10 WWE Divas Triple H Supports (And 10 Vince Does)

The world of WWE seems to be divided. Some side with Vince’s ways while the new school of WWE fans seems to agree with Triple H and his current views on the business. The differences between the two are quite evident when we assess the way they book the women’s division.

Down in NXT, Hunter puts those with talent above everything else. Hence, the reasoning behind the Women’s Revolution. Hunter put an emphasis on what the women can bring in the ring and he completely changed the division. Had it not been for Hunter, there would have never been a WrestleMania main event featuring the women.

Despite Vince giving the green light on the main event, he has a different way of booking. Take the likes of Alexa Bliss and Carmella; they had limited success in NXT but would grow into huge stars on the main roster. Vince definitely has a different approach when it comes to booking women onto his show.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the women Triple H and Vince McMahon support the most. Some enjoyed tremendous success under Triple H in NXT, though the same didn’t hold true under McMahon. The opposite also holds true with some Divas that didn’t do much with Hunter but grew into big stars with Vince supporting them.

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20 Triple H – Paige

via WWE

The first Diva Triple H fully backed with NXT was Paige. She was pushed as the inaugural champion and the success from that would carry to the main roster. Simply put, without Triple H’s trust in Paige, there wouldn’t be a women’s revolution.

Hunter took his praise for Paige even further via Twitter. Here’s what he had to say about the retired WWE star;

"Anyone who has had the chance to know @RealPaigeWWE as a competitor and a person knows how special she really is. I'm excited so many people will get to see her incredible story. Don't miss it."

19 Vince McMahon - The Bellas

via WWE

Since the beginning, McMahon has been very high on the Bella Twins. According to Bleacher Report, the boss actually stuck his neck out for the twins, telling creative to give them a big push back in 2011. McMahon knew exactly what he was doing as the twins would go on to become huge stars both for WWE and the world of reality television. Heck, McMahon, who rarely tweets, actually praised the twins for their spinoff, Total Bellas.

In Triple H’s world, we don’t see the twins having the same amount of success. Thankfully for them, McMahon was the one in charge of their WWE run.

18 Triple H - Asuka

via WWE

Triple H knew he signed a pure gem when Asuka joined NXT. He treated her as such, and Asuka never lost a single match with the developmental brand. She was even becoming hotter with a planned heel turn. However, she was called up to the main roster–and that’s when a lot of her momentum came crashing down.

Under Vince’s watch, Asuka seemed unable to duplicate her impressive NXT success. Instead, like Nakamura, the former Royal Rumble winner became somewhat of an afterthought even during her recent championship run. Hopefully, Triple H will be more hands-on with Asuka in the future.

17 Vince McMahon - Alexa Bliss

via WWE

Usually, the story sees Triple H push a talent to the moon, but once they make it to the main roster under Vince, things tend to change. For Bliss, however, the opposite holds true. She was a marginal act with NXT only to become one of the most dominant performers on the main roster, winning the Women’s Title a total of five times.

Even as she nursed some physical ailments, McMahon continued to find room for Bliss on the show as a non-wrestling talent, whether it be hosting WrestleMania or putting on her own talk show on RAW. Now that’s some special treatment.

16 Triple H - Ronda Rousey

via Pinterest

They might be rivals on-screen, however out of the ring, these two are very close. Triple H was the biggest reason for WWE signing Rousey. He met with her several times before the two sides closed a deal. Triple H even went the extra mile, taking part in Rousey’s first match and making sure that it went according to plan. Of course, wrestling fans are well aware that it did. The match surprised many fans as Rousey exceeded expectations.

Rousey continues to be pushed heavily by WWE—and that likely won’t change till she finally decides to step back and take some time off.

15 Vince McMahon - Lacey Evans

via WWE

Vince McMahon is quite high on Lacey Evans. The likes of Jim Ross advised Vince to pump the breaks on his feelings towards Evans given her green wrestling talent. And Ross might have a point; Evans needs a little more experience before she’s pushed heavily. We saw a couple of botches from the former NXT star during the recent women’s Royal Rumble match.

Nonetheless, Vince does what he chooses to, and it seems as though Evans might be the next in line for a major push. Triple H has nothing to do with this as he didn’t really push Evans during her time with NXT.

14 Triple H - Sasha Banks

via Twitter

These two shared a close bond during Sasha’s rise in NXT. At that point, the women’s revolution was in full effect on the developmental brand. Hunter pushed Sasha to the moon and she deserved every bit of it. Under Vince’s guidance, however, Banks hasn’t been the same.

Banks shares the same love for Triple H, telling Lilian Garcia that if it wasn’t for The Game, the females in WWE would have never earned such an opportunity;

“Triple H gave us this platform of letting the women just go, letting the women just do it like the guys. And if it wasn’t for him giving us that push, and us letting him know that we can deliver, where would we be now?”

13 Vince McMahon - Carmella

via WWE

In this day and age, it is rare for a female wrestler to join the company with no prior experience. But Carmella made the cut, joining NXT back in 2013. She started off as a manager and would then translate her skills into the ring. She was always a lower card player with NXT.

But that all changed once she joined the main roster. Vince crowned Carmella as the Women’s Champion over on SmackDown Live. She was also given the honors of kicking off the 1000th episode of SmackDown alongside R-Truth and the McMahon family. Adding to her repertoire, Carmella also recently won the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35.

12 Triple H - Mickie James

via Twitter

Triple H is very close to the new talent. However, when it comes to the curious case of Mickie James, it is a little different. When she was released by WWE years ago, lots of fans thought we’d never see James again, especially given her controversies backstage.

However, Hunter gave James another chance right when she was going to call it quits entirely. With Triple H's support, James had a one-off opportunity at NXT TakeOver against Asuka. That one-time gig later expanded to a full-deal with WWE–and most of that is thanks to Triple H. Clearly, it's not just the new talent that H is concerned with.

11 Vince McMahon - Mandy Rose

via WWE

Since she joined the main roster, McMahon has been very high on Mandy Rose. McMahon’s appreciation for Rose started way back during her Tough Enough days. Yes, Mandy is quite the looker, but to her credit, she continues to improve in the ring. Despite starting off in the business just a couple of years ago, Rose shows plenty of promise.

She made minor cameos with Triple H and NXT, though in truth she was barely used as Vince McMahon was very overprotective of Rose. Surely, though, she'll work her way up the ranks and be a Women’s Champion at some point.

10 Triple H - Ruby Riott

via Pinterest

Ruby entered the WWE as an already established talent. She had prior experience with the likes of Chikara, World Wonder Ring Stardom, and Shine.

She entered NXT with a lot of hype and she was booked as a big deal by Triple H. A premature roster call up kind of hurt Ruby as she got lost in the mix. The 28-year-old deserves a lot more given her talent level–and her fans also seem to agree. We can only assume that if Triple H was the one in charge of this talent, Riott would be a lot higher up the card.

9 Vince McMahon – Lana

via WWE

Despite the fact that she took on a non-wrestling role, Lana grew to fame with WWE. Of course, McMahon was an influential part of Lana’s rise to the top. Some even speculated that McMahon felt as though Lana was too good for Rusev, hence the couple’s brief split on WWE television. They were only joined back together thanks to their engagement, which leaked on platforms like TMZ–something which McMahon was none too pleased about.

Lana was even asked to join Total Divas, though that run recently came to an end as the E! Network officials decided to go the other way.

8 Triple H – Bianca Belair

via YouTube

Triple H instantly took a liking to Belair despite her limited experience. The two shared an emotional moment at the Mae Young Classic following Bianca’s elimination from the tournament. Ever since, Hunter has kept a close watch on Belair, which tells us that she’s sure to be a Women’s Champion down in NXT. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be a big success under McMahon’s watch, too.

After all, Hunter even made a post regarding Belair prior to her TakeOver match in January;

“A little over two and a half years since @BiancaBelairWWE first walked through the door...amazing! #RESPECT #NXTTakeOver: Phoenix#WeAreNXT”

7 Vince McMahon - Natalya

via Tiwtter

Natalya is one of the only WWE Divas that can land on either side of this list. Triple H has used Nattie’s skills in the past down in NXT. She was very hands-on with Ronda Rousey when she had just joined the company. Clearly, Hunter trusts Nattie and who knows, maybe she’ll join as a coach one day.

Vince clearly feels the same way, as a decade later, Nattie remains a relevant part of the main roster. McMahon always finds time to slot Natalya into the show no matter what. Clearly, she's a huge part of WWE culture when it comes to both bosses.

6 Triple H - Zelina Vega

via WWE

She might be undersized, but Triple H found the perfect role for Zelina Vega. She’s using her gift of gab alongside Cien Almas these days. The duo thrived with NXT as Almas climbed atop the mountain alongside his new manager. Of course, that never could have happened without Triple H’s faith in Vega to change Cien’s gimmick.

To her credit, she’s also well received by Vince McMahon. In fact, Vega shared an emotional hug with the boss during the 9/11 SmackDown show. Vega lost her father on that day, both McMahon and Triple H made sure she was properly greeted and acknowledged.

5 Vince McMahon - Tamina

via WWE

Vince has to have a soft spot for Tamina. Although it isn’t acknowledged in comparison to the others, the veteran remains on the WWE roster at the age of 41–that’s a big-time rarity as Divas usually leave the company in their mid-30s at the latest.

She joined the company almost a decade ago in 2010. She has been used sporadically ever since–at times fans have even forgotten that she was still part of the main roster. Nonetheless, she remains onboard and a lot of that has to do with Vince. Maybe it's once a part of the WWE family, always part of the WWE family for Tamina.

4 Triple H - Ember Moon

via WWE

Ember was another one of Triple H’s favorites down in NXT. She was crowned as the NXT Women’s Champion. She definitely deserved that type of run given her skill inside of the squared circle. Her main roster run hasn’t been as dominant, however, although injuries also played a part in squashing Moon’s momentum overall.

Hopefully, once the Superstar Shakeup takes place, she’ll be able to restore that prior dominance. After all, she's only improved in recent years. At the age of 30, Moon is currently at the prime of her wrestling ability–we can only hope Vince and WWE don’t decide to just waste it.

3 Vince McMahon - Charlotte

via Pinterest

Similar to Natalya, Charlotte can easily end up on both sides of the list. She enjoyed great success under Triple H–although that momentum would blow up once she joined the main roster, becoming a multi-time champion. She’s already halfway at her dad’s record, having won the title a total of eight times if you count the run with the Divas Championship as well.

Another clear example of Vince’s favoritism over Charlotte was adding her to the Lynch and Rousey bout. Although fans wanted to see a singles match, McMahon felt the need to include Charlotte no matter what. Clearly, Charlotte is a keeper.

2 Triple H - Bayley

via Twitter

“He cared about everybody. He cares about everybody and he knows everyone's characters more than anybody else. Like, no matter how long the match is, or what the program is, or if you're on the bottom of the card or the top of the card, he cared about it because it's his.. he just has such a - I don't know - I think he has like a soft spot for us. Yeah, we call him 'Papa Hunter'."

Those were Bayley’s words via Wrestling Inc. and her interview on Talk Is Jericho. The two have a close relationship and NXT wouldn’t be the same without Bayley and the way Triple H booked her. Some might say the same hasn’t held true since she joined McMahon's side on the main roster, though.

1 Vince McMahon – Becky Lynch

via WWE

Despite what WWE fans might think, McMahon does, in fact, listen to the audience. All of Lynch's current success is all thanks to McMahon believing in her. Although some might credit Triple H, the truth is, Lynch's having the run of her life under Vince and the same didn't hold true during her NXT run—she was typically placed farther down in the order of the Four Horsewomen.

All of that has changed in the recent months as Lynch seems to be untouchable. And, the reason for the women headlining WrestleMania has to do with her popularity. McMahon seems to be all-in with Becky's character.

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