11 WWE Divas Who Are A LOT Nicer Behind The Scenes (+ 6 Who Are Tough)

A WWE employee's behind the scenes behavior can make or break their wrestling career. We’ve seen lots of examples of that in the past. Take Sable: she was the most popular Diva in the ring but due to her ego backstage, her run with the company didn’t last. The same can be said for former WWE Diva Sunny, who experienced similar circumstances.

However, let’s take a look at some of the most well-behaved Divas behind the scenes—like Natalya. A decade later, she’s still an active member on the WWE roster and in all likelihood, a Diva that will forever have a position with the company.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Divas that are actually a lot nicer backstage. Sometimes we are led to believe that certain WWE stars are mean, but that’s all thanks to the on-spot showcase of their gimmicks. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at Divas that are harder to deal with backstage. These Divas are regarded as tough. In some cases, we got to see how tough they really are thanks to the reality show Total Divas.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eleven WWE Divas that are a lot nicer behind the scenes and six that are tough. Let’s get this article started!

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17 Nicer - Ronda Rousey

via WWE

“That’s another beautiful thing about Ronda is she’s very emotional.” That statement issued by Natalya might catch a lot of WWE fans by surprise. Nattie told The Express that Ronda is very passionate about her position with WWE, so much so that she cried during a match given that she wasn’t told what to do in the ring beforehand.

Rousey has fit in perfectly with the WWE locker room and she is very well liked behind the scenes. Despite her fame, Rousey is always looking for some extra information from the likes of AJ Styles. Not to mention that Rousey is also great with the fans behind the scenes.

16 Nicer – Nia Jax

via WWE

Nia Jax isn’t the most popular WWE Diva at the moment. Fans turned on her when she got stiff with Becky Lynch in the ring. There was also a rumor floating around that Nia also walked out on the company last year.

Despite all these rumors and portrayals, Jax is actually very well received by her peers and she’s also a gem with the fans. Nia is one of the only WWE Divas to constantly rock a smile with the fans at the airport. On Total Divas, she also comes across as one of the most genuine amongst her other cast members.

15 Tough - Maria Kanellis

via IG

Surprisingly, Maria hasn’t been featured on Total Divas yet. We say surprisingly because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind behind the scenes. That was evident following her flopped return to WWE. Once talks broke down, Maria blamed it all on the Bella twins. It was made evident that Maria isn’t someone you want to cross.

She even recently bashed fans on Twitter for throwing shade at her husband’s current WWE run. Maria might be one of the few WWE Divas that’s actually nicer on-screen than she is outside of the ring. Of course, everyone tries to be on their best behavior when the cameras are rolling.

14 Nicer - Charlotte

via WWE

At the moment, Charlotte is one of the most disliked WWE stars. The feeling is that management is sweet on her, thus she’s always thrown into big matches. However, that might be WWE working the audience more than anything else.

Despite her current status, Charlotte remains one of the most likable Divas outside of the ring. Believe it or not, she is actually really soft-spoken amongst her peers. She is also one of the nicest and most genuine Divas to meet outside of the ring, always rocking a shy smile with the fans. She has a lot of fans fooled with her in-ring persona that’s ego-driven–out of the ring, she’s nothing like that.

13 Nicer - Alexa Bliss

via YouTube

Alexa’s rise to the top was an improbable one. She had no prior experience in the wrestling industry and she applied for a position online. Who would have thought, but that same person would ultimately become a multi-time Women’s Champion and the host of this year’s WrestleMania.

A lot of that success has to do with her attitude outside of the ring. Alexa is a hard worker and like Charlotte, believe it or not, she’s actually very soft-spoken as well. Bliss claims that she’s able to portray her character by adding together bits and pieces of things that annoy her from everyday life.

12 Tough - Lana

via IG

Even before her time on Total Divas, it was quite evident that Lana wasn’t afraid to stir things up, especially on social media with some of the other Divas. It was made that much more evident on the reality show given her numerous encounters with the likes of Paige and Natalya. To her credit, Lana never backs down and she’s always standing up for herself.

The E! Network officials weren’t as impressed with Lana, however. According to recent news, Lana was taken off the show due to her unpopularity according to a poll taken by the network. Lana was none too pleased about being taken off the reality show.

11 Nicer - Mandy Rose

via WWE

Deemed as the Golden Goddess, Mandy plays the part of an arrogant heel over on SmackDown Live. Even back in her Tough Enough days, she was stereotyped as a Diva more than a wrestler.

There isn’t much truth to those claims, though, as Mandy caught on in the ring almost instantly despite her lack of experience. In addition, she isn’t arrogant behind the scenes and instead, aims to be extremely nice. Rose always stops for pictures with the fans. She also has a very emotional side as recently shown on the WWE Network. Rose got emotional discussing how hard it is to leave her family behind while she travels with WWE.

10 Nicer - Stephanie McMahon

via IG

Stephanie McMahon is the ultimate villain on-screen and arguably one of the best of all-time. What makes that hard to believe is the fact that Stephanie was very shy and sweet during her early days with the company–and that even holds true today. As they say, the nicest people make the best villains on-screen.

Stephanie is also extremely generous when it comes to charitable organizations. She continues to do a fantastic job marketing WWE globally–and a lot of that has to do with her interaction skills. Without a doubt, once Vince calls it a day, Stephanie is more than capable of carrying the company along.

9 Tough - Sasha Banks

via IG

Sasha Banks can be tough, especially if you encounter The Boss at the airport. Banks isn’t the biggest advocate of fan interactions in candid settings. Now Sasha did admit she doesn’t have a problem meeting the fans when it’s at an organized event–however, she’s totally opposed to fans approaching her in public and she can also be mean about that, like blasting the fan via Twitter.

Backstage, she’s also known for having a bit of an attitude. Banks has publicly complained about her position at times, though that might be her fiery passion more than anything else. However, she has also gotten stiff with other Divas in the ring, like Alexa Bliss back in their NXT days.

8 Nicer - The Bellas

via YouTube

During their WWE return, the Bellas played the role of arrogant heels that felt as though they were entitled against Ronda Rousey. Of course, that was all part of the show. In real life, the twins are among the nicest in the entire business. The two are also big-time hustlers, something McMahon appreciates in his employees.

The company uses the Bella twins a lot for PR work given their outgoing personalities with the fans and other media outlets. Of course, Total Bellas has only helped that. Now that they have retired from in-ring duty, get ready to see a lot more PR work from the twins.

7 Tough – Gail Kim

via YouTube

Here we add a WWE alum to the list. Kim made it clear she was no pushover during her time with WWE. In fact, she actually eliminated herself during her final appearance with the company in a Battle Royal. Truly, there aren’t many Divas that leave on their own terms like Gail.

Since she left the company, Gail continues on as one tough Diva, never afraid to speak her mind about her time with the company. Gail is one of the few Divas to speak ill about her time with the company. To her credit, she went on to a fabulous run with Impact Wrestling and she remains onboard with the company behind the scenes.

6 Nice - Dana Brooke

via IG

Dana Brooke entered the PC with no prior experience. What the company instantly loved about Dana was her willingness to constantly learn and improve. That was well documented early on as Brooke improved drastically with NXT. However, she was called up way too early to the main roster–and a lot of that had to do with her attitude. Clearly, the company was very fond of Brooke and her hustle.

Like lots of the other Divas, Brooke is great with the fans and one of the most genuine Divas that there is. She is also frequently used as a spokesperson for the company for that reason.

5 Tough - Maryse

via WWE

In case fans didn’t know, it was clearly shown on Total Divas that Maryse has a bit of a mean streak. Just ask Nia Jax, as the two clashed behind the scenes prior to a Raw show. Maryse was none too pleased when Nia asked her if she was ever involved in a gauntlet match.

Maryse blew her top in a couple of other incidents, like when she finally met with Brie. Maryse held a grudge against the Bella twins for years. We also saw the Quebec native blow up on Miz for a couple of house-related incidents. She definitely has some serious fire.

4 Nice - Sonya Deville

via IG

Deville plays the role of an aggressive WWE star with a background in MMA on-screen. However, when the cameras aren’t rolling, Deville is one of the most genuine Divas and a great activist for the LGBT community. She put aside her gimmick for an interview with Sky Sports, telling the network how important it is to get her message across;

"It's so important to get those [the laces] to people on a public platform. As much as we don't like to admit it sometimes, we are the influencers. Everything is social media nowadays, everything is sports and entertainment. So I think it's awesome when people with such a big platform use it for such a positive message."

3 Nice – Carmella

via IG

Believe it or not, Carmella actually started off overly shy in the ring. That comes as a surprise given how turned up her gimmick is today. However, when she got her start, WWE officials said that she was far too timid and lacked personality. That quickly changed once Carmella was made aware. She definitely doesn’t lack any personality and maybe she has too much of it.

Away from the gimmick, she’s a more reserved person, as she stated on the Lilian Garcia podcast. Carmella is also great with the younger fans and someone the WWE isn’t afraid to use for PR purposes.

2 Tough – Sable

via Twitter

In case you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out our recent article on pics Sable and Brock want to keep on the DL. Like her husband, Sable was quite the tough cookie during her days with the WWE. She typically isolated herself from the others backstage and she would also brag about being the main ratings draw in the company at the time.

That attitude also caused her demise, as she wasn’t the most well-received WWE Diva behind the scenes. She did briefly return in the 2000s, though we would never hear from Sable again shortly after that run. These days, she’s living a quiet life on the DL alongside her two boys and Brock.

1 Nice – Asuka

via WWE

She delivers some stiff kicks in the ring and looks quite intimidating, however, out of the ring, Asuka is as sweet as they come and a big favorite behind the scenes. She’s also a big video game nerd behind the scenes, and prior to joining WWE she was actually working for Nintendo, believe or not.

Always smiling and in a good mood backstage, fans are hoping that Asuka's good vibes get put to good use. Some fans are disappointed with her current WWE run. The more optimistic fans hope this will change after WrestleMania, though, but that is yet to be seen.

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