10 Wellness Fads That Make Zero Sense And 10 That Sound Legit

The wellness world seems to be changing by the day, if not by the hour. One minute, kale is the coolest and most popular vegetable ever, and the next, cauliflower has totally taken its place. It can feel pretty tough (and even kind of exhausting) to keep up, and that's true even if we're super into living a healthy lifestyle. We feel like we have to do everything in order to be healthy and that's just not true.

It can be fun and interesting to read a lot of wellness blogs and websites and magazines and see what the latest trends are. But how do we know that what we're reading about is legit and even good for us? Sometimes there isn't enough research to say that something is actually healthy, and other times, we can pretty much tell as soon as we read about a new trend that it doesn't seem logical or good for us. There are just some things that would never interest us, no matter how trendy or popular or how many people are talking about them. The problem is that while some are definitely harmless, like a trendy kind of milk, others might be a bit sketchier.

Here are 10 wellness fads that make zero sense... and 10 that sound legit.

20 Zero Sense: Juice Cleanses


Juice cleanses have been around for a while now, and maybe we tried them once, or we at least know someone who has. Basically, you drink only juice and don't eat any food for a period of time, which generally seems to be a few days.

This is one wellness trend that makes absolutely zero sense. Why? Because, well, we are supposed to eat.

There's a reason that we eat three meals a day (and maybe some snacks, too).

We're going to be hungry if we don't eat and there is no reason to do that to ourselves. According to LiveScience, it can be tough on your body since you don't get enough calories or protein, and it's generally too "extreme."

19 Zero Sense: Activated Charcoal In Water/Drinks

One Green Planet

Have you heard about this trend yet? Activated charcoal is making the rounds of the wellness industry and it's basically charcoal that you can after mixing it in water or another drink.

According to Livestrong.com, the point is "pulling toxins out of the human body." But it doesn't seem like this is really necessary because your liver detoxes everything that it needs to and you don't need to think about detoxing as much as people want you to believe. You can honestly just drink water. Also, people are jumping in on the trend and creating charcoal cocktails, and that seems to make zero sense, too.

18 Zero Sense: Camel Milk


Yes, camel milk is a thing. You've heard of almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, and rice milk. Up until recently, those were the only dairy-free alternatives out there. Now there's camel milk.

For one thing, it's not super mainstream or easy to find, and for another, we might not really want to drink camel milk.

Let's just be honest here. Sure, it has more vitamin C and less saturated fat than cow's milk, but there don't seem to be other reasons to drink it instead of other milk. If we want to keep buying milk or non-dairy milk, that seems just fine.

17 Zero Sense: Going Low-Carb


Low-carb diets are really trendy right now. Some people follow a Paleo-style of eating and go easy on the carbs (avoiding grains, which is the whole point of the Paleo diet... but some people don't eat potatoes and sweet potatoes on this diet, either). Others follow the Keto diet which is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate style of eating.

It doesn't make that much sense to go so low carb that you don't have enough energy or have crazy carb cravings because our bodies do need some carbs in order to function at their best. (Plus, pizza is the best thing ever, and none of us would argue with that).

16 Zero Sense: Only Buying Organic Food


Organic food has been coined as the healthiest for a long time now.

It seems like a few decades ago, only "hippies" or vegans were buying organic food, including produce. 

But now, with popular grocery stores like Whole Foods, we're being told that we should only be buying organic for certain fruit and veggies.

Sure, it makes sense to care about pesticide use and all that, but honestly, most of us can't afford organic food or produce... at least not when it comes to our regular grocery shopping.

15 Zero Sense: Strange Ways Of Eating


There are so many diets out there and ways to eat that it can be pretty overwhelming. Some people argue for a concept that you eat according to your personality and you can use that to create better habits.

No offense to anyone who comes up with an eating plan that works for them or helps others. That's totally awesome and impressive. It's just that with all of the noise out there about what to eat and what not to eat, it seems like we should just eat what we like and what makes us feel good.

14 Zero Sense: Super Short Workouts


While there's still a lot of attention given to workouts that are an hour long and very intense, whether that includes weight training or cardio (or a combo of both), a lot of people seem to be doing much shorter workouts these days.

A lot of fitness websites and publications talk about 10-15-minute workouts that you can do at home.

While it's awesome to move your body when you don't have a ton of time, don't these sound better than, well, nothing? Shouldn't we still be striving for three to five hour-long workouts per week? We do want to feel strong and get fit, after all...

13 Zero Sense: Bee Pollen In Smoothies/Smoothie Bowls


Smoothie bowls are so popular right now and have been for a while. What's more fun than eating a big bowl of fruit with tons of toppings? Exactly. Nothing is more enjoyable than that.

Also, smoothie bowls tend to taste just like ice cream if we put the right ingredients into a blender, so that totally counts for something, too. Breakfast is a lot more interesting when we take the time to create an epic smoothie bowl, and then there's the bonus of it being beautiful, too.

Bee pollen is one suggested topping for smoothie bowls... and, honestly, this sounds kind of gross. Do we really want to eat this?!

12 Zero Sense: Tracking Your Monthly Cycle With An App


We obviously know that we get our period once a month, and hopefully, it's regular (for the most part) and we know when it's arriving. But it's super easy to write that down in our agenda, a notebook, or even in the notes section of our phone.

We don't really need to track our cycle via an app, which seems trendy right now.

First of all, do we want to rely on technology for something like this? What if mistakes are made and we end up at work without tampons or pads? Second of all, using an app just doesn't seem necessary.

11 Zero Sense: Not Eating Fruit Because It Has Sugar


It might sound crazy, but some people really do believe that it's best to avoid fruit because it has sugar. But the thing is that fruit has natural sugar and it's not the same as the sugar in sour candy or gummy worms.

It doesn't make sense to cut fruit out completely from your diet. Apples and bananas make awesome afternoon snacks, and berries are the best for smoothies and smoothie bowls. And who can say no to some juicy watermelon in the summer? Exactly.

10 Legit: Morning Lemon Water


Have you heard about drinking a glass of lemon water first thing, aka as soon as you wake up?

The nutritionist Joy McCarthy from Joyous Health posted that this is great for cutting down on bloating, regulating your digestive system. Basically, it sounds like it gets your system moving first thing in the morning, and that might be something that appeals to you.

And, of course, drinking more water is never a bad idea.

Some people heat up their lemon water, so that's another option if cold water is too much for you.

9 Legit: Acupuncture For Stress


Stress is something that is discussed a lot these days, and that's super awesome. The American Psychological Association counts stress as a major factor in whether you're healthy or end up with a disease or something going wonky with your health.

It's become trendy and popular for people to go to an acupuncture clinic if they are dealing with digestive issues, stress, or insomnia, and research seems to suggest that that's totally fine and legit. If you have the funds for it, why not? Anything that you can do to chill out and take control of your stress levels seems like a great idea.

8 Legit: The Focus On Self-Care


"Self-care" seems like the buzzword of 2018. If we've been on Instagram since January, we've most likely seen at least a few posts about this. A lot of people like to do their self-care on Sundays and they talk a lot about baths and face masks and that kind of thing.

But self-care can be anything that helps you chill out and feel good about yourself and take a step back from your busy life.

Taking time for yourself is the best idea ever and makes so much sense. = This is a great way to lower your stress levels and make sure that you don't get sick all the time from working so hard.

7 Legit: Green Beauty And Skincare


People who care about the food that they eat and take care of themselves seem to go to the next level of health: purchasing beauty and skincare products that are "green" or made with healthier, better for you ingredients.

There are tons of brands that are making waves, like Beauty Counter, and a lot of people are chatting about this topic, so if we're interested, it seems like it's pretty easy to find the information that we need. It makes sense that we don't want to put toxic chemicals on our skin or face or body if we don't want to eat processed foods.

6 Legit: The Paleo Lifestyle


Whether you're Paleo yourself or have friends that follow this lifestyle, it's impossible not to have heard of this way of eating by now.

The Paleo diet is all about avoiding grains and legumes and refined sugar.

It focuses on protein, healthy fats (think avocados... yup, everyone's fave food ever), and tons of vegetables. This definitely seems like a legit wellness trend since it has a focus on eating real food, basically the way that it comes.

5 Legit: Going Sugar-Free


No matter how we much we love the sweet stuff, from ice cream to candy to cookies, we can all agree that sugar is not the best thing for us. Our dentists and general doctors would say the same.

It has become trendy in the wellness world to go sugar-free or at least keep an eye on our sugar intake. Since sugar hides in so many products (like tomato sauce and salad dressings), we definitely need to be aware of it.

4 Legit: Hot Yoga Classes

We know that yoga is a really good thing. We might be nervous about the high temps of a hot yoga class (and we might wonder if we really want to get that sweaty).

But beyond that, it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with hot yoga.

Experts seem to believe that if you're super new to yoga, you might not want to start with a hotter class, and the same thing goes if you're expecting a child. This makes sense, since regular yoga is already challenging if you've never tried it before.

3 Legit: Working Out Less/Taking More Rest Days


Part of the whole self-care movement is definitely the concept that you don't have to work out seven days a week in order to be healthy or fit or anything else that you want to be.

Chances are, we like taking a few rest days every week because there are days when we're more tired than others and just don't feel like going to the gym or to our barre class.

It's totally legit and makes a lot of sense to suggest that we take care of ourselves and listen to our body and skip the gym when we feel that it's a good idea.

2 Legit: Coffee Alternatives Like Matcha Lattes And Mushroom "Coffee" Or Tea


Yeah, we all adore coffee, but even the biggest of coffee lovers and snobs among us have probably noticed that there are other drinks that are making waves in the wellness world. People are loving matcha lattes and mushroom tea/coffee alternatives.

These seem to be a great option if we want something other than coffee.

Matcha has antioxidants and will still give us a caffeine boost if that's what we're after. Mushroom tea is said to be good for decreasing stress and steadying hormones. It seems like these drinks might have a bit of a healthy leg up on our beloved coffee, and even if we want to still drink java, there's no reason why we can't switch it up sometimes.

1 Legit: Healthy Flavored Sparkling Water


It's pretty much impossible not to have heard of La Croix by now. The cans are adorable and colorful and flavors like lime and peach-pear sound so much more interesting and delicious than plain old water. Spindrift is another brand that is being talked about a lot right now.

Is flavored sparkling water healthy? Some might say the "natural flavors" in La Croix aren't specified so it's hard to know, but Spindrift is made of just fruit. It seems like these drinks are fairly healthy since they might help us actually drink water if we're the types of people who tend to forget.

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