11 Traits Scientifically Proven To Make You More Attractive

Have you ever seen someone and right away felt attracted to them, although you couldn't put your finger on why? It turns out, it probably goes a lot deeper than thinking their jeans make their butt look good; there's likely a scientific reason you're attracted to them and you couldn't stop yourself if you tried! Researchers have studied the science of attraction for ages, and there's a reason it is such an important topic: It teaches us all about the history of mating, attraction, and why certain people end up with others, and it's also just plain interesting!

While it's interesting to know what makes a person scientifically attractive (or less so), it can be a dangerous game to play with your self-esteem. Keep in mind, if you don't have the specific features scientists have determined to be most attractive, it doesn't mean you are unattractive. Another reason not to stress about these features is that many of them are things you are born with, and barring major plastic surgery, you will just have to accept. Still, there are some small "attraction hacks" that are proven to make women more attractive to men, and these things have been true since the beginning of time. Here are 11 scientifically proven traits that make women more attractive to men.

11 Symmetry


Facial symmetry is one of the most commonly discussed traits that is said to determine how attractive a person is, or how likely other people are to be attracted to you. It was long believed that facial symmetry signified a healthy childhood that was free of diseases, but further studies have suggested that this may not be entirely accurate. While we are undoubtedly attracted to symmetry (both in nature and in art), it has been proven that having a symmetrical face does NOT indicate a healthy childhood. Rather, it is now thought that facial symmetry is attractive simply because we are naturally attracted to symmetry as it is pleasing to the eye.

10 The Hungry Man


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and according to one study done in 2006, this just might be true! The study found that hungry men were more likely to be attracted to women with a higher body weight than a man who has a full stomach. Researchers assume that because a higher body weight signals a greater access to food, hungry men are attracted to this because it could mean the end to their hunger. Maybe it's time to start looking for mates in a drive-thru line for fast food or at the grocery store!

9 Seeing Red


Seeing red doesn't have to be a bad thing! In fact, women wearing red have been proven to be more physically attractive to men. While there is substantial evidence to support this theory, the same study also suggests that physical attractiveness is increased by the color red, but it has no bearing or influence on how kind or intelligent a man perceives a woman to be. Interestingly, the study also found that the color red did not make women more attractive to other women. If you feel extra sexy wearing a red lip or a red high heel, it might be more than just a feeling!

8 That Time of the Month


During the most fertile time of the month for you (when you're ovulating) women are more likely to be attracted to more traditionally masculine men, and apparently, this works both ways. Men also find women who are ovulating to be most attractive, and it isn't completely clear why, but researchers suggest it has something to do with increased blood flow and flush to a women's face, as well as fuller breast and puffier skin due to water retention. It has also been suggested that a woman's menstrual cycle affects the tone and pitch of her voice in such a way that it further increases a man's attraction to her, but again, it isn't entirely clear why.

7 Your Waist-Hip Ratio


The traditional hourglass figure is coveted by many, and many women resort to waist training to achieve the look of a narrower waist, which in turn makes the breasts and hips look larger. The waist-hip ratio is calculated by measuring the waist circumference and dividing it by the hip circumference at its widest part. Women with a waist-hip ratio of 0.7 have been found to have optimal levels of estrogen and are less susceptible to certain disease. While 0.7 is considered the optimal number, studies show that a slightly higher waist-hip ratio (0.8) is considered most attractive in parts of South America and Africa, and a slightly smaller ratio (0.6) is considered more attractive in parts of Asia.

6 Turn that Frown Upside Down


When you see a smiling person, you probably find them more approachable and less of a threat than a person who has a neutral expression or a frown. Turns out, smiling doesn't just affect how friendly you look, it also makes women more perceptively attractive to men. Perhaps, on a deep and scientific level, a woman smiling indicates she is likely to be open to the idea of mating. Interestingly, the same isn't true for how attractive women perceive men to be. Rather than be attractive to a friendly smile, the expressions women find most attractive are raised fists and a slight smile, signifying pride.

5 When Average is Good


While symmetry is one factor that impacts how attractive someone is to another, having average features also plays a prominent role. While we're often told to strive to be above average, this may not be good advice for facial features. Studies show that men are attracted to facial features that are representative of the population average: average nose size and shaped, average chin size and shape, and the most common eye shape and color in their surrounding population. This is likely because these average features indicate better reproductive health and a more diverse gene pool so the odds of producing genetically sound and healthy children is increased.

4 Being Kind is Rewarding


A Chinese study had participants view 60 females with neutral facial expressions and rate their attractiveness, then two weeks later rate their attractiveness again, but this time, when the faces were making friendlier and more positive expressions. When the women were making more friendly faces, they were rated as more attractive than those with neutral faces. This goes beyond just smiling, though: participants were given other descriptors about the people in the photographs like decent or honest. It just goes to show being a good person is always a good idea!

3 Status Doesn't Matter

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One study showed men several women standing with a high-status, expensive car, and another woman standing with a less expensive, lower status vehicle and they were asked to rate the attractiveness of each of the women. This study was repeated but with women rating the men, and the results of both studies proved very interesting. Women rated men in high-status vehicles as significantly more attractive than those in lower status vehicles, but here's where it gets interesting: Men found no discernible difference in a woman's attractiveness based on her vehicle. The findings might represent a woman's desire to find a man who can provide for her, but perhaps the man's neutral reaction to a woman's status does not impact how attractive he finds her because it doesn't signify her ability to bear healthy offspring.

2 Stress Less


Another interesting study about scientific causes for attraction came from the scientific journal Biology Letters. It found that men were less attracted to women who displayed higher stress levels than they were to women with more relaxed faces. The same went for women when they were shown men with stressed or relaxed faces. This study also comes down to how fertile a person seems because stress can suppress fertility and it seems we are subconsciously aware of this and are wired to find relaxed mates. We all know that stress is harmful to our health, but if we knew how harmful it is to our dating lives, a lot more people would take up yoga!

1 Short-Term vs. Long-Term

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A man looking for a long-term relationship versus a man seeking a casual fling go for very different features in women. One would think that initial spark of attraction is all it takes to get a relationship of any length going, but this may not be entirely true. One study found that men looking for flings were more likely to be attracted to women with more traditionally feminine features, while men seeking partners for a long term relationship took a woman's other features like her personality or her behavior to be more important. This is one study that is pretty pleasing to hear because it proves there is more to finding a mate than physical attractiveness.

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