11 Celebs Kat Von D Is Friends With (+ 4 Who Can't Stand Her)

Kat Von D has an interesting appearance; she’s covered in ink and loves dramatic eye makeup and black clothes. But there is so much more to her than her looks! Over the years, she has made headlines for everything from her professional endeavors, to her very public feud with a former friend, and it’s clear that Von D has an inner circle that is just as captivating as she is.

Her friend group includes popular musicians who share her love of eyeliner, as well as strong, alternative women who work in the makeup industry, but Von D is not loved by everyone, and there are some people who probably wish they’d never crossed paths with her. Below are 11 people Kat Von D would consider her friends and four who she probably wouldn’t lose sleep over.

First, her friends...

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15 Actress Karolina Turek Has Been Tattooed By Kat, But She Has More Than That: She Also Has Her Friendship

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Kat Von D has tattooed many people, but it was extra special for her when she inked actress Karolina Turek because she described her as one of her “fave people to tattoo.” Von D shared this photo on social media of herself and Turek, giving her shout out for letting her tattoo her.

14 She’s A Really Big Fan Of Charo And Is Happiest When She's Hanging Out With Her

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Actress and comedian María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, or as she’s better known, Charo, is someone who turns Kat Von D into a fangirl. Von D took to social media to share her excitement over meeting Charo, explaining how she had been a “huge fan” for so long, and the moment was like a “dream.”

13 Y’all, Ashley Sherengo And Kat Von D Are ‘Homegirls For Life’

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Ashley Sherengo and Kat Von D met in 2015 after she discovered Sherengo’s work on social media (she is also a makeup artist), and they now have a friendship that Von D really treasures. Discussing her bond with Sherengo, Von D wrote on social media how after meeting they “instantly became homegirls for life.”

12 Malice McMunn Is Part Of Kat Von D’s Inner Circle, And She’s Also Her Muse


Kat Von D has an interesting inner circle, and among her best friends is actress/model Alice "Malice" McMunn. In fact, the two women are so close that Von D decided to name one of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick’s Malice, Allure reports — it’s a red shade, in case you were wondering, and a color they both clearly love!

11 She Considers Alexandra Merino To Be One Of Her ‘Favorite People' On The Planet

Via Kat Von D Instagram

You may notice a bit of a pattern when it comes to Kat Von D’s friends, and many of them are strong women, including Alexandra Merino, whose eccentric appearance makes her very noticeable! Von D has described Merino as one of her “fave people on the entire planet,” and has used her social media as a way to publicly celebrate their friendship.

10 Kat Von D And Billie Joe Armstrong Probably Bonded Over Their Love Of Eyeliner

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Billie Joe Armstrong is best known for being the lead singer of the rock band, Green Day, but he also has a distinctive appearance, and it seems he and Kat Von D may have bonded over their love of dark eye makeup! Actually, they even collaborated on an anti-precision eyeliner as part of Von D’s beauty range.

9 Too Faced Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino Is Not Just Her Friend, He’s Also Her Collaborator

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino and Kat Von D have a professional and personal relationship and collaborated on a collection called Better Together. According to V magazine, the duo announced their line in 2016, and in a statement on the Too Faced website, Von D had high praise for Blandino. “He’s my friend, my muse, and an excellent example of what a real hero is made up of,” she explained.

8 Money Can't Buy Friendship, But It Can Buy Trips To Paris With Tara Buenrostro

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Being friends with a celebrity definitely has its perks, and Kat Von D and Tara Buenrostro don’t just sit at home eating ice-cream together and catching up on the latest headlines, they also take international trips.

Von D shared this photo of their adventure to Paris, and by the looks of it, even long plane trips are fun when these two are involved.

7 Denise Richards Has Kat Von D To Thank For Helping Her Cover Up A Big Mistake (Although We Don’t Know If The Fairy Is Much Better)

Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal/InkedCelen

There was a time when Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were in love, so in love, that Richards decided it would be a good idea to tattoo his name on her ankle. When they broke up, she needed a cover-up and turned to Kat Von D for help.

Von D tattooed a fairy over the infamous “Charlie” tattoo, and according to Latina, she recalled this story, saying that the fairy piece “worked out pretty good.” Um, OK?!

6 Makeup Artists Unite: Jessica Haze And Kat Von D Are Total Besties

Via Jessica Haze Instagram

It would be strange if Kat Von D was not friends with other people in the makeup industry, so its not unexpected that she has many close friends who are also makeup artists. Among these friends is Jessica Haze, who not only features on Von D’s social media regularly but also served as inspiration for her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, Revelist notes.

5 Kandee Johnson’s A Social Media Star, And She Can Count Kat Von D Among Her Followers

Via Kat Von D Instagram

Kandee Johnson is a makeup artist who has amassed an impressive following on her social media accounts, and among her followers is her friend, Kat Von D.

Von D and Johnson have collaborated professionally, but have also celebrated their friendship online, including the time Von D shared a photo of herself with Johnson, captioning it with the following message: “You know it’s my lucky day when Kandee Johnson stops by the house for a visit!”

Next, celebs who can't stand her...

4 From BFFs To Sworn Enemies: This Is The Story Of Jeffree Star And Kat Von D

Via Revelist

There is a clear winner for the person who dislikes Kat Von D the most, and that person is Jeffree Star. The very public feud between these two former best friends started in July 2016, when Nicki Swift notes that Von D chose to “publicly demolish her longtime friendship” with Star.

Their actions since have made it clear to the world that there is no love lost between them!

3 Beauty Guru James Charles Has Been Known To Trash Talk (It Doesn't Help That He's Friends With Jeffree Star)

Via Insider

James Charles is well-known in the beauty industry, but he became involved in the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star drama when he teamed up with Star for video, in which they discussed beauty products that they disliked. Among them, was Von D’s brand, Kat Von D Beauty, and according to an article on TheTalko, “they end by smashing one of Von D’s products.”

2 Someone Mysterious On ‘Miami Ink’ Was Making Her Life A Living Hell

Via Zimbio

Before Kat Von D ventured into the beauty industry, she was known because of her skills as a tattoo artist and was part of the Miami Ink cast. But according to Revelist, she is reported to have been harassed by one of the men, and when she turned to the other guys for support “they literally did nothing and they just acted like nothing happened.” Von D is reported to have quit the show because of this.

1 Let’s Just Say Kat Von D And Jesse James’ Relationship Did Not End On Good Terms — Actually, That's A Major Understatement

Via Daily Mail

Kat Von D has dated several famous men but is it her breakup with Jesse James that was perhaps the most bitter because she has spoken out about him! According to the Daily Mail, she wrote a public note to him on social media about how she regretted the “toxic” relationship. We think it's safe to assume James and Von D are not friends!

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