10 WWE Divas Who Are Drama Queens Backstage (10 Who Are Low-Key)

Nowadays, the locker room is definitely changing for the better. During the wrestling boom period in the ‘90s, the atmosphere was like a circus backstage.

There were just as many problems behind the scenes than on-screen with larger-than-life egos backstage such as Sunny, Sable, and the late Chyna. It was a great time to be a wrestling fan, though!

Today, the women’s locker room is a lot more relaxed compared to what it used to be. The current class of Divas works together nowadays to better the division as opposed to working for themselves.

With all that being said, we still see lots of problems behind the scenes. And some of it is even more dramatized for the purpose of the Total Divas reality show.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest Drama Queens both past and present. These are Divas that started lots of problems backstage for one reason or another. On the flip side, we’ll take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum with the ten Divas that keep it low-key. These women tend to be looked upon as the role models backstage.

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20 Drama Queen - Alicia Fox

via IG

Let’s credit Alicia Fox for her longevity in the business. She signed her first deal more than a decade ago in 2006. 13 years later, she remains with the company.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Foxy One, though, not in the slightest. Fox has caused lots of drama behind the scenes throughout her time with WWE. Most recently, she showed up to a WWE live event under the influence; she hasn’t been seen since the incident.

She also had a shouting match with Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne last year, a moment that was caught on tape by a fan. And let’s not get started on the drama created by Fox on the reality series Total Divas.

19 Low-Key - Natalya

via WWE

Like Alicia Fox, Natalya is a long-time member of the WWE family. She started wrestling in 2000 and would sign a deal with the WWE in 2007. Natalya has proven her worth ever since, bringing it in the ring and becoming a locker room leader nowadays. We never hear anything negative pertaining to Natalya either in or out of the ring.

Typically, this type of behavior lands a WWE Superstar another position once their ring time comes to an end, similar to Beth Phoenix. We’re pretty sure that’s going to be the case with Natalya once she hangs up the boots. Whether in a trainer, agent, or commentator role, she’ll be kept with the company far past her in-ring stint.

18 Drama Queen - Maryse

via WWE

Whether it be on Miz and Mrs, Total Divas, or behind the scenes at WWE programming, it is quite clear that Maryse likes to stir things up. We saw an example of that on Total Divas when she called out Brie Bella for snubbing her a possible job opportunity years back. Clearly, Maryse wasn’t over it and she still wanted to confront Brie, despite it literally being a thing of the past.

Another incident saw Maryse blow up on Nia Jax for asking her if she was ever part of a Gauntlet Match. Maryse felt disrespected given her experience. She definitely took it a little too far, however.

17 Low-Key - Carmella

via WWE

This one might be a bit of a head scratcher for fans given that Carmella is all over the headlines in the recent weeks given her relationship with Corey Graves. However, it should be noted that there might be more to the story–Carmella remains professional, choosing to keep things low key instead of giving her side of the story and adding fuel to the fire.

Backstage, Carmella admits that she isn’t like her WWE persona. According to her interview on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Carmella is actually quiet and very shy when she isn’t on screen or in the ring playing her WWE role.

16 Drama Queen - Lana

via IG

Lana might be better at stirring things up in real life. We really haven’t seen much in terms of her in-ring feuds as of late. The same isn’t true for her rivalries in the real world. A couple of years back, Lana caused a lot of tension between herself and Paige, calling out the former Divas Champion for her attitude backstage. The situation escalated on Total Divas when Paige confronted Lana about it.

She hasn’t calmed down just yet. Even a couple of weeks ago, Lana took to Twitter, ripping Ronda Rousey’s microphone skills. It might have been an attempt to get noticed and stir things up–something we’ve seen from Lana in the past.

15 Low-Key - Ronda Rousey

via WWE

Speaking of Ronda Rousey, the former UFC Champion has adapted to the WWE beautifully. Sure, she’s lashed out recently via social media, however, that’s all part of the show and part of a character change; don’t be fooled.

In reality, Rousey is so humble backstage and she’s always ready and willing to learn. On the WWE 24 documentaries, we got to see how soft-spoken and humble Rousey really is around her WWE peers. She shared an emotional hug with the Bellas and Nattie following her first WWE match. It is quite clear that Rousey thrives both in the ring and behind the scenes with her co-workers.

14 Drama Queen - Eva Marie

via WWE

Since she entered the company, Eva Marie has become a polarizing figure both in front of the camera and away from it behind the scenes with her peers.

As shown on Total Divas, Eva rubbed a lot of the others the wrong way due to her lack of wrestling ability–she was labeled as someone that was in the business for the fame and not to make it in the industry. We saw all the other wrestlers turn on her on an episode of Total Divas when it was revealed that she was getting private training sessions in LA instead of reporting to the PC in Orlando like the rest of the talent.

13 Low-Key - Alexa Bliss

via WWE

On television, Alexa is the exact opposite and some might say she’s the biggest Drama Queen on the show. Heck, she even has her own talk show, A Moment of Bliss, which typically sees her stir things up more with the others.

Of course, once we blur the lines between scripted and real, it becomes obvious that Alexa’s nothing like her WWE character. In fact, as seen on Total Divas, Alexa is the least confrontational of the bunch. She’s usually the one breaking up fights instead of starting them. Like Carmella, she’s also really shy, another thing WWE fans might be surprised to find out.

12 Drama Queen - Paige

via Eonline

Fans appreciate how transparent Paige is in real life. She’s never afraid to tell us how she really feels or when she doesn’t like someone. We saw lots of examples of that on Total Divas. However, given that she always shows her emotions, it has caused lots of headaches behind the scenes–most notably, her relationship with Alberto Del Rio almost cost her a position with the company. Though thankfully, they separated, and Paige was able to return to the WWE.

Paige also had some dust-ups behind the scenes with lots of the other Divas, including Eva Marie and Lana. Some have even described Paige as a bully behind the scenes.

11 Low-Key - Trish Stratus

via WWE

Trish entered the WWE in 2000. The landscape was quite different back then; women had more of an entertainment position on the show as opposed to actually being viewed as legit in-ring talents. Trish helped to shift this identity; she brought it in the ring, proving that the women can do it just as well as the men when given the chance.

She went on to enjoy a Hall of Fame record. What made Trish’s WWE journey that much more remarkable is the fact that she stayed so humble and genuine throughout all of her success. Trish is definitely a wrestler WWE hopefuls should aspire to be like.

10 Drama Queen - Maria Kanellis

via IG

Maria finally returned to WWE in 2017. Her first run with the company took place in 2004 during the Diva Search competition. She was well liked by the fans, though she was eventually released in 2010.

Maria made a lot of noise while she was gone from the WWE. She stirred things up and created lots of drama by taking shots at the Bella twins. Maria made the claim that the two cost a lot of other women return contracts and opportunities with the company. Thankfully, the issue was finally resolved when Maria returned to the company. But she also isn’t afraid to cause drama when fans criticize her husband’s in-ring work–Maria’s overprotective of her man.

9 Low-Key - Beth Phoenix

via WWE

Similar to Natalya, Beth earned a lot of the fans' respect through her in-ring work and attitude behind the scenes. No coincidence, Beth and Nattie are actually very close behind the scenes. The two might be working together in the future on-screen given the recent events that took place at the WWE PPV Fast Lane.

Given Beth’s low-key demeanor, she has been constantly called back by the WWE for hosting and commentary gigs. She was also the youngest member of the WWE Hall Of Fame, which just goes to show how highly the company thinks of Beth both in terms of her skill and her professional demeanor.

8 Drama Queen - Melina

via IG

During her prime, Melina was a great talent for the WWE and arguably, at the time, the best wrestler in the Divas division. However, what hurt Melina’s run was her attitude backstage. She often distanced herself from the other Divas, which made her very unpopular. Furthering that, she was also involved in a love triangle with John Morrison and Batista.

Melina also didn’t react well to certain booking decisions. Take Trish taking her spot at WrestleMania, for example. Her former boyfriend John Morrison was so incensed by the decision that he refused to hug Trish after the match. A lot of that might have had to do with Melina and her reaction to getting snubbed from the match.

7 Low-Key - Naomi

via WWE

Naomi is a cast member on the reality show Total Divas. Now, most of the cast can be regarded as Drama Queens, but for the most part, that is exaggerated for the purpose of the show.

Like Alexa Bliss, Naomi is more of a peacekeeper than a problem starter. Her relationship with Lana is an example of that—when Lana was neglected by the others, Naomi always stuck by her side trying to take her point of view into account as well. It was the same ordeal when the locker room turned on Eva Marie. Naomi’s definitely another one of those low key locker room leaders.

6 Drama Queen - Sable

via Twitter

When long-time wrestling fans hear the word Drama Queen, most instantly think of Sable. As per the Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette podcasts, Sable wasn’t the easiest to deal with backstage. Although she was a huge influence on the rating boom, the success might have gone to her head.

Sable isolated herself backstage and she wasn’t a team player—not in the slightest. Despite all of her success, she deemed as a liability backstage because of this. She left the WWE on bad terms only to return years later. A spot in the Hall of Fame seems unlikely–which is sad, given her impact on the company during the Attitude Era.

5 Low-Key - Asuka

via WWE

Asuka was one of the most anticipated signings in the history of WWE’s women’s division. Before she signed with the company, the likes of Dave Meltzer labeled Asuka as the best wrestler in the world amongst both the men and women.

She could have had an ego backstage coming in with all of this hype. However, turns out it was the exact opposite. Asuka kept a cool head backstage, always keeping things light with a smile on her face. Asuka enjoys the simple things life has to offer like enjoying some time with a video game–you won’t find any drama attached to her name.

4 Drama Queen - Stacy Keibler

via IG

Keibler definitely isn’t as dramatic as some of the others on the list. However, she was a bit of a Drama Queen when it came to the actual aspect of wrestling with WWE. Keibler loved to entertain the crowd, though she was less interested when it came to anything in-ring related. Bubba Dudley confirmed this point, claiming Stacy wasn’t always eager to learn about anything in-ring related.

In addition, Stacy also had a bit of a dispute with Lita behind the scenes when she had just joined the company. Keibler loved to have a good time after WWE shows; some took issue with that, however.

3 Low-Key - Bayley

via YouTube

Bayley represents the new school of WWE recruits. Gone are the days of models that didn’t know anything about the industry and in are the days of wrestlers like Sasha and Bayley idolizing the business and wanting to make a profession out of it from the time they were barely old enough to speak.

Bayley is now living the dream with the WWE as a member of the RAW roster. Bayley is one of the most easygoing WWE stars backstage, always sporting a smile from ear-to-ear. She truly still loves the business as much as she did back in her younger days.

2 Drama Queen – Sunny

via WWE

Some think of Sable as the biggest Drama Queen, while others might point the finger at Sunny. Like Sable, Sunny became a household name back in the ‘90s. However, despite all her popularity, Sunny was also a liability backstage, stirring things up with others and starting relationships with a bunch of wrestlers. This is the exact opposite of what the company wants from its employees. Ultimately, the company had enough and she was released.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t been a part of the company for decades, Sunny still finds ways to stir things up via Twitter, podcasts, and various YouTube interviews. To her credit though, acting like Drama Queen helped her stay relevant for all these years.

1 Low-Key - Becky Lynch

via WWE

Some complain about their position on the show while others do something about it. Becky Lynch definitely took the second route; despite her lackluster card booking, Becky didn’t complain and she kept her head high. That would lead to her “The Man” persona, which is now the most popular in the entire WWE.

Due to Becky’s perseverance, the office was very impressed with her, and that includes the owner himself, Vince McMahon. Lynch’s definitely a WWE star both the men and women should aspire to be like. When things aren’t going your way, find solutions, not more problems–that’s exactly what Lynch did.

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