11 Signs You Should Live In Stars Hollow

When rumors started last October about a Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, the Internet went absolutely crazy. And that’s a total understatement. It took a lifetime for Netflix to finally confirm – okay, it was only a few months but it definitely felt like forever. Now us fans know that we’re getting four 90-minute episodes, each centered around one of the four seasons, and we know that our fave characters and actors will be back, too. If you’re a true fan, you were super excited when the streaming service added all seven seasons of the show last January, but you had been re-watching the whole series anyway because of course you own all the DVDs. What kind of fan doesn’t have the DVDs? You’re crazy excited for the new version because you want the world to discover the genius and brilliance and charm of this mother-daughter drama/comedy. Here are 11 signs that you should live in Stars Hollow. Of course we can pretend it’s a real place.

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11 You Live For Coffee

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You’re addicted to coffee. You’re more than addicted – you’re truly obsessed and in love with it. You go to sleep dreaming about the first cup of the day, and you laugh at the thought that you would only enjoy a cup at breakfast along with your typical oatmeal or eggs and toast. You drink coffee all day long. You would love to hang out at Luke’s Diner with Lorelai and Rory, drinking coffee for hours every afternoon and chatting. Since they’re not actually, you know, real people, you’ll have to settle for binging old episodes until the revival is ready.

10 You Talk Super Fast

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Some people talk fast, some people talk slowly and pause a ton between sentences, and others talk at lightning-speed – just like the beloved Gilmore Girls duo. You could totally live in Stars Hollow if you can talk as quickly as new thoughts appear in your head. You get bonus points if you love gossip – the townspeople on the show love getting the latest, juiciest dirt on everyone who lives there. Lorelai and Rory rarely seem to breathe when they’re chatting up a storm, so if you hold a conversation without taking a breath, you definitely belong in their town.

9 You Stuff Your Face

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If there’s one thing that the Gilmore Girls do all the time – besides consuming massive amounts of caffeine on a regular basis – it’s eat tons of junk food. Seriously, if you made a list of everything they eat in every single episode, it would be crazy long. They eat burgers and fries, tons of pizza, Chinese food, and let’s not forget the junk food they buy from Taylor’s Market for movie nights. That would be all kinds of candy, chips, chocolate, and marshmallows. Talk about a serious toothache (and probably a lot of cavities, too). If you love junk food and don’t give a crap about calories, then you should live in this town.

8 You’re Pop Culture Obsessed

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This series was so good at having its characters make tons of random pop culture references. Sometimes you got them, sometimes you didn’t, and sometimes they were speaking so quickly you just nodded and pretended that you knew what they were talking about. Either way, it was cool to watch people who love pop culture as much as you do. You’re used to your friends and family not understanding your own cultural references. Whether you’re a movie buff or huge TV fan, if you’re into culture and entertainment, you should be attending movie nights along with Rory and Lorelai. One can dream, right?

7 You’re BFFs With Your Mom

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Your mom isn’t just your mom. She’s your best and closest friend in the entire world. The two of you talk about literally everything under the sun and no topic is ever off-limits. Your friends are super jealous of your bond and claim they could never talk to their parents the way you do, but you just shrug it off. You know you’re lucky. You and your mom love to do everything together – go out to dinner, go to the movies where you talk through the entire thing, or just hanging out at home and talking (super fast, of course).

6 You’re A Bookworm

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You’re running out of room in your tiny apartment for your book collection. Your roommate is starting to get pretty annoyed because you’ve been storing your latest books in the kitchen cupboards. You literally will put a book on any available surface and just shrug when she brings it up yet again. You’re basically Rory Gilmore, who would bring not one, not two, but three books with her anywhere she went. You might be a writer or an editor or have journalistic ambitions, too – as we all know, Rory got her dream of being a journalist and was covering Obama’s campaign when the series ended.

5 You Love Snow

In one episode, Lorelai goes absolutely insane when it snows for the first time that year, proclaiming it the most magical time of all. If you feel the exact same way, then you should live in her town, too. While your coworkers and every single person you know hates winter and complains about the snow and freezing weather all the time, you’re laughing. You don’t mind snow at all. You find it totally beautiful and love staring at it from inside your cozy office or apartment – and going for an evening winter walk is your idea of fun.

4 You’re An Optimist

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The best character trait in the world is optimism. Without it, you’re a pretty boring, bitter person who is only going to annoy everyone around you. Lorelai and Rory are both pretty optimistic in their own, unique ways. Lorelai can definitely get into bad moods and be a total grump from time to time (usually if she hasn’t had any good coffee yet that day) but Rory is always happy. Always. You’re like that too and your boss and coworkers ask you on a regular basis how you can smile even in the worst of times. You just figure that life is meant to be enjoyed, otherwise what’s the point?

3 You’re A Bit Weird

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In a good way, of course. It’s okay, though – you like being weird. You even totally embrace it. You know that the coolest, most fascinating people are a little bit strange – just look at anyone who lives in Stars hollow. You have Kirk, who takes on the most random of odd jobs all the time, still lives with his mother as a grown-man, and tends to freak out over the most normal of social situations. You have Miss Patty, the larger-than-life dance instructor who is as flamboyant as her dancer past. And that’s just two of the townspeople. You totally own your weirdness and you’re proud.

2 You’re Spontaneous

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Okay, so Lorelai is definitely much more spontaneous than bookish, cautious, and studious Rory. But at the same time, Rory still went along with her mom’s crazy plans and even had fun – like the season two episode when the duo go on a random road trip and end up at Harvard. You know when life needs to be lived and you’re always searching for the fun in any normal situation. Your friends know you’re the kind of person that they can call up any time of day or night and you’ll be up for anything.

1 You Find Humor In Everything

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If you’re the one in your social circle who is always telling hilarious stories and making up random jokes that have everyone dying of laughter, then you’re totally like Lorelai Gilmore, no question about it. Sometimes your sense of humor gets you into big trouble, like when you’re trying to make an awkward or serious situation better with some jokes and the other person is having none of it. But either way, you can’t imagine going through life without seeing the humor in everything. Life is strange and wonderful and hilarious. Why not admit it?

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