10 Times TV Producers Messed Up And Got In Trouble (And 10 Times It Was The Cast)

Television is a high-stakes game that comes with some massive prizes if the series winds up succeeding. The producers and the talent involved in bringing a series to life all know how important each aspect of the production is, and should a show find a huge audience and thrive on television, then the people working on the show are bound to have a ton of cash coming their way.

For the most part, it would seem like everything goes off without a hitch in Hollywood, but the fact of the matter is that producers and performers alike have gotten into some huge trouble for some issues going on behind the scenes. No matter whose fault it is or what the situation may be, plenty of talented people have gotten the axe from projects, opening up the door for other people to slide in and thrive.

Today, we are going to look at 10 producers and 10 performers that got into some serious trouble and paid the price.

20 Property Brothers Producers Sued For $45 Million For Unpaid Wages

It is not easy working on a hit television show and making sure that everything goes off without a hitch, and the people behind the scenes deserve financial compensation for their work. Unfortunately, the people behind Property Brothers needed to file a lawsuit to get what was owed to them.

19 Patrick Dempsey’s Alleged Cheating Ways Get Him Written Off Grey’s Anatomy

There are several layers to this entry here, and at the end of the day, Patrick Dempsey would see an exit from Grey’s Anatomy. It is alleged that he was cheating on his wife with a staff member on the series and that he was also clashing with the show’s creator.

18 KDKA-TV Producer Calls Tom Brady A Cheater And Gets The Axe From The Network

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and a salty television producer declared Brady to be a cheater during a live broadcast. Needless to say, this did not go over well with the powers that be in the NFL, and swift action was taken against the producer responsible.

17 Shannen Doherty’s Bad Attitude Gets Her Fired From 90210

Imagine having an attitude so poor that it costs you roles on a hit television series. Shannen Doherty had a knack for landing roles on huge shows, but her attitude behind the scenes led to her being dismissed from 90210 back when the series was at the top of its game on the small screen.

16 KTVU Producers Fired After Making Racial Jokes Following An Aircraft Crash

Making light of a serious situation is a quick way to get people to raise eyebrows, and doing so on television is a swift way to lose a job. Producers at KTVU, including Brad Belstock, learned this the hard way when they decided to make racial jokes involving pilots' names that were involved in a plane crash.

15 Survivor Contestants Alec Merlino And Kara Kay Breach $5 Million Agreement By Leaking Information

Survivor has been one of the most popular shows on television for years now, and spoiling anything related to the series would upset a lot of fans. Apparently, this breach of the agreement also comes with a huge fine, as two contestants were tracked down by CBS and were on the hook for $5 million.

14 Columbus Short Threatens Wife And Loses His Gig On Scandal

Actors need to make sure that they have their life in order if they are to take part in a project, and this is because people will dig up any bit of dirt that they are able to. Columbus Short learned this the hard way when it was discovered that he had made some serious threats to his wife, which cost him his role on Scandal.

13 Marc Cherry Sued For Allegedly Striking Nicollette Sheridan On Desperate Housewives Set

Striking an employee is an obvious problem, and it just so happens that the person being struck here was one of the stars of the series. Desperate Housewives was a smashing success, but Marc Cherry was involved in a lawsuit after allegedly striking actress Nicollette Sheridan while they were working together.

12 Danny Masterson’s Abuse Of Women Costs Him His Role On The Ranch

Not unlike a number of other performers that were outed for being bad people in their personal lives, Danny Masterson had a growing number of women coming forward and telling the world about his ways. Eventually, Masterson would lose his lucrative television gig and he has soured a number of people in the process.

11 Kevin Spacey’s History Of Abuse Gets Him Fired From House Of Cards

This should be fresh in the minds of people everywhere, given the magnitude of the situation. Kevin Spacey was at the top of his game while on the series House of Cards, but once the awful moments of inappropriate misconduct from his past were finally brought to light, he would lose everything in a hurry.

10 Producers Try To Manipulate Marital Problems On Eric & Jessie: Game On And Lose Their Jobs

Producers will do just about anything to get a good story for their show, with some even resorting to causing drama between husband and wife. The producers on the series Eric & Jessie: Game On got the boot from the show after Jessie James Decker complained about their manipulation tactics.

9 Isaiah Washington Fired From Grey's Anatomy For Using Homophobic Slurs

This is considered one of the more famous instances of a performer blowing their meal ticket, and this is because it involved the series Grey’s Anatomy. Isaiah Washington had his entire career kicked to the curb for a long while after using some hurtful slurs towards a fellow performer on the series.

8 Ashley Bianco’s Leaks Information About The Jeffrey Epstein Cover-Up And Gets Her Canned From CBS

Ashley Bianco made a ton of headlines after she was alleged to have leaked some information about the Jeffrey Epstein story being canned at a major network. She has since tried to clear her name over time, but the damage has already been done for the former producer. She has continued to maintain her innocence.

7 Charlie Sheen’s Self-Destructive Addiction Gets Him Axed From Two And A Half Men

There was once a point in time when Charlie Sheen was more than just a dated meme on social media. He was one of the biggest actors on television, but things quickly flew off the rails when his self-destructive addiction caused more damage than could be repaired. After slamming producers, he was released from the series.

6 Bob Kushell’s Inappropriate Workplace Language Costs Him His Gig On Fam

Fam was all set to be led by Bob Kushell for the long haul, but he decided to pop off at the mouth and get himself a swift exit from the series. His less than kind language behind the scenes was enough for people to complain, and it must have been bad, because he was let go.

5 Aileen Gram-Moreno Booted From E! Network For Failure To Censor Red Carpet Remarks

Going live can be a tricky thing for all parties involved, and the things that make it onto the air can cause a wave of problems if they are not handled accordingly. Unfortunately for one producer at E!, she was unable to ensure the censoring of certain remarks, and it cost her a job.

4 Adam Targum’s Bullying Of People On Set Gets Him Fired From NCIS: New Orleans

Being a bully is no way to make it through life, and Adam Targum learned this the hard way after his job on NCIS: New Orleans was lost due to a complaint filed against him. The finer details are largely unknown, but if bullying was going on, then many would understand why he was let go.

3 Contestants From Ultimate Women Challenge Sued For Revealing Show’s Outcome

People taking part in television projects of all sizes know that they need to refrain from spoiling storylines for the masses, and there is usually a hefty fine involved in breaking this agreement. What is interesting here is that the info was leaked in court documents instead of on social media.

2 Jeremy Clarkson Fired From Top Gear After Beating Up A Producer

Top Gear is one of the greatest shows to ever appear on the small screen, and Jeremy Clarkson became a beloved figure after appearing on the series for so long. Unfortunately for him, he would end up losing his iconic gig after getting into a fight and beating up a producer.

1 Ultimate Women Challenge Producers Sued For Unpaid Wages By Contestants

This is something that has happened on a number of projects, and it makes people wonder why financial matters cannot be handled in the proper way before things have to spiral out of control. Workers on the series Ultimate Women Challenge went ahead and tried to get what was theirs some time ago.

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