19#Humble: Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx

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It's rumoured that Cruise placed a five-year ban on public dating for Holmes as part of their divorce contract, according to Radar Online.

This humble couple has more of a reason to be secretive than just to avoid public attention. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have kept their relationship private mostly because of Tom Cruise, Holmes' ex-husband.

Foxx has been seen leaving interviews without explanation at the mention of a potential relationship with Holmes. That is,

until they were photographed together in 2017 for the first time as a couple...five years after Holmes and Cruise's divorce, according to Daily Mail.

Other than the fact that they're an item, possibly engaged and have an agreement not to discuss their relationship to the press, not much else is know about Holmes and Foxx's day-to-day lives. Remove Cruise from the equation, and you have a drama-free couple living their best lives. Good for them.

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