10 Times The Kardashians Messed Up Leather (+ 10 Times They Slayed)

"Right or wrong?" In 2015, Kim Kardashian came under fire as she dressed a baby North West in leather. Closer Online reports that a one-year-old North was leather-clad by her mother– still, it was the Balenciaga fashion show.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are basically ruling Hollywood right now. The days of Kim being a "one-woman show" are well and truly over– Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, and Kendall are right up there with her. Well, not entirely accurate. The 2018 news that Kylie Jenner was Forbes's "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" has been updated. $900 million is now $1 billion in 2019, as BBC reports.

If the Kardashian-Jenners aren't putting makeup on, they're shopping. Their closets are the size of some people's homes, and the stuff filling them is high-end. Louis Vuitton galore, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. One thing that can be found amid the crystal-studded gowns and Yeezy? A whole lot of leather.

Leather– in theory, it works. Then again, Ross Geller in leather pants didn't exactly pan out on Friends. Fans will remember the "paste" that formed when Ross attempted to ease his way out of his pants (but getting them back on with baby lotion and powder didn't go smoothly).

It's a "look." Edgy. Daring. Sometimes androgynous. Leather pants, jackets, shirts, and dresses can all form a stylish wardrobe, but it needs to be done with care. The KarJenners mostly seem like pros when it comes to style, but even they will falter with leather.

Even the great Kylie Jenner has messed up. Here are 10 times the Kardashians messed up leather, plus 10 times they slayed.

20 (Messed Up): We're Not Feeling It, Kim

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Um, ouch. For a style queen who has spent the last decade dominating red carpets and street fashion, Kim is rarely one to slip up. Back in the day though, Kim hadn't yet fully polished her look. As The Daily Mail reports:

Kim credits Kanye for throwing out her "cheesy" wardrobe.

It's very black. It's loose, but also tight. With a shirt that fell short in terms of flattering Kim's signature curves, this outfit basically gets worse as you work your way down. The pants feel a bit off. The shoes look uncomfortable. To be fair, Kim herself doesn't look too comfy. Fortunately, a once-off.

19 (Slayed): It's Like A Second Skin For Kylie

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Kylie's style was kinda "meh" back in the day. Fully coming into her own since having Stormi, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics is now a front-runner in the style wars (and it isn't a surprise why).

Leather and strapless isn't easy. Adding leather boots and a slick, blonde hairdo? We'll try on Halloween, but we'll probably fail. "Deadpool becomes glam" is how we saw Kylie rock what is likely her best leather look to date.

Steal Her Style now has daily updates for whatever Kylie wears. Athleisurewear may be increasingly featured in Kylie's closets, but the leathers should totally be filling those shelves. #OwnedIt

18 (Messed Up): Leather Is Hit And Miss For Kim

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2016. It wasn't that long ago. While we've totally made our peace with Kim's "old style" not quite being fully up to scratch, it's precisely this that makes us throw a few question marks here. By 2016, Kim was more than established as the celeb of the moment.

"I definitely have style regrets. I mean, I wear some things and I'm just like: Why did I wear that?"

You said it, Kim. Speaking to Insider, Kim did admit that she has her fashion regrets (although she didn't specify a date). Way too fussy and kind of awkward, we weren't massive fans of this leather getup.

17 (Slayed): Everything About This Look

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It's enough to make you forget that Kylie had just had a baby. 2018 might feel like ages ago, but it was the year that Stormi Webster arrived. While Kylie called her year "life-changing" on KUWTK, this isn't a girl who's going to give up the glam. Still, Kylie told Cosmo:

"Nothing in my closet fits me. I’m getting rid of stuff that I just feel like is never going to fit me. I know I’m not going to fit into 25 jeans ever again."

Insecure or not, Kylie slayed in this Dior shirt, vinyl-pleather pants, and that Nicki Minaj blonde hair. We could stare at this pic forever.

16 (Messed Up): When Kourtney's Style Still Needed Work

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You know it's old when the Kardashians are carrying their Starbucks drinks themselves. Isn't it assistants these days? Kim and Kourtney were enjoying the LA sunshine here, but not everybody was enjoying the view.

We almost want to comment on Kim's somewhat over-ripped denim look here, but it's Kourtney's skirt that drew our eye. Kourtney is a super-stylish mom. Acing everything from her three pregnancies to her slouchy looks, Kourt rarely misses the mark.

It feels awkward. It looks awkward. Whack on the fact that California temperatures were likely high here, and you've got one messed-up leather look. Keep reading for Kourtney's pattern with skirts...

15 (Slayed): Fur, Wet Hair, And Latex Leather, #Fierce

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Oh, when this girl slays, she slays. Kim Kardashian went all out with her wet-blonde look here, but she had the outfit to match. Bear in mind how tricky the components here are.

Fur, pleather, and blonde. Get that wrong, and you can look like a guest act from a Vegas show.

There's also that vibe here. It's one of those pics. "I'm slaying and I know it" is written all over Kim's face (and to be fair, it's spot on). Confident, but actually not even revealing that much skin, Kim 100% slayed here. The only issue is recreating the look. That's probably a month's rent on the pants alone.

14 (Messed Up): When Leather Did Kendall No Favors

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Kendall Jenner rarely messes up a look. This KarJenner was blessed with supermodel genes and a unique sense of style, but even Kendall has had her "off" days. In 2019, Kendall arrived for the Longchamp show in Paris.

Kind of trench (but cut-off), this leather dress definitely showed Kendall's slender limbs, but the overall look didn't do her many favors. We're used to seeing Kendall in one of two things: A super-casual leggings wardrobe, or a full-on glam look.

This outfit? It misses the mark for glam. It isn't really casual. Void of any color or variety, "bland" is the word we're using for the girl who herself is anything but.

13 (Slayed): When Leather Absolutely Did Her Favors

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But we spoke too soon! When Kendall rocks leather, she absolutely rocks it. Super-tight, super-stylish, and making us wish we could pull it off, this simple leather look is likely one of Kendall's best.

Fitted leather pants. We all love skinny jeans anyway, so why not up the ante with leather? Whack on a fitted biker jacket and statement shades? It's Hollywood glam, #NewGen.

Kendall definitely seems to wear more skinny leather pants than her sisters. While Kim is a fan of revealing dresses (and Kylie still seems to be finding her style), Kendall is 100% the family's "biker chick."

12 (Slayed): Take That, Tristan

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The 2019 admission from Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk that she was involved with Tristan Thompson is all anyone can talk about. Khloe is now "Thank U, Next." As Cosmo reports, Khloe's Twitter feed has been active.

"Tristan is equally to blame but Tristan is the father of my child. Regardless of what he does to me I won’t do that to my daughter. He has been addressing this situation PRIVATELY. If Tristan were to lie publicly about what conspired, then yes I would address him publicly as well."

100% slaying with this leather miniskirt and Saint Laurent tee, Khloe gave us just one more reminder of what Tristan is giving up.

11 (Slayed): Seems To Work When They Power Up

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The Kardashians work as a pack. No, really. Kim's holiday wishlists will include Kylie Cosmetics. KKW Beauty has a collaboration with the Lip Kits. Khloe Kardashian's promo music for Good American? It's Kanye West. These are power sisters, and they stop at nothing.

Something about this leather getup from Kim and Khloe said: "More powerful than you." These women don't take a dime less than they're worth, and they've been at it a while.

Kylie Jenner can earn $1 million per sponsored IG post, Yahoo reports. While Kim and Khloe demand slightly lower fees, their business minds aren't falling short. Power women wear power leather.

10 (Messed Up): We Never Really Got 'Trash Bag' Pants

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2018 brought us some weird fashion. If you're wondering about the term "trash bag" pants, yes, they're a thing. From a former ballet dancer who actually bought these as warm-up gear, "trash bag" pants are available for sale at World Wide Ballet.

Kourtney was rocking a very stylish Louis Vuitton backpack here. That gives some points for classy leather. It all kind of goes downhill with the pants, though.

Kourtney's amazing figure doesn't need flattering. What won't do her any favors, though, are pants that take a great silhouette and make it kind of meh. Weirdly though, these pants proved popular with more than one Kardashian...

9 (Messed Up): Although The Family Definitely Seems Keen

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Stepping out into the public eye when you've just had a baby isn't a giant deal– in the normie world. As every paparazzo honed in on Kylie after the arrival of Stormi, this girl was feeling the pressure. Kylie dealt with it amazingly, although we've already seen her inner feelings, as Cosmo reported:

"After Stormi I feel like people think that I bounced back super fast, which I guess I did. [People think] everything's so perfect and... can get the wrong idea on [IG] sometimes."

Kylie looked beautiful before and after the pregnancy. Still, we'd have preferred that this day came with a slightly more stylish look from the waist down.

8 (Slayed): Also, That Side-Eye

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This entire outfit is straight-up amazing. Kylie has been very selective about her public appearances since Stormi arrived. In the summer of 2018 though, it was out in the open as Kylie and Travis hit the streets hand-in-hand.

Travis is going to propose "in a fire way," he told Rolling Stone. We're still waiting for it. In the meantime though, we've got pics like these to look at. Leather vests are definitely unusual. Pairing them with grunge glam is even more unusual.

Basically taking that blonde hair and contrasting it perfectly, this leather look from Kylie might not be your most predictable, but it definitely worked.

7 (Messed Up): Kourtney Doesn't Seem To Have Luck With Skirts

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And we're back to Kourtney's "losing battle" with leather skirts. Oddly, while virtually everything else seems to work on Kourtney, one too many leather skirt mess-ups are proving that leather might not be Kourtney's ideal material.

Kourtney isn't one to stay glam 24/7. While Kim also has three kids, Kourt's relaxed mentalities seem to be more focused on getting mucky with whatever her little ones are doing, although this pic goes way back.

Zipper details? On the whole, we love them. When the skirt itself is awkwardly placed and the shirt kinda doesn't match though, sorry Kourt– this one gets a #MessedUp.

6 (Messed Up): Also, It's Like A Different Era, Right?

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It literally feels like a different era. Kylie's appearance has definitely changed over the years– enough to prompt quite a lot of questions over whether or not she's had a little "helping hand." As she told Paper in 2019:

"People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false."

While we're sort of still gawking at Kylie's teen face here, it's the outfits that are in question. Wearing leather here with Khloe, the two sisters were definitely putting on a show, but we're not entirely sure it was one to watch. A shapeless shirt and a pretty basic dress. Girls, we've seen better from you.

5 (Slayed): This Girl Can Make Anything Look A Million Dollars

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Kendall Jenner's ability to make anything look a million dollars is likely why she's paid those millions. $22.5 million is what Forbes reports Kendall earning between 2017 and 2018. She is now the world's highest-paid model.

It really doesn't matter what this girl wears. She could wear a potato sack and still look sensational. Taking a very casual take on leather here, Kendall's hoodie and boots definitely steered clear of glam, but the pants changed everything.

Vogue has called Kendall a "tomboy." It's something that Kendall herself has admitted to. Neither boyish nor masculine, but not hugely girly, this look worked perfectly.

4 (Messed Up): Not Kim's Best Pregnancy Look

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Celeb pregnancy style is now a thing. Kylie may not have given us much of it, but everyone from Beyonce to JLO has topped pregnancy style files. Rocking a bump on the red carpet is decidedly "in vogue," although it does need to be done right.

No, it wasn't a red carpet moment. In 2013, Kim was expecting for the first time. North West wasn't anywhere to be seen yet, although she was hiding behind this rather unfortunate outfit.

Frilly and fussy was Kim's old look. Super pared-down is what we see now. While the court shoes and hair here are super-stylish, this dress's leather and its lace finish doesn't scream "Copy it!"

3 (Slayed): Much Better Pregnancy Look

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Oh, Kim. We just can't get enough of you. While medical complications have left Kim advised to opt for surrogacy (which she has), Kim did carry her first two children herself. In her first trimester here, it wasn't immediately obvious that Saint was on the way, but this girl knew what was up.

It's ripped. It's grunge. It's edgy. Slick heels, jeans, and a leather biker jacket went a long way for Kim here, and it isn't a look that we'll forget.

Wait. We were so busy crushing on the jacket, we forgot to mention the tee. Oh, and the smokey makeup. Basically, we want this entire look.

2 (Messed Up): Still No Luck With Kourt's Skirts

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"How Kourtney Became The Best-Dressed Kardashian." In 2018, Glamour ran an entire article reminding us that Kourtney might just be overtaking her sisters in the style wars. The article did not chronicle this look. Kim's views are also interesting.

Kim: "OK, best-dressed, I would say Kendall. Second, I'd go for Kris Jenner. Third, Kourtney. No, no, no. Yeah, Kourtney. Fourth Kylie. No, OK, the one before can be Kylie, then Kourtney."

Ouch. Then again, this puffy leather skirt didn't do much for Kourt. We also can't help but notice that skirts are fast racking up as a leather clothing item that somehow just don't work for this girl.

1 (Slayed): Yes, Forever And Ever

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Never one to miss an opportunity to stand out, Kylie has been throwing us virtually every shade under the sun since Stormi was born. While 2019 brought us blue hair from Kylie, it was all aboard the pink train in 2018.

Plastic-effect leathers with pink hair to match. Super-tight. Super-cute. The last one is kind of applicable to that baby on her arm. Stormi melted out hearts the minute she arrived, although weirdly, eggs seem more popular.

Leather. Clearly, the Kardashians own a lot of it. Quite how many of these looks they're wishing we hadn't spotted, we'll never know. Still, when this family aces something, they 100% ace it.

Sources: Closer Online, Glamour, Vogue, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Yahoo

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