11 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier

The old saying is true: there’s no place like home. If you want your house to truly feel like it's a protective shell around you, you want it to be cozy, warm, and welcoming. Here are the 11 features you can’t skip if you want to make your home the charming place where you ensconce yourself after long working days, curl up to relax, and enjoy your time away from work.

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11 Display Your Memories

Memories of the people that you love make your life special. If a photograph of your mom makes you feel at home no matter where you are, then displaying your memories will add coziness to your home. You can use family photos, important moments of your life, and other pictures that inspire you. There are literally tons of ways to put photos on display. You can create a photo gallery on a blank wall, maybe above your favorite sofa. You would then pick frames of different sizes to create movement and a focal point for the room. Or you can just place the frames in unexpected places, like on the floor next to the fireplace for a more rustic look.

10 Make Everything Soft

Is there anything cozier than fluffy things? If you like to feel like your home is your nest, you should definitely add a touch of softness here and there. Even if your furniture is modern and sleek, a soft and white faux-fur sheepskin  on your chair is a great improvement. Or what about throwing it on the couch near the fireplace? Even in the warm season, when you’re not that into faux-furs, you can always use soft and bright colored cushions to add softness to chairs and seats. Textures play a significant role in making your home comfortable, so don’t hesitate to play with them.

9 Make Your Bedroom Relaxing

The bedroom is surely the most intimate place of any house. And since it’s supposed to recharge your batteries, it has to be the most relaxing place in your home. To make it more comy, add some corners to curl up and relax reading a book, or listening to music. Setting up a relaxing corner away from the bed is not difficult. An old couch or a chaise lounge can easily do the trick. And if you add soft pillows, a cozy blanket, and an arc lamp, you’ll just need your favorite book and a hot chocolate to leave the daily stress behind.

8 Pick The Things You Love

When you feel you’re surrounded with love, your home is definitely cozy. You should fill it with the things you love and that you like to see and touch. If home decor and interior design is all the rage these days, it’s also focused, more than ever, on making homes more livable. That’s why interior designers suggest you should fill your home with the things you want to touch and that make you feel closer to your ideal life. They say the concept of coziness is that homes are made for people. So, you should follow your true nature. If you like to touch rough and worn things, get a rustic wood table, or a lived-in leather armchair, and that can be your cozy corner.

7 Paint A Wall

Walls are made to separate spaces, but if you want to get a cozier look, consider painting them. To give your home a cozier feeling, play with warm and relaxing tones. And to stay stylish and get a welcoming atmosphere, you don’t need to paint every wall. In fact, you should consider painting just one wall in the room you’re focusing on. A chocolate brown wall behind your bed will instantly make your bedroom seem more comfortable. Just proceed with the same process for any room where you’d like to add some charm and a cozy taste. What about a charcoal grey wall hosting a big and extremely simple mirror behind your favorite sofa?

6 Play With Light

When you want to convey a certain atmosphere in your home, it’s easy to get caught in the furniture trap when you think that only the type and placement of your furniture matters. Light is actually very important. A warm and soft light coming from an arc lamp, instantly gives a sense of intimacy to a room, while the bright and cool light coming from a chandelier is great for a party. What’s more, light can also change your perception about the size of a room. Consider the light source: table lamps are ideal since they allow your eyes to relax. Consider different light sources and you will always have a beautiful room.

5 Enjoy The Little Things

Small details can make a big difference. Think about your perfect home with furniture in the right spots, perfect lights, and everything in its rightful place. If you feel something’s missing, it’s the details, the little things that give life to objects. A book left on the couch with your soft blanket, some candles on the fireplace mantel, or some tea cans with their mugs placed on the table near the sofa and ready to get filled, are a perfect example.

4 Use Rugs

You can instantly make your home cozier with rugs. Interior designers suggest layering rugs and fabric in general. Place a rug or two under your bed. Only pick rugs and fabric that feel pleasing to the touch. That’s a good rule of thumb to get that cozy feature you’re looking for.

3 Avoid Boring Furniture

Making your home personal is the main way to make your home cozy. When you project yourself and your life into your home, you really feel it can protect you. Buying all your furniture at once rarely makes sense -- it'll just bore you and it feels too impersonal. It's like you've reproduced the furniture shop in your entire house. Dare and mix things up a bit. Play with a couple of styles and create harmonious diversity. That’s the key to a lively and welcoming house.

2 Make Your Windows Cozy

Use curtains to modulate the warmth and intensity of natural light. A simple curtain can change the entire room. The rule of thumb here is that if you want to add a cozier look to any room in your house, a dark curtain filters and modulates the natural light coming from outside, creating a sense of comfort and coziness.

1 Make A Nest

You definitely need a cozy nest in your house. If you have nooks between your walls, you can build your cozy nest in that space. Take an old sofa, or a bed to push against the wall, and simply fill it with cushions of different sizes and fabrics, layering them up. Then add a warm light source, and you’re done and have the perfect place to curl up. Clearly, you can build the cozy nest wherever you feel it looks good and cozy in your home!

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