10 Ways Nick Lachey Raises His Family (+ 10 Ways Jessica Simpson Raises Hers)

No one can forget the infamous early-2000s moment when Jessica Simpson tied the knot with fellow singer Nick Lachey, giving us one of the most infamous celebrity pairings in Hollywood history. Nick and Jess became iconic for being one of the first famous families to showcase their lives on reality TV, as their show Newlyweds debuted shortly after their wedding. However, it wasn’t a happily ever after, as the couple called it quits in 2006 after months of publicly trying to patch things up.

However, more than a decade later, both Nick and Jessica have found love again and have started their own families. Nick Lachey married actress Vanessa Minnillo in 2011 after almost five years of dating. The couple now has three children: six-year-old Camden, four-year-old Brooklyn, and two-year old Phoenix. Jessica went on to marry NFL star Eric Johnson. Together they have two children, a seven-year-old daughter named Maxwell and a six-year-old son called Ace. They're currently expecting their third child (a little girl!).

Despite being married for four years and having fans convinced they’d have children together, Nick and Jessica’s parenting styles couldn’t be any more different. Read on to discover how these celebrities run things in their households.

First, let's look at how Nick Lachey handles life with three children...

20 Nick Spends Mornings With The Kids

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Everyone wonders how they’re going to split their time when they have kids, and celebrities are no exception. With their busy schedules that often demand a ton of travelling, we can imagine it's hard for them to find one-on-one time with their offspring.

When he first became a dad, Nick Lachey said that he reserved mornings for his then eight-month-old son, Camden.

"He’s an angel; he’s the happiest kid," he told People in 2013. "It’s our morning ‘dude time’ and the perfect way to start my day." When talking about being a parent, he added, "Every single thing in your life changes, and we welcomed that."

19 Their Son Was Born With A Respiratory Virus

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It’s easy to think that celebrities have picture-perfect families based on what we see online. That’s why it’s refreshing that Nick and Vanessa have been open about the struggles their family has faced. Namely, they went through a rough patch in 2017 when their youngest child, Phoenix, was born prematurely with respiratory issues.

Luckily, after a troubling experience at the hospital, the two-year old is doing better than ever. “He’s smaller, but he’s healthy. He’s so happy,” Vanessa recently told People about the toddler’s progress. “Brooklyn and Camden were standing and walking a little bit at this point and he’s not even near that.”

18 His Kids Inspire His Music

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Nick Lachey has been in the music industry for decades. But it wasn’t until he had children that he saw a big shift in his music. After welcoming his first child, the star says his son became his new muse. He released his solo album A Father’s Lullaby, dedicated to his son.

“It was pretty early on in Vanessa's pregnancy. I had so many emotions running through my head, and music has always been my way of expressing that,” Nick told Pop Sugar about deciding to make the record. “I hadn't heard of any guys with lullaby albums, so I decided to go for it. It was really an inspiring time in my life. I started to write the melodies when she was pregnant, then waited on the lyrics until the baby was here and I could get to know him.”

17 The Kids Go On Tour With Him

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Many fans wondered how Nick was going to balance his music career after becoming a father, but it sure hasn’t slowed him down! Shortly after welcoming his first child, the star announced his wife and baby would be hitting the road with him on his upcoming tour.

“They'll be with me for at least the first part of the tour. It's too long of a time to be away from him . . . watching him grow and change,” he told Pop Sugar back in 2013. “I'd miss it — and him — too much. So they'll be joining me. The other guys have kids too — my brother [and bandmate, Drew Lachey] has two kids, and Jeff [Timmons] has five, so it'll be a whole family affair. We've traveled with Camden before, but never on a bus!”

16 Otherwise The Kids Skype With Dad Daily

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Now that the Lachey family has three children, it’s not as easy to take the whole brood on tour with dad (especially since Camden is in school!).

Although long distance has got to be hard on this famous family, Vanessa says they make it work by having daily family Skype calls with Nick while he’s on the road. And, if they’re not doing that, then they’re sending mail the old fashioned way.

"We Skype with him, but we also write him letters and cards," Vanessa explained to Today. "Camden’s now 6, so he’s really big into phonetics and sounding words out and making pop-up cards, believe it or not."

15 They Read A Lot Of Parenting Books

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Want to know how Nick and Vanessa prepared for parenthood? They hit the books!

The celebrities have revealed they read a ton of parenting literature before welcoming their first baby, and they swear that it helped them.

“I read three books that I found extremely helpful -- Happy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child, by Marc Weissbluth, On Becoming Baby Wise, by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, and Baby 411, by Ari Brown and Denise Fields,” Vanessa once told Parents. “I also learned a lot from Baby 411, [which] is like a baby encyclopedia. Everything you need to know about having a baby is located in one place.”

14 Sports Are A Big Part Of Their Family

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While we’re definitely expecting one of the Lachey kids to branch into music one day, it’s also likely one of them may become an athlete. Nick has long expressed how passionate he is about sports, despite not playing professionally. So you can bet he’s made it a part of his family’s routine, too.

“I'm big into sports, so I'm excited to really be able to play with him. I can't wait to take him to his first baseball game,” Nick told Pop Sugar after welcoming his first son. “They become real little people so quickly. It's amazing to watch them grow. It's a wild ride!”

Nowadays, the celeb often posts videos of himself and his kiddos throwing hoops or kicking around a soccer ball in their backyard.

13 Nick Promised To Put His Family Before His Career

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Evidently, the Lacheys had a conversation before having kids about how it would affect their jobs. Vanessa has revealed that Nick promised he'd never fill up his schedule to the point where he couldn’t have days off with his family. And given how many opportunities he’s likely offered, that could mean some big sacrifices.

"Because Nick and I made it important to make our family a priority, he didn't accept the VH1 job until after Dads wrapped, and he's willing to leave New York if and when Dads season two gets picked up,” Vanessa once explained about why her husband delayed his hosting gig on Big Morning Buzz Live.

12 They Rely A Lot On Friends And Family

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With two busy, working parents, it’s no surprise that the Lacheys have to rely on external help to keep up with their brood. The parents have revealed they rely heavily on their friends and family for support - emotionally and in the “Can you watch my kids?” sense.

“I try and surround myself with a great support system, so when I do come across these [difficult] moments, I know how to handle [them] -- getting Camden on a schedule, traveling, juggling work schedules, dealing with a teething issue, or getting into a routine,” Vanessa told Parents about becoming a first-time mom.

11 They’re Go-With-The-Flow Parents

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There seem to be two types of parents: the strict kind and the relaxed ones. Nick self-admittedly falls into the latter category, as he’s fessed up to being pretty lenient with his kiddos.

“Camden will be a rock and roll kid,” the singer told People in 2013 about his new baby at the time. “We’re not overly obsessive or controlling – I like to think we’re cool and hip.” He added that, despite this being their first child, he and Vanessa were “pretty chill” about everything.

We wish we were so calm about first-time parenting!

Now let us take a look at how Jessica Simpson is raising her family...

10 Jessica Gets Help From Nannies

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Jessica Simpson is one celebrity who isn’t afraid to admit she uses hired help. And with her busy schedule, we can’t say we blame her. However, fans remain unsure if the blonde’s choice of nanny is the best.

Back in 2016, a source told Star Magazine that the family’s nanny went on an outing with only Jessica’s husband and son. “They were chatting nonstop while little Ace rode on his dad’s shoulders,” the insider said. “But a two-year-old doesn’t want to go on a long hike like that — especially with no stroller! Ace would have had more fun at the playground. This was obviously a chance for the two adults to spend some time alone with each other.”

9 Her Kids Are Excelling In School

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No one has ever pegged Jessica for being the brainiest celebrity - after all, who can forget when she confused tuna with chicken? But the star hasn’t been shy to brag about her offspring’s academic success.

This past December, Jessica shared a post to social media showing off Maxwell and Ace in their adorable school uniforms after their winter concert. “I’m so proud of my kiddos for being such standout talents in their school winter program!!,” she captioned the photo. “My family is my happy place.”

She also included a black-and-white picture of herself and her hubby Eric embracing their kids after the show.

8 The Kids Are More Tech Savvy Than Her

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It seems every new generation is more technologically advanced than the one before them, and Jessica’s children are no exception. The star has admitted that her kids seem to get the hang of things a lot better than her, despite her oldest only being six years old.

"[They] somehow find the pictures not to post,” Jessica once told Jimmy Fallon about how her kids’ savviness can sometimes get them (or her) in trouble. "They're better at technology than I am. Not that I'm ever good at it."

Perhaps Jessica’s kids will take a step away from show business and find a career in the tech industry (it pays just as well)!

7 Her Pregnancies Have Always Been Tough

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Jessica got a lot of flack during her first two pregnancies for seemingly packing on the pounds, even though that’s what you’re supposed to do while pregnant. And unfortunately, her current pregnancy isn’t going any smoother.

Earlier this month, there were reports that Jessica had to be hospitalized for a full week due to bronchitis. The celeb has been feeling ill during most of her third pregnancy. “Coughing with Birdie [the baby who hasn’t been born yet] has been a crazy painful journey,” Jessica shared on social media. “I am getting healthier every day. Baby girl was monitored and is doing amazing! I am on my way to healthy!”

6 She Swears Her Kids Always Get Along

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Many children have trouble adjusting when a new sibling comes home from the hospital. But Jessica says her eldest child, daughter Maxwell, adjusted well to becoming a big sister. So she’ll likely be just fine when baby no. 3 gets here!

“No, she loves being a big sister. I come from a really close-knit family and we're always together,” Jessica told Parents about how close her kids are. “Maxwell gets to spend a lot of time with all of us and her older cousin, Bronx. She loves being around him and Ace and sharing the attention. She's stepping into her own as a toddler, and it's exciting to see her take on the role of big sister; she loves imitating Mom and Dad.”

5 Her Daughter Takes Horseback Riding Lessons

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It’s not only Nick Lachey’s kids who are sporty. Jessica’s children also love to stay active. A few years ago, the singer-actress revealed that her daughter Maxwell had developed a passion for horseback riding. And despite only being three at the time, the celeb said she was showing signs of real talent.

"She just wants to go faster and faster and faster, and we're just trying to keep it at a trot," Jessica told Jimmy Fallon about their daughter’s lessons. "I don't even know if that's legal for a 3-year-old." Nowadays, Jessica likes to update fans on social media about her kids’ extracurricular activities.

4 She Says She’s Closer To Her Son

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Many parents find that their children bond with only one parent, and it sounds like that’s the case in Jessica’s household. The singer has shared that she feels closer to her son, while she says her husband and daughter have a tighter bond.

“He and I have a special bond, and Maxwell is definitely a daddy's girl. Eric is a hands-on dad and while I was pregnant, he did a lot of the heavy lifting so he has a very special relationship with Maxwell. She just adores him!” she told Parents.

We wonder who baby Birdie will be closer to, mom or dad?

3 They’re Always Travelling During The Holidays

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Just like the Lacheys, the Simpson-Johnson household goes big when it comes to celebrating the holidays. But rather than spending it at home, Jess has admitted that she and her fam are often flying somewhere to spend good times with family.

“For us, the holidays are about family and togetherness. We travel to Boston to be with Eric's family, we make the trip to Texas to see my grandparents, and we always try to get away with our closest family and friends around New Year's,” she told Parents. “Our traditions follow us wherever we go. Family vacations have always been something I look forward to and I know my kids will love them as much as we do.”

2 She Recommends Getting Into A Routine

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Many fans wondered how Jessica would handle having two children so close in age. And while the star has been open about the fact that it was no walk in the park, she says that developing a routine and staying organized helped her keep her sanity.

"It's so hard to hear your baby cry. Getting in a routine from the start helped us out a lot. You don't have to wonder what the crying is for, because you know it's time to eat, change, or sleep,” the celebrity told Parents about her tips for having two babies under two. She added that it helps that she cut down her beauty routine in the morning - more time for sleep!

1 Jessica Doesn’t Want Any More Kids

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Even though Nick and Vanessa Lachey have been adamant about wanting a lot of kids, it seems like his ex-Jessica finally feels her family is complete (well, after this third baby, that is). A source recently told Hollywood Life that Jessica is considering taking steps to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again in the future.

“Jessica is done having kids after this pregnancy,” the insider said. “[She is] highly considering getting her tubes tied to make sure that she will not get pregnant again. And if it’s not her getting her tubes tied, she wants to convince Eric to get a vasectomy because she wants the shop to be closed.”

Sources: People, Pop Sugar, Today, Parents

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