11 Series To Binge Watch On Cold Snowy Days

It’s freezing and snowy and the streets are covered in so much slush and ice you can barely walk down the road to get some Starbucks. It’s winter, in other words, and as much as you might wish that it was time for flip-flops and dresses, unfortunately this season isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You’re tired all the time, you want comfort food more than you want a kale salad (not that you ever really want a kale salad) and you never want to leave your apartment ever again. But all hope is not lost, because there’s one thing that can get you through the days and nights: Netflix. Everyone’s streaming service of choice, and preferred way to watch television, has so many good series for you to watch, you’ll never curse the winter ever again. Okay, you still will, but at least you’ll be warm, cozy, and entertained. Here are 11 series to binge watch on cold snowy days.

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11 Portlandia

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If you want to laugh but want to think too, Portlandia is your best bet for a binge. The show has now been running for five seasons and stars dynamic duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Each episode features several hilarious and intelligent sketches that poke fun at everything that has to do with hipster culture. One stand-out episode is when Carrie and Fred play a couple who is so obsessed with eating organic, farm-to-table food that they ask a waitress to let them visit the chicken farm that the chicken they are about to order is sourced from.

10 90210

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This remake of the beloved 90s teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 is definitely worth some of your couch time. It didn’t run for as many seasons as the original, but there are five solid seasons on Netflix, so you’re good to go. It’s fun, frothy, and totally entertaining. Get in touch with your inner adolescent girl and reminiscence about your crushes, boyfriends, break-ups, best friends, and big dreams. Plus the show is set in sunny L.A. so you can at least pretend you’re somewhere much warmer, which is basically required right about now.

9 About A Boy

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If you loved the adorable movie of the same name based on the Nick Hornby novel, you’re in luck: you can stream both seasons of the sitcom version on Netflix. It’s a sitcom with tons of heart that is definitely worth an evening or two. The main character Will is living the frat boy lifestyle after making lots of money thanks to some hit songs, and he befriends Marcus, the boy who lives next door with his vegan hippie mom, Fiona (played by the talented Minnie Driver). In the pilot, Marcus learns the joy of pork ribs, and that’s only one of the funny moments.

8 Being Erica

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This Canadian dramedy was both shot in Toronto and also set there. It stars an absolutely adorable actress, Erin Karpluk. Erica is a thirtysomething woman with big dreams who unfortunately never got her life into gear. She meets Dr. Tom who lets her travel back in time each episode to experience a big moment once again, older and wiser. You’ll desperately wish you could do the same and relate to Erica’s awkward teen and college memories. There are several seasons for your binging pleasure, so go ahead and start ASAP. You’ll be addicted before you know it.

7 Bloodline

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Calling all Friday Night Lights fans: Coach Taylor (aka Kyle Chandler ) stars in this made-for-Netflix dark and dramatic series which premiered in the Spring of 2015. This show is, in a word, incredible. It’s juicy like the most addicting soap opera, but has the class and beauty of any award-winning drama. If you’ve ever been part of a big family and had some sibling rivalry, you’ll kind of relate to this series (but hopefully not too much since it revolves around a violent and tragic act). Save this one for when you’re snowed in so you can watch all 13 episodes in one day (it’s totally possible).

6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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If you missed this butt-kicking show back when it was on the air – maybe you were too busy watching other teen shows like Dawson’s Creek – then now’s your chance. All seven seasons are on Netflix and winter is the perfect time to binge this atmospheric and paranormal series. Buffy, as you probably already know, is a seriously strong female character played by the great Sarah Michelle Gellar. Watch it so you can get every pop culture reference – Buffy is a beloved show that’s still being talked about, which is definitely the hallmark of a great drama.

5 Pretty Little Liars

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OMG. That’s the only word for this wonderful show. Get your BFFs to come over on the coldest day yet, and watch this teen mystery series (preferably with some girly cocktails and lots of nachos or popcorn). The four liars – Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer – are not only smart, sweet, and funny characters, but they also wear the best clothes that you’ll ever see on TV. Watch for the juicy plot lines, the witty dialogue, and the cute boys. And get some style inspiration too. The second half of season six is airing right now. This show is super popular on social media so make sure to avoid Twitter on Tuesdays when new episodes air if you hate spoilers.

4 Friends

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Everyone’s favorite sitcom is thankfully available on Netflix and it’s the perfect companion to the snow that’s falling outside your living room window. You can watch this sitcom any time of day – in the morning when eating breakfast, as soon as you get home from work, and at night when you know you should be sleeping. It’s just too good not to binge this winter. If you’re a superfan like everyone on the planet, pick your favorite episodes and binge those. If you’re really ambitious, go ahead and start from the pilot. There are ten seasons so you’ll be kept pretty busy.

3 The Fosters

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Talk about a super heartwarming show. The Fosters is produced by Jennifer Lopez and is the family drama that you’ve been waiting for. Stef and Lena are an adorable, intelligent couple who have several kids: Brandon (Stef’s son from her previous marriage), and Jesus and Marianna (adopted when little). In the pilot, Callie and Jude come to live with the family after living in horrible foster care situations (and juvie for Callie) for their entire lives. The series deals with important teen issues like first love and figuring out who you are, and the plot lines are addicting. But most of all, it’s just a very sweet show and every time you watch it, you’ll feel like part of the family.

2 Switched At Birth


This is a tweetworthy kind of show that has an amazing premise: two families come together when they learn that their daughters were literally switched at birth. One family is super rich, the other is super poor, and they become a part of each other’s lives when the poorer mom and daughter move into the wealthier fam’s pool house. Well, it may be a pool house, but it’s bigger than any normal apartment. Lea Thompson from Back to the Future stars in it, and is perfect as the wealthier mom. This is a pretty important show considering the character of Daphne who lost her hearing in an accident when she was a kid, and the way that the series makes you understand this issue is award-worthy.

1 How To Get Away With Murder

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If you’re looking for a show to become completely obsessed with so you can truly forget about winter, How To Get Away With Murder is your best bet. It’s a Shonda Rhimes show, so if you’re already a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan (and, really, who isn’t?) then you should be watching this. There’s basically no excuse. Viola Davis is absolutely amazing as a law prof who selects five of her students to help her at her law practice. This show is the definition of binge-worthy. You won’t be able to stop once you start, so make sure you have lots of free time.

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