10 Things Only The Best Boyfriends Do (+ 10 Signs He's Actually The Worst)

When a relationship is first starting out, it can be difficult to tell the difference between play teasing and real teasing. Similarly, at the beginning of a relationship, it can be tough for a girl to tell when a guy is being rude or if he's just playing around. While some people might be able to spot the differences from a mile away, it's important to remember that a newly-involved couple is prone to wearing rose-colored lenses, thus removing much of their common sense and ability to see things for what they are.

So, if it's super hard to tell the difference, how can a girl better understand whether her boyfriend is a great guy or if he's actually the worst? Signs, there are always signs. There will be little behaviors he'll display, whether he's conscious or unconscious of them, that will give away his true personality. All she has to do is keep an eye out for some of the most telltale signs and she'll be able to pinpoint exactly what kind of man she's dating.

Let's take a look at what signs he'll display to show he's the best boyfriend ever and the signs he'll give off to show he's actually the worst.

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20 Best Boyfriend: Always Remembers Important Dates

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Only the best kind of boyfriend will remember important dates. He doesn't remember things like birthdays or special parties just because he wants to celebrate them - he remembers because he knows they're meaningful to the person he loves.

Any boyfriend worth his salt will pay attention to the details for the sake of his lady, so when he's surprising her with flowers on her birthday, showing up at her doorstep ready for a nice occasion or even reminding her of an important date, it's just part of his natural charm. The best boyfriends pay attention to what events their girls prioritize, and they'll be with them every step of the way.

19 Worst Boyfriend: His Opinions Are More Important Than Hers


It's one thing to have a stubborn boyfriend but it's a different matter entirely to have a boyfriend who refuses to consider his girlfriend's opinions at all. Any guy who believes his opinions are more important than his girlfriend's opinions is a jerk. He's not just pushing his girl's opinions to the side, he's pushing her feelings aside too.

When a woman's opinions don't matter, she starts to feel like she doesn't either. Any guy who makes his girlfriend feel like she doesn't matter needs to grow up! He's not worth her time and he needs to recognize that he won't always be the one who's right.

18 He's Awesome: He Isn't Afraid To Be A Little Lovey-Dovey


A man who cuddles with his woman is one who truly loves her. He's a great guy who cherishes her to the point of wanting to snuggle. If she's asking for a little love, whether it's in the form of PDA, some cuddles at home or simply holding hands, a good boyfriend is willing to participate. He's only too happy to spoil her a little with some physical affection.

This is especially true when he's in public - some men shy away from PDA, believing it makes them look like they're under their women's thumbs, but a good boyfriend won't care what others think. He's hers and her opinions are all that matter.

17 Drop Him: He Goes Days Without Texting


No one in love would ever go days without texting their boy or girlfriend. No one. When a person is in love, they can't stay away from the person of their affections! They want to bask in their lover's presence all day everyday, so of course no guy would go a few days without talking to his girl!

The sort of men who don't talk to their woman are often the ones who wind up breaking her heart. He isn't as infatuated with her as she is for him, so he won't mind some quiet time; in fact, he won't even care if it hurts her.

16 Only The Best: He's Happy Just Hanging Out


While some guys demand to do certain things when they're with their girlfriends, only the best boyfriends can be happy just hanging out with her. They don't necessarily need to make plans to do anything because just being around her is enough for him. He's willing to go with the flow or just sit around talking about nothing.

Good boyfriends don't pressure their women into doing anything and they don't have expectations of what will happen when they're hanging out. The good ones show up expecting to see their girl - and that's it. He'll spend all day long just talking with her and will go home happy.

15 Definitely The Worst: He Refuses To Apologize When He's Wrong

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All relationships involve some give and take. One person may be a little more abrasive than the other, but at the end of an argument, one or both should be willing to forgive and forget. Well, if he's not that great of a boyfriend, he isn't going to let sleeping dogs lie - he's going to make sure his girlfriend knows that he wasn't the one at fault and if she wants the argument to be settled, she's the one who's going to have to apologize.

By refusing to say he's sorry, he's showing that he isn't willing to compromise, which makes for a toxic boyfriend every time.

14 Awwwww: He's Her Safe Place


Not everyone can trust easily. Some people take a long time to build trust in people and even longer before they open up - but a good boyfriend never gives his girl a chance to question him or his motives. He never makes her feel doubt about the relationship or her safety, whether it be her heart or other aspects.

By providing a safe place for her, she is able to see him as so much more than just a reliable, trustworthy boyfriend. When she's having a bad day and needs to shut out the unhappiness of the world, she can turn to him and his presence serves as safe a place as it gets.

13 Ehhhhh: He Ignores Her When She's Sick

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A good guy will stay by his girl's side - or at least take the time to check in on her via text or phone call - when she's sick. A boyfriend is definitely the worst if he backs up and doesn't even bother to ask how she's doing!

If a guy cares about his girlfriend at all, he won't just sit back ignoring her when she could use some comforting. Odds are, he isn't very invested in the relationship and he just doesn't care about her, so when she's sick he views it as a sort of "day off" from being with her. Tsk, tsk.

12 He's Pretty Cool: He Tags Her In Social Media


A guy who's willing to tag his woman across his social media accounts is basically telling everyone he's in a serious relationship. There's no room for any misunderstandings from other women who peruse his accounts and the guys on her account will see that she's involved with someone already.

Only the best boyfriends are willing to be inclusive by tagging her in things she'll be able to see later. What's cool about this is she doesn't even have to try, he's already got her covered. He's the one tagging her and putting up pictures of them together, proving she's always on his mind.

11 So Lame: She Doesn't Exist On Any Of His Profiles


If a person isn't interested in something, they won't post about it on social media. Sadly, this also translates to "If he doesn't care about his girlfriend, he won't post about her on his social media accounts." If he's tagging other friends and posting pictures of them but his girl isn't showing up at all, then he's not the best boyfriend material.

He either doesn't have her on his mind at all or he's just not as interested in her as a good boyfriend should be. Any girl who really has to dig through his accounts to find out he's not single should be worried.

10 He Loves Her: He Listens


Not all guys are capable of giving their girls an honest listen. It's so easy to give his girl half of his attention while simultaneously playing video games, scrolling through social media or even texting other people. A real boyfriend, one who actually cares about his girl, will give her his full attention when she's trying to communicate something to him.

Even if she's just making mindless chit-chat, he knows that quality time means actively listening and responding to her. Only the best boyfriends are willing to dedicate that kind of attention to his girl, and he expects her to do the same.

9 He's Using Her: He Demands Things


Every couple wants to be happy. Sometimes a girl will go out of her way to make her man especially happy, but what about those girls who are always being inconvenienced for his sake? What about the ones who face some sort of retribution should they refuse his demands?

As with most things, there's a clear line separating a healthy balance of give and take, and a toxic imbalance of power. If she's bending to his every whim for fear of losing him or worse, then the relationship is one giant mistake. He doesn't love her, he's just using her.

8 Ride Or Die: He Talks About The Future As A Couple


A good guy will get involved with a woman for one reason: he's hoping she's "the one." He isn't casually dating as a fun way to pass the time, he's legit looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. This means he's not willing to focus on short-term happiness - he wants the whole nine yards.

When he starts saying "we" instead of "you" and "I," he's saying he sees a future with her. He wants her opinions on what sort of household they'll run and where they'll live just as much as he wants to have her help when planning the shape of their future.

7 Don't Trust Him: He Says Marriage Is Just A Piece Of Paper


While it's true that some people legitimately believe there's no reason to legally join together with another person, there are so many reasons why they should (think health insurance, life insurance, etc.). Is it romantic? Nope, but that's not the point. The point is how can a girl tell if he's serious if he's not willing to fully commit?

If it's just a piece of paper, why can't he just sign it? What's holding him back? It can't be that he's truly got a political and personal stance so strong that he's willing to lose her over it, right? If he's refusing to tie the knot, it's because he's not fully invested in the relationship or he's afraid of real commitment.

6 His Feelings Are Real: He Remembers The Little Things


Only a man truly in love will remember the small things that make his girl's heart beat just a little bit faster. He likes surprising her with small gifts or big ones on special occasions. He knows she appreciates when he goes out of his way to bring home her favorite takeout meal and he loves the smile on her face when he offers the shoulder massage she loves.

No matter what interests her, he's well aware of them and he shows he cares deeply for her by bringing them up every now and then. A great boyfriend doesn't have to shower her with gifts and compliments all the time, but he'll certainly brighten her day with them every now and then.

5 He's A Fake: He Never Really Talks With Her


If a guy is always taking a girl out to places like clubs, parties and group events, something's up. When does he take the time to hold a real conversation with her? When will she have a chance to explain her likes and dislikes, and to learn about his? What's going on?

He's either in the relationship for the status of being with her or he's looking for something else. There's no reason why a good boyfriend would avoid having real talks about what each of them wants, likes or aspires to be. If he's not talking, he's not being a good boyfriend.

4 He Really Is The Best: He Makes An Effort To Know Her Friends

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In today's world, it takes real effort to go out and meet people. If he's making the time to meet his girl's friends, then he's a keeper! He's showing that he's interested in her world and he's also prioritizing her over his own (possibly) antisocial schedule. What guy really wants to hang out with a bunch of people he doesn't know? The kind of guy who wants to support his woman, that's who!

He's not afraid to step out of his comfort zone for her sake and, if he's particularly amazing, he's going to want to introduce her to his friends too.

3 He Really Is The Worst: He Encourages Her To Only Spend Her Free Time With Him


A girl's got friends. Always. So when she starts dating someone new and he wants to monopolize all of her spare time, something's wrong. He's acting selfishly and doesn't care that her other relationships will be upset as a result. He wants her around all the time, and while that's usually a good sign, there is such a thing as going too far.

By ignoring how his selfish requests can hurt his girl, he's basically telling her his needs are more important than hers. Yeah, that's a big no-no. This guy is toxic, even if he doesn't realize it, and he's only going to bring her down with him.

2 He'll Do Anything For Her: He's Cool With Matching Outfits

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Not every guy is cool with going matchy-matchy with his girl. Matching outfits sends the world plenty of signs, which some guys just aren't ready to convey. The thing is, a good guy is willing to show off his relationship with her and doesn't mind going out in matching outfits every now and then.

By dressing similarly, he's telling the world she's with him and he's with her, that he doesn't care if other guys think he's under her finger and that he prioritizes her feelings. She wants to dress in matching outfits today? Done. So what if some people don't like it? That's their problem.

1 He's Kind Of Garbage: He Makes Her Feel Less-Than


Okay, the number one rule when dating a good guy is he will never ever make his GF feel like she isn't his equal. There is no circumstance in which it's okay for a guy to ever make his girl feel like she isn't good enough, that she isn't smart enough or that she isn't pretty enough.

She should always get the feeling that he sees her as an equal - because in any healthy relationship, she is. If a woman is ever put down by her man, it's time for her to throw out the garbage and look for a guy who can understand her real value.

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