11 Songs To Avoid After A Bad Breakup

On a typical night, while listening to your iPod or blasting tunes throughout your house, suddenly a slow track comes on and you are reminded of your single status. Though music is an artistic form of expression that conveys our deepest feelings. No matter how timeless a song like Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On is, not having someone in your life can make even a classic such as this one seem like you are listening to nails on a chalkboard. The idea that your heart will go on after just getting dumped doesn't seem possible to comprehend, we know we've been there. Though not all love songs are the enemy, and their subliminal messages are sometimes positive, if you are at a vulnerable point in your life, it may be best to skip past the love ballads and replace them with an alternative.

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10 I Will Always Love You 


A classic love ballad such as I Will Always Love You, is one that will continue to be played and remembered by generations to come. Whitney Houston not only sings this one perfectly but her voice is so wonderful that we can feel every word. Most of us have even cried while listening to this song, and that is why we suggest you wait a few weeks before giving this one a go.

9 Hello


Adele's hit single entitled Hello, is the kind of track you listen to many, many times, because it mirrors all your feelings about someone you love. The song's dream like harmony and chorus can put you in a deep trance, every verse and lyric is effortlessly woven together and feels like she is singing about our own experiences. Although the song has plenty of depth, a song like this can make single women lock themselves in their room with the shades down. Some of us have even tried to hide this song from our newly single friends, scared of what emotions it could evoke.

8 Say Something


The hit single Say Something, made popular by Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, may be considered this generation's quintessential love song, because it tells a story with a simple message, and resonates with the new generation of music fans. Christina Aguilera's vocals make this song even more poignant and heartfelt, as their voices blend together to create an airy harmony that gives this song such a passionate feel.

7 Stay


While some songs make you cry, there are times when even the toughest chick can break down and become vulnerable like Rihanna does in the music video for Stay. Showing that every girl is capable of getting hurt, no matter how tough of an exterior she has. A track such as this echoes the feeling of wanting someone, and wishing they would stay. Sometimes being in love can make one feel immobile, though if you're single and lying in bed on a Friday night and feeling emotional. we suggest you stay away from this song.

6 Goodbye My Lover


The hardest thing about breakups is saying goodbye to someone, however being able to do it as beautifully as James Blunt does in his single Goodbye My Lover is not easy, especially when you may harbor angry feelings toward that person. Goodbye My Lover is a song that proves it is possible to have an amicable break up with someone you once loved. This love song does a tasteful job of bringing together different life experiences shared by two people who can no longer be together. Though the idea of letting go is hard to grasp, perhaps knowing you did will make those Friday nights easier to get through.

5 Teardrops On My guitar


Taylor Swift being the poster girl for getting revenge on a ex through a breakup song, doesn't hold back with this single,  and shows her vulnerability by revealing her true feelings for a boy who doesn't return them. Though Teardrops On My Guitar is not about a famous guy she dated, but really about a boy she met in real life at a Pittsburgh Steelers football game, most of us can relate to not being able to talk to someone we wanted to, and wishing things ended up differently.

4 I'll be


The song I'll Be is another pop classic that we remember as one of first favorite love songs. Though the song is pleasing to the ear, especially the chorus and hearing Edwin McCain belt his heart out. However the fact that there is a man out there who promises to be the greatest fan of your life can make us cry on command, but imagine being heartbroken and having to listen to this track, skip it we beg you.

3 With Or Without You


A powerful rock ballad delivered by Bono for the ages, U2's rock hit With Or Without You is a classic love song that is hard not to like, especially if your in a good mood. However if on a night you should find yourself alone and single, this may be one song that you will have a hard time getting through.

Nothing Compares to You


Sinead O'Connor's timeless hit Nothing Compares To You, is one of the saddest songs most of us have ever heard. We are reminded that at first no one ever compares to our recent lost love and that we cannot seem to get over them. Trust us this feeling will pass but listening to this beautiful song with fresh wounds is not suggested.

2 My Heart Will Go On


Right away we think Titanic, a beautiful yet tragic tale, then we think of the passionate love that Rose and Jack shared. This song can evoke every single emotion we have, yes it is that powerful. That is why you must be wise when selecting this song, if you have just gone through a breakup give yourself some time before giving this one a listen, you will thank us for the advice.

1 Time After Time


Cyndi Lauper's hit Time After Time reminds us of the past and how simple things used to be. This is a sweet song and a fun listen but we do recommend staying away from this one when you have a heavy heart. Even though you may agree with all of the words, you need to give yourself some time before selecting this tune.

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