11 Signs You Need A Morning Routine

Morning is the best time of day when you think about it. It’s a fresh start, a chance at new beginning, and if you’re a morning person, then you already know how amazing it feels to be productive at a time when everyone else is rubbing their eyes and yawning. For most of us, however, the early hours of the day aren’t exactly the most fun. It can be hard to muster the strength to get out of bed when you’ve got a tough day at the office ahead of you, and in the winter when it’s cold and grey and you haven’t seen the sun in ages, it’s even worse. Chances are, you probably have a friend who adores the a.m. and is super healthy and happy as a result. She wakes up at 5 a.m. with a smile on her face, gets a workout in and drinks a green smoothie without even gagging once. That might never describe you, but if your mornings consist of yelling at your alarm clock and rushing out the door without eating a single bite, you might need a change. Here are 11 signs you need a morning routine.

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11 You’re Always Exhausted

If you’re struggling to get through your morning meeting, let alone the rest of the work day, that’s a sure sign that you need to get your butt in gear as soon as your eyes open in the morning. You can feel much more awake if you focus on getting a good head start on the day. You already know that hitting “snooze” a billion times on your alarm and then being so late that you almost miss your bus every day isn’t cutting it. Try actually enjoying your mornings and feel the difference.

10 You Don't Get Enough Done

Here’s a fact that you’re going to hate if you hate getting up early: people who are cool with mornings actually get more done throughout the day. If you think about it, it makes a ton of sense. The more hours you add to your day, the more time you have for work, and the more time you spend on projects, the more productive you are. If you spend every morning staring at your computer screen, wishing you could go back to bed, then you’re focusing on how tired you are instead of being productive.

9 You’re Always In A Bad Mood

Morning people are much happier than the rest of the world. They’re the kind of people who have a spring in their step, so to speak, and seem to enjoy their lives a lot more. If you find yourself snapping at your BFF when she reschedules dinner, or getting more frustrated than is normal at a client, then that’s a sign you need a morning routine ASAP. Taking time for yourself to check Instagram, read a good book, or even just text your sister can reframe your entire day and put you in a much better mood.

8 You’re Starving All Day Long

If there’s one thing that everyone with a morning routine has in common, it’s this: they actually eat breakfast. You reach for your favorite chocolate bar from the office vending machine every day at 11 a.m. like clockwork. You can’t stop staring at the donuts your coworker brought in. Your stomach grumbles all day long. It’s time for a morning routine that includes a healthy breakfast. This morning meal will help you stay full and also make sure you can focus on doing your job. Thankfully there are tons of trendy breakfast ideas out there – try a smoothie bowl or a poached egg with avocado on whole-wheat toast.

7 You Never Eat Fruit

According to experts, Canadians just aren’t chowing down on enough apples and berries. The health benefits of including fruit in your diet are undeniable – you can even live longer. If you forget to eat fruit or just never buy it, then you definitely need a morning routine, because there is no better time than the early hours of the day to consume fruit. You can eat fruit in so many different ways: putting banana and blueberries on your oatmeal, making a smoothie with strawberries, enjoying an orange along with your granola. Your health and your body will thank you.

6 You Want More Time For Yourself

Your to-do list is off the charts, especially now that it’s a new year. You’ve got your full-time job, your relationship, your family, your friends. The pile of books you got for Christmas are gathering dust because you’re too busy to read and you just don’t feel like yourself anymore. If you struggle to fit in “me time” then a morning routine can give that to you. If you make it a habit to wake up an hour earlier every day, that’s a full 60 minutes that you can devote to whatever you love doing. You can go for a run or even watch some trashy reality TV.

5 You’re Slacking On Your Goals

There’s at least one thing that we all want to do: write a novel, run a marathon (or, okay, maybe just around the block), learn to cook, start a blog. The problem is although you have a dream, you just don’t have the time or energy to follow it. Why not make moving toward your goal part of your morning routine? You can use that time super wisely and you won’t believe how much better you feel. If you’d rather get a head start on your job so you have time in the evenings to work toward your dream, that works too. The choice is yours.

4 You Never Work Out

Whether you’re all about yoga or running is more your style, you know that exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the gym and you are no longer BFFs. It’s time to make exercise part of your morning routine. You’ll have more energy throughout the day and besides that, you’ll maintain or lose weight if that’s what you’re after. There’s really no downside to breaking a sweat as soon as your alarm goes off and the sun is out (or if it’s winter, it’s still pitch black outside but you can pretend there’s some sunlight).

3 You Feel Disorganized

It happens to the best of us: we spend our days rushing around, running errands, forgetting things, wishing we had more time. The pace of life is pretty nuts these days and the fact that we work 24/7 and never stop staring at our laptop and iPhone screens doesn’t help, either. If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you never know what’s going on and what you’re supposed to be doing, then a morning routine can get you super organized. You’ll feel incredibly in control of your time and will never feel out of it ever again.

2 You’re Always Stressed Out

Hating mornings and rushing out the door basically equals stress. There’s no way to not feel terrible if you’re always in a state of stress. If you start your work day by racing out the door, feeling like you’re going to be late, then there’s no way to reset your body and mind – you’re just going to stay stressed all day long. You definitely need a morning routine that is full of peace and quiet and makes your entire day calmer. You will be so much happier and your coworkers (and anyone else who has to deal with you) will be glad, too.

1 You Get Sick All The Time

If the common cold isn’t all that common because it seems like lately you get sick every single month, then something needs to change. Since you can’t quit your job or sell all your belongings and move to a desert island, starting a morning routine is a pretty simple change. You won’t regret taking more time for yourself, having more energy and getting the chance to actually consume some breakfast instead of grabbing a buttery (and fattening, let’s be honest) croissant when you get to the office. You’ll definitely see a huge difference in how you feel and how you approach your entire life if you give a morning routine a real shot.

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