11 Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Makeup in today's day and age has become an art form. Social media has turned average girls with a firm grip into professional makeup advisors. All we have to do these days to choose the perfect look is tap open our Instagram app. Hold it steady girl and watch that cat eye slay!

Your makeup speaks volumes. The wrong combination of eye shadow and blush can ruin your look. Be aware of the biggest offense known to mankind, "caking up"will never work in your favor. Okay now ladies let's get in formation. Here's 11 makeup looks for any day and every mood.

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11 Instagram Pretty


Who run the world? Girls!...well the girls of Instagram that is. We no longer check out magazines to find the latest beauty trends, we simply tap our Instagram app to find out what's in and what's not. Let's glam it up, IG style.

Bring out foundation, concealer, highlighters, blush, your finest brushes, lipstick, lashes, liners, eye shadows, primers and eye-brow fillers! It's time for glam and that means get creative, use the shadow and lipstick combinations that make you feel the sexiest, and in Beyonce's words...slay!

10 Relaxed


It's a chill kind of day. Maybe it's a Saturday and you're totally drained from your long week. Makeup should be a fun act of art and not something you feel you need everyday. Remember ladies we are beautiful creatures of this world. How about today we just skip some steps and relax.

Make that Mac foundation last and put that blush away cause today we're only applying the basics. Let's take it back to high school when you didn't apply concealer under your eyes or powder on your face (well at least back in my day). Grab that gel liner throw it on and just fill in your eyebrows lightly, Uber's here, let's go!

9 Look At Me!


It's a new trend and "like everybody's doing it." Makeup artists all across Instagram are adding freckles to their bare faces. Yes, you heard that right, penciled in freckles have been appearing on everyone's faces lately, the question is; are you in?

The freckle trend is very easy to fulfill. Just apply your makeup as you usually would and wait until the very end to apply your love dots. Hope you have a steady hand because these lovely dots must look natural. Apply as many as you want or as little as desired, either way this makeup trick screams, look at me!

8 Dramatic


Maybe you're going to Coachella or just a night out at Beacher's Madhouse. Makeup is art and you can make yourself look as loud as you want or as subtle as you choose. You can try putting rhinestones around your eyes or even fake lashes. Make it an eye catching night.

Sometimes you just want to have fun with your look. Brands like OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic) make it possible with matte bright lipsticks that will blow your mind. Apply their pink or purple lip tart and match it up with a fierce pink fake lash. Ooo girl...you look intergalactic!

7 Contour Queen


Flip open your laptop and turn on your Amreezy makeup tutorials, because its contour time! Getting nose jobs is so five years ago, who needs surgery when there's contouring? Lucky for us gals many brands now sell contour kits, putting everything together for us in one place.

Not a makeup expert? Contour tutorials are everywhere these days! Check out Bretman Rock and get yourself ready for a night demanding up close selfies and an intense resting b**** face.

6 It's a Brand New Day


Why not play with your makeup a little? It's fun to be a bit over the top at times and show off how colorful you can really be. It's a Saturday, the sun is shining and your schedule is cleared for the day. Doesn't a bright day just inspire you to spice up your look?

Tell me you don't think about 'Legally Blonde' every time you hear the song "It's a Perfect Day". Channel your inner Elle Woods and dare to wear pink on pink. Play with your bright colorful shadow, long lash mascara and light eyebrows. Let your shadow pop out, even mixing in a little yellow. "This is going to be just like senior year, only funner!"

5 Beware of Slashing: The Perfect Cat Eye


You've watched every makeup tutorial on YouTube and Instagram and you still can't seem to get that cat eye right. It's simple...learn the touch of your own hand. Ladies, bring it back. What I mean is, find a liquid liner that works for you, thin or thick brush, and practice!

It's time to slash. A bold cat eye means simple makeup. A matte face, well shaped eye-brows (always) and a bright red lipsticks will clear the way for your catwalk. This fierce look is perfect for any type of night. Whether you are hitting a rooftop or sitting in the VIP with your girls, the cat eye is always the right choice!

4 Natural Beauty


Boys love a good girl. "Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup onThat's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong," let's trick Drake together and give him the natural look.

The secret is to apply foundation, concealer under your eyes, and a soft powder to hold it all together. Add a light rosy blush on your cheeks and curl your lashes but hold off on the mascara. Fill in your eyebrows ever so slightly and gloss your lips for the perfect natural face.

3 Bronzed Look


One of the hottest looks a girl can sport is a sun kissed glow. You no longer need to tan outside for hours, you can achieve this look right at home. Lightly powder on a little bronzer and add a little highlight powder on top on that. Don't forget to add a touch of bronzer on your neck and ears to make sure you have an even looking tan. Fun little tip: add some gold color eyeshadow to your lids to spice up your look. Need some help, check out this tutorial.

2  "Come & Get It"

Let's play with a more sensual look. It can be dangerous to play around with shadow colors like red and purple. The key is blending! Look red hot on a date night out with him with your "Come & Get It" look.

Base your eyelid with a light creamy color. Crease your red right in the middle of your lid and top it off with a shimmery gold. Now blend, blend and blend. Make sure your brows are on fleek and your lashes curled. Throw on your thickening mascara and let your teasing begin.

1 Mysterious Smokey Eye


The go-to look for a classy night out. Doesn't matter if you're wearing a little black dress or maybe a gown to a gala, a smokey eye always makes a gal look elegant.

Blend a black shadow with a silver or grey shadow and top it off with a bit of glitter and voila! If you want to make your look more dramatic, add a little cat eye and long lashes to the mix. Now get ready for a show stopping night out with the girls!

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