11 Of The Most Romantic Places To Travel As A Couple

There is nothing more romantic than packing a bag and taking off with a partner to explore the great unknown together. Building memories to last a lifetime and experiencing new places together create the glue that eternally bonds a relationship. With wanderlust and adventure, romance is never lacking. Hold hands as you peer out into the vast open mystery of the sea, exchange kisses as you watch the sunset over the mountains, and snuggle close gazing up into the ceaseless starry sky. The world is filled with picturesque untouched landscapes, dazzling city skylines, and unexplored territory just waiting for you and your lover to discover. There are so many stunningly beautiful places to marvel over with a loved one, but here is a list of some of the most romantic places in the world to visit as a couple:

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11 Prague, Czech Republic

A fairy tale capital filled with rich history, romance, and mystic, Prague is the quintessential European city. Nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires and also known as Bohemia, Prague is one of the most beautiful Old City Square’s in all of Europe and a bohemian culture teeming with love. Beautiful picturesque architecture, a rich history, and an infinite number of things to do make this city the perfect place to discover with your lover. Watch the sunset from the top of the hill overlooking the city at Prague Castle and take a moonlit stroll down Charles Bridge. Prague is so romantic that there is even a day dedicated to lovers in this city. USA Today 10 Best states that May Day is a day when young and elderly couples alike climb Petrin Hill to lay flowers at the foot of the Karel Hyneck Macha statue. Macha wrote the most adored epic poem of the Czech language – “Maj.” But whatever day it is, romance is definitely at home in Prague.

10 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

A small little town, hidden in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Manuel Antonio is the perfect romantic destination. Swap kisses and sip fine Costa Rican coffee with 360-degree views of the great Pacific. Explore the pristine national park (that Wikipedia claims to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country), and sunbathe on one of its many untouched beaches. Play with monkeys in the trees and para-sail above the crashing waves, while watching the sunset from the sky. Treat yourself to a couple’s massage followed by a candle-lit dinner. Whatever you do in this sweet little town, it will be bursting with romance.

9 Istanbul, Turkey

What could be more romantic than exploring an ancient world with your partner? The perfect mixture of cultures, combining the East and the West, Istanbul, Turkey is a destination filled with romance. Teeming with passionate people, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine, smoky hookahs, and competitive backgammon games, iconic mosques, romantic marketplaces, and Turkish bathhouses, Istanbul is the perfect city to explore with a lover. Marvel at the magnificence of the old Ottoman Empire and get lost as you wander the old hilly city streets. Boat down the Bosporus River soaking in all the sights, scents, and sounds of this magical historic and beautiful metropolis.

8 Boracay, Philippines

Perfect white sand beaches strewn with massage tables and romantic restaurants, exotic cocktails and sailboat rides through crystal clear water, snorkeling with sea turtles, and adventures on tricycle taxis speeding through the town, Boracay is a unparalleled romantic destination. Enjoy the tranquility of this island as you drown yourself in all the beautiful sites of this beach-lover’s paradise. Share the finest dinners while you snuggle and stargaze on the sandy beaches. Stroll down the coastline to explore every nook and cranny of this Utopian island. Charter a private boat and sail out to the most isolated snorkel spots and hold hands underwater while you explore the vast unknown of the sea. Share a drink as you watch the magical sunsets that pour explosions of color across the sky. Savor each moment of romance that this enchanted island organically creates.

7 Cyprus

Labeled The Island of Aphrodite, it is no surprise that this isle country lists among the most romantic places in the world. Named in honor of the believed birth of this goddess of love on the island's shores, Cyprus lives up to its homage name. Brimming with endless mountain roads, gorgeous stretching Mediterranean coastlines, and ancient villages that make you feel as if you’re stepping back in time, it is no wonder that the Greek goddess of love chose this island as her home. Sip a frappe in one of the many coffee shops centering the old mountain towns, ride the windy roads searching for perfect home cooked meals in the valley, and hold your lover as you peer out together into the limitless expanse of mystical ocean that stretches far beyond the horizon. This little island is the perfect setting for so much romance.

6 Santorini, Greece

Santorini is like a place from a fairy tale. The colors, the scents, the warm ocean breeze, the cats, the food, the wine, the incredible views, and most of all, the sunsets, make this romantic destination unforgettable. According to Traveller.com.au, Santorini is one of the top 15 places around the globe to witness the sunset. Its spectacular show of pinks and reds burning in the sky in contrast with the deepest blues of the sea and whites of the buildings lining the coastline of the island, make Santorini an incomparable romantic destination to visit with your love.

5 Amalfi Coast, Italy

Few know romance like the Italians. Everything from their language, to their food, to their carefree attitude, to their impeccable fashion sense, exudes romance. Their country is no different. There are few places in the world that incorporate beautiful coastlines complete with love-locks holding gates symbolizing eternal devotion, delicious cuisine, unbeatable wines, and a love of, well, love, more than Italy. The stunning landscapes of the Amalfi Coast are enough to take your breath away more than once. All you need is your lover and your eyes to occupy your time for the whole trip. Snap enviable kissing photos overlooking the cliffs to the ocean and engrave your initials on a lock that eternally bonds to the coast as a symbol of your love for both each other and this wonderful destination.

4 Bali, Indonesia

A unique blend of natural beauty, tropical weather, and amazing indigenous culture, make Bali the ultimate romantic travel destination. An island unlike any other, Bali offers beautiful beaches, energetic nightlife, picturesque mountains, and a culture of generosity and kindness. Hop on a bike and explore the back roads as you wind through the rice paddies. Clink drinks sipping on delicious cocktails derived from exotic fruits as you watch the sunset across the horizon. Explore beach side temples and witness traditional Balinese ceremonies. Play with monkeys in the jungle and cuddle in a hammock. For raw and real romance, Bali is the destination of choice.

3 Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the most visually stunning cities in the entire world, the Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia is so picturesque and exquisite, that it is one of the major sets of the HBO drama Game of Thrones. The ancient sandstone buildings and narrow streets are built straight into a cliff overlooking the perfect aquamarine water of the Adriatic Sea. Dramatic views of the city can be seen from the mountains above to catch the perfect sunset moment with your sweetie. A completely pedestrian city encompassed by the dramatic City Walls make the romance even greater. Home to some of the best wine of the region and wonderfully delicious Mediterranean food, nothing pairs better with your date. , along the southern Croatian coastline.

2 Northern Lights, Iceland

The open sky shining with countless stars is romantic indeed. But watching that night sky light up in florescent colors witnessing auroras that spiral into glowing whirlpools? Now, that is beyond romantic. That is magical. Bundle up with your love and travel far north in Iceland to witness the wonder of Mother Nature in the skies. Gaze into the soul of the universe as you watch a celestial city dance above your head. Cuddle up close for warmth sipping warm teas and spiced wines in the infinite silence of the north while you hunt down the whimsical spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

1 Paris, France

Aptly dubbed The City of Love, there is no place more romantic than beautiful Paris. With famous monuments like the iconic Eiffel Tower to cultural museums like the Louvre to simple and sweet cafes and bakeries lining every corner of the city, Paris is the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway. Everywhere you turn in this charming city is a new chance to capture a perfect picture. The architecture, the parks, the fashion, the wine and the food…everything is romantic and very oo-la-la French. Pop a bottle of champagne in Le Jardin du Luxembourg and then climb La Tour Eiffel and gaze down at the glittering city to catch the sunset. Whatever you do with your partner there, to steal the words of the great Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.”

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