11 Strict Ways Beyoncé Runs Her Household (11 Ways She’s Surprisingly Lenient)

People are absolutely fascinated by Beyonce. Perhaps it's because she got her start in the industry at such a young age and managed to transition from the lead of Destiny's Child into a solo artist cranking out fun club hits to a more serious, thoughtful solo artist.

Perhaps it's because of how revolutionary her album Lemonade was. Perhaps it's because she's one half of a music industry power couple, thanks to her marriage to partner Jay-Z. Whatever the reason, people love hearing all about what Beyonce's private life is like.

And it's become even more interesting since she became a mother. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to know what her parenting style was and what her rules were for her children. They wanted a glimpse into how Beyonce's household operated.

Well, luckily, enough people have shared little tidbits over the years that the average person can get a bit of an idea. It's not the same as being a member of her household, but since most of us can't achieve that, it's the next best thing.

Beyonce is a modern matriarch who has a lot of opinions on how she runs her household—and here are 11 ways she's surprisingly strict, plus 11 ways she's actually quite lenient.

11 Strict Ways Beyonce Runs Her Household:

22 She Literally Has A Beyonce Bible For Her Nannies

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It's no surprise that Beyonce has a team of nannies. After all, she has an absolutely crazy schedule—she needs people to help with all the demands that raising a child entails. However, she's not about to just hire someone and let them do their thing—she has rules.

She wants her nannies to adhere to the type of rules she deems fit as a mother, so she actually created a Beyonce Bible that nannies must read and follow. We're not sure exactly what's in there, but we can't help but cross our fingers that she decides to publish it one day. I mean, how juicy would that be?

21 Blue Is Sent To School With An Entourage

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Celebrity children have a bit of a unique experience. Many of them are somewhat famous in their own right, simply because of who their parents are. While the paparazzi might not follow them as much as their parents, they still are interested in getting a shot or two—so security is often required.

So Beyonce doesn't mess around when it comes to school drop off. She doesn't want anything to happen to Blue Ivy on her way to school, so she has her sent with a bit of an entourage that includes two vehicles and three bodyguards that are with her all day long. Apparently, some parents of the other children at Blue's school don't love the bodyguards, but hey—what Beyonce says goes.

20 Her Kids Have Their Own Personal Chefs

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We're betting Beyonce prepares her fair share of snacks for Blue Ivy. I mean, who could ever forget her holding her daughter's snack when the whole family attended the Grammys together? However, for the most part, Beyonce's too busy to spend all her time in the kitchen, so she enlists the help of a private chef for Blue.

Blue isn't eating macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets like other kids, though. The Hollywood Life spilled a bit about Blue's typical menu, and apparently, the chef prepares healthy kid-friendly foods, like homemade pasta in the shape of ballet dancers with pureed asparagus.

19 Blue Is Expected To Learn Multiple Languages

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Many parents want their children to learn more than one language. It helps their intellectual development, it can help them later in life, and it's just a good idea overall in our diverse society. So, we're not all that surprised that Bey wants Blue to study up and get familiar with more than just English.

Apparently, she hired a tutor to teach her daughter French when Blue was just 2 years old and has other languages on the list now. On the one hand, it makes sense—Blue is going to be traveling the world with her parents for years to come. However, we can't help but wonder if Blue has any thoughts on all the demands.

18 Blue Has Her Own Stylist And Must Look Amazing At All Times

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Beyonce is known for her amazing sense of style, and it only makes sense that she'd pass that on to her daughter. Blue is expected to look amazing at all times, and Beyonce makes sure that happens by hiring the right people. She apparently pays a personal shopper and a stylist to dress Blue to make sure her daughter is fashion-forward just like her.

We absolutely can't wait until Blue Ivy becomes a teenager. Can you imagine the types of looks she'll be rocking? She'll definitely give her mom a run for her money when it comes to creating memorable looks.

17 Her Dressing Room Must Be 78 Degrees Exactly

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Beyonce is an incredible performer and a consummate professional. Sure, a lot of the reason she became so famous is that she's incredibly talented. She has an amazing voice! However, a large part of the puzzle is that she also works very, very hard to put on an amazing show for her fans. So, it makes sense that she would have a few demands prior to her performances to make sure she's show-ready.

One of them is actually pretty picky—she requires that her dressing room be exactly 78 degrees at the start of a performance. She also has a list of specific items that she needs, including all white furniture, grapefruit candles, and special soap. Wonder what home is like for poor Jay!

16 She Has 24/7 Nurses For Her Twins

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Taking care of one child is tough enough—taking care of twins is an entirely different ball game. So, when Beyonce had twins, she knew she'd have to get a little extra help on her staff. She has a squad of nannies that help to raise her children, but she also opted to hire nurses that would be available 24/7 to assist with anything she needed to make sure the twins were happy and healthy.

It seems a bit extravagant, but what mother wouldn't want an extra set of hands and opinions? Most people call their pediatrician with any questions—Beyonce literally has people on staff who can answer those questions, any time of the day or night.

15 Jay Has A Curfew When He's On Tour

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Most people who are big fans of either Beyonce or Jay Z (or both) know that Jay got into a bit of hot water a few years ago. Despite being married to a gorgeous music superstar, he apparently was getting too friendly with other people—and Bey was not happy, obviously.

To help ensure nothing like that ever happens again, sources say that Bey actually imposes a curfew on her husband when he's out on tour. As the source spilled, "she doesn't like the idea of other women throwing themselves at him, so he's going to have to text Beyonce to let her know where he'll be whenever they're not together." She definitely runs a tight ship!

14 She Mandates Who Jay Can Spend Time With — No Kimye

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People are impacted by the individuals they surround themselves with—so Beyonce wants to make sure no one is near her husband that might have a negative impact. And that doesn't just apply to women. Apparently, Bey has mandated that Jay cannot spend time with Kanye West or Kim Kardashian West. She views Kanye as a bit of a loose cannon and doesn't want anything he says or does to negatively impact her own family.

She's definitely a fiercely protective mama who wants to make sure that nothing happens to her children, which we can respect. Plus, it's probably a good idea to avoid all the paparazzi that come along with Kimye anywhere they go.

13 She Has Specific Rules About Her Food

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Nowadays, Beyonce is a vegan who exists entirely on a plant-based diet. However, she didn't always follow that way of eating—there was a time when she was a good old Southern girl who loved her meat. It wasn't fried chicken she was craving after long days in the studio, though—it was chicken prepared exactly to her specifications.

She would apparently only eat chicken that was baked and seasoned with a mixture of black pepper, cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, and garlic powder. She would have that served with a healthy portion of greens, and that would be a solid Bey-approved meal. Sounds pretty healthy to us!

12 Her Staff Must Be Able To Keep Things Under Wraps

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Beyonce is very strict about this rule, but, well, wouldn't you be if you were a huge superstar? Bey obviously doesn't want to hire anyone who will run to the tabloids the moment they overhear something juicy from behind closed doors. So, she tries to make sure that all her staff keeps things hidden.

That's one of the ways she's been able to surprise the public, such as by revealing her pregnancy at the VMA awards in 2011, or dropping Lemonade with little to no warning. We're not sure if she puts some kind of intimidating clause in her staff's contracts or what, but she demands secrecy.

11 Ways She's Surprisingly Lenient:

11 She Wants Her Kids To Explore Things

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Beyonce has a lot of strict rules about how her children are raised. However, when it comes to her children themselves, she is a lot more lenient. She wants to control every detail of the environment they're in, but she wants them to be able to explore and make their own decisions.

Bey isn't about micromanaging her kids' schedules or determining what their passions will be for them. She wants them to be able to figure that kind of stuff out on their own—so she gives them the freedom to explore. As long as they're safe and secure, they can do pretty much whatever they want.

10 She Takes Her Kids On The Road

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Beyonce definitely has a unique profession that involves more travel than most parents. She's frequently heading out on tour for weeks on end, which can be tough on a family. So, she's come up with a solution that's pretty flexible—she simply brings her kids with her a lot of the time!

Obviously, that might become a bit more challenging once all her children are in school. Then, you have to get tutors involved and make sure they're not missing anything important. However, for now, as long as she has her squad of nannies on hand to help, her kids are able to come along with her.

9 She Lets Jay Make His Own Business Decisions

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There's a lot about Jay Z's personal life that Beyonce has rules about now that he's had some issues in that department. She doesn't want anything else to come out and embarrass her, so she tries to ensure he's not tempted to do anything wrong. However, when it comes to business, she's not worried at all.

He has an amazing track record when it comes to business and has done everything from purchase part of an NBA team to create a streaming service (Tidal) to creating Roc Nation and Roca Wear. He's obviously a savvy businessman, and in that arena, she lets him call his own shots.

8 Staff Are Very Well Compensated — And Even Given Bonuses

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Beyonce likely demands a lot of her staff. She has specific rules on how she wants things in her household to run, and she wants to make sure everyone in her family is happy. She also has a demanding schedule that means sometimes household staff might work extra long hours, depending on her own schedule.

However, it's not much of an issue for staff, because they're compensated so well. And, while they're obviously in charge, they don't make their staff feel belittled. Instead, Bey and Jay pay them generously, and even host parties and give them generous gifts for the holidays. Sounds like a dream employer!

7 She Doesn't Need Clothing Assistance On The Red Carpet

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You might assume that Beyonce would require almost constant assistance on the red carpet to ensure her gown was looking right. However, that isn't always the case—sometimes, her staff can just kick back and relax while their boss walks the red carpet. Her personal assistant Jane Greenberg learned that during a red carpet event for Tidal.

Greenberg apparently tried to keep adjusting Beyonce's dress, and Bey eventually told her that she was fine, and to just stand to the side. It must be a lot less nervewracking to just hang around behind the scenes on the red carpet rather than having to dart in front of the paparazzi constantly to fix your boss' hair or dress.

6 She And Jay Have Separate Spaces To Focus On Their Work

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Beyonce and Jay Z have collaborated on projects numerous times. They're both super creative and have clear perspectives on who they are as artists, so why wouldn't they join forces from time to time? However, they also have hugely successful runs as solo artists, which means they need time alone to work on their own craft.

While they obviously spend a great deal of time in the studio, they sometimes just want to run through some ideas at home. And, in order to make sure they're not disrupting one another, they apparently have rooms on opposite sides of their huge home where they can retreat when they need a little private time to work on projects. Who doesn't want their own little sanctuary?

5 She Places Her Kids Above All Else

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When it comes to her staff and her hubby, it seems that Beyonce is definitely the head of her household. She knows how she wants things run, and she knows what she wants from everyone. However, there is one soft spot that she has—her children. While she obviously puts a lot of time and thought into what's best for them, she also allows herself to be a bit more lenient when it comes to their demands.

She places her kids above all else, so if one of them tugs on her sleeve when she's about to head out somewhere important, she likely tells her driver to give her an extra five minutes rather than shrugging off her children. They're the center of her world, which is absolutely adorable.

4 She'll Even Take Her Kids To Events Like The Grammys

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Due to her work, Beyonce has the opportunity to go to a lot of fun events, like the Grammy Awards. She's been attending red carpet events since she was just a teenager, so they're likely no big deal to her at this point.

However, she knows that it obviously could be a fun experience for Blue to look back on when she's older—even if she doesn't seem all that thrilled to be there at her current age—so she makes sure she gets the opportunity to go with her. We wonder if Blue Ivy will pause when she's a teenager and stop to reflect on what an incredible life she's had.

3 She And Blue Are BFFs

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Beyonce has a lot of people in her life that she's close with, from friends to family. However, there's one person who comes first before all else, and who is without a doubt her BFF—her daughter, Blue. Ever since Blue was born, she's been Beyonce's constant sidekick, which is absolutely adorable.

Many celebrities seem to almost forget their children, disappearing on tour or to film somewhere across the world for months at a time. Even though she has a hectic schedule, Bey always seems to carve out time for the most important lady in her life, which is too cute. We love how much she clearly adores her family.

2 She Allows Her Kids To Visit Aunt Solange In Brooklyn

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Beyonce likely keeps a tight leash on where her children can go, simply for their own safety. After all, they have incredibly famous parents—she doesn't want anything happening to them because of paparazzi getting too crazy. However, there's one location where she has a bit more leniency—Brooklyn.

Under ordinary circumstances, Bey probably wouldn't allow her children to head to some random park in Brooklyn for a play date. She's willing to bend the rules when it comes to Aunt Solange, though. Her sister Solange lives in Brooklyn with her son, and every now and then will set up play dates with Aunt Bey.

1 She's Raising Her Kids Without Gender Stereotypes

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Beyonce is definitely a modern parent and isn't the type to force her children into traditional gender roles. In fact, as she told Vogue, she's trying to raise them without gender stereotypes of any kind.

As she said to the fashion giant, "they don't have to be a certain type or fit into a specific category... they can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love." It's no surprise that Hollywood is often a more progressive place than the rest of the world. However, we love that Bey is so open and honest about the type of children she's raising.

Sources: Vogue, Business Insider, Babygaga, Metro, Glamour, USA Today

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