11 Celebs Caught Looking Too Caked-Up (+ 9 Who Show Off Their Bare Faces)

"It's expensive to maintain us women." Definitely one of Cardi B's more memorable rants. While Cardi rattles on about the cost of manicures and wigs in her IG videos, she's not steering clear of the glam. This girl comes with full lashes and layers of foundation. People can basically count on one hand the number of times Cardi has been papped with zero makeup.

Nobody wants to be called caked-up. In an ideal world, a girl applies just enough makeup to enhance her features and cover those blemishes. Nothing more, nothing less. The reality is a different story. It's also no different in the celeb world than the real one.

Ariana Grande. Sweetheart? Yes. Beyond talented? Yes. Beyond made-up? Unfortunately, also yes. The winged eyeliner might be Ariana's identity, but there's no denying it's being applied virtually 24/7. While less about the eyeliner, the penchant for never leaving the house without a metric ton of makeup is something that's seen from Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to Farrah Abraham and Christina Aguilera.

This industry seems to come with an #AllOrNothing. Selena Gomez spends her life walking around without a scrap of makeup. Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco throws the world so many morning yoga outings, everyone's beginning to wonder if playing Penny is just a side gig.

They're one or the other. Despite being some of the most beautiful women on the planet, some of these celebs just can't sever themselves from the makeup brushes. Then again, their polar opposites don't seem to own a single brush. Her are 11 celebs who got caught out looking caked up, plus nine who are all about the #Natural.

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20 (Caked Up): When It Just Didn't Feel Like Ariana Grande

via: vogue

With 151 million IG followers, Ariana Grande is now the most-followed woman on the platform. The world is officially #ThankUNext. Speaking of breakups, Ari was papped here just weeks after her 2018 split from Pete Davidson. It isn't rocket science why this pic wound up on our list.

"I'm half Glamazon, half granola chick."

As Pop Sugar reports, Ari will admit to one half of herself embracing makeup. It isn't usually overdone with this girl, but something about that Chanel outing threw out the biggest #CakedUp ever. The pearl earrings. The cakey foundation. It was like seeing an Ariana we don't know. You've had better days, Ari.

19 (Caked Up): Kendall Jenner, Alienating Girls One 'Casual' Basketball Game At A Time

via: pinterest

"Girl, ya walls look curved." When Kendall Jenner got criticized for Photoshopping her own IG pics, Her covered fan responses. Natural beauty this girl may have, but Kendall seems to be digging all things extra.

It was a basketball game. That's basically code for the most chill event ever. When Kendall rocked up to her courtside seat in a Dior shirt and heels, everyone figured that was okay – she is a Kardashian, after all.

There's a limit, though. It's called how much makeup is okay to wear to a sports game. For all the fans Kendall has, something about this girl's makeup habits is kind of alienating the girls. We'd have preferred a fresh-faced Kendall here.

18 (Natural): And Yet, Kylie Jenner Looks Her Best Like This

via: instagram

Here's what happened– 100% honest. It's our job to scour Kylie Jenner's IG. We do it on a daily basis. Mostly, we look at it and our reaction is: "Another car, another Louis Vuitton bag, okay, Stormi is now almost too cute." We came across this pic and we couldn't deal.

For a girl who is running a billion-dollar empire, Kylie Jenner sure does have the ability to rock #NoMakeUp. April 2019 brought us this 100% makeup-free snap from Kylie, and it's basically the best thing we've seen all year.

In 2019, Forbes named Kylie the world's youngest billionaire. Lip Kits and setting powders might be the income, but this girl knows how to rock a bare face.

17 (Natural): Demi Lovato Hit Rock Bottom, Still Rocked #NoMakeup

via: wattpad

Demi Lovato knows her makeup. If you know her well enough, you'll know that she takes to IG to profess her love of Kylie Cosmetics.

2018 was Demi's challenging year. Her life seemed to be spiraling out of control. Nobody knew how to help. Taking the steps she needed to heal herself, Demi eventually returned to the Hollywood circle in 2019. She now looks better than ever.

It takes a lot to be hitting rock bottom and volunteer a fresh face. The paparazzi hang around like wolves to hunt you down. It's basically what they did to Demi here, but this girl can hold her own. And no, she doesn't need the concealer stick.

16 (Caked Up): Blac Chyna Gives Interviews On Broken Nails Being 'The Worst'

via: justjared

Headlines are never dull with Blac Chyna. In 2019, The Inquisitr was reporting more custody battles between Chyna and her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian. Yes, she's linked to the world's most famous family. She also happens to come with a fair amount of makeup (and the quotes to match).

"When that one nail is broken, it ain’t right. Your makeup and hair can be on point, but when you have a broken nail, it’s just all bad."

The above comes courtesy of Chyna's interview with Elle. Yes, she's got her own lash line. Wearing this much makeup in broad daylight earned Chyna her slot on this list for a reason. It's a touch overdone, right?

15 (Caked Up): That Time Gwen Stefani's Face Just Melted Into Itself

via: pinterest

Red lipstick is part of Gwen Stefani's identity. Pushing 50 Gwen may be, but some things never go away. The pop-come-grunge look that made Stefani a 90s icon is alive and well in 2019, although it's a touch more glam than it used to be.

"I’ve loved make-up since I can remember. I used to run home from school and my girlfriend’s mum had so much make-up and that’s what we would do, you know, we’d play make-up."

When Vogue interviewed Gwen, she had a lot to say (and that's before the lipstick section). Admittedly, while this lady is a total beauty, this look was throwing us the "melted face" vibe.

14 (Natural): The Way Kaley Cuoco Literally Couldn't Care Less

via: solesandfeet

Kaley Cuoco actually "forgets" she's famous, Yahoo reports. The Big Bang Theory actress might play an image-obsessed girl on the show, but the girl behind Penny is as carefree as they come.

Kaley seems to spend her life heading to and from yoga classes in LA. Her wardrobe of shorts, tees, and flip-flops match her fuss-free hair, and the bare face follows suit.

"When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing," Kaley told Women's Health. Putting her money where her mouth is, here is Kaley, likely fresh from a yoga mat. Oh, and the look isn't "matte" concealer.

13 (Natural): Just How #Goals JLO Is

via: instagram

Nobody's going to stand up and say that JLO doesn't wear makeup. At 49 years old, Jennifer Lopez relies on her trusted glam squad to keep her looking gorgeous.

Oddly though, for all the World of Dance appearances we get, it's IG snaps like these that show Jen at her best.

It was a pretty bold move. Kendall Jenner might #NoMakeUp it on IG, but she's 23 and a supermodel. Sharing your bare face to over 90 million fans at 49 and not being tempted to paint yourself up? Kudos to Jen. This woman was beautiful at 19, 29, and 39. Now, 10 years later, nothing's changed.

12 (Caked Up): Athleisurewear Shouldn't Need This Much Makeup, Kim

via: pinterest

Tricky. Calling a makeup mogul caked-up works for about a second. When you're running KKW Beauty and The Daily Mail reports you earning "$5 million in five minutes," you've probably got the whole thing sussed. Then again, Kim Kardashian has thrown us this.

"I hate when women wear the wrong foundation color, it might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their makeup too light."

Cosmo quotes Kim saying this. In many ways, so very Kim. As far as this 2018 NYC outing went, that is. If you're going to rock Ariana Grande-esque hair and hot pink athleisurewear, is the inch of foundation necessary?

11 (Natural): Although Khloe Manages Just Fine

via: dailymail

Admittedly, it goes both ways with Khloe Kardashian. This newly-single mother and Good American founder can be as made-up as she can be bare-faced. KUWTK shows us the glam Khloe. Nails are long, eyeshadow is sparkling, and there isn't a hair out of place.

Then again, when it comes to embracing her role as a mother, Khloe manages to tone it down. She did here while taking baby True to the park in Cleveland, Ohio. Honestly, it was like looking at your average mom.

Khloe might not have a beauty empire, but she's directly connected to two makeup moguls. If only those sisters of hers would take a leaf out of Khloe's book.

10 (Caked Up): Jennifer Lawrence Just Wears More And More

via: celebcoco

Something's going on with this girl. Jennifer Lawrence came as the stunt-pulling, tree-scaling heroine in The Hunger Games. The world fell in love with a natural beauty whose hair was permanently untidy (and whose skin was always filled with cuts and bruises).

Hollywood can change a girl, though. While nothing will take away from J-Law's natural beauty, we just don't see the Jen we fell in love with here. It's so full-on, it's almost harsh.

On the plus side, Jen's recent engagement has brought us a ton of low-key dinner date snaps. Jen seems too in love to care about layering on the lipstick.

9 (Natural): Emilia Clarke Wears Less And Less

via: instagram

Emilia Clarke recently made headlines for calling IG "screwed up." Begging for "the new normal, please," the Game of Thrones star told Vogue that she grew up believing that the women in the magazines were "real."

Emilia was calling for digital editing apps on social media to be "banned." Her own social media backs this up. Void of makeup save the odd slick of red lipstick, this girl's IG basically flies the flag for bare-faced beauty.

Nonetheless, Emilia is now fronting Dolce & Gabbana's fragrance campaigns. They picked a girl who looks as stunning with a glam squad as she does without. The Mother of Dragons definitely seems to prefer "without," though.

8 (Caked Up): Rihanna's Deconstructed Clothing Comes With A Very Constructed Face

via: twitter

Every time there's a new Fenty Beauty drop, the world goes nuts. With a little something different, this cosmetics brand caters to virtually every shade of skin under the sun. The woman behind it is Rihanna.

Fenty Beauty is set to "out-sell" both KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, Harper's Bazaar reports. Much like the Kardashian-Jenner makeup empires though, Fenty comes with a walking ambassador.

RiRi's uber-cool coat here might have been channeling all things deconstructed, but her face was the exact opposite. Those highlighted cheekbones. That defined jawline. From the eyes to the lips, RiRi is rocking the full face, here.

7 (Natural): Snooki Is Too Busy Constructing A Family

via: instagram

Snooki comes with the biggest 180 ever. Orange perma-tan and cut-off leopard prints summed this party girl up back on Jersey Shore, but it's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation now. Snooki is expecting her third baby this year. Her IG is basically turning into the best pregnancy selfies ever.

"Gym, tan laundry" was Snooki's motto on Jersey Shore. Motherhood happened, and it's now: "Giggles, toys, love."

As Baby Gaga reports, this reality star has changed her tune. With Lorenzo and Giovanna expecting a new sibling, the focus in this household isn't on makeup. Snooki couldn't have looked less "Hollywood" here. Take note, Farrah Abraham.

6 (Caked Up): Cardi B's Bath-Time Vibes Aren't Fooling Us

via: footwearnews

It's worth watching the video for the rant alone. In 2019, Cardi took to IG to give an in-depth opinion on just how "expensive" it is to "maintain us women." Then again, instead of opting out of the expenditure, this artist seems to be embracing it.

"You know this is not the early 2000s... Nah. Let me tell you something. Like, [girls are] not getting the $17 full set with the three pre-nail design."

A bathrobe and slippers outfit should technically come with no makeup. Not for Cardi B. Whacking on a Balenciaga bag to finish her look, this mother hit up the streets in the most bizarre getup ever. Safe to say, Cardi is getting a #CakedUp.

5 (Caked Up): We're Looking At You, Nicki Minaj

via: twitter

You're looking at a self-proclaimed "Queen." Nicki Minaj now comes as a powerhouse figure with over 102 million IG followers. As per her lyrics, Nicki does, indeed, have "the money and the power now." We'll assume a fair chunk of that money is being spent on makeup.

"I can't see myself without pink lipstick. I can go without it for a couple days, but if there was no more pink lipstick in the world, I'd be useless."

As Femina reports, Nicki will readily admit to being a makeup addict. This selfie might not have thrown us plunging necklines, but it showed one woman who is refusing to take the plunge – makeup-free just isn't what you'll see from Nicki Minaj.

4 (Natural): Maci Bookout Has Bigger Priorities

via: instagram

Everyone is into Teen Mom right now. The 16 and Pregnant spin-offs that launched Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG have turned the cast into reality superstars – alongside Catelynn Lowell, Jenelle Evans, and Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout is now a full-blown celebrity.

The most glam you'll see from Maci? Matching baseball caps for her Things That Matter clothing line. The merch is proving surprisingly popular for this Teen Mom OG member, but she isn't selling it through glam.

Maci is based in Tennessee. It's outdoor living, chilling on the porch, and running after her kids. While Maci will wear a touch of makeup on the show, this girl hasn't once thrown us the caked-up look.

3 (Caked Up): Gigi Hadid: So Much For 'Sporty'

via: teenvogue

Gigi Hadid will always have us wondering– how does a girl look this good all the time? The supermodel and on-off girlfriend to Zayn Malik comes with cherub features, perfect skin, and an offbeat fashion sense that makes her friendship with Kendall Jenner #MakeSense.

Fresh-faced as Gigi's morning selfies might be, this Tommy Hilfiger occasion isn't one we're going to classify as natural. Given the sports-centric clothing, the makeup just didn't fit.

Gigi has previously admitted to washing her hair "with the cheap stuff from CVS," as per her Into The Gloss interview. That was back in 2014, though. Fame can change a girl.

2 (Caked Up): That Time Angelina Jolie Pointed Right At It

via: femaleforumfirst

Monica Geller on Friends will always have "OG" dibs on the forehead vein. "The vein has spoken!" Then again, Courteney Cox's character isn't the only famous face to have a notable forehead.

Angelina Jolie might have been promoting a movie here, but the look wasn't throwing us this actress' stereotypical natural beauty. When Vanity Fair votes you the "World's Most Beautiful Woman," it's generally accepted that you don't need makeup.

Why Ange felt the need to cake it on here, we'll never know. With a bit of a "trash bag" dress and cosmetics that hardened Ange's typically soft features, this caked-up look didn't show Ange at her best.

1 (Natural): Selena Gomez #ForeverAndEver

via: usmagazine

It's a simple setup for Selena Gomez. This girl wakes up, scrapes her hair back, throws on random clothes, and we're obsessed. Selena is no Kylie Jenner. In fact, she told Allure:

"I don't wash my hair every day, which may sound gross, but it's actually really bad for my hair. Usually by day four is when I have to absolutely wash it."

You will see makeup on Selena. Occasionally. By and large, though, it's an IG feed of natural beauty. The paparazzi shots more than echo it. Feeding the ducks is this girl's jam. Feeding time at the Sephora Zoo, less-so.

It seems to be a two-way street for Hollywood. Half of the industry's ladies seem to have makeup in their DNA. The other half don't seem to have the word in their vocabulary.

Sources: Pop Sugar, Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar

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