10 Sweat Proof Makeup Tricks For This Summer

Summertime is all about being carefree and enjoying whichever fun outdoor activities that come your way, but for those who wear makeup, the summer heat and coinciding humidity can be your worst enemy. Sweat has a nasty effect on makeup: it makes it slide off, look uneven or discolored, and it just generally feels gross on the skin! You know what happens when you cry and you end up with mascara running down your face? Sweat pretty much has the same effect except ALL OVER your face!

If you are stuck working inside on hot days, your makeup can slide off the second you go outside for a break or on your commute. Sweat plus makeup leaves you looking like melted wax, and even worse, sweat and bacteria can get trapped behind this makeup causing breakouts. With how far makeup has come, you would think ALL of it would be sweat-proof, but that just isn’t true. If you are not careful, you can have a major makeup disaster at the hands of the summer heat, and that is the last thing you should be focusing on with all the summer fun to be had! So, what can you do to combat the wicked combination of sweat and non-sweat-proof makeup? With a little experimenting and searching, you can find sweat-proof makeup products and tricks that will keep your makeup in place during steamy summer nights, all the way to beach days! Here are 10 of them.

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10 Prime and Prep


If your skin isn’t prepared for the onslaught of makeup it’s about to receive, it won’t look it’s best no matter how hot or cold it is! Before you do anything else, make sure your skin is clean. If your skin has old makeup and dirt and oil on it before you put makeup on, not only will it not allow your makeup to settle as it should, you risk pimples from the trapped bacteria. When the weather is hot, opt for a mattifying primer that will keep excess shine from sweat at bay. Even if you use a mattifying primer, you can add highlight later but you won’t risk the excessive shiny spots in places you don’t want them.

9 Set, Set, Set

Once your makeup is applied, it is critical you set it in place because this will be your first defense against melting makeup. Use an under-eye setting powder to keep your concealer in place and avoid it settling into fine lines. Setting your under-eyes will also help prevent transfer from your mascara onto your skin which can be hard to clean up! For the rest of your face, you may choose a foundation powder, or you can try a loose setting powder that won’t add any extra color, but will have the same setting effect as a foundation powder. Once you’re all set with powder, use a makeup setting spray to lock everything into place. You can choose a matte finishing spray, a dewy finish, or a neutral finish, but the idea is for it to prevent slipping, sliding, and streaking makeup.

8 Crisscross Your Foundation


When a foundation is properly blended in, you shouldn’t be able to see the lines of the direction it was applied. If you typically use a sponge to apply your foundation, you probably don’t have to worry much about harsh foundation lines. You may want to try a foundation brush for extra hot days, however, because sometimes a less conventional application pattern will work in your favor. Rather than applying your foundation in an up and downward motion, use a crisscross method. This way, when you sweat your makeup won’t form into straight lines and everything will settle more naturally into the crisscrossed foundation pattern.

7 Use Products Designed to Last


If you are buying products that make no mention of their staying power, don’t expect them to stay on when you sweat, let alone when a cool breeze crosses your face! There are several products explicitly labeled as having 12 or 24-hour lasting qualities, and these will be your best bet in the heat. To start your stay-put makeup collection, Tarte makes excellent 12-hour Amazonian clay powder blushes that will stay on through just about anything you do, and Kat Von D’s Lock-It foundation provides you with 24-hour lasting power and transfer resistance. Your summer endeavors may not keep you up for 24-hours at a time, but it is good to know your makeup will keep up with you when you do!

6 Waterproof When You Can


Sweat is mostly water mixed with a little bit of sugar and salt, so opt for waterproof products meant to withstand water whether it’s in the form of a pool, the ocean, tears, rain, or sweat. Many cosmetic companies keep their exact ingredients a secret to prevent them from being duplicated, but it is pretty clear what makes some makeup waterproof and some not. Waterproof makeup tends to have many more waxy ingredients in them because these provide a protective layer that water won’t get past. Look for products labeled as water-proof, and if all else fails, seek products with a combination of waxes listed in the ingredients.

5 Embrace the Dew


If you tend to go for a very matte look, consider changing it up for the summer months, and you won’t have to battle against sweat quite as much as you would with matte makeup. Dewy skin will give you much more forgiveness with sweat than matte makeup because sweat will blend into dewy makeup a lot better than it does with a matte finish. A dewy look can be achieved by using a hydrating primer and a foundation that is light to medium coverage, rather than full coverage. You can also use a dewy finishing spray and highlight the spots of your face the sun hits.

4 Don’t Fear the Highlight


It might seem counter-intuitive to add highlight to your face when you’re already battling the shine that sweat can bring, but don’t shy away from it! Highlighter has a much nicer finish than a mixture of foundation and sweat ever will, and it also has the ability to mask oily patches by adding another oil-absorbing and powdery layer. Highlighters usually have a pearly, golden, or light pink sheen to them and this will draw the eye to these lit up spots rather than the areas highlighted by sweat. Another option is using a cream highlighter mixed into your foundation and this will add an all-over, on purpose glow!

3 It’s All in the Eyes


How can your eyebrows be on fleek if they’re smudged all over your forehead, or melting down over your eyes? If you experience a sweaty brow, naturally your eyebrows can be the first victims! Try setting your brows once they’re filled with a clear eyebrow gel, or save yourself a step by using a tinted brow gel.

To keep your eyeshadow in place, make sure you use a primer specifically for the eye area. Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman says that for further sweat-proofing, apply your eyeshadow with a slightly damp brush and it will give it a glazed finish as well as tremendous staying power.

2 Carry a Touch Up Kit


If you don’t generally carry a makeup bag with you, it might be a good idea when you’re battling the summer heat. This way, you’ll never be caught off guard when sweat gets the best of your look, and it will also help you prevent these incidences from happening in the first place. The makeup bag doesn’t have to majorly weigh you or your purse down: throw in some setting powder, a makeup setting spray, oil absorbing sheets to dab on the go, and cotton swabs to clean up any messes like the kind mascara can leave behind. If you’ve got the room, consider adding a mineral water spray to the bag and use it to cool yourself off AND add a dewy finish!

1 Au Natural


If you have tried everything and just can’t seem to get your makeup to withstand the heat and accompanying sweat, don’t be afraid to adopt the “less is more” makeup philosophy. Let your natural glow shine and stick to the basics like lip balm, waterproof mascara, and an SPF to protect you from harmful UV rays. You might also consider getting a spray tan because a tan has the superpower of making you look perfectly glam even without a drop of makeup! Another way to skip the daily makeup application is to get eyelash extensions. These will save you a ton of time and effort all year round, but especially summer when you’re in and out of pools and battling the heat!

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