11 Disturbing Ways Teens Are Getting Drunk

Ever since booze first entered the family home, teens the world over have got their kicks on weekends by raiding their parents' liquor cabinets, mixing up jungle juice, puking their guts out, and laughing about it at school on Monday.

Later down the road, they might start experimenting with beer bongs, Jello shots, and drinking games. All this underage boozing is illegal, of course, and not without its dangers, but it's still merely the stuff of formative teen-years stories heard the world over.

It seems time's have changed...big time. Today's ever-curious teens are reportedly finding many new and bizarre ways to get high. And while 90% of teen drinking is still attributed to binge drinking sessions, it's these new methods kids are using to get wasted that has the authorities and drug abuse experts concerned. That's because teens are hurting themselves more often by using these "fashionable" methods, mainly through accidental over-exposure to drug and alcohol toxicity.

How bizarre can these alarmingly harmful crazes be? Let's just say the first of them involves a tampon:

Vomiting happens for a reason, y'know. And sorry calorie counters, health experts say the body absorbs just as many calories this way.

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11 Through the eyes


A handful of teens have posted videos of themselves on YouTube trying this insane method of consuming alcohol, which involves pouring a shot of hard booze straight into the eyeball. Cretinous users reportedly described the experience as making them feel as though they were going blind (y'think?). Eye damage is clearly a huge risk for users.

Additionally, as with the vodka tampon, taking alcohol through this soft tissue may allow the alcohol to enter the bloodstream much more quickly, potentially leading to harmful alcohol poisoning or death.

10 Bottoms up


You really couldn't make this stuff up if you tried, nor would you want to; this takes a variation on the traditional beer bong method used by college kids at keg parties. You know where this one's going...

The "beer bong enema"has the user inserting the tube into the rectum instead of the mouth. The funnel is held up the way, causing the beer to rush through the plastic tube into the user's awaiting orifice. Undoubtedly, a horrible mess ensues along with a quick intoxication. Once again, this particular buzz could be deadly, with experts warning of the level of alcohol absorption and the hugely increased alcohol poisoning risk.

Teens, take note: getting rushed to the ER involving a tube shoved up your arse is sure to be the story that ruins your life, if it doesn't end it first.

9 Hand-Sanitizer


If your kids are asking to keep hand-sanitizer at school, they may have more than fighting germs in mind. A shocking trend has emerged among teens, they are sipping on this stuff to get loaded.

Liquid hand sanitizer contains ethanol, the main ingredient found in booze. The difference is that hand sanitizer contains up to 65% of this ingredient, making it much more potent. Compared with vodka, which sits at 80 proof, hand sanitizer amounts to 120 proof. And there-in lies the appeal for users. Just a few sips can get kids intoxicated in no time. It can get them to the emergency room pretty quick too.

According to ABC News, about 2,600 cases of blood alcohol poisoning caused by hand sanitizer consumption have been reported in California alone since 2010. Concerned authorities have noted that it's not just happening in the sunny state, with several kids across the country posting videos of themselves sipping the putrid liquid on YouTube.

8 Boozy Bears


Don't get fooled by your teen taking that innocent bag of gummy bears to her friend's sleepover party; soaking the little bears in alcohol is yet another method kids have devised for getting drunk without a bottle. It seemingly works great with gummy worms too.

These "drunk gummies" or "rummy bears" have managed to cause quite a stir in some parts of the U.S; according to ABC News, back in November of 2011 Florida officials felt the need to warn schools about kids sneaking the boozy sweets into classrooms. Some of the kids involved were reported to be as young as middle-school aged.

7 Candies


You've heard of a sugar high, but this one takes the cake. Last year, officials from a Rhode Island school revealed that kids had started snorting Smarties candy (not the chocolate kind) as a bizarre new way of "getting high." Teens and children had been caught crushing up the candy tablets into a powder, chopping it into lines like cocaine, and snorting it up their noses.

While the powdery pill candy has no addicting ingredients, and couldn't possibly produce any true high, the practice was observed at others schools as well, forcing school authorities to warn parents to look out for signs of the kids playing the risky game. Doctors warned of side effects that could occur from the candy snorting, including lung infections, a bleeding nasal passage, and a smoker's cough.

Similarly, teens began smoking Twix bars a couple of years ago, a bizarre dare popularized by social media, with the allure of a possible sweet high. Instead, gullible teen experimenters got nothing more than a horrible mess melting down their shirts.

6 Alcohol Inhalation


Over the years, teens have taken part in various methods of inhaling alcohol to get high. Using dry ice to create a vapour for inhaling is possibly the most common method. Teens have also been known to use mini-spray bottles for alcohol vapour inhalation.

Alcohol inhalation methods have been popular with teens as the practice has the capability of producing a much more potent high. However, once again, due to bypassing the digestive system, there is a HUGE risk for alcohol poisoning.

5 Vodka Tampon


This method of modern teen-boozing is unfortunately the worst of what you're imagining, where a vodka-soaked tampon is inserted into the vagina. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind do this, you wonder? The "logic" is that the alcohol will be more quickly absorbed by the body, getting "drinkers" wasted faster. Alarmingly, some teens also call it "slimming" as they believe they'll save calories this way.

They find it an added bonus that no booze can be detected on the breath, hoping to hide their inebriation from Mom and Dad, and maybe even their teachers at school.

Believe it or not, boys have found a way to partake as well. Authorities have reported users inserting vodka-soaked tampons in their rectums in order to achieve the same affect.

Whether or not it burns (seemingly it does, big time) shouldn't be the only thing teens worry about; health experts have confirmed that absorbing alcohol through a mucous membrane will indeed lead to a faster drunk, but will also lead the user into much more possible danger. Once the alcohol hits the bloodstream this way, there's no way of getting it out of your system. Therefore, the likelihood of getting blood alcohol poisoning is significantly higher.

4 Through the nose


Snorting alcohol, once again, allows the alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream much more quickly, causing a more immediate high.

As with other mucous membranes or soft tissue, the trouble with this method lies in the fast absorption and the potential for alcohol poisoning. (teens, do you see a pattern here, or what?!).

Before teens even have a chance to realize they've reached a dangerous point, the alcohol will have likely burnt the heck out of their delicate inner nose tissue, possibly doing irreparable damage to the nasal passage. There have also been several alarming reports of snorters immediately passing out after snort one.

3 Syrup mix


Kids have actually been getting high on cough syrup since the '60's, but the method has received more recent media attention thanks to celebrities.

Last year, cough syrup brand Actavis was forced to discontinue its product due to celebrity and teen glorification of the medicine. L'il Wayne was famously hospitalized in 2013 when he suffered seizures, suspected to have been induced by this drink he refers to as Sizzurp. The syrup mixture was also linked to the deaths of rappers Pimp C and Big Moe.

2 Nutmeg


Possibly inspired by the "cinnamon challenge", some teens out there have discovered that by taking nutmeg in large amounts, they can get a hallucinogenic buzz. They're not wrong...


The nausea and dizziness caused by this can last up to 12-hours from abuse, with some users reporting feeling hungover for days. Nutmeg poisoning is indeed possible, with cases of nerve and hearing problems having been reported.

1 Alcoholic Whipcream


A real-life product sold in stores, alcoholic whip cream, or "whipohol," contains 15% alcohol. It might seem funny picturing a group of teens greedily squirting this stuff in their mouths for a quick buzz, but drug abuse counsellors aren't laughing; they're concerned about this particular product's possible appeal with even younger children.

The theory is that the younger an alcoholic drink is consumed, the greater likelihood that the child may develop a problem with alcohol in the future.

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