10 Wedding Trends We Say "Yes" To & 10 That Are A Big No-No

Weddings are bombarded by new trends every year. Some of them are really amazing, like when it comes to brides having more choices for their wedding attire. Gone are the days when white dresses were the default. Now, you'll find lots of other creative bridal wear, such as black dresses and jumpsuits. Interesting ideas for the wedding reception can also make the event so much more personal and special, such as creative wedding stations. Whether they're a cupcake or hot chocolate station, they're always a hit! But, let's be honest, there are also some wedding trends that leave us shaking our heads.

For example, what's up with those massive floral crowns that brides are wearing? They not only look heavy and uncomfortable, but they also draw all the attention away from the bride's face! Another trend that's a bit OTT is flower walls. Yes, having a wall decorated with thousands of flowers bunched together can be pretty, but just think of all the effort and resources it takes to make them, and all for a few photos? It's crazy. Here are 10 wedding trends that you'll want to say "I do" to, and 10 trends that are not invited to the big day.

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20 We Say Yes To: Black Wedding Gowns

A few years ago, fashion designer Vera Wang's bridal gown collection was filled with black dresses. Darker bridal dresses are still trendy and definitely set to stay. Whether you want a black wedding gown or just a few black accents on your dress, which Glamour reports is a hot wedding trend, black is the new white wedding dress! It's a creative and fun way to put a spin on bridal traditions while finding something that's more unique to your personal style. Bonus: you're more likely to upcycle a black wedding gown into a cocktail dress when compared to a white one. Fact!

19 Big No-No: Black Wedding Cakes

While black can look gorgeous in bridal gowns, it's not really a great idea when it comes to your wedding cake. A black wedding cake seems a little too much like Halloween has come early. You want your wedding cake to look good enough to eat, while being a celebration, such as with the use of bright colors and edible flowers. Black cakes look less than appealing, as well as artificial - even chocolate's not pure black in color! If you really like the idea of adding black to your wedding cake, keep the touches to a minimum while avoiding anything too dark and depressing.

18 We Say Yes To: Potted Plants As Wedding Aisle Decor

The wedding aisle is often decorated with petals and flowers, but you might want something a little different. Using potted plants is a nice rustic touch to a wedding that's held outdoors. When dotted along the aisle at the ceremony, potted flowers provide bursts of charming color for the bride when she walks down the aisle. The flower colors can also be chosen to reflect the wedding decor, making them pull together the theme. Potted flowers are also better for the environment than picked flowers in vases because they don't have to be thrown out in the rubbish after a few days.

17 Big No-No: Massive Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are always pretty and make you feel like a princess bride. But, if they're too big, they have the tendency to take over your hairstyle and overall bridal appearance. Massive flowers on your head can look ridiculous while stealing all the attention away from how you look. No one will notice your stunning makeup and pretty neckline when you have huge flowers on your head that are fighting for competition. Keep the flowers to a minimum so that they're gorgeous but without stealing the show. If you like going big with flowers, choose just one for your bridal hairstyle instead of having a bunch of them.

16 We Say Yes To: Creative Wedding Stations

Having a food station on your big day makes your wedding much more interactive for guests. So, whether you want to serve hot chocolate, sushi, or cupcakes, food stations can be lots of fun for everyone. People expect to eat delicious food when attending a wedding, but a food station can increase their pleasure, especially if you focus on offering your guests something more exotic that they wouldn't ordinarily eat. How about a food station that features the most delicious treats found in the local area where you're hosting your destination wedding? It's a nice touch to make your wedding more memorable.

15 Big No-No: Staged Photos

There's a wedding photo trend going around that has to stop - I'm talking about those bridal party images where people are photographed looking like they were told to smile and pretend to be having a whale of a time. Sadly, these staged photos come across as fake every time. It's a better idea to have a collection of wedding photos that are real and spontaneous, capturing the magic that happens naturally on your special day. Those are the fond memories you'll look back on with a smile for years to come, not the photos that force memories to be made.

14 We Say Yes To: Invites That Aren't Traditional

You might think that wedding invitations have to be written in an elegant font with a classic, minimalist touch. That's fine if it works with your style, but bolder, more fun invites are becoming much more popular. Work with different fonts, make your invitations personal, and don't be afraid to add some color! These will be fun for your guests to receive. A good tip when choosing bolder invites is to think about the energy you want your wedding to have, and then try to choose elements in your invitations that reflect that. Think of your invitations as a preview of your upcoming wedding, so make them count!

13 Big No-No: Hashtag Weddings

Using wedding hashtags on social media sites like Twitter can be fun, but they have the effect of making your guests stay glued to their phones during your wedding as they try to write entertaining posts or upload pictures so that they can use your wedding hashtag. The result? People are too busy posting things online and not really living in the moment of your wedding. So, maybe it's a better idea to have a no-phones policy at your reception! After all, your wedding is much more special than a hashtag - you want to live it instead of talk about it.

12 We Say Yes To: Lucite

See-through furniture is trendy and interesting, while also serving some smart functions. It prevents furniture in the room from looking chunky, while opening up the space, and letting the eye rest on other, more important elements of the wedding reception, such as the pretty tablecloths or floral arrangements. Lucite gives the impression of an airy, lighter space. It works well for minimalist couples who don't want clutter, while also adding a contemporary touch to a traditional wedding that's quite intriguing. Don't stop at lucite or perspex furniture, though - you can make your table numbers, dessert stands, or even wedding stationery see-through!

11 Big No-No: Impractical Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming to your special day and sharing in it with you. In recent years, people have come up with really different and unique wedding favor ideas, with a popular one being delicious treats that guests can enjoy. While those are always a winner, the idea of having impractical gifts, such as matches, framed place cards, or monogrammed golf balls can be a little too out the box. If your guests won't really use the gifts, or they're just corny, then rather find something else to give them that they'll enjoy.

10 We Say Yes To: Velvet

Velvet is a gorgeous fabric to add to your wedding, whether in the form of your bridal gown or wedding furniture, such as chairs. When decorated in jewel tones, velvet gives the wedding a stylish and sophisticated touch. It's also a clever way to enjoy deeper or brighter colors without going OTT. For example, as can be seen in the above picture, the jewel-green velvet chairs look charming instead of garish, and that's simply because they're in gorgeous velvet. Velvet also gives wedding furniture a touch of comfort and luxury, making it a lovely trend we want to see more of in future.

9 Big No-No: Greenery Instead Of Flowers

While green touches in a wedding are natural and beautiful, too much of them at the expense of flowers can really backfire. A wedding with no flowers is a sad function! Flowers are about celebration and happiness. Foliage can look stylish, but it sometimes lacks the softer, prettier touches of personality that you want on your wedding day, and which are characteristic of flowers. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The earth laughs in flowers!" Remember that when you're tempted to give them a miss because you'll be missing out on lots of beauty and fun.

8 We Say Yes To: Colorful Candles

White candles make you think of sophisticated weddings, and they're a classic way to make your wedding more romantic. But why not bring some more colorful candles to the party? These can change the whole table decor really easily while adding a punch of color to make the tables more unique. Choose candles in colors that form part of your wedding theme to create harmony throughout the event, or create contrast by choosing a different color to your wedding blooms, such as placing blue candles on a table next to pink flowers. This makes the table so much more visually striking.

7 Big No-No: Naked Cakes

Naked cakes have become popular at weddings, but what are they, exactly? According to The Kitchn, a naked cake doesn't have an outer layer of frosting. This means that you can see the inside of the cake's filling and texture. Some naked cakes have a little bit of frosting, but nothing too heavy. Although they might look beautiful, the lack of frosting can make the cake dry because it's not there to seal in the cake's spongy moisture. Naked cakes also give the impression of an unfinished cake, while making you miss out on the chance to have a really gorgeous work of art on display. Not fun!

6 We Say Yes To: Balloons

Balloons are fun and scream "party", so they're perfect with which to decorate your wedding reception. Choose bold and colorful ones that also look stylish - metallic and glitter balloons can make any event look more glamorous. They can also be used to enhance certain aspects of your wedding, such as the table garland. As reported by Brides, mixing small balloons with flowers or foliage can take garland decorations to the next level. They're also great for being carried by your flower girls instead of the traditional petals - and they'll look gorgeously whimsical in all your bridal snaps.

5 Big No-No: Mason Jars

So many weddings have made use of mason jars, whether they're used to store candles, flowers, or just add a pretty touch to the decor. But honestly? They've been so done before that they've become cliched! While mason jars are a fun way to DIY your wedding, especially if it's rustic, they lack personality and uniqueness. Give them a skip and if you really love DIY and upcycling, try to satisfy your need for it with other items instead. Why would you want to have mason jars at your wedding when every other bride is doing the same thing? Boring!

4 We Say Yes To: Bridal Jumpsuits

Forget wearing a dress for your wedding - bridal jumpsuits have become trendy and it's clear to see why. They're comfortable, a nice alternative for brides who don't like to wear puffy dresses, and they're convenient for wearing to the wedding ceremony and reception later, without the need for a wardrobe change. That doesn't mean that jumpsuits aren't glam, though. As reported by Modern Wedding, bridal jumpsuits can be very detailed, with open backs, pretty lace, sequins, diamonds, or other stylish and sophisticated touches to make them memorable. This means that brides can be comfy and chic on their special day - it's the perfect balance!

3 Big No-No: White Bridesmaid Dresses

If you're choosing to wear white as a bride, why on earth would you want your bridesmaids to look the same? The whole point is for you to be the center of attention - it's your big day, after all. Having your bridesmaids dressed in white can make your beautiful gown look less effective because it gets lost in the sea of white! If you and your bridesmaids are adorned in floaty or puffy dresses, it makes it seem like you're all the brides on the big day, which is awkward, to say the least. Having different styles and colors of dresses is much more beautiful.

2 We Say Yes To: Darker Bridal Bouquets

While brides are wearing more black in their gowns, there's also the tendency for their bouquets to become darker. This can take the form of Burgundy, purple, plum, and dark red, for instance. Not only great for winter weddings, these darker buds create an exciting and different floral arrangement that looks very stylish, especially when they also make use of different textures, such as flower petals that feel like velvet or have fuzzy appearances. Darker flowers are a chic move away from the pale, pastel flowers that are traditional for brides to carry, but which can feel a little too overdone.

1 Big No-No: Flower Walls

Large flower walls can look glamorous at a wedding, but they're also a bit silly. For starters, it takes a lot of flowers and effort to have them installed, and it's only for a few hours before the installations will have to come down. Posing in front of a flower wall might seem like fun, but chances are your guests aren't going to be crazy about the idea, which means the flower wall will be ignored for most of the evening. While a flower wall can look stunning as a backdrop, it's really expensive - one installation could cost you more than $10,000! Gulp.

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