11 WWE Divas That Are A Lot Smaller In Real-Life (10 That Are Taller)

It is starting to become very obvious: the women are taking over when it comes to WWE programming. Back in the day, women’s wrestling really wasn’t sought after and was often reduced to gimmick matches.

But thanks to Triple H’s vision, that has all changed.

And a big part of the women’s wrestling boom is obviously the female performers. Not only are they strong, but this crop of talent also happens to be the most athletic we’ve ever seen before. With that in mind, we are sometimes led to believe that some might be larger in stature–due to their strength and skill. However, in this article, we’ll discuss some WWE Superstars that aren’t as large as fans thought, in fact, on that side of the list most are less than 5’5".

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at female performers that might be larger in person. These Superstars are blessed with serious genetics. Some are taller with a height of over 5’9", while others are bigger thanks to their thick muscle density. We’ll shine a light on ten examples currently on the WWE roster. We’ll also take a look at former stars and current Hall of Fame talent. Enjoy folks!

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21 Smaller - Alexa Bliss

via Imgur

For the most part, Alexa is out of the ring nowadays, serving as the host of A Moment Of Bliss on RAW. However, when she’s in the ring, Bliss appears to be a lot bigger, especially given her dominant in-ring style as a villainous character.

In truth, Bliss barely towers over five feet and in fact, she’s one of the smallest WWE stars in the entire company, standing at 5'1".

Despite her small size, Alexa hasn’t suffered for it. Yet she's barely hit her 30s and she’s already a five-time Women’s Champion. Not bad for someone that entered the WWE with no prior experience!

20 Taller - Stephanie McMahon

via WWE

WWE’s Chief Branding Officer isn’t the first female we think of when assessing the larger Superstars. However, McMahon stands in at 5’8", a height which is taller than lots of the other actual in-ring performers.

McMahon is also toned, and a big reason for that is her home gym. As evidenced by her IG posts, the basement gym has everything she needs and then some. It literally looks like an actual gym. It also helps that she gets to train with her husband Triple H, so there must not be a shortage of motivation in that household to hit the weights!

19 Smaller - Ronda Rousey

via Dirt Fork

Given her UFC legacy and her dominance in the mixed martial arts sport, Rousey might seem a lot larger than she really is. She stands in at 5’7", which is actually shorter than Stephanie McMahon and a couple of the other WWE Superstars.

Given her overpowering style inside of the squared circle, at times Rousey looks as though she’s over six feet, but that just isn’t the case.

Plus, outside of the ring, she is one of the friendliest and classiest of the bunch. Don’t let her WWE gimmick fool you; she’s quite different when the cameras aren’t rolling.

18 Taller - Charlotte

via Cage Side Seats

Similar to Alexa Bliss, Charlotte entered the wrestling business with no prior experience. Sure, her father is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but Charlotte entered the business completely green in 2012.

What gave her an edge early on was her athletic prowess. Standing at 5'10", Charlotte was a gifted volleyball player prior to her WWE stint. She also served as a personal trainer prior to the WWE contract. Charlotte is arguably already one of the greatest of all time in the women’s division. According to Charlotte, that’s because of her “genetic superiority.”

17 Smaller - The Bellas

via Hawt Celebs

The Bella Twins continue to build an empire outside of the WWE. Along with the hit show Total Bellas, the twins also have lots of other projects in the works—such as their own wine and clothing line.

The success for these two all began in the ring. Despite all their success as former champions, the two aren’t blessed with superior genetics—both measure up at 5’6".

Nonetheless, both are fitness enthusiasts outside of the ring. Nikki, in particular, got in wicked shape for Dancing with the Stars. Brie also looks remarkable since her pregnancy. These women can do it all!

16 Taller - Torrie Wilson

via Instagram

Torrie Wilson is currently known as the ageless wonder. She left the wrestling business in 2008, saying she was done. At the age of 43 and over a decade since her retirement, Wilson still looks exactly the same—and some might say she looks even better than her younger days.

A lot of that has to do with her healthy lifestyle and devotion to training. Wilson also has the perfect genetics, standing at a healthy 5’9". Given her on-screen work with Stacy Keibler, lots of fans thought Wilson was short, but that's only because of Keibler’s near six-foot height.

15 Smaller - Sasha Banks

via WWE

Currently, at the prime of her profession, Sasha Banks is known for her tenacity inside the ring. Due to all that built up aggression she expresses in the ring, lots of fans tend to forget that she’s actually quite small in stature, weighing less than 120 pounds while measuring in at 5’5".

Despite her smaller frame, Banks isn’t afraid to take big bumps when she’s in the ring.

However, due to her small size, her zeal has led to lots of injuries, both in the past and even just a couple of weeks ago. But in Sasha’s mind, she’s an indestructible force.

14 Taller - Stacy Keibler

via Instagram

Keibler actually made it in the wrestling business as the winner of a contest. Despite her limited wrestling abilities, Keibler turned into a hit with the audience due to her infectious personality.

That would carry over to the WWE as she became a big star for the company. A Dancing with the Stars gig and the fact that she dated George Clooney propelled her fame even further. Nowadays, she’s living a quiet life as a happy mom away from the ring. Standing at 5’11", Keibler’s wrestling days are clearly a thing of the past. Maybe she’ll get a Hall of Fame induction at some point?

13 Smaller - Zelina Vega

via WWE

Zelina Vega might not look that small considering she’s standing next to Cien Almas most of the time. However, Almas isn’t that big, and in truth, it is just that Vega is that small. She claims to stand over five feet tall, but we have reason to believe otherwise. Vega looks to be closer to 4’11". Certain publications also list her weight at 105 pounds. Again, that might be an exaggeration.

Despite the smaller frame she continues to thrive in a managerial position. Although she doesn’t look intimidating, her words on the microphone can put anyone down!

12 Taller - Dana Brooke

via WWE

Gone are the days of WWE recruiting supermodels–nowadays, the company is all about athletic abilities. Due to this changed mindset, arguably, the women are now outperforming the men on WWE television.

Dana Brooke is part of that new mindset. She was one of the first NXT recruits coming from a bodybuilding background. Although she only stands at 5’3", Brooke has a lot of experience when it comes to lifting weights. She also sports a thicker frame compared to some of her other counterparts. Most fans would be surprised by the size of her arms in real life—they’re no joke!

11 Smaller - Asuka

via Wrestle Yard

In the early 2000s, Asuka wasn’t even close to a wrestling ring. Instead, she was a graphic designer for Nintendo. Now that doesn’t scream out future WWE star. She switched professional paths and in 2004, she started to wrestle in Japan. Soon enough, she became the most sought after free agent, eventually inking a WWE deal.

She is known for her toughness and stiff kicks in the ring, but despite her dominant style, Asuka only stands at 5’3" tall.

Despite being the favorite in every match, she is the smaller wrestler in nearly any bout she participates in. But once she lands one her kicks, we forget all about her size.

10 Taller - The IIconics

via WWE

What a journey for Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. The two first met in high school and later would break into the wrestling business together. Years later, they made it to the WWE and now both are in line to become the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. It is great to see people like these two out there living their childhood dreams!

The duo is also blessed with some serious height. Kay stands 5’8" tall while Royce isn’t short either at 5’7". With both of these women still in their 20s, they have quite the future with the company.

9 Smaller - Liv Morgan

via YouTube

Not only is Liv one of the smallest WWE stars, but she’s also one of the youngest. Typically, a wrestler of Liv’s age spends time in the developmental brand. However, she was fast-tracked to the main show given how easily she grasped the gig. It is also interesting to note that she entered the WWE in 2014 with no prior experience in the industry.

The only form of experience she had was play fighting with her siblings.

The 24-year-old has quite the future. Despite her smaller size, lots of wrestling pundits praise Morgan for her quick learning abilities.

8 Taller - Nia Jax

via Pinterest

A big reason for Nia signing with the WWE is her relationship with Dwayne Johnson. However, the tipping point for Nia’s WWE deal has to be her look. Nobody looks the way Nia does, standing at over six feet along with a weight of over 200 pounds.

Not only is Nia impressive in the ring, but she can also get it down outside of it in the gym. Via her IG page, Nia posts several weight-lifting clips. In one of them, she easily squatted 225 for a number of reps! That’s an accomplishment most gym-goers can only dream of.

7 Smaller - Mandy Rose

via Instagram

Standing at 5’4" tall, Mandy is one of the smaller female stars in the company today. It is truly surreal that she got started in 2015, yet Rose is already on the main roster wrestling in front of millions watching at home.

She’s another example of a quick learner doing whatever it takes to rise up in the ranks.

It also helps that WWE’s boss Vince McMahon is a fan of her talent. At the age of 27, Rose is in line for quite the run in the next couple of years. Surely she’ll be a future Women’s Champion despite the smaller frame.

6 Taller - Alicia Fox

via Daily Wrestling News

It is hard to believe, but Alicia has been a part of the WWE family for over a decade, originally signing with the company in 2006. Yet, she is only 32. Along with appearing on WWE programming, Fox also took part in various episodes of Total Divas.

She has some skill in the squared circle. What stands out the most is Alicia’s height, which is an impressive 5’9". She uses her frame as an advantage in the ring against her opponents. Here’s to hoping she stays onboard with the company for another couple of years at least.

5 Smaller - Kairi Sane

via Reddit

Sane made her mark with a victory in the Mae Young Classic tournament, punishing opponents with her signature elbow drop off the top rope. Despite all the praise, like Asuka, Sane really isn’t blessed with superior genetics. In fact, she barely stands over five feet.

According to WWE.com, her current height is 5’1", but we have reason to believe the company might have added a few inches.

Age 30, Sane continues to perform as a part of the developmental NXT roster. Given her skillset and experience, she should join one of the main rosters sooner rather than later.

4 Taller - Bianca Belair

via YouTube

Currently wrestling with NXT, Belair stands 5’7" tall. What’s even more remarkable is her strength, so don’t let the smile fool you. Belair steamrolled the competition during NXT’s combine. The other women didn’t even come close to some of her lifts on the deadlift and squat.

In truth, Belair gained this strength from her prior days as a powerlifter. She also took part in various Cross Fit competitions. She was recruited by the WWE at the events. Entering the wrestling field completely green, Belair has fit in with ease thanks to her natural strength and athletic abilities.

3 Smaller - Mickie James

via Twitter

It was sad to see Mickie leave the WWE back in 2010. Despite her smaller stature, Mickie was a prime reason for the women’s revolution in the wrestling industry. Given her past success, WWE felt inclined to rehire James in 2016.

Her return was well received, it is hard to believe that at the age of 39, she really hasn’t missed a step inside of the squared circle.

Again, although she is polished in the ring, James only measures 163 cm, which translates to 5’4". Height just doesn’t matter for James, though—the ageless wonder continues on with the best of them.

2 Taller - Eva Marie

via Twitter

From WWE Superstar to the Celebrity Big Brother house, Eva is now a cast member on the popular Big Brother series. Eva gained popularity with the WWE, but it was for all the wrong reasons. Fans got on her case for her lack of abilities. Nonetheless, WWE pushed her regardless due to her marketable look. Ultimately, she left the company but hasn’t completely closed the door, claiming she’s interested in a return.

As evidenced by Big Brother, Eva has quite the size, matching popular Olympian Lolo Jones in terms of height and overall look. She stands at 5’8", that’s pretty tall compared to the others in the WWE.

1 Smaller –Trish Stratus

via Pinterest

One of the greatest women to ever step foot in a WWE ring, Trish is a Hall of Famer—not to mention her seven Women’s Championships. Trish changed the business, wanting to put a focus on her in-ring work. She started this current revolution long before the others even joined the ring.

Despite all of her accolades, Trish earned this success with a smaller frame.

According to WWE.com, Stratus measures 5’5", although that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Some suggest she might be a couple of inches shorter. Nonetheless, like Torrie Wilson at the age of 43, she seems to be an ageless wonder.

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