11 Reasons We Need Feminism

Feminism, a notion that is often misinterpreted, is the need of the hour. Why? The answer is simple: women should be considered equal to men. By the laws of humanity and by all other theological laws, womankind has been deemed equal to men -- if not better. Here are some of the reasons why feminism is required and why we need it more than ever right now.

11 Women Still Get Harassed And Catcalled

One would think that the advent of the 21st century would stop the chauvinistic trend of harassing women sexually and verbally in the workplace, in the streets or at home, but one would be wrong. Women have to deal with catcalling on a daily basis. Men who have nothing better to do than stare at women on the roads, on the streets, and in grocery stores call them degrading names and whistle at them without taking into consideration the woman’s feelings. Because of this bias, we need feminism today more than ever.

10 Few Women Are In The Senate

Why is it that even today, when the world claims to be giving equal opportunities to men and women, there are only twenty women in the Senate while there are eighty men in the Senate? Why is it that women are left underrepresented and men are controlling the reigns of the country? We need equal representation for women in senate and other electoral bodies and for that a unified, feminist platform is the need of the hour.

9 Women Earn Less Than Men

There are countless opportunities for women to work in the job market today, but the overlooked aspect of this seemingly chivalrous move is that men are being paid more than women are even if they both have the same level of education. This prejudice and lack of belief in a woman's ability is something that should be eliminated from the society. It is for this purpose that feminism and a call for women’s rights and privileges is needed today.

8 Women's Appearances Are Still Judged

Men have the freedom to roam around in khakis and Bermuda shorts and tight jeans. However, as soon as a woman dons something that men deem inappropriate, they immediately categorize her as a s**t or an attention seeker. What society fails to grasp is that men and women should both have equal freedom over their choice of clothing and should not be judged based on their appearance.

7 Victims Are Blamed

Even with anti-rape laws and strict enforcements of punishment for rape worldwide, every six seconds, a woman in America is raped and molested. When an alcoholic drives under the influence and crashes his car, he is not blamed and the blame is shifted to the alcohol. But why is it that when a woman gets raped anywhere in the world, religious clerics declare that it was her provocative dress and not the rapist's fault? To counteract this prejudice, we need a common ground for women in the form of feminism, to counter all pointless arguments that do not blame the rapist but the victim.

6 Women's Choices Are Still Judged

If a man wants to get vasectomy, it is deemed that the man is careful and cautious. He is applauded for his responsible behavior. On the other hand, if a woman gets Tubal ligation, she is immediately categorized as a s**t. Why it is that one gender has the choice to control their conception while the other has no say in it? Women are hated for getting an abortion, for getting piercings, for getting tattoos, and other bodily stuff.

5 Domestic Abuse Is Still A Problem

When a domestic violence incident occurs, the police asks the abuser, “What did she say to offend you?” instead of asking the woman, “Why did he abuse you?” The fact that the police are biased when it comes to domestic violence cases shows that our society needs a major change in their mentalities. It is for the sake of that mindset change that we need feminism.

4 Women are Underrepresented In IT And Engineering

Women are heavily underrepresented in the Computer Science and Information Technology sector with only eight percent of women working in the IT sector. Even fewer women are working in the engineering sector. Most of the jobs that women get these days pertain to teaching, fashion design, and personal assistantship. This needs to stop. Women should be given equal opportunities in every field of jobs. We need feminism today to make a difference for the women in terms of jobs.

3 Women Should Not Need To Carry Pepper Spray

We need feminism for the very fact that women still have to carry pepper spray for their protection. In the 21st century, where everyone chants about equality and justice, there are acts of violence against women still occurring all over America. Stricter laws need to be imposed for the safety of women. Women should not have to carry around pepper spray for their protection.

2 Lack of Faith In Women’s Capabilities

America is still a patriarchy, all the renowned CEOs are still male, and women are being underrepresented in the senate and in the job market. This is mostly because of the lack of faith on men’s part on women’s capabilities. A united front in the form of feminism is a dire solution to instill faith in men.

1 Forced Marriages

Women are married forcefully in rural areas of America and in other countries without their consent. To stop this hypocritical act, we need feminism today more than ever so that all women’s rights are recognized and acknowledged.

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