10 Zodiac Combinations Who Only Pretend To Be Happy And 10 Who Genuinely Are

Whether you are loving being single, engaged, casually dating, or happily married, we all have that one perfect couple that comes to mind when we think of true love. Some of us really dislike seeing those happy couples out and about. You know what I mean: the ones that are holding hands, giggling uncontrollably, and touching each other constantly. It makes you so nauseated that you avoid going into a store or go home from your walk in the park hours early just to avoid seeing them.

Then there are those of us that are one half of that lovey-dovey couple. We enjoy spending time with our significant others. We love showering them with attention or having that special person to rely on. It makes us feel complete; it makes us feel better about our daily grind to have someone to share it with.

Below, we highlight just a few combinations of these couples in relation to our zodiac signs. Our signs give us insight into our personality, our relationships, our friendships, and potentially our future. Some combinations below show that these seemingly 'happy' couples really do get along behind closed doors, while others are fighting to survive. Read on to see which category you fall into!

20 Genuine: Dedicated Pisces And Pisces

This is a classic case of genuine love. Why? It's for many reasons, but mostly, these two just have absolute loyalty to one another, maybe somewhat to a fault. But regardless, they always have the best intentions to devote everything of themselves to each other. A Pisces woman is genuinely dedicated to her man and always wants to shower him with love and attention. A Pisces man is sensitive and empathetic, always able to have patience with his emotional Pisces girl. Yes, at times, the Pisces combo together can be overly sensitive, but they always go back to one another with a great appreciation for that, no matter the outcome of a disagreement. A Pisces man can swallow his pride because other things are more important to him than winning a battle. These two genuinely love one another and love being in love!

19 Pretending: Stubborn Aries And Scorpio

These two could not be more wrong for each other-- and the reason they are pretending to be happy is simply both of their stubborn ways. An Aries woman speaks her mind, sometimes in an immature way. She tends to be blunt about her feelings and doesn't sugar coat or hide anything. Beat around the bush? An Aries woman doesn't know what that means. A Scorpio man is stubborn, too, and can be possessive and easily jealous. These two personalities will clearly clash and will only fake happiness with passive-aggressive attitudes and avoidance of their problems-- because all they ever do is fight when they disagree. Have a calm conversation and know that you don't have to agree, but you should be a good and supportive listener.

18 Genuine: A Strong Taurus And A Dependent Cancer

Some emotional Cancers get offended when they are called dependent or insecure, but we are all human-- and it isn't always a bad thing to be dependent! It shows that you know what you want AND you can be strong and supportive for those around you. Not only are you dependent, you are super fun and wear your beautiful heart on your trendy sleeve. A Taurus man is a strong pillar in your life. He can be honest without hurting your feelings and is always loyal. When his temper gets revved up, a Cancer girl knows exactly how to relax him and make him feel better. She won't instigate because she hates fighting when she could be happy instead. This is a genuinely happy couple, folks!

17 Pretending: A Social Libra And An Introverted Capricorn

A Libra is incredibly peaceful, hating confrontation but loving conversation. They like to be friendly and hang out with new people, while still putting time into their long-lasting friendships and family relationships. They love to be social; they can do it in a snap. A Capricorn is the total opposite. The Capricorn likes routine and stability, rarely wanting plans to change. Further, a Capricorn can tend to feel uncomfortable in social situations. They are the ones that will go to the party but sit at the back table chatting with those friends that they are closest to. When a Capricorn doesn't want to go out, a Libra will slowly resent them because of their natural inclination and ability to socialize and have fun. This will create a rift in which no one will be happy giving up what they are used to.

16 Genuine: Equally Loyal Aquarius And Pisces

Genuine, kind, empathetic, and loyal... both an Aquarius and a Pisces are capable of these qualities. In fact, these are the central focus of their lives when it comes to relationships. A Pisces is incredibly devoted, dedicated, and emotional about every aspect of life, especially the people they invest their time into. They want those things reciprocated and they are easily hurt by those people that do not reciprocate basic kindness and love. An Aquarius can be introverted, which a Pisces totally understands. They are both so dedicated and loyal that they will never give up on each other. Further, an Aquarius is determined to make things in their lives work, so giving up usually isn't an option. Devotion is their middle name and it works-- genuinely!

15 Pretending: A Too Coolly Confident Leo And The Carefree Sagittarius


A Leo is an incredibly strong zodiac sign, maybe even the strongest. They are a confident and fierce type that lets little things get in their way-- maybe even no things at all. In the negative sense, a Leo is overbearing and controlling. They completely lack empathy for anyone around them or close to them, so it is hard for them to understand the carefree Sagittarius, regardless of how well they know them. The problem with this couple is that the Leo actually grows jealous of the Sagittarius and their carefree attitude-- because a Leo could never have that level of freedom. Resentment and many other negative feelings get involved and this couple is soon pretending to get along and be compatible when in fact they just are not.

14 Genuine: A Good-Hearted Gemini And A Take-Charge Virgo

A Gemini has a ton of good qualities in a relationship. They are very flexible, never letting things get them down or upset them. A Gemini is also charismatic, super fun to be around, and always optimistic no matter what the circumstances. They like to be in love, but will never settle for the wrong person or the person they feel isn't good enough. That is called independence, people. The Virgo, on the other hand, is sensible and realistic. They pull the Gemini down-- in a good way! They ground the Gemini from thinking or feeling down or negative. They are a strong pillar for the Gemini to go out and have fun. A Virgo is confident-- and so is a Gemini. In short, these two signs are incredibly balanced and can fit together just like a puzzle.

13 Pretending: A Reserved Aquarius And A Extroverted Leo

A Leo is an incredibly dominant personality. Confidence is key with them-- as well as being in control, naturally leading a group, and making plans and sticking to them. They know what they want and they go get it; it is that simple. Emotion rarely comes into play, but when it does, a Leo will make it clear how they feel with absolutely no problem doing so. An Aquarius can tend to be reserved, sometimes for no apparent reason. They turn into themselves when feeling down and a Leo simply cannot understand this. Handle it and handle it well, a Leo would say. But sometimes this is not simple for an Aquarius as they tend to be indecisive and unreliable. These two are too different, so there simply isn't room for happiness in the midst of all of that oppositeness.

12 Genuine: Perfectly In Tune Scorpio And Scorpio

Another case of similarity working in people's favor. Scorpios are very passionate, sexy, and sympathetic. They understand people intuitively and can usually make people feel better without a lot of information. Imagine a Scorpio dating another Scorpio? One gets upset and is feeling down-- and when they feel, they feel deeply. The other one intuitively knows how to help this person, not to mention knows them very well in general. The support these two create for each other is unlike any other. Further, their passion and sex appeal knows no bounds. Their sex life would never grow boring as they are both so natural at love and showing love. They sympathize AND empathize with each other-- and always feel understood. Essentially, they have it all with each other.

11 Pretending: The Emotional Cancer And The Practical Virgo

These two are so different-- and opposites really don't attract. A Cancer, as we know, is emotional. They are passionate and always feel every emotion fully and completely. Their decisions are based off of how they feel, no matter if it is an irrational reason or not. On the other hand, a Virgo is practical and analytical. They make every single decision and choice with the most practical thing that makes sense. What is emotion? A Virgo is aware of their emotions, but absolutely not in tune with them enough to make any choices with them. In short, these two couldn't be more wrong for each other. They would have initial attraction because they are both intelligent, but it would barely last past a month. This is not genuine; this is pretending.

10 Genuine: The Independent Aries And An Adventurous Sagittarius

These two are different but can balance each other out well. This genuine connection will start initially due to an Aries being attracted to the outgoing and charismatic Sagittarius. The Sagittarius will love the Aries and his or her direct candidness. The initial attraction will grow into love that has balance, honesty, and lots of fun. The Aries will bring the honesty and the Sag will bring the adventure. These are both very independent signs, so they will be secure in themselves with no jealousy or greediness of time whatsoever. They will balance out time together, with their friends, and alone. Like I said: balance. It's essentially an easy and carefree relationship in which two people have no issue with sharing their problems with honesty and respect.

9 Pretending: Manipulative And Dramatic Cancer And Cancer

We've seen the combo of a Pisces and a Pisces as well as a Scorpio with a Scorpio, so you'd think your third water sign together would be a successful and genuinely happy couple, too. But, you'd be wrong, folks. Cancers are emotional and sensitive, just like a Pisces. They are compassionate and sexy, just like those Scorpios. The problem with Cancers? They have the capability to be incredibly manipulative and jealous. Further, sometimes their insecurities can really take over their emotions-- and they essentially turn into completely different people than when they are feeling rational. These two will try to manipulate and control each other once they become unhappy-- and it is essentially going to happen once the honeymoon phase ends because neither of them like disagreements either.

8 Genuine: An Attractive Leo And A Down-to-Earth Capricorn

A Leo has a hard time getting along with anyone, but if he or she is going to find the one in another zodiac sign, it would be a Capricorn. Capricorns are patient, down-to-earth, and patient. They love having responsibility and routine. They don't like plans changing last minute. Similarly, a Leo doesn't like set plans changing. They don't like being in situations they cannot control (aka they like routine and stability, too!). A Leo is a lot more open and outgoing when they want to be, but that can be balanced out by the casual and cool Capricorn. Further, the Capricorns' ability to be patient helps this relationship well when a Leo gets irritated or overly emotional. These two have a genuine connectedness that few other signs have-- and it is all thanks to those opposite personality traits that fit so well together.

7 Pretending: A Hot-Headed Taurus And A Controlling Leo

Pretend they are and pretend they will: a Taurus and a Leo are too confident and too hot-headed to be anything but enemies. In a relationship like this, a Taurus will be strong-willed, honest, and direct. They will be very open with their feelings, never afraid to hurt anyone else's. They are loyal and brave, too, never wanting to give up on someone they love. A Leo, on the other hand, creates a secret competition within the relationship. They question if they are equally brave and equally confident. They also don't like the Taurus' abrasive honesty. Complete ingenuity comes out of this relationship because of their equally strong personalities-- and it is only a matter of time before they break down and break apart.

6 Genuine: The Flexible Gemini And Natural Leader Aries

This is genuine if we've ever seen it! The incredibly flexible and confident Gemini will always let the natural leader Aries take the lead! An Aries is honest, sometimes blunt, and impulsive, but that is the beauty of this pairing because a Gemini loves adventure, craves honesty and integrity, and is just as open and charismatic as their Aries counterpart. This relationship has an ease to it. A hike up a mountain, a walk in the park, a movie night while the snow falls, or a night on the town can have laughter, adventure, and connectedness all at once. These two can butt heads when the Gemini gets a little moody, but who doesn't sometimes? Forgiveness is a nice thing to do-- and these two have the genuine relationship that will absolutely go the distance.

5 Pretending: Socially Charismatic Sagittarius And A Sensitive Pisces

These two signs will try with all their might to be genuinely happy, but it would never work. The initial attraction between these two will be a mutual respect and a mutual love for letting loose. A Sagittarius will be carefree, making the Pisces feel comfortable in a possibly uncomfortable situation. The Pisces will be modest, honest, and sensitive. The Sag will love the quiet peace that a Pisces brings to their chaotic world and it will work for a little while. But, over time, a Pisces' sensitivity will start to be a problem. A Sag won't give a Pisces the attention he or she needs in social settings. Fights will ensue. They will never see eye to eye on this. A Pisces' sensitivity will irritate the Sagittarius so much so that the Sag will end the relationship because it is distracting them from their adventures.

4 Genuine: Peaceful Libra And Compassionate Scorpio

A Libra loves to be involved in a conversation, doesn't enjoy confrontation, and is easygoing in most situations, not to mention a Libra is super witty and funny! Scorpios will eat this confident coolness up. A Scorpio loves to bond with people, any and all kinds in any sort of way. They will love the Libra's zest for connection and the ease of which a Libra lives his or her life. The Libra zodiac will attract to the Scorpio's compassion, growing to trust that the Scorpio will not hurt them. This reassures the Libra, as they are quick to be on the defense if they feel threatened-- but with a Scorpio, a Libra will never have to worry about that! Scorpios will balance out the Libra's clever nature with his or her sexy and intense disposition. They are the ying to a Libra's yang.

3 Pretending: Moody Gemini And Sarcastic Libra

A Libra can connect with a Scorpio well, yes, but a Gemini? This relationship would not work. Because a Libra loves to be social and friendly, this will work in the short-term because a Gemini is flexible and charismatic in any situation he or she is thrown into. Then, over time, a Gemini will feel moody and possibly flighty, changing his or her mind last minute and giving attitude to the easygoing Libra. Libras hate confrontation, but they have no problem attacking people who have wronged them. There will be fights because of this-- and each sign will be unable to grow and learn from it. A Libra can be stubborn, but will never stop standing up for what they believe they deserve. The Gemini's capability to be devious will begin to play a role. These two aren't happy and it will show over time.

2 Genuine: Fun and Feisty Sagittarius And Strong Taurus

A very genuine relationship is created between a Sagittarius and Taurus due to the different qualities they bring to it. A Sagittarius with its' carefree and adventurous attitude will support the Taurus in everything he or she does, while still bringing spunk and freshness to their courtship. A Taurus is a strong pillar of loyalty and practicality, sometimes having to bring the Sagittarius back down from their head in the clouds. Further, these two are both very good friends to all they are close to, so friendship will be the strong foundation of this growing love. Even when a Taurus' temper gets out of hand, a Sagittarius will roll that off their back and not let it get to them. In the long run, they can help each other through anything.

1 Pretending: Confrontational Leo And Leo


Another couple that cannot be too similar, a double Leo combination is asking for drama. Even though a Leo tends to dislike drama and anything that involves too much emotion, their similar personalities will clash, giving them the exact thing they tend to avoid. A Leo is strong, dominant, and always in control of their life, so how can two people in the same relationship be dominant? Well, therein lies the problem. One would have to step back or back down, but Leos are too confident and naturally rational to do so. There would be lots of disagreement with very few resolutions. One will want to be in charge, yet the other one will take charge. One will want to stay in while the other demands that they go out with friends. It would never work and, no matter what they tell you, they would be pretending.

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