11 Times Selena Gomez's Style Turned Heads (+ 13 Times It Was For The Wrong Reasons)

Selena Gomez has journeyed from Disney star with roles on Hannah Montana  and Wizards of Waverly Place to a sophisticated girl in her 20s who is a beloved singer.

While we loved her in the campy film Spring Breakers and can't stop listening to songs like "Wolves" and "Bad Liar," we also have to say that we really enjoy her style. There's a big difference in her outfits from the past few years versus the looks that she wore while she was younger. While we might not love every celebrity's outfits that we see on a regular basis, we can say that a lot of the time, we're giving Selena's outfits two thumbs up.

When Selena was interviewed by Elle in 2018, she said, "I love dressing up. I love being inspired by art, by music, by movies. I don’t really limit myself. I think I just like to do the things that make me feel good." We can tell that she's comfortable with who she is by many of the outfits that she pulls off so confidently.

But of course, no one can hit a home run all the time, and there are a few outfits of Selena's that we're not thrilled with. Here are 11 times that Selena Gomez's style turned heads... and 13 times that it was for the wrong reasons.

24 The Wrong Reason: This Coat Is Way Too Long

via Harper's Bazaar

Sorry to say it, Selena, but we're not loving this look because your coat is just way too long.

We might like the classic cut of this grey coat if it was honestly half the length that it is... or maybe even cropped. That would look cool and would work with black leggings, black jeans or leather pants, or blue jeans. It would be something out of the ordinary.

But this coat just screams "way too long!" to us and it's hard to stop thinking that. She's very petite so she totally looks like she's drowning in too much fabric.

23 Turned Heads: A Good Athleisure Look Is The Best, And Selena's Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle Makes This Work

via Pinterest

Just a few years ago we really weren't hearing the word "athleisure" all that much, but these days it's a massive thing. Selena is wearing a great athleisure look here, and we're digging the black and white vibes. We also like her half up, half down hairstyle.

As it turns out, Selena has a PUMA collection called Strong Girl. As Selena told Elle, “I get really insecure sometimes, I go through weird ups and downs, but in general I just want people to wear what they feel comfortable in. My assistant, she’ll wear workout clothes everyday... She loves how she feels and she loves how she wears it, and I mean, that’s what I want everybody to feel. She’s inspired me a lot too.”

22 The Wrong Reason: Her Sweatshirt And Jeans Look Is A Bit Dull

via Houston Chronicle

We totally get that it's tough to be famous because one person says that you should dress up and the next person says that you should dress down. It seems like you just can't please everyone and it can be stressful.

Sorry, Selena, but the jeans and black sweatshirt look that you're wearing here is just a bit too dull.

We know that there are days when that seems like the best and most comfortable option, but we're just saying this because we think that you wear such cool things on a regular basis and that you can do better than this outfit.

21 Turned Heads: Selena's Rock Chic Look Is Almost Too Amazing

via Harper's Bazaar

Thankfully, even if we see a few photos of Selena Gomez and think that her outfits aren't our favorites, we see another picture and realize that she still has a really fascinating way of putting clothes together.

We all love a good rock chic look. Sometimes you just have to put on some red lipstick and a band t-shirt (or a t-shirt with a funny saying or cool photo) and some jeans or leggings and boots and channel a singer. We love Selena's look here, and her tucked in shirt and messy hair are everything. Her boots are especially cool, and even the way that she's wearing her coat half open is really interesting.

20 The Wrong Reason: This White And Red Outfit Isn't Our Favorite... And The Skirt Is Confusing

via Elle

This outfit might have been okay if Selena had worn a black sweater or t-shirt with this red skirt... or jeans (either blue or black) with the white t-shirt. We're not loving this combination of white and red because it just looks kind of strange.

This outfit definitely turned heads... but it turned heads for the wrong reason. We have to say that this skirt is super confusing. It's folded in the front, but it doesn't look like it would even stay on very well... kind of like when you tie a sarong and try to look cool on a beach vacation.

19 Turned Heads: Selena Is Slaying In This Adorable Blue Sweater (And We'd Love To Steal It...)

via Billboard

This is definitely an outfit that turned heads. We love the adorable sweater that Selena is wearing, and she's giving us some real inspiration. We've all seen sweaters like this while shopping and probably wondered if we should get one. Now that we know how fun it looks, we should absolutely buy one for ourselves. And if we want to steal her idea and pair a blue sweater with jeans, that's a good idea.

Selena is the master of a casual look that is elevated. She really knows what clothing and accessories go together. Her sweater, sunglasses, jeans, and bags all look great and her tinted pink sunglasses are particularly fun.

18 Turned Heads: We're Big Fans Of Everything About This Look, Including Selena's Chic Pulled Back Hairstyle And Big Cardigan

via Elle

Over the years, Selena Gomez has started dressing much more mature, and that is something that we could say about a lot of former Disney stars. It's logical that she would start choosing different items of clothing than she used to.

Now that she's in her mid-20s, we see the star in a lot of sophisticated outfits, like this one. She turned heads in this amazing outfit and we love her smart shoes, jeans, black turtleneck, and big cardigan. We also love the fact that her hair is pulled back into a bun and think that she looks beautiful in this photo.

17 Turned Heads: We're Loving This Casual Black Look (Especially Those Red-Tinted Sunglasses And Fun Boots)

via Pinterest

Selena Gomez also turned heads in this outfit. It would be cool if we could get short black boots just like hers (okay, we really need some), and her black coat seems perfect for fall or spring.

We really love her casual black look, especially her sunglasses, which are tinted red. Those are awesome and are a cool way to add some color to the overall look which is mostly verging on emo.

It's hard not to be a fan of Selena Gomez. She just has "cool girl" written all over her, and this is definitely one of the coolest outfits that we've seen her wear.

16 The Wrong Reason: While Her Hair Is #Goals, We Think Her Outfit Looks Too Young Here

via InStyle

Selena's hair is amazing here: super shiny brown waves that go just below her shoulders. If she was wearing any other outfit, we would simply say that she's #goals and move on (while being envious of her outfit).

The problem with this outfit is that it looks way too young. There's something about wearing a strapless dress over a long-sleeved top that reminds us of the kind of outfits that we would wear as a kid. The dress would look great with a leather jacket or even one of those massive cardigans that Selena seems to wear a lot, but we're not loving this combo.

15 Turned Heads: This Sweet Blue Dress Is A Dream On The Actress And Singer

via Pinterest

In yet another dress that we would buy, Selena is walking around in a blue number with tiny white flowers or birds. It's tough to tell exactly what the pattern on her dress is, but either way, this is a look that turned heads for sure.

It's cool how Selena will choose a dress like this one that has a lot of sophistication and then wears white sneakers and pulls her hair back into a bun. Although we know that Selena would find the perfect boots or heels to wear with this specific dress, we like that she chose the sneakers.

14 The Wrong Reason: This Outfit Would Be Awesome... But It Looks Way Too Messy

via Who What Wear

Selena's choice of outerwear is definitely all about contrasts: sometimes she's wearing a massive cardigan and other times, she's chosen a skinny leather jacket. This jacket is really beautiful and kind of in the middle of a baggy and tight style. It looks like a jean jacket but it's a bit different, so if she was wearing this jacket with any other outfit, she would turn heads for the right reason.

But instead, she turned heads for the wrong reason since this outfit just looks really messy. She also seems to be wearing slippers... and we're kind of confused about that, especially since we've seen her wearing such cute sneakers in other photos.

13 The Wrong Reason: The Sweater Is Adorable But The Pants Are Too Baggy, Making This An Odd Combination

via Seventeen Magazine

Selena's pink sweater is totally adorable, and she's even wearing tinted sunglasses in this photo, too. That seems to be a favorite look for her. These yellow ones are awesome.

But we're not so sure about the pants that she's wearing here, which seem way too baggy and also too high-waisted. While some high-waisted pants look cool, these seem too big. We would have loved seeing her wear the sweater with jeans or leggings (or even black leather pants, which would have been an adorable outfit). Because of the pants, we have to say that this was a time when Selena turned heads for the wrong reason.

12 Turned Heads: Her Black Turtleneck And Leather Pants Are #Goals

via Pinterest

Selena is bringing the best vibes ever in this black turtleneck and black leather pant combination. There are so many tiny details in this outfit that we don't even know where to start. For one thing, we love the white and black straps on her heels, and for another, we think that the zippers on her pants look really cool. Even the red jacket that Selena is holding in her hands is beautiful.

Anyone who wants to start dressing in a more grown-up way can definitely look at photos of Selena's outfits and be inspired. Wearing black is always going to be in style and she looks great.

11 The Wrong Reason: Pulling Off Shiny Red Leather Pants Is Super Tough

via Glam Radar

There are some items of clothing that are harder to pull off than others, and it seems like red leather pants are one of them. The problem with the red leather pants that Selena is wearing in this photo is that they seem extra shiny, which is a bit distracting, and they also seem a bit baggy.

The rest of this outfit is perfect; Selena's long hair looks great and she's wearing a really grown-up looking black coat, a black top, and black sunglasses. With just one small tweak (if she had worn black jeans, for example), we would say that she was turning heads for the right reason.

10 Turned Heads: The Star Looks Totally Grown-Up

via Us Weekly

In one of the most grown-up looks on this list, Selena Gomez was totally turning heads. Her navy dress and black heels are beautiful. The cut of the dress is really interesting, too.

According to People, Kate Young, who is Selena's stylist, has talked about Selena's changing looks: "I got hired when [Selena] was ready to take it up [a notch]. She wanted to stop being a kid... She really trusted me, and I said, ‘You really need to wear no jewellery with this, and wear black, keep it clean, take off a lot of it. It may seem like you’re not wearing anything and it’s boring, but I promise. We just need the fashion people to start noticing you.'”

9 The Wrong Reason: The Long, Yellow Jacket Looks Like It's Made Of Plastic

via The Hollywood Unlocked

Anyone who can wear bright yellow deserves a lot of love and attention because yellow is a difficult color. It seems better in really small doses, like a wallet or purse, but even a yellow purse could be hard to pull off.

Selena Gomez definitely turned heads the wrong reason in this long yellow coat. Honestly, if this yellow coat was made of any other material, it would still be a bit of a confusing choice. It's so long that it reaches to the ground and is literally as tall as her, so it seems totally overpowering. The fact that the coat looks like it's made of a plastic material is also confusing.

8 Turned Heads: She's Rocking A Sweater Dress And Boots Look

via Hollywood Life

Selena Gomez definitely turned heads in this outfit, and we love her sweater dress since it's more interesting than a typical black or grey one.

There are definitely some cases when you should wear leggings or tights when you wear a sweater dress because it just looks better (and maybe the sweater dress is a bit too short). But this time, we agree with Selena's decision to go for knee socks and boots.

Her long, wavy hair is beautiful, too, and it's not a look that we've seen a lot from the star since she tends to have her hair cut in a shorter bob these days.

7 The Wrong Reason: This Outfit Just Doesn't Match

via InStyle

While we love many of Selena's looks, we have to say that this one just doesn't match, which makes it another outfit that turned heads for the wrong reasons.

The orange top and red skirt seem like a strange combination... and the white sneakers seem like they belong with another outfit (like jeans and a casual t-shirt or athleisure). The fact that Selena chose to wear this huge coat over the shirt and skirt is weird, too. Maybe she was rushing out the door and grabbed the coat because it was the first thing that she saw? Even if she had just worn the top and skirt without the coat, we would say that the colors don't work.

6 Turned Heads: Selena Is #SummerGoals In This Patterned Dress And Perfect Updo

via Popsugar

For many of us, this winter has been incredibly long and harsh. There have been snowstorms, ice storms, freezing weeks, and a real lack of sunlight.

Seeing this photo of Selena Gomez in such a gorgeous flowery dress is giving us hope that summer (and spring) will soon be here. And we would really love to wear a dress just like this one once the weather is nice again. Or, hey, we could find this exact same dress...

Selena is totally #summergoals here and we love her dress and her perfect updo. Although floral prints can sometimes look really young, the cut of the dress is mature, so it's a home run.

5 The Wrong Reason: The Dress Is Cute... But The Shoes And Coat Don't Seem To Match

via Popsugar

If Selena Gomez was just wearing this dress without the coat and shoes, we would totally love it and say that it was one of her best looks. She would definitely be turning heads. The dress itself is totally fine. But since she's paired this dress with the sweater and shoes, she's turning heads for the wrong reasons.

Since the dress has kind of a "granny" vibe to it, the super long sweater and the white sneakers are overkill. We just don't think that they work well together, and we would love to see the dress with cute flats or booties instead.

4 The Wrong Reason: It Looks Like She Forgot Her Pants

via CelebMafia

Is there any way to look at this photo of Selena Gomez and not think, "OMG she totally forgot to wear pants?!"

It seems impossible not to think that immediately because, well, she looks like she forgot her pants.

She's definitely wearing a t-shirt. Sure, it's a long t-shirt, but it doesn't seem to be a dress (or even a t-shirt dress). If she was wearing jeans or leggings along with this t-shirt and cardigan, then the outfit would be pretty cute. We would have no problem with it. But this combo means that she's turning heads for the wrong reasons.

3 Turned Heads: We Love Her Patterned Jacket, And She Really Pulls It Off

via Pinterest

Selena is totally turning heads in this outfit... mostly thanks to her floral jacket.

A floral jacket (or a jacket in any other bold pattern) seems tough to really pull off. It seems like the kind of thing that you find in a store and you really want it (and you also want to be the kind of person who wears this type of jacket). So you get it, go home, try it on again, and realize that you're not so sure that you'll be able to have the confidence to wear it (or that it matches anything else in your closet).

We love this look, though, and Selena's strappy heels and white top tucked into jeans are perfect, too.

2 The Wrong Reason: This Look Is Too Hippie Chic For Us

via Pinterest

There's hippie chic... and then there's this photo of Selena Gomez. We're going to say that this outfit also turned heads but for the wrong reasons.

First of all, we think that her hair is too messy and that it's kind of weird that her boots are totally unlaced. We just keep thinking that she's going to trip. We can totally hear our moms saying that to us... And second of all, the flower crown doesn't really match the rest of the outfit. While there are so many outfits that the singer and actress has worn that we love, this isn't one that we love that much at all.

1 The Wrong Reason: We Just Can't With This Strange Gray Romper (And The Holes On The Side Are Confusing)

via Fustany

How do we feel about rompers? Some of us are saying that we wear them every summer and that they're great. The rest of us feel that they're too much effort (and that having to use the bathroom can be a bit of an annoying situation).

While some rompers are really cute, especially if they have a cute pattern, this romper that Selena is wearing is confusing. Why are there holes in the side of it? It just looks really strange. Even if this romper didn't have those weird holes, we would probably say that it still turned heads for the wrong reason because of the dull color.

Sources: Elle, People

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