11 Real Things Men Are Looking For In A Future Wifey

We've all heard the term 'wifey material' before, but what exactly is required of a woman in order to actually be considered 'wifey material?' Today, The Talko dives into the key traits that men desire most in their female counterpart. This article is to help you clue in on what guys are really focusing on and it has nothing to do with your hairstyle or amazing new nail color, it has more to do with your personality and how you treat him. Sure looks have a part in choosing a partner but we both know you already have that locked down, read on to find out what makes you wifey material.

11 She's Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most desirable traits in a woman. This day in age, it's so easy to get swept up in the hookup culture and the instant gratification that comes with it, making loyalty a rarity. Remaining loyal to your man (and hopefully having your man remain loyal to you) will strengthen your relationship and have it last for many years to come. There's nothing sexier or more desirable than a person who only wants you.

10 She's Confident

A confident woman is a woman to be admired and adored. Confidence is key when attracting a partner and just in life as a whole. If you think you're the $H!T, other people are going to buy into that. Confidence is an incredibly attractive quality to have and it's something that women should be working on everyday. Confidence not only is attractive to others, but it also will improve your mood and your positive thoughts will attract good things to your life. Remember though, that there is a difference between confidence and cockiness- remain humble!

9 She's Respectful

Mutual respect is key in a relationship. But the respect shouldn't be limited to only respecting your man. A woman should be respectful to everyone, including your boyfriend's idiot friends, his family, waiters and waitresses, the pizza guy- you catch my drift. Alternatively, a woman should always respect herself through knowing her worth and never settling for less than she deserves- this will attract the right kind of man into your life. In relationships, I'm always looking for how my date treats not only me, but for how he treats the waiter- that tells me a lot about his personality and I'm sure a lot of men look for the same thing in their female counterpart- don't disappoint by being a disrespectful diva.

8 She's Ambitious

Ambition is an amazing quality for any woman to have. But you don't have to have plans set on becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. You can be ambitious about raising a family and being an awesome wife and mother, and you can sure as hell be ambitious about becoming a bada$$ boss. A woman who has their own thing going on is attractive to a man because he won't have to worry about making her whole, occupying her time, or  becoming too dependent on the relationship for all of her happiness and fulfillment.

7 She's Independent

Similar to being ambitious, independence is another key quality to have when entering into a relationship. It's always important to remember that you and your man are two separate people and you should have your own individual lives between doing things as a couple. Your relationship will be more solid when you have your own friends, your own activities and you're fulfilled in your own life. When you're content with your individual lives, you'll be able to build a life as a couple but you won't depend solely on your relationship for your own fulfillment.

6 She's Honest

Honesty is the best policy and that's surely the case when it comes to being 'wifey material.' Honesty is one of the most important things to establish in a relationship straight off the hop. Without honesty, a relationship definitely won't be as strong or successful as it should be. Honesty doesn't always have to involve cheating/other men, it can also be something minor like your man asking you if you like his new shoes- if you genuinely don't, be honest about that! He'll appreciate it and he'll know that he can come to you for anything and he'll receive blunt and total honesty, no matter what. I firmly believe that when honesty is key in a relationship, everything else can be worked out.

5 She's Trustworthy

Always remember to be his ride or die, his partner in crime, and the Mrs.Smith to his Mr.Smith. A couple should have 100% trust in each other, and this trust doesn't just have to do with staying loyal to each other- trust can involve trusting your man's judgement, trusting that he'll stick to plans you two have made, along with a number of other components, and your man should have that same trust in you. Always remember that the two of you are a unit, and that trust will make your relationship strong.

4 She's Supportive

Whether your man wants to join the circus, become a grade 3 teacher, or buy that flaming red truck that you're not necessarily a huge fan of, you should always support his decisions and respect the reasons why he's making them. Being your man's number one fan is an essential role to play in his life. Unconditional support for your man is something that will set you apart form the crowd and will have you sitting pretty in the number one spot in his life.

3 She's Intelligent

Gone are the days of 'playing dumb' in order to attract a man. Intelligence is sexy and you should always showcase those smarts whenever possible. Showcasing your profound intelligence will help to weed out those intimidated by a smart woman (which are men you want nothing to do with anyway) and will make room in your life for a man who will appreciate you for everything you are (a sexy genius.)

2 She's Stable

Stability is something everyone craves from a relationship (I know I do.) And there's nothing more attractive than a stable woman who has her $#!T together. Sure, the crazy girls may be fun for a short period of time, but in the end, it's the cool, calm, and collected girls that are true wifey material. Playing games and causing drama gets old very quickly, so it's incredibly important to be a constant stability for your man.

1 She's Fun

There's few better things in this world than a relationship that is light and fun, and that's exactly how you should enter into a relationship. A witty banter, an arsenal of hilarious one-liners, and a spontaneous personality are just a few things that will make your relationship great. Because a serious relationship doesn't have to be so serious all the time, in fact, it can get awfully boring if it is. Always remember that part of your job as a wifey is to be your mans best friend, too!

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