10 WWE Couples With The Biggest Age Gaps (+ 7 That Kept It Close)

Back in the day, it was quite common to see a big age gap in relationships. In fact, in this article, most of the wrestlers with bigger gaps are those from the ‘90s or early 2000s. Back then, it was quite common for people to meet and court a partner that was at least ten years younger. However, this formula seems to be changing in recent years.

On the flip side of this list, we’ll also include wrestlers that are the same age. This especially happens when WWE stars start off with the company at the same time and with the developmental brand. Entering a relationship is a lot easier when they're in the same location and hardly traveling; that’s the perk of working for the developmental brand instead of the main show, which is like a circus act that's constantly traveling.

We’ll feature some massive age gaps including one that’s almost a 40-year difference. We also have another age gap of almost 30 years. Clearly, a lot of the former WWE stars chose to opt for younger partners. That trend seems to be a little different at the moment, though, with the current crop electing to pick partners their same age–Charlotte and Andrade is a recent example of that.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are ten WWE couples with the biggest age gaps and seven that kept it close. Let’s get started.

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17 Biggest: Batista & Sarah Jade – 20 Years

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Way back when, when Jade had just turned 12, Batista decided he wanted to get in the wrestling business. He started at an older age and was immediately turned down by WCW–the company made the claim that he wasn’t tall enough and was also too generic looking. Of course, that would all change with WWE as The Animal went on to enjoy a tremendous run.

By the time Jade turned three, Dave was already married to his first wife, Glenda. The relationship lasted eight years till Dave remarried, this time to Angie. Following the divorce, he would marry for a third time in 2015, this time to his current partner, Sarah Jade.

16 Close: Rusev & Lana – Same Age

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Not only are these two the same age, but they also climbed the WWE ladder together throughout their near decade-long run. The 34 year-olds got started together in WWE’s developmental brand. Working together would eventually lead to a relationship between the two outside of the ring.

The pair is now happily married. This the perfect example of a modern day WWE relationship with both WWE stars being in the same age vicinity, though the love match could have been due to their schedules more than anything else! Of course, as we’ll see throughout this article that wasn’t always the case, especially with the wrestlers and Divas from the ‘90s era.

15 Biggest: Jerry Lawler & Lauryn McBride – 39 Years

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It really doesn’t get any more "lopsided" in terms of age differences than this relationship. When Lawler was about to enter his 40s, his current partner was just starting her life at the infant stage. What’s even more remarkable is that even before Jerry’s current partner was born, he had already been in two long-term relationships; one that ended in divorce from Kay and his second marriage to Paula in 1982.

Jerry would marry a third time in 2000, this time to former WWE star Stacy The Kat Carter. The relationship was a short one. He finally settled down with McBride and the couple was even able to get past some disputes–one that even caused Lawler to get suspended.

14 Biggest: Kurt Angle & Giovanna Yannotti – 18 Years

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When Giovanna was barely entering her teens, Angle joined WWE and also got married to his former wife, Karen Jarrett. Unlike Kurt’s current relationship, he and his ex-wife shared a minor age gap of just a couple of years. Of course, the two would later separate, leading to Karen entering a relationship with Jeff Jarrett instead.

Angle would also find love again, however. Although a lot younger, his current wife Giovanna played a pivotal role in getting Angle back on his feet when times were tough away from the ring. It would all work out for Kurt, and in 2017 he would return to WWE as if he had never left.

13 Close: Natalya & Tyson Kidd – 2 Years

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The relationship between Nattie and Tyson is a special one as the two actually grew up together–Natalya admitted in various interviews that things were different back then and that they didn’t like each other all that much.

Wrestling would bring them together, though. They would enter WWE’s main roster at the same time as a part of the Hart Dynasty. In the summer of 2013, the two made it official by tying the knot. The couple is still going strong these days and remains working with WWE. Nattie works as a talent on RAW while Kidd continues on with his new role as a backstage agent, helping to set up matches.

12 Biggest: Brock Lesnar & Sable – 10 Years

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This one is a head scratcher in the sense that the male wrestler is younger than the female, something we really don’t see all that much in the wrestling business. Sable has just entered her 50s while Brock recently entered his 40s.

The two hit it off back in the early 2000s when Sable returned to the ring. The two were on the same show, SmackDown, and even appeared in a couple of backstage vignettes together. Ultimately, the two would start a family and move all the way to Saskatchewan in order to live normal lives away from the spotlight.

11 Biggest: The Undertaker & Michelle McCool – 15 Years

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When McCool decided to enter the wrestling business, Undertaker already had two decades of experience, an entire life's work worth of experience for most wrestlers. Not only that, but he was also already separated and onto his second marriage with then-wife Sara.

In 2007, Undertaker separated from Sara. He would remarry for a third time in 2010 during a private outdoor ceremony. Undertaker and McCool would also go on to start a family together–the couple has a daughter, making their little girl the Deadman’s fourth child total. These days, he’s a lot more content away from the ring, living the family life.

10 Close: The Miz & Maryse – 2 Years

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The Miz and Maryse are among the most popular WWE couples. The two met during their earlier days in the company. Although Miz wasn’t the greatest Diva Search host, it allowed him to meet his future wife Maryse, who was awarded a contract after the show.

The two recently started a family together. Monroe Sky Mizanin was born in late March of 2018. The couple is now expecting another child. As if all of that wasn’t hectic enough, they’re also filming the second season of Miz and Mrs on the USA Network. Life really isn’t too shabby for the couple.

9 Biggest: Ric Flair & Wendy Barlow – 19 Years

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Ric Flair knows a thing or two about weddings. Just a little bit after Barlow was born, Ric entered his first marriage with Leslie Goodman, and the relationship lasted throughout the ‘70s and into the early ‘80s. Following that relationship, Ric would marry three more times between 1983 to 2009–his former partners included Elizabeth Harrell (Charlotte’s mom), Tiffany VanDemark, and Jackie Beems.

He recently remarried for the fifth time in 2018, this time to Wendy Barlow. The wedding was filled with celebrity guests including Dennis Rodman and The Undertaker. Ric also had a special surprise birthday celebration just a couple of months back for his 70th.

8 Close: Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro – 1 Year

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Ricochet and Catanzaro are almost the same age, although the amount of wrestling experience each has does differ. Nonetheless, Kacy has the chance to be a big star in the women’s division given her tremendous athleticism.

Prior to joining WWE, Ricochet was in a relationship with Impact star Tessa Blanchard. That relationship, in contrast with his pairing with Kacy, did have a substantial age gap, with Blanchard still in her early 20s. Nonetheless, both moved on when Ricochet joined WWE. Ricochet’s current relationship is another example of NXT stars of the same age coming together and furthering their relationship behind the scenes.

7 Biggest - Hulk Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel – 21 Years

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When McDaniel was still a little toddler, Hulk was entering the wrestling business back in the mid-‘70s. Of course, Hogan would go on to become one of the most popular WWE stars of all time. He enjoyed a popularity boom during the ‘80s and into the ‘90s.

Although he enjoyed some great success in the ring, things were a little different outside of it. Hulk separated from his longtime wife Linda in 2009, and the two were together since 1983. The two shared a close age gap, though Hulk would go for a younger partner in his second marriage with Jennifer McDaniel. Some even compare her to Hulk’s youngest daughter Brooke.

6 Close: Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy – 3 Years

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This is yet another relationship that bloomed during the wrestlers' NXT days. Given that the wrestlers are always in the same area and traveling a lot less than the main roster, starting a relationship with someone becomes that much easier–and it also helps that everyone lives in the area.

These two almost entered NXT at the exact same time. Murphy signed a deal in March of 2013, and just two months later, Alexa Bliss signed with the company. The two were placed together in a storyline, and like Lana and Rusev, they would start to date shortly after. The two are still together nowadays but on different brands, with Bliss on RAW while Buddy was recently shipped to SmackDown.

5 Biggest: The Rock & Lauren Hashian – 13 Years

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Johnson started off in football. Thankfully, that didn’t work out as he was cut from his CFL team. That forced Johnson to totally switch fields with him landing on wrestling. He would become a household name during his run with WWE. His name has grown to even bigger heights since leaving the company, as he's become one of the most recognizable names in the world.

He has a perfect life, with the perfect partner. Though a fact that a lot of people forget is that Johnson was previously married to Dany Garcia. Despite the separation, the two remain on close terms today, and Garcia is a big part of Dwayne’s success behind the scenes as his manager.

4 Close: Charlotte & Andrade – 3 Years

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This is WWE’s newest power couple. Rumors are now starting to swirl that the couple even got engaged most recently–though we really don’t know for sure at this point. Almas was moved to RAW but he’s now back on SmackDown, and Ring Side News claims that happened because of his relationship to Charlotte, who is on SmackDown Live.

The two seem to be really clicking. Charlotte had two flopped relationships prior to this one–she separated from past partners Riki Johnson and Bram. She also briefly dated Alberto Del Rio, and the couple had a substantial age gap, unlike her current relationship.

3 Biggest: Matt Hardy & Reby Sky – 12 Years

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Matt didn’t share an age gap with Lita, and the two are the same age. Of course, after a six-year relationship, the two ultimately went their separate ways. It would all work out well for Matt in the end as he would meet his future wife during his run with TNA. The couple married in 2013 and share two children.

Although the age gap is pretty large, most fans really don’t even notice all that much–and a lot of that has to do with Matt’s great conditioning in the past couple of months. He seriously looks at least five years younger!

2 Close - Jimmy Uso & Naomi – 2 Years

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The likelihood of entering a relationship with a WWE co-star is a lot higher when you both enter the business at the same time and join the developmental brand. This was the case for Jimmy and Naomi, as both got their starts with the company down in FCW during 2009.

A decade later, the two are still together and have been happily married since 2014. Thankfully, Naomi made the switch to RAW alongside the Usos. The company makes exceptions when it comes to changing brands for talents that are in a relationship. Thankfully, Jimmy and Naomi got the exception and have flourished.

1 Biggest - Bret Hart & Stephanie Washington – 26 Years

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Yes, our childhood hero Bret Hart recently entered his 60s. The Hitman is now set to turn 62 in just a couple of months in July 2019.

Like a lot of the other WWE stars from the ‘90s, Bret has had a couple of relationships. His longest was with his first wife Julie. That relationship spanned two decades before they finally separated in 2002. Bret would go on to have a brief relationship with Cinzia Rota, but he married for a third time in 2010 to his current wife Stephanie Washington. Of course, this is the biggest age gap out of all Bret’s past relationships. It seems to be working well, though!

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