10 Things Moms Hate About OB-GYNs (And 10 Things OB-GYNs Hate About Moms)

For some moms, having an OB-GYN for their pregnancy and delivery isn't necessarily a choice. Often, an OB in a hospital setting is the only option for moms, even if they'd rather birth at home or with a midwife. And even moms who chose OB care sometimes regret it later...

But why?

The truth is that pregnant moms and their doctors don't always get along, and they disagree on more than just how much junk food the mom-to-be is eating. How many moms out there have felt personally judged by medical professionals?

And from difficulty scheduling an appointment at all to hearing everything they're doing "wrong" this pregnancy, there are a lot of things moms don't like about their OB-GYNs. But on that same note, there's plenty OBs hate about moms, too...

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20 Moms Hate: Doing Everything By The Book


Being stuck in bed isn't any laboring mom's idea of a good time, but it's common for OB-GYNs to outright demand mom stays stationary. Their penchant for doing everything by the book is one of the reasons moms totally hate OBs sometimes. Besides, mom's busy trying to labor here, so she doesn't have time for monitors and blood pressure checks every two minutes!

19 OBs Hate: Google U Moms Who Act Like Know-It-Alls


From moms who swear by tons of exercise and chugging weird drinks to stay fit during pregnancy to moms who refuse everything their docs suggest, it's Google U moms OBs hate most. Just because they look it up online doesn't mean it's true, right? Even if mom is on the right track, it's no fun for a doc to feel like they're getting the third degree.

18 Moms Hate: Feeling Like It's An Assembly Line


Those plastic baby boxes aren't exactly couture bassinets, and nothing else about the OBGYN experience is "personalized" either. The hospital has rules, the OB has rules (and legal guidelines to follow), and there isn't any room for actual "care." Instead, it's "medical attention" and not personalized attention, and most mamas definitely hate the cookie-cutter/assembly-line experience.

17 OBs Hate: Mile-Long Birth Plans


Your hand-written birth affirmations might feel like just the thing you need to paper your hospital room with, but your OB probably isn't a big fan... Just like they probably won't read (or even support) your mile-long birth plan. Too bad she spent hours writing it up and formatting it all cute... Odds are, the doc won't even give it a glimpse.

16 Moms Hate: Not Being Given Birth Options


When my sister had her first child, the OB-GYN on duty said he'd "allow" her to labor in the bathtub, even though it was "against the rules." Suffice it to say, moms hate when OBs act like they're gods when it comes to the birth process. It's her body, dang it, she should have a choice in how (and where) she labors.

15 OBs Hate: Moms Thinking It's A Spa


They're here to deliver your baby safely, not cater to your every whim... But that doesn't stop those moms OBs hate from requesting room service-like care from their nurses and other staff. Sure, they can refill your water cup and get you some more mom diapers, but their job is about more than snapping your IG pics and helping get your hair on point.

14 Moms Hate: Being Rushed Through Labor


Plenty of OBs are impatient when it comes to waiting for babies to come naturally... And that's even truer when your due date is near the holidays! But mamas hate being rushed through labor when there's no medical reason to do it. From unwanted inductions to a doctor who's pacing the hall waiting for you to dilate, moms don't like being rushed.

13 OBs Hate: Waiting Around For Things To Happen


It's no secret that some OBs want the baby out ASAP, so they don't really enjoy waiting patiently for the tot to make its own entrance. Which means that plenty of OBs hate waiting around for things to happen, especially when they just know the patient will wind up needing a C-section or other intervention in the end. Whether they're right about that doesn't matter...

12 Moms Hate: Staying Longer Than Is Absolutely Necessary


Most moms want to give birth and just get the heck out of the hospital! This is especially true for moms who were hoping for a home birth or maybe a birth center experience rather than an all-out hospital stay. So plenty of moms hate being told they "have" to stay longer than 24 hours in the hospital before their doc will agree they can leave.

11 OBs Hate: Extra Insurance Paperwork When Moms Go AMA


Sometimes, moms just wanna go home. But docs don't always like it when moms are ready to go before the standard amount of time has passed (usually two days for standard births and three or more for C-sections). And when it comes down to it, moms have the legal right to bug out AMA ("against medical advice"), but that doesn't mean the OB has to like it.

10 Moms Hate: Protocol Is Protocol

Little Things

Limiting visitors (or not letting siblings stay overnight), keeping you from sleeping with your baby, or snacking throughout labor are all "protocol" things that irritate moms. We hate being told what we can eat or how we can sleep (especially when we're experienced moms and ones with kids at home already!). Protocol is there for a reason, yeah, but we don't have to like it.

9 OBs Hate: Getting Pages Every Other Minute


By now you've probably realized that most OBs like to do things by the book. So they definitely hate it when moms question everything during labor, resulting in the doc getting a page every five minutes. If mom's refusing to go along with the OB-GYN's plans for her labor, there will only be difficulties ahead, and the doc doesn't like that.

8 Moms Hate: Non-Personalized Accommodations (& Attire)


Not every mama feels glam in her standard-issue hospital gown... And that's part of the complaint with the whole OB experience: everything is the same for everyone. From the bland meals to the socks they give you to the mommy diapers that are standard-issue postpartum, most moms hate feeling frumpy during and after labor.

7 OBs Hate: Moms Who Move In (& Insist On Fancy Gowns)

NY Post

Who knew custom labor gowns were a thing? But honestly, your OB probably won't care if you roll up insisting on wearing one while you labor... But when you bring a duffel bag full of the comforts of home (complete with your body pillow, your fuzzy slippers, and the comforter off your bed), your OB might just be rolling their eyes.

6 Moms Hate: Signing All The Paperwork


We're too busy taking our last-baby-belly pics and posing all cute between contractions. Ain't no pregnant momma got time for signing paperwork! And the stuff they want us to sign is usually just fluff anyway. By the time you're in your hospital room in labor, you've already been admitted, and basically, the hospital (and your OB) are in control anyhow (seriously, read the fine print!).

5 OBs Hate: Getting Sued...


Whether it's a mom who didn't get her birth wish or a doc who made a serious error during delivery, OBs hate getting sued. It tarnishes their reputations and costs money! And even if nothing ever comes of it, future potential patients can look up the details and see that their prospective doc has a track record of getting in trouble.

4 Moms Hate: Not Feeling In Control


Whether it's an OB who's demanding that mom accepts labor interventions or nurses who are pushy, most moms hate not feeling in control when it comes to the OB attending their birth. Sometimes you get who you get when you arrive at the hospital in labor, and you roll the dice as far as whether your wishes are respected.

3 OBs Hate: Having To Go By Hospital Rules


Some docs would love to give a mom her ideal birth experience, but hospitals keep them from attending natural births because of policies on how long labor can last, or keep them from attempting breech births because of "safety rules." Case in point: my second birth I had an ultrasound while I was in labor because if the baby was breech, my in-hospital midwife wouldn't be "allowed" to deliver him. Yikes!

2 Moms Hate: Smart Aleck Doctors Who Use Big Words


When you're in the middle of a contraction, the last thing you want is a doctor who overcomplicates what they're trying to tell you. We all know the terms "epidural" and "contraction" and "dilation," so can we just get on with it without all the technical jargon, please and thank you.

1 OBs Hate: Moms Who Don't Take Good Advice


Yes, moms in labor ultimately want what's best for their babies. But sometimes, your OB might really have your (and your baby's) best interests at heart when making recommendations or procedures or courses of action. So the worst scenario is when a patient refuses to take an OB's good advice. Yeah, OBs hate it when we ignore their good intentions!

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