10 WWE Divas We Want Vince McMahon To Bring Back (+ 5 He Should Avoid)

With Rousey added to the company, the Divas division was bolstered to the next level. Suddenly, the females got their own PPV and they were main eventing shows they had never before.

The momentum would carry on with the excitement surrounding Becky’s new gimmick. So much so that the women were given the keys to the WrestleMania main event for the first time in history.

The main event was an okay match, though it was not what was expected. The odd and botched finish also hurt things. Since that main event match, it seems like the women’s division is starting to lose some steam. Becky doesn’t have the same momentum she once did, while the RAW roster of females looks like an absolute ghost town in comparison to SmackDown. When these types of situations occur, Vince McMahon usually looks to the past in search of some extra help.

In this article, we’ll take a look at which former Divas can help things on one of the brands whether it be RAW, SmackDown, or NXT. Some of these women could be valuable as acts putting younger talents over or even taking part in the new tag division.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at which Divas the company needs to stay away from. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

15 Bring Back - Emma

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Emma finally leaving WWE wasn’t the biggest surprise. At the time of her departure, WWE wasn’t really doing much with the talented Diva. That was a bummer given her in-ring skills, along with her work down in NXT as one of the better heels, alongside Dana Brooke.

It just wasn’t meant to be on the main roster under Vince’s watch. The Emmalina gimmick basically sank her run completely. Once Triple H takes over, Emma could benefit from this–she could also return back to NXT and mentor the younger talents. Still only 30, she definitely has time to make another return.

14 Bring Back - Sable

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This would definitely be a controversial decision, but given the current TV ratings, this wouldn’t be the worst thing. It would get fans talking, that’s for sure. We haven’t seen Sable on WWE television in more than a decade!

A return to the ring might be too farfetched, though most fans can agree she deserves at the very least a Hall of Fame induction given her important contributions during the Attitude Era. It remains to be seen if she’ll ever accept a return to the company–though she definitely deserves it given the popularity of her run, one that is still discussed today.

13 Avoid - Eva Marie

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Eva Marie has said it multiple times since parting ways with WWE: she isn’t done with the company and wants to make a return at some point down the line. Given the fact that her run with the company wasn’t a positive one, this isn’t the greatest idea unless she makes some miraculous adjustments to her in-ring work.

Sure, it would get WWE fans talking, but there are a lot more Divas worthy of the spot down in NXT alone. Most fans would only agree to an Eva Marie return if it was a one-time-only type of ordeal for a Battle Royal or something of that nature.

12 Bring Back - Melina

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You could argue that Melina was the most talented in-ring performer in the Divas era. Unfortunately, antics behind the scenes hurt her standing with the company. She was also often isolated away from the other Divas.

As time moves on, though, everyone matures. We have no doubt that this is the case with Melina, who recently entered her 40s. Given her prior work with the company, she deserves another shot at a decent run, even if it means just a couple of matches putting over younger talent down in NXT. We hope WWE gives her the okay before it’s too late.

11 Bring Back - Victoria

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Victoria falls under the same umbrella as Melina, and she deserves a farewell tour or at least a match given her long history with WWE. Back in the early 2000s, you could argue that there wasn’t a better villain in the women’s division than Victoria. Her work with Trish was well ahead of its time with a complete focus on in-ring matches and none of the other shenanigans from back in the day.

She turned 48 this year, so again, this is a return that needs to take place sooner rather than later. Victoria can fit in anywhere whether it be in the tag division or as a singles act down in NXT.

10 Avoid - Kelly Kelly

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Kelly has said it time and time again: she’s interested in making a return. Here’s what she told The Star; “When I left 5 years ago I left the door open so when I got the opportunity to come back and be a part of the Royal Rumble, I was so excited about it. We have a great relationship – me and WWE so the door is open so you never know.”

She furthered that statement claiming she would love to have a match against Charlotte. At this point, such a matchup really wouldn’t make much sense. For the time being, it is best that WWE continues to develop new talent and avoid such a return that really wouldn’t do much for ratings.

9 Bring Back - Gail Kim

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Given the way she left WWE, Kim returning to the company is a big-time long shot. However, given her run in the wrestling business in general, she deserves the recognition on such a platform like WWE’s. She could also play a pivotal role down in NXT with the younger Divas of the future.

Gail becoming a developmental coach would be a move fans would applaud WWE for. However, the chances of this happening are quite slim. After all, Gail isn’t the biggest fan of the WWE product. The only way we can see this epic return going down is if Vince leaves the company and Triple H fully takes over.

8 Bring Back - Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was an underrated act during the Divas era. Her character and in-ring work were so ahead of their time. In truth, Michelle at her prime would have been a perfect fit with the current crop of talent.

Although she’s a little older, McCool still looks to be in phenomenal shape. RAW needs a big-time upgrade since the Superstar Shakeup changes. McCool could step right in, helping to elevate Divas such as Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, and Ruby Riott. The division needs a little more depth, and in our opinion, that’s exactly what McCool can bring to the table.

7 Avoid - The Bellas

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The Bellas finally deciding to call it quits from WWE was a big-time surprise. Although right after the decision was made, Nikki told TMZ that she’s always open for a return depending on the opponent.

For the time being, it is best that both Nikki and Brie stay true to their announcements. The twins also have so many projects going on at the moment–therefore, a return would be head-scratching, to say the least. Most fans can agree that a return should only happen down the road and not at this point given that they just recently departed from the brand.

6 Bring Back - Tessa Blanchard

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Technically, Tessa Blanchard has a brief run with WWE. She took part in a couple of NXT matches along with making an appearance during the Mae Young Classic. Unfortunately, WWE wasn’t able to retain her services. Though that might have been for the best, though, as Blanchard continues to gain valuable experience wrestling with Impact as the main star.

Still only 23, some will argue that Blanchard is the most talented female wrestler in the world at the moment. Hopefully, WWE can snatch the talented New York native before AEW does. It would be a huge score. Blanchard could carry the NXT Women’s Title for a long time given her skill-set.

5 Bring Back - Eve Torres

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It is hard to believe, but former WWE Diva Eve Torres hasn’t even hit her mid-30s just yet. She played a big role during the Divas era and was one of the best titleholders during the time period, but that doesn't mean fans should write her off yet.

Eve was great in the ring and great backstage–those characteristics usually lead to a return–something reminiscent to Beth Phoenix. We can see Eve serving as an asset to a younger wrestler in the tag division. She could potentially team up with someone like Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, or even Carmella and really help bring WWE to the next level.

4 Avoid - Rosa Mendes

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"I feel like this is my business plan; I want to conquer the independents. I want to dominate in the independents and be super over and have incredible 30-40 minute matches in the independents and show people that I am a great worker and a great performer. As soon as I can say that about myself then I am going to talk to them. They may talk to me before then, but I really want to establish myself in the independents before I even step foot in a WWE door again."

We admire Rosa’s dedication to making a WWE return. Those comments were made last year to Wrestling Inc. Unfortunately, her comeback journey was completely derailed when she experienced an untimely injury. It might be best to hang them up for good.

3 Bring Back - Trish Stratus & Lita

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A lot of fans thought this return would have taken place at WrestleMania with the Tag Titles on the line for the first ever time. It didn’t, however, leaving the door wide open for a return in the future. Both WWE Hall of Famers can fit in perfectly for a return it the women’s tag division.

We can think of so many great feuds such as Trish and Lita versus the IIconics or the Hall of Fame duo up against the likes of Asuka and Kairi Sane. Even if they return separately, however, fans wouldn’t object; either or both, it would be a good move for WWE.

2 Avoid - Summer Rae

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Summer had the persona to go far in the business, but she just lacked pizzazz in terms of her in-ring work. During her final years, she wasn’t really used and her ultimate release didn’t surprise anyone.

Summer returning to WWE wouldn’t be the absolute worst thing. Though most fans can agree that it might be better for Rae to gain a little more experience out on the indie scene, especially in terms of in-ring work. Once she gains a resume away from the company, then a return would be most likely be welcomed by all. Only time will tell what will happen next.

1 Bring Back – AJ Lee

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AJ Lee was last seen in a WWE ring back in 2015. She decided to leave the WWE at a young age. However, like past Divas, she admits to feeling the itch to return. Let’s face it, she’s only 32, so there's plenty of life in her potential wrestling future!

Lee returning to WWE would set up so many dream matches. Who wouldn’t want to see Lee matched up against the likes of Becky, Charlotte, Asuka, Ember, or so many others? It remains to be seen if she’ll ever return, though, without a doubt, the door is likely wide open for the former Divas Champion.

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