10 Times Ariel Winter Looked Her Best (& 10 Times Sara Hyland Owned The Look)

Believe it or not, it’s been almost 10 years since the first episode of Modern Family aired. Yep, you read right. Modern Family premiered on ABC all the way back in September 2009. This much-loved show brought us not only a lot of humor as we had front row seats in the lives of three very different but related families, it also brought us the two young beauties from the Dunphy family; Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland.

Ariel is 20 years old and has certainly made a name for herself. Many recognize her as one of Hollywood’s most promising young talents. She is not only Alex Dunphy, the brainy and witty middle child in the Dunphy family, but she also plays the title character in Disney Jr.’s Sophia the First. Sarah, on the other hand, plays Alex’s older sister, Haley Dunphy, and has loads of films and TV roles under her belt as she began working in the business at just four years old.

The two beauties have one thing in common – they certainly know how to make an entrance. Whether it’s a red carpet event or just going out and about with friends, it is almost like they know we’re watching, and so, obviously, they want to always look their best. The number of looks we found of them looking nothing short of amazing were plentiful but we, of course, had to narrow it down to just 10 each.

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20 Ariel: When She Got Old-School Hollywood Glammed

Via Instagram

There is nothing quite like old-school Hollywood glam. It immediately suggests a certain class and sophistication. Many older stars love to rock this look – not so long ago, we saw singer Christina Aguilera rocking it for quite a while and now we see Ariel totally looking her best in it.

We loved everything about this look from Ariel: the perfectly wavy hair, the very defined and unmistakable cat-eye — and the rest of her makeup is simply flawless.

We appreciate this look about Ariel because she rocked it but still managed to look young. We definitely give her stylist a thumbs up.

19 Sarah: When She Brought Casual To The Red Carpet

Via Instagram

Hollywood’s red carpet is where we see some of our favorite celebs truly going all out. They get the best hairstylists, makeup artists, and fashion stylists to put together memorable looks for them. We like our favorite actors while watching them on screen, but on the red carpet is where we truly fall in love with them because they give us a bit of the Hollywood glam that we love so much. Sarah is pictured here at Coca-Cola’s 100 Years celebration which took place in 2015. We love how she kept things casual and added some urban chic with her leather jacket. The Coca-Cola bottles top was also the cherry on top.

18 Ariel: When She Gave Us Bright Pink!

Via Instagram

Clothes are not just pieces of material that are used to cover our bodies. Clothing is an opportunity for an individual to express their personality and even their mood sometimes.

We definitely had to sit up and take notice when we saw Ariel in this bright pink number.

Bourn Creative highlights what hot pink may represent to the subconscious mind, “Both red and pink represent love. The color red represents heat and passion, while the color pink represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness." Given the fact that she rocked this number and had all sorts of selfies on her IG account in it, we know that she was telling us all that she had come out to play that day.

17 Sarah: When She Brought Glam To Central Park

Via Instagram

Many New Yorkers love Central Park. It is the largest and most important public park that is situated in Manhattan and sees not only tourists, but also locals visit it daily. No matter how much of an attraction the spot may be, at the end of the day, it is still a park. Parks are generally associated with casual vibes. You know – we have picnics in the park, we take a walk in the park, and so forth. When you see anyone there, you’re most likely to see them in sneakers and sweatpants than anything fancy. Well, Sarah definitely changed things up. She is pictured here with a friend while attending a wedding at the park.

16 Ariel: When She Rocked Black From Head To Toe

Via Instagram

We definitely love everything about this Ariel Winter look. From the sleek and perfectly done ponytail to the black number she is wearing that is giving us just enough, but not too much. We also appreciate the sophisticated makeup that is bold on the eyes and soft on the lips.

Wearing black from head to toe can be a very domineering color and not many young stars can rock it without aging themselves.

Unlike the hot pink number we mentioned earlier, black can often be associated with seriousness. We love Ariel in this look because she somehow managed to keep this young and fresh.

15 Sarah: When She Switched Things Up By Going Blonde

Via Instagram

It is often said that “blondes have the most fun” and we guess that Sarah wanted to test that out when she went all blonde on us. We’re used to seeing her in her natural brunette locks and if she lightens things up, she’ll normally just add highlights. But it was definitely a welcome surprised to see that the girl is not afraid to experiment with her hair and just go all the way blonde. Loreal Paris USA highlights the attraction that many people have towards blonde hair and perhaps this is the reason why Sarah decided to try it out. “Whether it’s celebrities or everyday folks strutting their stuff, blonde hair has a way of completing any ensemble while turning just about every head in the process."

14 Ariel: When She Woke Up Like This

Via Instagram

Listen, when Beyonce sang “I woke up like this! I woke up like this! Flawless…” We all sang along but of course, we knew that many of us DID NOT wake up like this. Nope. We spend hours getting ready every morning not only because we care about our looks but because… well, We can’t “Wake Up Like This." We can’t wake up looking flawless.

But it seems like Ariel is one of those lucky few who somehow manages to wake up looking absolutely stunning.

She, of course, has those amazing eyelash extensions on, but we just can’t get over her perfectly shaped brows and flawless skin. This girl was definitely looking her best here and she didn’t even need to try.

13 Sarah: When She Looked Like A Model With A Simple Jean And T-Shirt Combo

Via Instagram

No one knows how to take perfect pics like models. They make it seem so effortless and have us all wanting to get out there and purchase whatever they are modeling in the hope that we too would look as good as they do in it. In this look from Sarah Hyland, we’re wondering if the girl shouldn’t maybe consider professional modeling. We know she’s a little on the shorter side, but perhaps editorial? We say this because she literally has jeans and a t-shirt on and is looking stunning. Don’t know about you, but it certainly takes more than that to get the rest of us to look great. We love this look of hers because again, it is casual but casual done with attitude and spunk.

12 Ariel: When She Gave Us Total Couple Goals

Via Instagram

Ariel is dating Canadian actor Levi Meaden and the two are so serious that they have even moved in together.

If you follow her on any of her social media accounts, you know how much she can’t stop gushing about him as she is constantly posting pics of them together.

In an interview with People, she revealed just how crazy in love she is with the Canadian, “I have to say he is the most incredible person I’ve ever met and that I’m so lucky to be with him. He’s always complimenting me and making me feel special and beautiful."

11 Sarah: When She Rocked A Red Lip

Via Instagram

Red has, for decades, been a color that is very attractive. A red dress catches everyone’s attention. Red roses are the go-to for men who are trying to court a potential mate. And red lips… well, red lips really take the cake. There are very few things that are more attractive than a woman wearing a bold red lip color. If you’re wondering about the fascination, Psychologies explains that “red lipstick is a [supply] of strength…You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it." We love Sarah in this bold red lipstick look as she certainly looks very powerful in it.

10 Ariel: When She Rocked Bad Lighting

Via Instagram

Ah yes, at number 10 on our list, we find perhaps the perfect reason why Ariel truly is a beauty who can look great in anything – even bad lighting. We’ve all been there before – we spend hours getting ready to go out and when we’re done we feel like we look incredible. We, of course, have to have a selfie moment. But after taking that pic, we’re extremely disappointed to see that although we may look good, the lighting in the room is just sabotaging us and preventing us from having the best selfie ever.

Yeah, it looks like Ariel doesn’t have that problem.

In this pic from her IG, the girl is clearly in a room with lighting that does nothing to accentuate any of her features but she still somehow manages to look good. Two words – Not Fair.

9 Sarah: When She Looked Like Jenna Dewan's Sister

Via Instagram

If there’s anything we love more than girls who look their best, it is girls who look their best together. We’re in the era of female empowerment and gone are the days where young women need to feel like they should compete with each other, rather than lift each other up. Many artists and actors have been preaching this for the past few years and we’re glad that the words are finally starting to resonate with young women out there. In this pic, we love how these beautiful young women love, respect, and support each other. This is definitely one of our personal favorite pics of Sarah’s.

8 Ariel: When She Brought Summer Early

Via WorldReport

Okay, we know, it’s September, but this is where we need you to just use a little bit of your imagination. Many of us can’t stand winter. The winter is stay-in weather and depending on where you live, there really isn’t that much to do when you’re indoors. We love summer because of the beaches, the pool parties, the shorts we get to wear, the designer shades, the colorful dresses, the list goes on.

In this outfit, Ariel brought summer early by rocking a cute pair of jean shorts.

Her heavy cardigan is an indication of how the weather may have been a little chilly when taking this pic but judging by how great she looked, we wouldn’t be surprised if she inspired summer to come a little earlier.

7 Sarah: When She Brought The Bohemian Vibe To Coachella

Via Instagram

This is one of our favorite looks on this list because here we have both ladies looking their absolute best, but we’re just going to concentrate on Sarah’s look for a moment. The ladies are pictured here at Coachella and they both got it right by not doing too much. Many celebs are spotted at the festival with heavy makeup on, wearing unnecessary accessories and just looking a little out of place. Sarah and Ariel here clearly know what Coachella is all about. We love Sarah’s hair braid and flower accessories, as well as the feather earrings she has on – total boho vibes that are perfect for Coachella.

6 Ariel: When She Showed Up To Lunch Looking Flawless

Via Instagram

We can’t help but mention the effortless beauty that is Ariel Winter. The girl barely has any makeup on and she looks gorgeous.

We see her here in a gray sweater and barely done makeup, and somehow it just works.

You may be wondering how this one made it on to our list – hear us out a bit. With a number of the looks that we have had here, both Ariel and Sarah have been absolutely flawless because we all know how a glam squad can certainly turn anyone into a beauty queen. We appreciate this look in particular because it shows that sometimes you really don’t have to try too much.

5 Sarah: When She Channeled Old-Hollywood Stars

Via Instagram

Many young stars pursue a career in acting because of the influence that the actors before had on them. Sure, they have the talent and love for telling engaging stories onscreen, but it is because of the old Hollywood stars that they most probably first fell in love with acting. In this pic of Sarah, she channeled those stars perfectly, which is why we just fell instantly in love with it. We love the thick brows and the curlers that are still left in. It takes a lot to look effortlessly gorgeous and no doubt, Sarah knows how to nail that effortless glam look.

4 Ariel: When She Showed Us How To Rock Dark Locks

Via People

We’re once again speaking about Ariel’s hair because she certainly isn’t afraid to experiment on it. It takes a brave girl to be able to change hair colors so boldly without any fear and Ariel certainly has that. In this look, we particularly love the contrast between her hair and her dress. Sure, this look may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny how absolutely stunning she looks.

We also appreciate how subtle she kept the makeup, and this subtlety might actually be enhancing her hair’s shine – making it look even lusher.

We love a girl who experiments with hair colors because it almost reveals different sides of her personality to us.

3 Sarah: When She Figured Out How To Look Older, But Not "Old"

Via Pinterest

Sarah Hyland is 27 years old, though you may not have known it. Well, firstly – great genes. And secondly, even though it is certainly great to look a little young, sometimes, it’s not such a great thing. Like when you’re trying to get into clubs or trying to be taken seriously at your new job. We shouldn’t judge people based on their age but unfortunately, that’s the way life works. Sarah has that youthful look that sometimes has her looking more like a teenager than a full-grown woman. Well, in this look that she had at the 23rd Annual Critics Choice Awards, she certainly reminded us all that she is indeed, a full-grown woman. We also love the pop of red lipstick she added to this black and white ensemble.

2 Ariel: When She Cut Her Hair And Got All Glammed Up

Via Instagram

Women are very attached to their hair, and this starts from a very early age. Have you seen mothers trying to convince their little girls to cut their hair? Yeah, not a pretty sight. This hair obsession may have something to do with comfort, maybe with self-esteem, or maybe it’s just what we prefer. Whatever it is, the hair industry certainly makes a lot of money from women.

It is therefore refreshing to see a young woman decide to just chop off her locks.

This is our favorite Ariel Winter look because she looks just as stunning as she did before, maybe even more. She is reminding us all that we are indeed more than our hair.

1 Sarah: When She Reminded Us All That She's A Star

Via Pinterest

We’ve gone through many looks on this list of both Sarah and Ariel looking great in casual wear. Sarah, in particular, seems to rock casual chic more often. Maybe it has something to do with her New Yorker roots. We certainly appreciate a girl who can look good in jeans and a t-shirt but sometimes, you need to bring it! Sometimes, you need to remind people that you are a star. Sarah definitely nailed this red carpet look. The actress certainly looks young and many people may forget about her accomplishments and even her star status. Well, in this look, she made sure to remind us all that she truly is a Hollywood starlet.

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