11 Embarrassing Things We Do While Driving

It's been a long day at work. You finally get to your car, kick off your heels and throw on some flip-flops. You hit the NSYNC station on TIDAL and forget about the accounts that you failed to close today. This is YOUR time to finally be alone and reflect on life, love and the 5'clock rush hour that no one can escape.

Girl, don't forget that you don't have illegally tinted windows, we can all see you! You know what? Continue to sing your heart out, talk to yourself or even cry. It's your car and your rules, right? Here are 11 embarrassing things we women do while driving in our cars.

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11 Daydream, Like A Lot


Wishing he would stay at the office along with your workday? Not Happening. Your heart beats even faster after spending 8 hours of your day getting excited over the "hello" and "goodbye" of the day. The excuses you came up with just to talk to him and the butterflies you get every time he jokes around and looks for your approval.

You have taken him home with you in your thoughts. Getting beeped at because you missed another green light cue, is getting old. You are smiling to yourself like a little school girl and the drivers around you are wondering why. Who cares? He complimented your shoes today making it's obvious that he loves you back.

10 Cry Our Little Hearts Out

Sometimes the only alone time that we have is in our cars. Most of us have roommates, partners or family at home and we just can't seem to find that moment to let it all out. Although you know people can see you, they can't come in. You've been feeling a little sad lately, it's time to let it go.

Here comes the waterfalls. Maybe your stressed at work, thinking about a recent heartbreak or you're just feeling emotional. Taking a drive as you pour your soul out to your favorite song is the best type of release. It's a guarantee you'll get home and feel ten times better.

9 The Angry Phone Call


You stomp loudly through that parking lot and straight to your car to give him/her a piece of your mind! Don't you just hate those back and forth text arguments while you're at work? Well now it is your turn to get on the phone and roar your bottled up emotions until you can't anymore. Sometimes we just yell and argue alone, letting it all out so we don't have to scream at the person, this can work too.

8 Change Clothes


Sometimes you just do not have time to do it at home. As women we live busy lives and are forced to get a bit creative. It's a Monday and you have to get to the beach before the sun sets. You have no time to change into your tank top and flip flops so you have the bright idea to do it in the parking lot once you arrive.

7 Eat Furiously


You work a 9-5 and sit in an office all day. You try to be good by cutting down on carbs and not eating so much that you feel a food coma coming on. Sometimes you just get so hungry but prefer to indulge after work. You are now in your car and you have an intense craving for In and Out Burger. "Whatevs" live a little.

"Oh what a pretty girl," says the old lady sitting on the passengers seat in the car next to you. "Oh my," she exclaims, watching you devour that double-double as the sauce drips sinfully down your chin. What can you say, it's been a long day.

6 Pass Gas


If a tree falls and no one is around, does it still make a sound? As women we are required to always remain ladies. Well...when we're alone in our cars, there's no one to judge. The bathroom is always occupied by your coworkers who are attempting to kill time sitting on the toilet tops while scrolling Instagram. Meanwhile, you can't "let go" if you know what I mean.

5 Clean Your Dashboard..With Your Scarf

My god this car is dusty! There's a time and a place for everything they say. Not for us women, when it comes to cleaning, it's always the right time! You might catch a girl or two wiping out the wet naps and cleaning away at a red light. But when there is no wet nap and we have an urge to clean, what do we grab? Whatever we can, scarf, glove, store receipt, whatever works.

4 Sing at the Top of Your Lungs


Belt it out! We all have that certain song that although we don't have the vocals for but we just love to sing anyway. We are emotional beings and we can really connect to the lyrics of a story well told. Let's face it, you may not be Mariah but you can hit some Britney notes.

Maybe you're even feeling risqué and want to share your devotion with others by pulling down that window.

3 Pick Your Nose


Okay people, despite all the hotness, we are still human. Allergy season can be a killer and when you finally have some quiet time, you kind of forget you aren't actually alone on the road. How many times do you see someone picking their nose in traffic? It's inevitable.

2 Capture the Perfect Selfie


You see it all the time. The girl at the stop light making "kissy" faces at her phone. Even when you do it yourself, you feel a bit ridiculous. But isn't it necessary to Snapchat a morning photo with that perfect lighting at 7Am?

The worse part of it all is when you just can't seem to get it right and you have to do take after take.

1 Talk to Yourself

I personally have the best conversations with myself in my car. A time of complete reflection and understanding when you can really put things into perspective. They say that the smartest people in the world talk to themselves, so there!

You can laugh, you can cry or you can just reprimand yourself. When you realize that you are your own best friend, every decision in life flows smoothly.

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