11 WWE Stars Dating People In The Business (+ 9 Who Looked Elsewhere)

Dating in the wrestling business isn’t the easiest. Dating outside of the wrestling business can be that much harder. When a person dates a fellow employee, the story gets blown out of proportion, so forget about any privacy.

On the flip side, it can also be hard to date someone out of the business given the crazy WWE schedule. On a regular week, WWE stars get two to three days at home, which isn’t an ideal schedule, especially for those that want a loved one that they can see every day.

So what’s the solution? For some, it is biting the bullet and dating someone in the business. Not only do both the people in the relationship understand the rigors of the road but they also grow close because of their shared passion for pro wrestling. For that reason, it is very common to see WWE stars date within the business. In this article, we’ll examine eleven examples of those that are currently dating a co-worker.

Not everyone chooses this path as some aim to keep their personal life behind closed doors with a partner that has nothing to do with the business. This type of relationship is hard to maintain but we’ve seen some succeed. Here we’ll feature nine examples of those that are dating people from outside the industry.

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20 In The Business - Bayley & Aaron Solow

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Being that she’s a wrestling superfan, it would only make sense that Bayley would date a fellow wrestler. Heck, this is the same person that once broke up with her ex-boyfriend because she had a childhood crush on the Hardy Boyz... Years later, she would be working with them. Life’s crazy sometimes!

As for Aaron, he made a couple of cameos on WWE television, though he spends most of his time working for smaller companies outside the WWE. Despite the fact that they have different schedules and work for different promotions, the couple continues to make things work inside the parameters of their industry.

19 Elsewhere - Baron Corbin (Rochelle Roman)

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Corbin entered the world of professional wrestling with a background in football. To his credit, he caught on very quickly and became a big star under Vince McMahon’s watch. Of course, he likely could have picked from a handful of in-industry partners thanks to his rise.

But he lives a quiet life behind the scenes alongside his longtime partner Rochelle Roman. The two tied the knot a couple of years back, and amongst the WWE guests was his close friend Corey Graves. Despite his hectic traveling schedule, Corbin still maintains the same relationship, which is quite a rarity in the world of pro wrestling, so props to Corbin for that.

18 In The Business - Charlotte & Andrade Almas

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Charlotte has a history of dating men in the wrestling business. She used to date wrestler Bram, who would later get his release papers by the company. It is also said that she briefly dated Alberto Del Rio prior to his relationship with Paige, but of course, some things simply can't be confirmed.

Charlotte found love once again, this time with WWE star Andrade Almas. The relationship seems to be pretty serious as Charlotte posted pictures of the two on vacation and at the Hall of Famer ceremony. The only tough part is that the two are now on opposing brands. Let’s hope they still make it work despite the recent Superstar Shakeup.

17 Elsewhere - Nikki Bella (Artem Chigvintsev)

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Nikki recently clarified the rumors that she is, in fact, dating outside of the wrestling business. According to her recent interview with the E Network, she’s now seeing her former Dancing with the Stars partner. Here’s what she had to say about the relationship with E!;

"Yes, we have date lunches at Joan's on Third and we like to get food for his house—or should I say, produce from the farmer's markets. So, let's consider this rumor killed," she continued, before clarifying the terms of their relatively newfound romance. "Artem and I are dating. We are not engaged, we are not married, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend, we don't say 'I love you.'"

16 In The Business - Braun Strowman & Kamilla Kaine

Some WWE fans might not be familiar with Strowman’s current partner behind the scenes. Some know Kaine as a fitness personality, however, she has now transitioned into the wrestling business working on the independent circuit. Perhaps Braun Strowman had a bit of an influence on her professional transition? We’ve seen such scenarios aplenty in the past.

For now, they continue on with different companies but it likely helps that both are now in the same line of work and understand the rigors of working on the road. It’ll be interesting to see if Kamilla joins Braun at some point with WWE.

15 Elsewhere - Paige (Ronnie Radke)

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Paige has dated several WWE stars in the past, including Brad Maddox and, a little more recently, Alberto Del Rio. However, those relationships weren’t the greatest for Paige and perhaps she finally understood that dating out of the wrestling business might be the wisest decision.

As evidenced by Total Divas, Paige has dated several musicians, including her current partner Ronnie Radke. The two appeared together during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The relationship seems to be lighthearted, which is exactly what Paige needs. She’s currently serving as a manager over on SmackDown Live for Asuka and Kairi Sane, so someone low-key is ideal for her!

14 In The Business - Sasha Banks & Mikaze

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This one is a unique relationship between two people that are also married and both in the business for different reasons. Of course, Sasha is currently with WWE on RAW. However, her husband also works on RAW but not in the ring (though he used to work as an in-ring talent out of the WWE), instead, he has a position behind the scenes as the company’s seamstress.

Some of the best gear in the company is made by Mikaze behind the scenes in the backstage area. Ever wonder why Sasha always has the best ring gear? Well, there’s your answer.

13 Elsewhere - Randy Orton (Kimberly Kessler)

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Unlike a lot of the WWE locker room, Orton has opted to stay away from his co-workers when it comes to finding love. His ex-wife wasn’t in the business and neither is his current wife, Kimberly Kessler, and there haven't been any behind-the-scenes rumors either.

Perhaps Orton got some words of wisdom from the old guard about dating outside of the industry–that was the norm back in the day, but it appears as though things have changed with the new crop of talent. Nonetheless, Orton seems happier than ever alongside his wife, who also shows up at a lot of the shows, albeit behind the scenes.

12 In The Business - Bray Wyatt & JoJo Offerman

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We’ve have seen this scenario unfold in the past. A certain wrestler has a relationship with someone out of the company only to start dating a member of the WWE family shortly after. This happens all too often, perhaps because the road life allows wrestlers to create closer bonds with others. It only makes sense that spending more time together would lead them to their true feelings!

That’s exactly what went down with Bray and JoJo. Not only did the two start to date but they’re also expecting a child in the very near future. In addition, Wyatt is finally set to return while Offerman should be back with the company in the future following her maternity leave.

11 In The Business - Maria & Mike Kanellis

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It was a tough departure from the WWE for Maria in 2010. Her plans to return would also get nixed. However, everything worked out for Maria as she would return to the company in 2017. Not only that, but she would also meet that man of her dreams while she was away, Mike Bennett. The two are happily married and have a daughter.

The two not only grew close but they became very popular on the independent scene. Thanks to their great work together, they caught WWE’s interest and were given the chance to join the company together in an ultimate power couple move.

10 Elsewhere - Roman Reigns (Galina Becker)

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Making a change and entering the wrestling business, Reigns had the full support of his partner Galina Becker. At the time, Roman was unsure about his future working at his family’s furniture company. Taking the leap of faith changed everything for Roman’s trajectory as he would later evolve into the face of WWE.

His relationship with Becker has stayed intact throughout his WWE run. The two got married in 2014 and have three beautiful children, including a daughter and, most recently, twin boys. Roman is clearly content separating his personal and work life, but maybe that's partly due to his experience with meshing work and family in the family business!

9 In The Business - Zelina Vega & Aleister Black

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This couple caught a lot of wrestling fans off guard. A lot of fans speculated that Vega and Almas were an item behind the scenes. But there was no truth to that whatsoever. What fans didn’t expect was to hear that not only were Black and Vega dating but that they would also get married shortly after.

Ideally, this is the way a couple should behave, as far as Vince’s concerned, keeping their personal lives away from the public. However, now that they’re married, Vega has posted more photos to her IG account of two alongside one another. Another big-time plus is that the two are now on the same brand.

8 Elsewhere - Kofi Kingston (Kori Campfield)

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Kofi’s the model WWE Superstar. There’s a reason fans turned WrestleMania into Kofi-Mania. Since his main roster debut over a decade ago, Kofi has always gone on with his business the right way. And that includes keeping his family life closely guarded.

Behind the scenes, Kingston has a perfect family of four alongside his wife Kori Campfield, who has no relation to the business. It must have been quite the moment for Kingston, winning the title in front of thousands at WrestleMania, with his wife and children sitting ringside to experience it. It truly couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

7 In The Business - Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy

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Transitioning into the wrestling business can be a lot easier when you have someone experienced by your side. That’s what happened with Alexa Bliss as she struggled to adapt at first–though things would change once she partnered up with Buddy Murphy behind the scenes. Clearly, he did more than just help her along in her work.

It was a simpler time back then as both lived and worked out of Orlando. Nowadays, the two are on separate brands with Bliss working on RAW as an important act while Murphy is over on 205 Live, which airs on Tuesdays. Despite the different schedules, the two are making it work.

6 Elsewhere - Alicia Fox (Fitz)

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Fans might forget but Alicia Fox is still with WWE. Fox is one of the longest-serving Divas, getting her start with the company way back in 2006. She hasn’t been used very much in the recent years and is mostly MIA these days, however, she did appear during WrestleMania week at the Hall of Fame ceremony but was not present for the WrestleMania show that followed.

She previously dated in the business, seeing former WWE star Wade Barrett. Though these days, she seems more content dating out of the business; her last two boyfriends have no connection to pro wrestling.

5 In The Business - Nikki Cross & Killian Dane

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When you’re working together for so long, eventually that can turn into a relationship. We saw that a number of times in the past, as even Bryan and Brie got close after working a storyline together. The same thing took place with a couple of NXT stars, Nikki Cross and Killian Dane.

In all likelihood, they grew closer together given that they were part of the same faction on-screen. Now that both are out of NXT, it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep the relationship alive. So far they've done a decent job of keeping their union under wraps, so we'll see how that plays out outside the ring.

4 Elsewhere - Bobby Roode (Tracey Roode)

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A rarity in the business, Roode married and stayed with the same woman throughout his entire wrestling run. Only a handful of WWE stars can attest to this. Off-screen, Roode has a family of five alongside his wife Tracey. The couple lives a quiet life out in Toronto, Canada.

The 41-year-old can definitely be regarded as a model citizen maintaining this relationship and family despite his lengthy run, which began way back when in the late '90s. Having a wife that understands the business and who doesn’t work for the company is a big-time plus, and we don't see Roode taking that for granted.

3 In The Business - Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro

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Ricochet has a history of dating in the business, as he was previously linked to Tessa Blanchard prior to joining WWE. Once the two split, they each continued to date in the business. Ricochet would meet Kacy during their time together with NXT. He explained to Ring Side News how they met;

“We actually came in the exact same class and started the same day. She was always so nice and kind, and helpful to everybody in any way that she could be, and that was something that I had always admired about her.” Sounds like a great start to a relationship!

2 Elsewhere - John Cena (The Mystery Girl From Vancouver)

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Like Nikki Bella, it seems that John Cena is starting to date outside of the wrestling business. John actually has a history of doing the opposite, though. In fact, at one point, the only women he dated were in the business. That included former WWE star Victoria along with Mickie James and of course, his lengthy relationship with Nikki Bella.

But he was recently photographed alongside a mystery girl in Vancouver. It was the first time in a while that fans saw Cena with a partner that wasn’t in the business. Given his different schedule now that he’s off the road with WWE, maybe it will make his search for love a lot easier.

1 In The Business - Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch (Rumored)

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For the time being, this one is just a rumor, but we're getting hints that they might, in fact, be an item. The two were spotted close together at a concert. They were also seen at a gym and on vacation together as well–not to mention they went as a duo to the Hall of Fame.

Dating in the business isn’t new for Rollins, though his last girlfriend had no connection to the world of wrestling. Lynch also dated men outside of the industry which included most recently a comedian along with an MMA fighter, Luke Sanders. Of course, only time will tell if fans' hunches about their fledgling relationship are true!

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