11 Ways To Bounce Back After Being Rejected

We’ve all been there. You had been flirting like crazy with the hot new guy and you were absolutely positive that he was into you. You then decided to take the initiative and make a move (high five for girl power.) After planning your every word and nailing down the whole scenario as if it was a screenplay you were directing, you did it, you asked him out. Except things didn’t go quite as well as you had hoped for and instead of getting the guy, you get shot down. You’re now confused - because what the heck – and have a bruised ego.

Rejection hurts and quite frankly, it’s never easy. It can kill your confidence and make you want to hide under a rock. But before you decide to quit your job and move to some remote island where you won’t have the risk of running into the rejecter ever again. Do these things instead:

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11 Look at it as an accomplishment


You did what most women don’t have the nerve to do. You put yourself out there and made the first move. That’s worth celebrating. One small step for you and one giant leap for feminism. Ok so maybe that’s pushing it a bit. But this isn’t the 50’s. We’re in a new millennium and women can and should feel empowered enough to make the first move. Long gone are the days of waiting on the guy to ask you out. You’re an inspiration. It didn’t work out work this time but you still gave it a shot. It’s sort of a big deal.

10 Don’t Look At Is As Being Rejected

Rejection? Um no! Girl, you took the initiative and simply closed the door of one possibility and opened it for another. Think about it. What would have happened if you had waited patiently, sent all the “I like you” signals by flirting in hopes that he would eventually ask you out? Nothing, that’s what. Except you would have wasted a lot of time on a guy who wasn’t into you. Leaving you even more disappointed in the long run because that was time you could have been investing in somewhere else. You just did yourself a favor. Now pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

9 It Was Practice


Practice makes perfect, right? You may not have gotten the guy this time around but that doesn’t mean that the next guy, and dare I say it, a better guy won’t be jumping at the opportunity to go get that coffee with you. But lucky for you, you just got that little bit of practice under your belt so that the next time you ask someone out, be it for a date, coffee, etc. You know that you’re a confident woman who has already done it once and can do it again, you’ve got this!

8 Listen To Music


No, I don’t mean any sad music that will only bring you down and should be avoided at all costs. Put on something with a beat that you can’t help but want to get up and dance around the house too. The happier the better. Because you don’t need a man to make you happy. You can do that all on your own. Listening to music is an easy way to drown out any negative thinking. Plus, let’s face it. it’s kind of impossible to be sad when you have uplifting music playing. Go ahead, just try to prove me wrong on this one

7 Go Out


There’s no point in sitting at home going over the events of the day. It’s only going to make you feel sorry for yourself. So unless you are particularly fond of pity parties. Get out of the house. Go see a friend. Take a walk. Window shop - retail therapy anyone? Seriously just do something. Anything to keep you from sitting in silence feeling miserable. It was his loss anyway. So why should you be the one to sit around basking in disappointment. Get out there, you may even run into someone who makes you grateful that the other guy turned you down.

6 Stop Overanalyzing It

Instead of trying to figure out the why’s or guess how he was feeling. Just stop it. I know it sounds overly simple but in reality, it is that easy. Whenever you catch yourself starting to overanalyze all the details of the interaction, take a step back and remind yourself that the why’s don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things and you’re never going to get the answer you’re looking for anyway so switch your focus to something more productive like what you’re going to wear tomorrow. You know the things that matter. Because really, in this case, it is actually him and not you.

5 Do Something Fun

You know that thing that you’ve wanted to do for a while now but haven’t even though it seems like a ton of fun? Yeah, that thing. Go do it. Take yourself out on a date and if you don’t want to go alone call up some friends and make it a group thing. I’m sure they would love to come along.

4 Get Active


You don’t have to head to the gym to give those muscles a good work out. YouTube has a ton of videos that are sure to get your heart pumping and those muscles burning. Because let’s be honest when your body feels like it’s on fire the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is what’s his name. You’re going to be too busy trying not to die while keeping up with the pace of the video to even think. Bonus points if you do a workout dance video. Trust me and just try one. You’ll be getting a workout while having fun.

3 Pamper yourself


What better way to let the day’s events slip away than by having a personal spa evening? You don’t need anything fancy either. Go ahead and channel your inner teenager by putting on some music and applying a face mask. While you’re at it paint those nails and do a hair treatment. Not to worry if don’t have any products available. The internet is a treasure trove of d.i.y beauty treatments that utilize the things you already have around the house. There is literally no way all your worries won't completely melt away once you’re done.

2 Look On The Brightside


Remember, being single actually does have its perks and now is the perfect time to focus on the positive aspects of it. Just think about it for a second. When you’re single do you have to compromise on what you’re having for dinner? Nope. If you want Chinese for dinner go get some. Because the last thing you have to worry about when your single is someone else’s preference. As a matter of fact, being single means not having to compromise on anything. You can literally do whatever you want without worrying about another person. There are no check ins, comparing plans, remembering dates, nothing. You’re free!

1 Wine


Look, we get it. Drinking to forget the pain of rejection is generally considered a bad idea but let’s face it sometimes the quickest way to move on is to drown your sorrows and have a good cry. Then you can wake up the next morning feeling ridiculous over your pity party and have a good laugh about it. When all else fails, stick to the classics. Go grab that bottle of wine and drink up- don’t worry no one will judge you for drinking straight out of the bottle.

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