11 Reasons Winter Is The Best Time Of Year To Date

There are two types of single girls in the world: those that love to date and those that absolutely loathe it. Whichever type you are is totally cool – everyone is different, and besides, dating really isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s confusing, time-consuming, frustrating, and just plain weird sometimes. But unfortunately, if you’re unattached and looking for love, you kind of have no option but to date if you want to find your forever love. If you’re single right now, maybe your New Year’s resolution was to put yourself out there more and try to go on more dates. That’s always a good idea – after all, if you never make an effort to meet new people, you’ll never end up in the happy relationship that you want so badly. You may be tempted to stay inside your little Netflix bubble forever, but winter is actually a good time to look for love. Here’s why winter is the best time of year to date.

11 It’s Cozy

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate and never see anyone. In fact, it’s the total opposite. Snow-covered sidewalks, warm fires, hot chocolate – is there anything cozier than the winter season? For that very reason, dating is always a good idea when temperatures drop below zero. There’s something about cold weather that just puts you in the mood for romance. You want to snuggle up to someone on the subway on your way to the movies or have a hot date to warm you up on the coldest of evenings. So go ahead, accept that cute coworker’s dinner date invitation or ask someone out online. What are you waiting for?

10 You Don’t Want To Leave Your Apartment

While “Netflix and chill” seems to be yet another code for hooking up these days, if you’re dating in the winter time, it doesn’t have to be a code at all. It’s no secret that it’s pretty freezing and snowy outside, so of course you’re not all that interested in leaving your apartment anytime soon. Instead, you can invite your new guy over for a simple dinner (or some take-out pizza if you hate cooking – that’s totally cool) and, if you want Netflix to be involved too, that sounds like the perfect date night in.

9 It’s Low-Pressure

Dating in the summer months has so much pressure attached. You’re forced to come up with out-of-the-box and super interesting date ideas, since the weather is so nice, you’re supposed to be able to do anything together. But dates, especially the first few, are stressful enough, and who needs all that added pressure? Dating in the winter is the best because it’s a big enough deal that you ventured out into the snow and cold to head to your favorite bar or restaurant. You can keep date ideas super simple, like drinks and a movie, and can focus on what’s actually important: getting to know the new guy in your life.

8 Winter Feels Lonelier

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel kind of lonely when you’re, well, alone. The winter is no exception. Everywhere you go, you see adorable couples walking hand-in-hand, dressed in their winter best, and you’re even more aware of how seriously single you really are. You definitely want to go on tons of date this season so you don’t get the winter blues. After all, seasonal depression is a real thing. Sure, if you go on enough bad/weird/creepy/super boring dates, you’re going to get depressed anyway, but keep at it, and you’ll eventually have a good first date.

7 Your Chances Are Better

Did you know that January is a super popular time for those poor souls who are braving the confusing waters of online dating? Some of the trendiest and most used websites claimed that January 3, 2016 was their busiest, best day ever. But don’t worry, even if you’ve waited until now to log on, or even set up your online dating profile doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The winter is long and there’s still time to meet your Prince Charming (or even just a nice, friendly guy – you’re not all that picky).

6 You’re Extra Motivated

The holidays are over and you might be jumping for joy because you spent enough time with your annoying relatives, or you might be super depressed because of the number of engaged people that you saw bragging on Facebook. You’re frustrated that you had to spend yet another Christmas season explaining to everyone why you’re still single. So now you’re extra motivated to find someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. You want to be the smiling girl at Christmas next year, showing off your not-so-new-anymore boyfriend.

5 You’re In A Good State Of Mind

Thanks to the popularity of January as the best time to set goals and follow your dreams, you’re most likely in a pretty good mood these days. You’re getting healthier with every day that passes and have actually been making it to the gym (well, sometimes). You’re eating more salads than pizza and are starting to get a handle on this whole life thing. So you’re in the perfect state of mind to date. People are definitely more attractive and dateable when they’re happy with who they are, so you’ll be super popular.

4 You Don’t Want To Get Bored

The single life can be tons of fun when you’re drinking with your girlfriends and staying out until 3 a.m. on weekends because you can and there’s no one to come home to. But when the dead of winter sets in and there’s more ice than snow on the sidewalks and you don’t want to go out ever again, things can get pretty boring and fast. You want to date more so you have more fun during this chilly time of year. Plus, you’ll have someone new to obsess about (or, um, think about) all the time if you keep at it.

3 You Can Bond More

It can be hard to find stuff in common with a potential romantic partner because everyone is pretty different. We all have different jobs, interests, hobbies, friends, and favorite singers/TV shows/movies. But one thing that basically everyone has in common? Our mutual hatred of winter. If you devote the winter to dating, you can use that fact to your romantic advantage. You can joke about the weather when you arrive at a bar on Friday night for a first date or use your winter humor as a unique opening line on a dating site.

2 Your Love Story Will Be Amazing

Sure, if you meet your boyfriend in the fall or spring it would still be amazing and romantic and wonderful, because you found someone finally, after months or even years of searching. But there’s something extra special about a love story that begins in the winter. You’ve got a built-in romantic setting with the snow falling outside your apartment window and the weather reports predicting a huge storm that make you think you should cuddle with your new guy forever and ever. Never underestimate the power of a January or February meet-cute. It just sounds so much better.

1 You’ll Boost Your Mood

If you find love, of course you’ll be in a good mood immediately, because there’s really no greater feeling than love in the entire world. But even if your search only brings you some first dates that go nowhere, that’s still okay, because you’ll be putting yourself out there and you’ll be in a much better mood. You feel a million times better when you head out to a bar on a weekend evening instead of just staying in. Sorry Netflix, we still love you. The goal is to find someone you can enjoy Netflix with. Then you’ll know that your search for love is over and you can wait out the winter from the comfort of your own home – with your new boyfriend by your side, of course.

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