12 Amazing Foods That Make You Look Younger

Some women never stop picking on themselves. Today they will complain about how much weight they have and tomorrow, it’ll be how much older they look. And yes, even those who get invited to glamorous parties, boutique shows and even award shows complain. This is despite the fact that their looks are every man’s fantasy. It’s hard to imagine what they could be doing wrong. This is considering that they practice almost all directives of healthy living: do not smoke, avoid a lot of sun, get enough sleep and relax as much as you need to release the stress. What some of these women don’t know is that the problem could lie with their diet. While you may not be the type of woman who is worried about weight, you need to realize that food contributes to more than just your weight.

Eating the right food can help ward off most of your beauty concerns. A good diet is important and some of the pros include smoothening wrinkles, strengthening fragile nails and glossy hair. As you can see, your everyday looks as well as how fast you age are a direct reflection of your daily diet. That said, consider tossing these foods into your diet for a younger you.

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12 Coffee


As it contains caffeine, coffee is a stimulant which helps you relax and focus on what you have to do. While in the past it was thought to be a health risk, research has identified benefits of coffee to health as well as the skin. It contains components that help to protect you from skin cancer, particularly melanoma. According to recent research report by The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, those who drink coffee are less likely to suffer malignant compared to those who don’t. Coffee also helps to prevent dark circles or puffiness around the eyes. All these contribute to a younger looking skin.

11 Watermelon


In addition to being a favorite fruit for most people during the summer, watermelon is parked with lycopene. This is an antioxidant compound responsible for the red color in watermelons and tomatoes as well. According to Keri Glassman, the compound also helps the skin fight damage caused by UV rays. Research has proven that watermelons contain as much as more than 40% phytochemical contained by tomatoes. This equals SPF 3, and as such can be used to reinforce the daily dose of sunscreen.

10 Lean beef


Weekly manicures and pedicures at your favorite salon can help keep your nails in great condition. But so can lean beef. In the recent past, research has been able to prove that a diet that’s rich in proteins, zinc and iron are the main factors contributing to long and beautiful nails. The difference between beautiful nails that grow in spurts and lags lies in how protein is consumed in a diet. This is no surprise, considering that nails are made up of keratin. Eating a small portion of lean beef will provide you with all the three nutrients.

9 Pomegranates


This seedy fruit may not be in season throughout the year, and it may even be your favorite. But it has a string of health benefits. For starters, pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins (K, C) and mineral nutrients including zinc, potassium, copper and iron. Its nutritional components help to keep the skin hydrated, prevent inflammation in case of acne breakouts, stimulate production of collagen and help the skin to fight harmful effects of the sun’s rays. By slowing down wrinkle activity, giving the skin a firmer look and reducing inflammation due to UV rays, pomegranates contribute significantly to a younger look.

8 Almond butter


Almond butter is one of the foods richest in healthy fats, proteins and a variety of vitamin, all of which are linked to health hair growth. It is rich in Vitamin E, the particular nutrient responsible for thick, lustrous hair locks. Almond butter is also beneficial to the skin when eaten regularly. Vitamin E found in this super food slows down the aging process by preventing breakdown of collagen and elastin proteins. Avoiding free radical damage of both of the above is important for firmer looking skin. Moreover, flavonoids found in almond butter works consistently with Vitamin E to protect the skin against damage from environmental factors.

7 Blueberries


Among all other berries, blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants. They also have additional components and compounds that contribute to a younger mental and physical state. Blueberries derive their blue color from a compound known as anthocyanin. The compound keeps the skin protected from free radical damage to collagen, which keeps the skin tissues firm. In addition, blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which is responsible for production of collagen. Last but not least, they contain phytonutrients that protect the skin from skin cancer.

6 Sweet potatoes


Most people in today’s world consume sweet potatoes without knowing what their health benefits are. Being an orange vegetable, sweet potato is packed with vitamin A, which is vital for regeneration of collagen. This keeps the skin from degenerating and showing aging symptoms like wrinkles. They are abundant in complex carbohydrates, which keep your mealtimes further apart. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C, B2, &B6, fiber, biotin and copper. For a root tuber, sweet potatoes contain a lot of proteins and antioxidant which are vital for reversing aging symptoms on skin.

5 Lobster


If you are looking for seafood that will get your skin looking younger, lobster is the way to go. Packed with high zinc content, lobster has the ability to treat a number of annoying skin conditions including acne inflammations. It also contributes to acceleration of renewal of skin cells. All these are probably reasons as to why zinc is used in acne medication. They are also the reason why people with lower zinc levels show increased acne inflammations.

4 Kale


This is one of the most nutritious vegetables you will find anywhere today. Other than helping you to lose weight and evade a number of heart diseases, kale is packed with varied nutrients which contribute significantly to a younger you. One of the significant nutrients in Kale is vitamin K which prevents formation of dark circles under the eyes by promoting healthy blood clotting. Kale also contains iron, which is responsible for increased blood production and a glowing skin. To reap maximum benefits, it shouldn’t be eaten raw.

3 Walnuts


If there are nuts that have omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E all rolled into one it is walnuts. While Omega-3 fatty acids will help to hydrate your hair, vitamin E repairs damaged hair follicles. Cool combination, right? Even better, walnuts contain copper, a mineral nutrient which helps to keep you hair’s natural color for longer. It is proven by research that a deficiency in copper could cause to gray pre-maturely.

2 Tomatoes


Research has being able to prove that a high antioxidant level can help fight UV rays oxidation. This is particularly the case with deep colored fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes contain high amounts of antioxidants and carotenoids, both of which are vital for warding off oxidation by UV rays. They also accelerate production of collagen, thus helping the skin look younger and alleviate wrinkle action. For optimal results, take five tablespoons of tomato paste or use as much tomatoes as you can in your diet.

1 Cantaloupe


The tasty melon is packed with beta carotene, better known as Vitamin A. According to Health.com, this nutrient regulates production of sebum and growth of skin cells. This combination is vital for a young looking skin as it keeps the skin from flaking during cell regeneration.

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