings Up Girls From The Past

No matter how cool or laid-back we are, we still don’t want to hear about the girls from the past. Oh wow, so she had the biggest boobs you’ve ever seen? Awesome. These are all things your new girlfriend never wants to hear. We don’t want to think about the other women you have been with especially when it was only a hook up. Go brag that information to your guy friends, and leave that nasty talk out of the conversation with your lady.

1 Always Grabbing His Groin

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Men are always adjusting themselves and they never seem to care who they are doing it in front of. They might play it right by not doing it when you first start dating, but once it forms into a full-blown relationship, all bets are off. And really what is it all about? He just likes touching himself? Making sure everything is still there, intact? Does he think he needs to grab himself to remind us ladies there’s a penis down there? We’re pretty clear on that already guys, no need for the constant ball tossing.

sources: cosmopolitain.com 

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