10 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Travel Blues

A great trip can be one of the most elating experiences of your life. But, the sad reality is that adventurous travel always promises one huge comedown: the post-travel blues. Returning back home and returning back to the “reality” of everyday mundane tasks like grocery shopping and dentist appointments isn’t quite as glamorous or fun as a safari trip through South Africa. But, the post-travel comedown doesn’t have to leave you lost in a ball of depression for months either. Trips are a fabulous way to grow and learn and to implement those newly found lessons into your daily life. Next time you’re home from the trip of a lifetime and feeling desperate to go back in time, try one or all of these ways to overcome your post-travel blues:

10 Keep In Touch With Your New Friends

Keep in touch with that cute Australian boy you met at your hostel. Or send a Facebook message to your newfound soul sister from Brazil. Reminisce about the fun you had together and share photos and memories with each other. Keep your newfound friends close and invite them to visit you! Chances are, you’ll get the same invitation back (aka you can start planning your next trip!). Stay in contact with these friends and update them about important and fun news in your life and ask them to do the same with you so you can share and live vicariously through each other.

9 Travel Through Your Senses

Our senses are our most keen connection to the world we live in and the places we travel to. Craving the tastes and scents of India? Whip up a spicy curry and let your home and your senses drown in its succulent aroma. Are you missing Mexico? Hang your new colorful tapestry across the wall. Dreaming of Taiwan? Close your eyes and light up some traditional incense. Missing the humid warmth of Panama? Find the nearest sauna. Stroll through a museum or even just walk down the foreign food aisle in your local grocery store. Use the power of your senses to travel back in time and draw you back to the place you’re missing most, or the place you most want to visit next.

8 Explore Your Hometown

Or province. Or state. Or country. Chances are that although everything seems boring and tedious to you there, there is likely a whole lot of unexplored territory that you’ve never even noticed before. Come back from your vacation and see your hometown with a new set of eyes. Try that old restaurant that you’ve never been to and take the walking trail to the reservoir that you’ve never tried. Take a road trip an hour or two away and wander aimlessly through a new town. Look through all the nooks and crannies that you’ve never really noticed before and see how your own town or city can become a whole new world waiting for you to explore it.

7 Flip Through The Photos

Travel back in time through your mind. Travel through all the stages of your nostalgia as you reminisce about all the fun you had. Share your photos with your family or your friends as you tell them all the funniest and most bizarre stories from your trip. Remember that time the skies opened and you were trapped right in the middle of a torrential downpour on your hike through the jungle. Laugh about that great photo you have of the funny character you met at the bar who drunkenly told you that he thinks you and your sister make a cute couple. Travel back through your wonderful memories using your photographs to spark the recollections.

6 Take A Camping Trip Or Weekend Away

So after a really good vacation, chances are that you are likely no longer sitting pretty on a nice fat bank account. But you’ve caught the wanderlust bug. And everyone knows, that once that travel bug hits, there is simply no cure. The only antidote? Keep moving. Keep traveling. So how do you do that without the budget? Enjoy a cheap trip! Go camping or split a modest house for a weekend away with friends. No need for anything too extravagant. Be rugged and enjoy the adventure. Borrow your parents' mildew-y tent that’s been sitting in their garage for years and pack some marshmallows and wine for a weekend of pure bliss with your friends. You don’t have to be loaded or millions of miles away to have some adventure and excitement in your life.

5 Watch Foreign Films & Listen To Foreign Music

Another great way to travel through your mind is to engulf it in another world. Movies and music can do this better than anything else. Stroll through your Netflix account and find the most seductive Spanish film or YouTube a really great Caribbean band. Lose yourself in another world in the story of a beautiful film or song. Return to your favorite city or country by simply viewing the backdrops of a great movie. Travel the world over using this simple technique of exploring different cultures, languages, sights, and sounds within your very own mind.

4 Spend Time With Friends & Family

Dreaming of moving to Bali and wondering why you live in the freezing cold of South Dakota? Remind yourself why you live here in the first place. Spend lots of time with your loved ones. Hang out with your nieces and nephews or your cousins or your siblings. Spend the afternoon with grandpa or go to lunch with your mom. Have a girl’s night out or a movie night with friends. Surround yourself with the people that mean the most to you to remember why you're based where you are. Wherever you are, home is made by the people you surround yourself with; so, when you’re feeling sad after an amazing trip, remember that it is these people that keep drawing you back home.

3 Be Adventurous

Have you always wanted to go bungee jumping? Or scuba diving? Or take a dance class? Or learn a foreign language? What better time to take the plunge than when you’re already adrenaline-rushed and high on life? Travel is adventurous, so when you travel, you tend to step out of your comfort zone. You might be afraid of heights, but you went cliff jumping into the Mediterranean in spite of it (because, honestly, how could you not?). Or maybe you’re not the most adventurous eater, but you tried Thailand’s specialty fried bugs. Use the momentum that your vacation has inspired in you and keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone even when you get back home. Keep the adventure alive inside of you and do all those things that you’ve always wanted to try to keep your adrenaline pumping even back in the comfort of your own bed.

2 Create A New Habit

Travel is a wonderful and welcome break from your everyday life and routine. So keep that ball rolling even after you’ve come back home and implement something new into your life. Did you fall in love with the food of Italy? Try cooking it at home! Did you absolutely love trekking in New Zealand? Take a daily walk through your local park! Was your favorite part of the trip curling up in a hammock on the beach to read everyday? Make the time to snuggle up with a book at home! Use the disturbance of your daily life that a holiday creates to change something up in your daily routine. Create a new habit that you’ve always wanted to. Set aside the time for meditation or spend thirty minutes a day at the gym. Whatever you’ve always wanted to add to your daily life, now is the time to do it.

1 Plan Your Next Trip

Nothing will help you get over your post-trip comedown better than creating excitement for the next one. If you don’t yet have the money for the next big trip, no worries…just plan in your head! Create a timeline of when you could potentially go and work toward saving to make that happen. Look up photos of your new destination(s), research the sites to see, the foods to taste, and the people to meet. Create a budget and research flight and hotel prices. Start getting the ball rolling for your next trip to create excitement and something to look forward to. Whether that trip is in three weeks or three years, build up the anticipation and excitement in your head so you can take your mind off the one that is now (sadly) over and start preparing for what lies ahead.

sources: huffingtonpost.com

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