11 Shows Netflix Should Do New Versions Of

It seems like almost every day, you wake up to news of a beloved series that Netflix is bringing back to life. On February 26, we will be able to binge Fuller House and get all nostalgic for the adorable Tanner family, and of course in a hopefully not too distant future, we get a Gilmore Girls revival. It’s funny to think that a few years ago there was no such thing as Netflix. Who can even believe that? It’s our preferred way to watch television these days and the streaming service has brought us so many amazing original shows. But for every show that Netflix is bringing back from the grave, there are so many other TV series that fans would absolutely die to see on their TV screens once again. While this is totally out of our control, a girl can dream, right? Here are 11 shows that Netflix should definitely do new versions of.

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11 'Dawson’s Creek'

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If this wasn’t your guilty pleasure of choice back in high school, you’re a liar or… you’re a liar. Dawson’s Creek is a teenage dramatic masterpiece about first love, crushes, growing up, being immature, being mature, friendship, and the true meaning of soulmates. Or maybe you just loved it because Pacey (Joshua Jackson) was super cute. A new Netflix version focusing on the three friends Pacey, Dawson, and Joey (minus Jen – R.I.P.) would be awesome, and it would be super cool to pick up where the series finale left off, and see the gang in their early 30s. It would bring new meaning to the term “angst.”

10 'Friends'

via: metro.co.uk

Friends is the ultimate sitcom and thanks to Netflix, we’ve been able to watch every single episode of all 10 seasons on our fave streaming service. The media is always teasing us with a Friends reunion and recently, the friends were back together again for a tribute to director James Burrows. The time has definitely come for a new revival. It wouldn’t even matter what the storylines were – we would literally watch the gang doing super boring things like brushing their teeth or cleaning their apartments. Actually, that last idea isn’t half-bad – Monica is a total clean freak, after all. Please, Netflix, can’t this happen

9 'Seinfeld'

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There’s already a Modern Seinfeld Twitter account, so why not a modern Seinfeld TV series? You can log onto Twitter any time you want and see tweets by two comedians and TV writers about how Elaine, Kramer, Jerry, and George would react to binge-watching, social media, Tinder, and all the other things that make up our modern society. This revival would be fairly simple since the show was about, well, nothing. So you don’t even need a complicated plot, you just need to put the characters into seemingly boring situations and watch the funny magic happen.

8 'Sex and the City'

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What would be better than seeing Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha dating in the age of Tinder and OkCupid? Okay, so most of them are married with kids now, thanks to the two movies that the universe has gifted us with. But that shouldn’t stop the Netflix gods from giving us a limited revival. Even a few episodes would be okay. Maybe Carrie could be writing a new column giving millennials dating advice, and could even move to a new city that is just as fabulous as New York and pose as a twentysomething in order to see how they really live and date.

7 'LOST'

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No matter what your feelings on the super controversial series finale, you know you adored every moment of the crazy dramatic show LOST. So why not bring it back? Netflix could do a spin-off on a whole new bunch of interesting characters who have landed on the island. It would be super entertaining, especially considering the fact that no one can spend even five minutes without logging onto Instagram or checking their iPhone for new text messages. Being stranded would bring a whole new host of issues and the fans would just love it.

6 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

via: metro.co.uk

Who doesn’t love Buffy? She’s basically the coolest, toughest girl around. When you think about it, Buffy was such a strong female character that she would totally belong in 2016 and beyond. Netflix should definitely bring us a new slayer and the possible storylines are totally endless. Maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar could be the new Giles and mentor a new slayer who is just trying to be a normal teenage girl at the same time. Netflix would have to involve SMG or the fans would definitely revolt, and that’s not a great start to a revival.

5 'Parenthood'

via: nbc.com

Since this beautiful and tragic family-oriented drama ended in January 2015 after six amazing seasons, it technically hasn’t been long enough to even consider a revival. But one can still hope, right? Fans are still in mourning about the end of this incredible series and they would love to see their beloved Bravermans back on TV, and Netflix would be the place to do it. There are still so many different stories that you could tell. And since Netflix is busy doing a new version of Gilmore Girls and Lauren Graham (famous for being the amazing fast-talking, coffee-drinking Lorelai Gilmore) also played Sarah Braverman, the idea seems like a slam-dunk.

4 'Veronica Mars'

via: mashable.com

Sure, the fans made it possible through Kickstarter for there to be a Veronica Mars movie, but for true armchair detectives and Veronica fans, a movie just wasn’t enough. We still need a Netflix revival. Veronica is such a fabulous character, brought to life by the super talented and adorable Kristin Bell, and there are still so many mysteries that she could solve. This would be a total no-brainer for Netflix because there’s a built-in audience already, super loyal fans, and a cast, crew, and creator that seem ready to revive the series anytime.

3 'Ally McBeal'

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Calista Flockart was charming and adorable as the main character, Ally, a lawyer who had a theme song in her head at all times and who was prone to crazy hallucinations (who could forget the dancing hologram baby?). Legal dramas like The Good Wife have a loyal following, so now would be a great time to bring back this original and hilarious series. The show has a very unique tone, since it’s not quite a drama, not quite a comedy, and kind of a musical at times, so it’s perfect for the Golden Age of Television when there’s so much variety and so much choice.

2 'Will and Grace'

via: willandgraceforever.tumblr.com

This popular sitcom was way, way ahead of the times. Can you imagine what the show could do if it was brought back today? It was amazing and ground-breaking and seems absolutely made for a modern-day Netflix revival. Will and Grace could be mentors to younger, new characters, or the show could follow what they’re up to their present-day lives – either way, the show and its issues would feel just as fresh as it did back when it was still on the air. You would need Debra Messing back, though – at least so you can be jealous of her amazing red curly hair once again.

1 'Cheers'

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Talk about a total throwback. Cheers was super popular back in the day – from 1982 until 1993, to be exact. A whole new audience could discover this sitcom gem if Netflix did a new, updated version. This is the kind of revival that would need an all-new cast and could feature some unknown actors and actresses in order to kick-start their careers. But at least one of the original characters would have to be part of the new version – it’s only fair. So come on, Netflix, what are you waiting for?

sources: vanityfair.com, twitter.com 

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