11 Essential Apps For Travellers

Travel as far as you can and as often as possible but don't do it without these amazing apps to keep you safe, to keep you comfortable, and to keep you happy! From finding inexpensive hotels and packing like a boss to mastering your sleep schedule to avoid the dreaded jet lag that often comes with travelling, The Talko has got you covered. Buckle up for safety, download these amazing travel apps and have a fantastic trip!

11 Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight is an app that helps users book last-minute hotel rooms for an unbeatable price. Hotel Tonight is a free app that features hotels in hundreds of places in North America, Central & South America, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. Hotel Tonight encourages a life less planned through offering last-minute deals on rooms in hotels with vacancy. Hotel Tonight uploads unsold rooms to the app and you get the deals! What more could you ask for?

10 StopJetLag


Jet lag is a b*tch but with StopJetLag you'll never have to experience it again. StopJetLag is an app based off of science but it's very easy to follow along. StopJetLag tells you exactly when to eat, sleep, drink and get some sun exposure so that you can adjust to the local time zone seamlessly and quickly in order to make the most out of your vacation. Set up notifications within the app so that you'll never miss a step in adjusting- the app is even compatible with the Apple Watch! StopJetLag- because there's nothing worse than feeling terrible for the first half of your fabulous trip.

9 XE Currency Converter


XE Currency Converter is the number one most downloaded currency conversion app with over 25 million users worldwide. XE uses up to date live exchange rates and allows you to calculate the difference in currencies on the go! XE even stores the latest exchange right so you can calculate on the go without wifi or data! The best part is- the only difference between the free app and the paid app is occasional third party advertisements. XE updates the live proprietary rates every 60 seconds so you're getting an accurate number every time!

8 MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe)


A completely free app that allows you to use it even offline? HELLO! MAPS.ME allows you to download a map while you have wifi, and saves it to your phone for you to use when you don't. MAPS.ME has a number of useful features like Offline Search which produces suggestions of places to go and things to do in your area and Auto-Follow Mode which orients the map to match the direction you're going. MAPS.ME offers specific routing as well as walking directions so your phone can guide you where to go in real-time while the map moves when you do! MAPS.ME has had over 30 million downloads worldwide and features comprehensive maps in over 345 countries and islands. MAPS.ME is the number one best travel app on iTunes in more than 100 countries.

7 Couchsurfing


"You have friends all over the world, you just haven't met them yet." Couchsurfing is the perfect app for the bold solo-traveler. Couchsurfing helps to connect travellers to other travellers through offering home-sharing, or should I say, couch-sharing? Travellers list their couches or look for couches to crash on for the night, for a fraction (literally a fraction) of the price they'd pay at a hotel. Couchsurfing also hosts meet-ups all over the world to further connect like-minded individuals interested in traveling the globe. Couchsurfing allows to you look through references of the individual you'll be figuratively sleeping with and have a dedicated safety team to assure you won't be stuck with a psychopath.

6 Skyscanner


Skyscanner is an amazing app that allows users to search thousands of airlines and millions of flights in order to find the best deals possible- all with the click of a button! 50 million users love Skyscanner for its ease of use and its unbiased selections! Skyscanner also offers hotel and car deals so you can get the best prices for your entire trip from start to finish.

5 TripList


TripList is a useful packing app that helps to keep you organized and ensures that you'll never forget your phone charger at home ever again. On TripList, you can create packing lists for multiple destinations and have them saved forever. As you pack the items you need, you can check them off the checklist so you know that everything has been packed. TripList also has a Cloud Sync so you can have your packing list on all of your devices. TripList can be used by multiple users to ensure that your whole group will be packed quickly and efficiently.

4 WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps of all time. WhatsApp can be used to contact friends and family members for free on WiFi when you're overseas without a phone plan! Anyone with the app can message back and forth to their hearts content! WhatsApp users can create group chats between phones and can also send unlimited pictures, videos, and audio messages so your friends and family won't miss a minute of your crazy adventures while traveling (unless you want them to.)

3 Uber


Uber is one of my all-time favorites. Their slogan is 'everyone's private driver' and that's exactly how it feels. Uber is an inexpensive car service that's completely operated through an app. Users type in their location, request a car of their choice and get picked up within minutes and can go wherever they'd like. Uber prices are usually much cheaper than that of a taxi and definitely less expensive than any other car service. The greatest thing about Uber is that passengers can rate drivers and drivers can rate passengers so it becomes all about the experience and mutual respect. Drivers with low ratings can be fired and riders can be refused pickup! Uber's are automatically charged to your credit card and tip is included so there's no messing around with cash. You can even split the bill between riders through the app. Uber is literally the best.

2 ParkMe


ParkMe is a fantastic app that tells you the cheapest and closest places to park your car. If you've ever spent hours looking for a parking space only to pay $40, you'll appreciate the worth of this app. The app finds you the best place to park based on your proximity, the amount of time you'd like to spend and the type of car you're driving. The best part is that you can pay through your phone with your credit card and can even reserve a parking space in advance so you know for sure you'll be able to park where you want, this is especially useful during big events in the city!

1 Waze


Waze is gold when it comes to travelling in big cities in particular. Waze is a community-based navigation and and traffic app. Hop onto Waze, type in your destination and the app will tell you exactly how to get there and what to avoid. Community members can contribute to the map and will let you know if there are any police around you, accidents, construction, or heavy traffic! The community also shares cheap gas prices, so you can fill up while you're on the road and you'll be getting the best prices possible. Waze is great when you're unsure of the place you're driving and the route you're taking because it's like a personal heads-up from thousands of friends on the Waze app!

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