11 Signs It's Time For A Girls' Night

Where would we be without our closest friends? The obvious answer would be absolutely nowhere. Our best friends are basically our lifeboats. They pick us up when we fall, text us nonstop about our latest reality TV obsessions, and are basically always there for us. Life would be so much lonelier without good friends – and, let’s be honest, so much more boring and less entertaining. According to experts, we literally need friends if we care about our health. You won’t die as early if you’ve got friendships that matter to you. Sounds pretty good. One of the best ways to spend time with our friends is heading out on a Friday night or Saturday evening and grabbing drinks (preferably girly cocktails – they totally complete the whole experience). So how do you know you need to text your BFFs and race to your favorite bar? Here are 11 signs it’s time for a girls' night.

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11 You Got A Promotion

Congrats! Your boss finally saw the light and opened their eyes and realized how amazing you are. However, a promotion is kind of a blessing in disguise. You’re happy now – your hard work and talent are being recognized, and you think that only good things are on the horizon. But a promotion probably means more work and less free time (groan). So you might as well round up the girls, order a round of beers, and cheers to the end of your life as you know it. Okay, it might not end up being that dramatic, and of course your career means the world to you. But you might as well embrace your free time right now and spend a night having fun.

10 You Finally Quit Your Job

If you finally got up the nerve to say goodbye to your evil boss and your dead-end job, there’s literally no greater reason in the world to go out and celebrate. Your friends will be just as happy as you are, if not more, because they’ve definitely heard you complain about your workload and your coworkers more than once. They’ll be so glad to never have to hear that stuff again. Tomorrow you can worry about how to pay your rent and feed yourself and make sure you’re not about to go broke and all that important stuff. Tonight, you party.

9 You’re Nursing A Broken Heart

You’re sitting on the couch with a cozy comforter pulled over you, eating an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and crying over a chick flick. Put the spoon down. Turn off the TV. Take a shower, and look presentable, because you desperately need a girls' night out. Your friends will know how to make you feel better – basically, they’re going to insult that loser that broke your heart until you’re all laughing hysterically. You’ll wonder how it’s possible that you even liked, let alone loved, him in the first place. Friends are so awesome when it comes to break-ups.

8 You’re Celebrating Dumping A Jerk

On the flip side, if you finally told your bad boyfriend to take a hike, then you need your friends more than ever before. It’s pretty rough being the one to dump someone. You not only have to deal with your own feelings and how much you miss them, but you have to feel guilty too. Plus you’re probably wondering if you did the right thing. Here’s the truth: you were 100 percent in the right. But you need a girls' night out with some especially pink and girly drinks to be sure of that.

7 It’s Winter

Ugh. Winter has finally reared its ugly head and there’s basically nothing good to look forward to on the horizon. It’s all snow, below zero temps and the dreaded ice and slush. Christmas is over so you can’t even stay inside drinking hot chocolate and eating sugar cookies by the light of the tree. Spring is months away and summer is even further. It’s enough to make you want to sob and never leave your warm bed – ever. Instead, you should get together with your girlfriends. You can order some summery sangria which will make you feel like you’re on vacation (well, kind of) and you can pretend you’re not completely miserable.

6 You Had A Tinder Date

Oh, Tinder. Sometimes it feels like this super popular dating app is made for giving you hilarious dating stories and mishaps that you can entertain your BFFs with. Every time you have a Tinder date, whether good or bad or just plain weird/creepy, you owe it to yourself and your friends to grab drinks and dish. You will have tons of material and gossip for more than one drink session, so you might have to make this a weekly thing. Chances are, your friends will have their own horror or love stories (most likely horror stories though, let’s be honest) so you’ll all have tons to chat about.

5 It’s A Tuesday

What other reason do you need than this one? It’s Tuesday, the work week is chugging along as slowly as humanly possible, and you wish it was the weekend already, but sadly, you don’t always get what you want in life. You have two options: you can go home after work and cry into your couch over the fact that it’s not TGIF. Or you can laugh over glasses of Chardonnay with your friends. The choice is pretty simple, isn’t it? There’s something so comforting about seeing your friends mid-week when everyone’s fed up with their busy schedules and wants to have more fun.

4 You’re One Year Older

No matter how you feel about birthdays – whether blowing out those candles on that cake every year gives you a childlike thrill, or you wish you could stay 25 forever – you owe it to yourself to round up the girls and head to the bar of your choosing. Birthdays were made for friends. They can compliment you and make you feel like the star of the movie of your life, and will make up for any fights you had with your fam over birthday plans (ugh). You can add on some dancing at a cheesy nightclub – it’s your birthday, after all. You get bonus points if you wear a fancy dress and/or a tiara.

3 You’re Burnt Out

Burn-out is the curse of ambitious career women everywhere. It totally sucks that even if you’re committed to your job and absolutely love it, working 9-to-5 plus evenings and weekends will eventually make you feel terrible. It’s definitely time to get together with your best friends for drinks if you’re seriously exhausted. You need to take some time for yourself and seeing other people will make you feel a million times better. Your friendships are crucial because you get a boost when you see the people in your life that you care about. They’ll remind you that there’s more to life than work (there is – really).

2 You’re Too Broke For A Vacation

Sigh. You’re sick and tired of browsing Facebook and Instagram and seeing pretty pictures of beach vacations and weekend getaways. You’re saving up to buy a condo or even just trying to cook more, and we all know that food (especially healthy or even organic food) isn’t all that cheap. You can’t afford a vacation, but you can probably afford a $5 glass of wine if you head to happy hour with your best friends. To make it feel more festive, head to a Mexican restaurant and order mango margaritas and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere. Hey, it just might work.

1 You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

It happens to all of us: there you are, going through the motions of your usual routine, and then boom, you wake up one day and realize you feel off somehow. You don’t have the cold or flu but you just don’t feel like yourself. This kind of life rut happens every once in a while and the best medicine is a girls' night out – truly. It will inspire you, make you feel a million times happier, and will get you out of your sweatpants and your apartment, which you desperately need right now. Never underestimate the power of gabbing with your girlfriends over glasses of wine.

sources: webmd.com

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