11 Teen Mom Couples Who Broke Up (+ 9 Who Had More Babies)

MTV went out on a limb when they launched the controversial television series 16 and Pregnant and its follow-up Teen Mom. Even though our nation has come leaps and bounds in regards to females and progressive nature, being unwed and young while becoming a mom remained awkward and uncharted waters in reality television.

To MTV's chagrin, both of the shows became huge hits with several major demographic sectors and brought teen pregnancy to the forefront of the conversation in a far more positive light than anyone initially expected.

Both of the series highlighted young couples who were suddenly faced with the challenges of being pregnant and/or raising babies all before they graduated high school. The struggles and raw emotions of the cast members and their close friends and family hit home with much of the public, making them realize that teen pregnancy in the states was an epidemic that had to be addressed.

The stories of the young ladies and men on the show varied greatly. Years later the families' endgames remain as starkly different as their general pregnancy tales. Here is an update on some of the most memorable Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant show members. Check out who broke up and who managed to stick it out!

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20 Splitsville: Bristol And Dakota Johnson

Bristol became a teen mother years ago but had only recently joined the cast of the popular MTV reality show. Teen Mom documented Bristol's rocky romance and subsequent break up with her ex-husband, army vet Dakota Johnson, as well as their struggles to co-parent their two young daughters along with Bristol's son from a previous relationship.

Mental health issues and communication roadblocks kept these two from ever getting on the same page, and after watching them interact all season long, we think it might be best that they called it quits and went their own ways. Some people genuinely are oil and water.

19 Splitsville: Amber Portwood And Gary Shirley

A sixteen-year-old Amber thought that an older Gary was going to be the answer to all of her life's problems. After the pair welcomed their daughter Leah into the world, their relationship woes only worsened. Things got ugly between the two and Amber had a pretty rough go of things for a while there.

Gary has remarried and had another daughter with his current wife Kristina, while Amber finally seems to be in a stable place with her boyfriend and father to her one-year-old son. The icing on the cake is that while Gary and Amber are never, ever getting back together, they mesh their families well to create one big happy bunch.

18 Together Forever: Catelynn And Tyler Baltierra

These two Michigan natives met when they were kids themselves. They fell hard for each other and in no time found out that they had a baby on the way. With neither Catelynn nor Tyler coming from very solid backgrounds, they decided that the best thing they could do for their unborn child was to give her up to a loving family who could provide for her.

Cate and Tyler could have buckled under the pressure of giving their child up for adoption, but they didn't. They stayed the course and eventually welcomed two more children into their lives plus made things official with a wedding.

17 Splitsville: Kailyn And Javi Marroquin

First, there was Kailyn and her first son Isaac's father Jo Rivera. As teenagers, this couple couldn't make things work and eventually went their separate ways. Following that breakup, Kailyn moved on to her second baby's daddy, military man Javi Marroquin. They got married, and for a while there it looked as if they might manage to stay a happy family.

Sadly, their fairy tale ended, and Javi and Kailyn both moved on to new partners who gave them more children. Javi and his new girlfriend recently welcomed a son together, and Kailyn added a third son to her tribe (with a third dad).

16 Together Forever: Chelsea Houska And Cole Deboer

Chelsea Houska-Deboer had her little girl Aubree during her high school years with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. It's fair to say that while Chelsea and Lind were on again-off again for some time, he never treated her right and it was painful to watch her pine over a guy who was never worth her time.

She finally met her prince charming Cole, and this guy has not disappointed. He treats Aubree as his own, and there are even rumors swirling that he may formally adopt her soon. He has given Chelsea his name as well as two more adorable kiddos. These two might be forever. If anyone can make it to forever, it is going to be them.

15 Splitsville: Alex Sekella And Matt McMann

We have to say that we all knew Alex and Matt were destined for a breakup from the get-go. Alex was an aspiring dancer when she found out that she was going to be a mom. Her mother cut her off support-wise and her baby's father Matt was going through some massive struggles of his own.

Alex was all alone, young and pregnant. Matt cleaned his act up for a few years, got married, had another child, and is now going through a divorce, thanks to old habits creeping back into his life. As for Alex, she and Matt's ex-wife are closer than she and Matt are.

14 Together Forever: Mackenzie And Josh McKee

Mackenzie and Josh McKee were the cowboy and cheerleading couple who became parents way too soon. The pressures of being young parents almost proved too much for the couple, who revealed in recent interviews that they were split up and seeing other people when she filmed Teen Mom 3.

At the time, the couple had two kids between them, and a brief reconciliation led to yet another pregnancy and a third child. Mrs. McKee says that the birth of the new baby proved far harder than either she or Josh expected, and Josh went as far as to file for divorce. Thankfully they seem to have worked out the kinks and appear to be stronger than ever.

13 Splitsville: Katie Yeager And Joey Maes


Little Molli's mom and dad didn't get very far with their relationship, and viewers of Teen Mom 3 witnessed their fair share of uncomfortable moments between the two young parents. These days Katie has rebooted her life in Utah. She met someone after things with Joey came to an end, went back to school, and is now mom to another little girl.

As for life after Teen Mom, Katie described it as slower-paced and very everyday. She learned that sometimes normal and uneventful is a good thing. Joey, on the other hand, kept on making babies. After Molli, whom he has no contact with now, he went on to have three more children with other women.

12 Together Forever: Jo Rivera And Vee Torres

Jo Rivera and his eldest son's mother, Kailyn Lowry, broke up shortly after little Isaac's birth. The two have had their ups and down with co-parenting over the years, especially with Kaitlyn moving on, marrying, and having two more babies, but things started to settle when Jo met Vee Torres.

Vee has been a stable force in Jo's life and has made herself "Team Kail" several times also, helping to keep everybody on the co-parenting path. Vee and Jo have one daughter together and recently tied the knot. According to OK Magazine, more kids could be in the works, but for now, the newlyweds are just relishing their happiness.

11 Splitsville: Farrah Abraham And Simon Saran

Farrah Abraham isn't like her Teen Mom counterparts in many ways. She is one of the only cast members never to marry or remarry. She has also avoided having any subsequent children following the birth of her only daughter Sophia. Farrah has always seemed more focused on other things.

In the last ten years, she has concentrated on building her brand and her businesses, letting romance take a back seat to all over ventures. Only one relationship looked to be promising, and that was with Simon Saran. Sadly, it appears that no one can put up with this firecracker teen mom for all of eternity and the couple eventually broke up.

10 Together Forever: Maci Bookout And Taylor McKinney

Like Chelsea Houska, Maci Bookout picked the wrong guy to father her firstborn child. During her teen years, she and ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards managed to do just about everything wrong, never being able to land on the same page and make things work for their son Bentley.

Maci finally let Ryan go for good and found love again with Taylor McKinney. After several years of dating, and two more kids, Bookout and McKinney tied the knot in 2016. Edwards has also remarried and is trying to be a better father to his son with Maci and his son with wife Mackenzie Standifer.

9 Splitsville: Briana DeJesus And Devoin Austin

Brianna and Devoin broke up before their daughter Nova was even born. Their relationship is only now looking like it might be somewhat stable and healthy. It's taken years for them to come to a place of appreciation and understanding. Devoin is spending more time with his growing daughter, holding down a stable job, and being present in little Nova's life.

He even accompanied Brianna, their daughter, and Brianna's sister and mom on a family vacation to Puerto Rica. They might not have been able to be a romantic couple after Brianna got pregnant, but they seem to be ready to parent Nova as a team these days.

8 Together Forever: Jenelle And David Eason

Jenelle might be one of the franchise's most wayward cast members to date. She went from becoming a teen mom to forfeiting custody of her son to her mother, marrying and dating a string of guys with serious issues, and battling demons herself. Following Jace's birth, Jenelle went on to give birth to another son, Kaiser, with her ex-fiance Nathan Griffin.

That relationship turned out to be a mess, real surprise there, but Jenelle, never learning from her mistakes, moved on quickly and married David Eason. They added a little girl to the mix and now spend their days making the public wonder if they are staying together or divorcing. It's hard to keep up. For now, they seem to be staying together though.

7 Splitsville: Leah Messer And Corey Simms

Discovering that you are pregnant before you graduate from high school is hard enough, but finding out that you are having twins with a guy you barely know before you are a legal adult? Well, come on! Leah and Corey tried, they really did, but in the end, the pressures of parenthood, growing up, and getting to know each other proved to be far too much for the young couple.

They made it down to the alter but divorced shortly after their wedding. Leah went on to marry again, this time to Jeremy Calvert. They had daughter Addie and then also divorced. These days Leah is focused on raising her girls to the best of her ability and being her best self. Finally!

6 Together Forever: Corey Simms And Miranda Patterson

Corey was pretty distraught when his marriage to Leah didn't pan out, and our hearts broke for him having to parent his twins away from the woman he loved. Corey's a good dude. Thankfully this good dude found himself a great woman to love him. He married Miranda Patterson over five years ago after a relatively long courtship.

Corey wasn't messing up round number two. He took his time and didn't rush things with Miranda. That new plan worked out in his favor because he and Miranda will be celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary this summer. They are also the proud parents to a darling daughter, Remi.

5 Splitsville: Cheyenne And Cory

These two. What can we say, we wanted for these beautiful people to realize that love was right under their noses for an entire season of Teen Mom and they came so CLOSE to seeing what we all saw. Cory and Cheyenne seem meant to be together. They have chemistry, respect for each other, and a deep friendship and love for their daughter Ryder. Why won't they just get married already?

Cheyenne always seemed more than eager to make Cory her one and only, even when she was dating other guys. Cory, on the other hand, has some commitment issues. Regardless of their reluctance to make our Teen Mom dreams come true, they are still the best darn co-parenting team the series has ever seen.

4 Together Forever: Jordan Howard And Tyler Zeplin

Teen Mom Daily

Jordan and Tyler are a far lesser known pair, but maybe it is all that flying under the radar that has helped them to stay together for all of these years. The couple might have gotten off to a rocky start, getting pregnant long before they should have, but somehow they figured out how to work through the hardships that come along with teen pregnancy and might even make it to forever!

They now have three children together, are married, and show no signs of breaking up soon. Even the issues and tensions that their families previously held in regards to their interracial romance have eased up in recent years.

3 Splitsville: Izabella Tovar And Jairo Rodriguez

After two children and several years together, two of which Izzy and Jairo were married for, this 16 and Pregnant couple has decided to divorce. She made the formal announcement at the start of the new year via social media, and while we don't know a ton of details about what finally made the young couple say "I Don't," we are super sad to see that they are indeed heading for Splitsville.

Of the dissolution of the union, Izabella said, "There are many factors that went into this decision but none that need to be shared publicly at this time. We wish each other the best and are working on our co-parenting relationship."

2 Splitsville: Lindsay Harrison And Forrest Ponce

Not only are Teen Mom: Season 4 cast members Lindsay and Forrest done for good, but he isn't even present in his young daughter's life any longer. In 2016 Lindsay went to court and got a managing conservatorship over her daughter because Forrest had been M.I.A. for the better part of a year.

She also got her wish in changing her daughter's last name to Nicholson, which is her married name. Lindsay might have landed a deadbeat dad during her teen years, but her current husband is anything but. He has stepped up to fill the role of dad for Lindsay and Forrest's daughter and is also a daddy to Lindsay's twins.

1 Together Forever: Courtney Ames And Scott Snody

These 16 and Pregnant Season Five parents have had their fair share of ups and downs too, and surprisingly they have come out on top of it all. After welcoming their son Dayton into the world, the couple decided to abstain from relations because of religious reasons.

The decision put some strain on the relationship, and according to Wikipedia, the young parents did end up separating for an extended period before getting back together and making things official in 2017. After they married, they welcomed a second son into the family. Porter Cove Snody was born on October 20th, 2017.

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