11 WWE Divas That Won’t Be There In Five Years (+ 5 That Will)

It is a crazy time to be a WWE Superstar whether the talent is male or female. The locker room appears to be in complete disarray, especially since the announcement of a new promotion, AEW.

The women seem to be the talk of the town at the moment thanks to them outperforming the men. The new Tag Titles also added some exciting depth to the division. We’re now seeing new teams emerge like Sane and Asuka along with Nattie and Beth.

Of course, nothing lasts forever–at some point, there will be a turnover rate that the division must deal with, basically an out with the old in with the new type of scenario. Given that the new crop of women continues to be better, that’s nothing but exciting news for WWE fans.

However, five years from now, lots of Divas will have to make way for others. In this article, we’ll discuss which Divas might be out of the company five years from now. On the flip side, we’ll also discuss which Divas are going to be prominent acts five years from now. Some are currently with NXT while others are to join WWE in the future.

Enjoy the article folks, and let’s get started!

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16 Won’t Be There - Nia Jax

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Five years from now Nia Jax will be in her 40s. Given her recent health concerns, it doesn’t seem likely that she’ll still be with WWE five years from now. Jax is currently on the sidelines as she underwent surgery to repair both her ACLs. That isn’t the type of procedure any Diva wants to undergo, but it was necessary for Jax.

In addition, Nia had some problems behind the scenes, especially when it comes to road life. All signs point to Jax leaving the company in a couple of years. It’ll be hard to replace the WWE star given her unique look and dominance in the squared circle, though.

15 Will Be There - Rhea Ripley

Out with the old and in with the new. This is very much what could happen when Nia Jax leaves WWE. Rhea Ripley could be the perfect replacement. Similar to Jax, she has a dominant in-ring style and a big-time mean-streak inside the squared circle. Remarkably, she also has time on her side–Ripley is only 22 and already a former WWE Title holder.

At the moment she’ll continue to develop with NXT: UK. However, once she joins the main roster, Rhea has a chance to become one of the main acts in the entire Divas division. She’ll be front and center on the main roster five years from now, likely competing or holding the Women’s Title.

14 Won’t Be There - Lana

via WWE

At the moment, Lana’s future seems to be in serious doubt. She isn’t used with as much steam compared to her earlier days. Making matters that much worse, she was removed from the Total Divas cast due to the E! Network reps believing that she wasn’t popular with the audience.

With a focus on the in-ring product, Lana will only continue to slide down the pecking order. Already in her mid-30s, we won’t be surprised if she looks elsewhere in order to prolong her fame. It is entirely possible that she makes a return to dance, film, or TV–the avenues she used to get on WWE’s radar.

13 Won’t Be There - Paige

via WWE

Seeing Paige call it quits in her mid-20s was a tough thing to watch for WWE fans. Thankfully, WWE continues to use Paige–she is now serving as the manager for Asuka and Kairi Sane over on SmackDown Live.

At some point though, she’ll have to look elsewhere. Five years from now, we predict that Paige might be out of the company but likely still in the entertainment business. At the very least, Paige definitely has time on her side; five years from now the former Divas Champion will just be entering her 30s. Clearly, WWE won't be the end of the line for this talent.

12 Won’t Be There - Ronda Rousey

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Writer Jeremy Botter caused quite the stir when he stated that Rousey would go off the grid following WrestleMania; “This is one of the last times you’re going to see Ronda Rousey in public life for a long, long time. Enjoy it. She’s going to go off the grid soon and you will not see her for a long time, if ever.”

The tweet had some validity, though, due to Rousey noting that she was wanting to start a family. We believe that five years from now, she won’t be anywhere near a WWE ring and will likely be living the happy family life off the grid.

11 Will Be There - Toni Storm

via WWE

Although losing Rousey is a big blow, especially given her viral fame, Toni Storm brings a different skill set to the table. Sure, she isn’t as popular of a name compared to Ronda Rousey, but man can she ever bring it in the ring as one of the most talented females there is.

Storm is currently working for WWE’s developmental brand, NXT: UK. At the remarkably young age of 23, it is said that she already has a decade of experience, and given her talent in the ring, we really can’t deny that. Five years from now, she’ll be one of the most popular babyface Divas on the roster.

10 Won’t Be There - Renee Young

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Renee Young entered the WWE system in 2012. She grew to fame as a backstage interviewer and panel host. She would ultimately become a trailblazer at the commentary desk as the first female voice in RAW’s history.

Without a doubt, Renee is very talented at what she does. Though with so much talent comes interest from other brands. A couple of years ago, it was said that ESPN had interest in bringing Young to the network. Unless WWE locks Young down in a long-term deal, those offers might only increase five years from now. With husband Dean Ambrose now out of the company, that could also mean the end for Young and her WWE run in five years.

9 Won’t Be There - Alicia Fox

via WWE

It is hard to believe but Fox joined WWE more than a decade ago in 2006. In the last couple of years, she is more so remembered for her antics out of the ring and on other platforms like Total Divas. She really hasn’t done much in the ring and some fans even forget that she’s still under contract.

Given the controversies surrounding her name behind the scenes, it would be hard to imagine Fox still under contract with WWE five years from now. In her 30s, it is likely that Fox might move on from the wrestling business and enter an entirely different field.

8 Won’t Be There - Tamina Snuka

via WWE

Similar to Fox, Tamina has been with WWE for quite some time now; she’s currently closing in on a decade. Despite her longevity, Snuka hasn’t done much in recent years, either. With Nia Jax currently rehabbing from surgery, Tamina’s future with the company once again looks uncertain.

Given that she’s already in her 40s, we don’t see Tamina sticking with the company five years from now, especially with all the new and exciting talent that will emerge. She simply won’t be able to hang with the new talent. A mother of two, she’ll likely enjoy her retired life five years from now.

7 Will Be There - Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard is the only female talent to make the list despite not being under contract with WWE at the moment. Blanchard did admit, however, that she has a close relationship with WWE–that no doubt leaves the door wide open for the future.

At the moment, she’s working her craft with Impact Wrestling. Gail Kim recently stepped out of retirement to face Blanchard in a match. According to Kim, a big reason for it was to put Tessa over; “Honestly, I didn’t do it just cause, I didn’t miss the in-ring, I did it for the opponent and Tessa Blanchard is the future, she is right now, actually and you know this was her moment and I’m glad that she had her moment with me.”

6 Won’t Be There - Asuka

via WWE

Asuka entered WWE as a pretty big deal. Triple H booked her as such over on NXT. Asuka became the unstoppable champion, never losing a single match with the developmental brand. Unfortunately, that stellar push wouldn’t hold true on the main roster. Following her WrestleMania defeat to Charlotte, Asuka would turn into just another regular contender in the women’s division.

Five years from now, things might a lot more different. First off, she’ll be in her 40s five years from now–meaning, perhaps she won’t be into the rigorous WWE schedule. There is also the possibility that Asuka decides to leave the company given her lackluster push.

5 Won’t Be There - Mickie James

via Pinterest

Mickie returning to WWE seemed very unlikely just a couple of years ago. She left the company on rocky terms. In addition, Mickie was just about to call it quits from the independent scene, thinking about switching fields completely. It was at that point when WWE came calling back. She’s now enjoying another run with the company, one that’s surely her last.

She’ll be well into her 40s five years from now. Nonetheless, the ageless wonder doesn’t look a day older than 30. She’ll be moved on five years from now, perhaps revisiting her musical roots or some other as-yet untapped talent.

4 Will Be There – Xia Brookside

At the age of 16, Brookside was already in the ring taking bumps. Just a couple of years later, she would be on WWE’s radar appearing in the Mae Young Classic. At the moment, the goal for Brookside is to continuously improve. It also helps that her father works for WWE, so she already has a foot in the door.

She discussed her father’s influence via TV Guide; “I think the biggest thing he said to me is that there is no expectation,” she said. “There is no expectation from him that I have to live up to. There isn’t the extra pressure added on. He just said, ‘Go out there and do what you do and do what you have been doing and have fun.”

3 Won’t Be There - Maria Kanellis

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Maria’s return to WWE was one wrestling fans weren’t really sure of. She didn’t speak too highly of some of the other Divas (like the Bellas), and this led a lot of fans to believe that she would never return.

However, she would finally return in 2017. Kanellis continues on with the company working on the 205 Live brand. Lots of fans expected more from Kanellis. But given that she’ll be in her 40s five years from now, the future looks kind of bleak. It also doesn’t help things that Maria apparently asked for a release from the company a few months back.

2 Won’t Be There - Naomi

via WWE

We believe Naomi will be in the wrestling industry five years from now, as she has great athleticism and quite the skill-set. However, whether or not she’ll remain with WWE is another question entirely. Naomi has been with the company for a decade now. It might come to the point that Naomi wants to change things up and join a different company.

Since the industry is booming, this is a lot easier today than it was five years ago. We expect companies outside of WWE to be even more popular five years from now. That might influence Naomi to get a fresh start elsewhere.

1 Will Be There - Taynara Conti

via WWE

The 23-year-old seemed to have drastically improved during the recent Mae Young Classic–she was a lot more comfortable in the ring and much more aggressive as well. As she came from a background in Judo, WWE seems to be taking their time with this talent. She has huge potential with both the looks and in-ring talent it takes to thrive.

Five years from now, she’ll be at the prime of her wrestling trajectory. Surely, she’ll be on the main roster at that point and perhaps one of the faces of the division. For now, fans are hoping to see more of her down in NXT.

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