11 Things To Know About Gem Tone Hair

Jade, emerald, amethyst. Yes, we’re talking about gem stones but we’re not talking about wearing them around your finger or on your neck. We’re talking sporting them on your hair. Gem toned hair is huge right now and can come in an array of different rich colors including violet, rose quartz, topaz, and much more. But what do you think? Are you on the fence or itching to try the latest trend? If so, here are 11 things to know about gem colored hair.

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11 Works Better On Hair With Darker Pigments

These bold colors are more flattering to those who have darker pigments because they let the color shine without looking too washed out. And since you don’t have to lift too much pigment from your darker locks, it might stay healthier as opposed to those with a lighter mane that can dry out easier.

10 Match A Color With Your Skin Tone

When doing a vibrant color like this, you want it to look nice on you and not downright scary. This means it’s important to take your skin tone into consideration when you dye your hair a gem color. Work with a stylist to see which hue works best with your olive complexion or your porcelain skin so that the color looks flattering and not, well, ridiculous.

9 Consider How Long You Want To Keep The Color

So you might be into this whole gem tone thing, but you’re not exactly sure you’re into having your hair a ruby shade for very long. Speak with your stylist about which colors last longer and which ones fade the fastest. It’s also important to figure out which color fades the best. You don’t want to look like you have pee-green on your head after a week of washing your hair, do you?

8 You Will Need Both Semi-Permanent And Permanent Color

It’s important to understand that when you opt for this look, you will need to mix both semi-permanent and permanent color to achieve the metallic shine you’re striving for. You won’t be able to wash it out right away and chances are it will fade into another shade, so it’s essential to figure that all out with your stylist beforehand so there are very little surprises after.

7 Not As Damaging As Other Wild Colors

While we might think these colors are damaging to our hair, they aren’t. Well, at least not as bad as say, neon yellow. But don’t expect to have your hair silky smooth either - especially without the proper care. These colors can provide some issues for hair, including drying since you are using a permanent color and lifting some of your pigmentation in the process.

6 Color Will Fade Faster

If you color your hair already, you know that it can fade pretty fast - no matter the shade. However, plan for color to fade even faster when you’re rocking a cobalt blue. You’ll most likely need to get a touch-up every month or so to keep your hair looking its best, but it ultimately depends on your natural color and the pigment it holds, so be sure to chat about this with your stylist.

5 Need To Use Color Treated Products

It’s crucial that you use the right hair products on your hair when you have gem tones. You want to ensure the color lasts as long as it can, while keeping your hair soft and healthy. Use color-treated shampoo and conditioner, and listen to you stylist when she tells you any other items you should use or stay away from.

4 Try A Few Strands Of Color First

If you’re still a little iffy about this whole gem tone hair look, but are still eager to give it a shot, you might want to try with a few strands to start. This is the best way to go so it won’t be too “OMG what have I done to myself?” And it will be easier to get out of your hair rather than if you did the entire head.

3 It Will Be A Shock

Look, if you get a vibrant color like this, chances are you will be shocked when you look in the mirror. It will take a little time to get used to since it’s pretty drastic, but it’s also super fun to rock because it’s playful and fresh. Don’t let the initial shock scare you too much. Give it some time to decide whether you need to make an emergency call to your stylist.

2 Shampooing Every Day Will Have Color Fade Faster

For all those gals out there that love shampooing everyday, listen up. That routine will most likely mess up this do. Your hair will fade faster and it might even end up drying out the locks quicker - especially if you’re using the wrong shampoo. Try to give yourself a break in between the week without shampooing so your color lasts.

1 Don’t Wash Your Hair Prior To Your Salon Appointment

And speaking of shampooing, don’t do it right before your hair appointment. You’ll want to keep those oils in your hair so the color can stick better to your pigment. When you call to make an appointment, be sure to ask the stylist how many days you need to stay away from shampooing before you come in.

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