10 Things He Does Online That Suggest He’s NOT The One (+ 10 That Are Good Signs)

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Though it started as a fun way for friends to communicate, it’s now part of the way we do business, do romance, and of course, how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

Social media has allowed us to connect with people millions of miles away, helped us get back in touch with old friends, and given us the chance to build platforms from which we can launch our life goals.

But we can also use social networks like FB and IG to find out more about the people in our lives. When it comes to romance, in particular, social media can give us some serious answers.

Just from looking at a love interest’s page, we can find out about their personality, their history, and even their intentions for the relationship, if they have any at all. There are certain online behaviors that suggest a guy may be the one we’ve been dreaming about and others that should be major red flags. We just have to know what to look for!

Check out these ten signs on social media that tell us he’s not the one and ten signs that are all positive!

20 He's NOT The One: His Profile Picture Is Revealing


According to Glamour, a profile picture reveals a lot about a guy’s personality. Not only does it reveal information about who he is as a person, but also how he’s using social media. And if he’s revealing a lot of skin, it could mean that he’s trying to use social media to impress other girls.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that he’s on the prowl if all his profile pictures are always taken at the beach or the pool, or in the mirror at the gym with all his muscles on display. But it is a possibility to keep in mind!

19 Good Sign: He Has A Lot Of Friends


It is a promising sign if he has a lot of friends on social media. Profiling expert and author, Carol Tuttle, told Glamour that the kind of guy who has a long friend list may, in fact, be “extremely social, talkative and fun-loving. He might make friends easily. This kind of guy believes in new possibilities and is naturally optimistic.”

So while him having a ton of friends doesn’t necessarily say anything about your relationship, it may point to the fact that he’s a naturally charismatic person that knows how to manage his relationships. And that kind of guy can often be easier to be in a relationship with than someone who’s less friendly.

18 He's NOT The One: He Narrates His Whole Life On His Page


More and more people are becoming full-time narrators of their lives via social media. Photos were once used to document important life events, but because they’re accessible to just about everyone now, we no longer have to be picky with what we capture. This has led to people posting everything from what they had for lunch to what the view looks like from their office desk.

And if he is one of those guys, it could mean that he’s bored and lacking true goals and ambitions. It could also suggest that he’s addicted to social media and will use any excuse to post something.

17 Good Sign: On The Flip Side, His Friend List Is Short


If a guy’s friend list is long, it may be a sign that he’s a friendly, likable, sociable person who’s easy to get along with. Don’t despair if the guy you’re seeing is only friends with a small group of individuals online, though.

“The guy with a small list of friends is private and loyal. He has fewer friends but has deep connections with all of them,” Tuttle told Glamour. “He doesn’t let many people know his true feelings, but when he does, he’s honest about how he feels. This guy does not play games.” For those who don’t mind a partner who’s more introverted, this could be potential soulmate material!

16 He's NOT The One: His Statuses Are All Complaints And Whining


In many ways, social media is like a journal we used to vent into when we were children. The main difference is, though, this journal is open for the world to see. Looking at his statuses may be an effective way to find out more about his personality and whether or not you’re truly compatible.

And if he uses his status to whine and complain, he may not be a keeper. “Whining and complaining posts mean he’s emotionally needy and can’t take charge of his life,” Tuttle explained (via Glamour). “ … if he’s always criticizing other people or situations, he could be the kind of guy who always has to be right.”

15 Good Sign: He’s In A Lot Of Group Pictures


It is a good sign if he’s in a lot of group pictures because this is more evidence that he’s good at maintaining relationships with other people, even if they are platonic. When it comes to being in a romantic relationship with someone, things are likely to be easier if your partner has at least some decent social skills, as opposed to someone who’s not used to being around anyone at all.

“If he has lots of group photos, it shows he likes to connect with other people, comes from his heart and is sensitive in nature,” Tuttle revealed to Glamour.

14 He's NOT The One: He’s Always Adding Other Girls


In terms of what he actually does while he’s on social media, his behavior is another portal into his personality and possibly his intentions regarding your relationship. And it isn’t a good sign if he’s forever adding other girls. There are some people who troll their friends’ friends just to look for potential romantic interests and then add them, and that might be what’s happening if you notice that he’s always adding other women.

We’re not saying to give up on him if he has female friends on FB—you don’t want to be that girl! But just be aware if he’s constantly adding lots and lots of new female buddies.

13 Good Sign: He Supports Her Page And Activity


You can also tell a lot about a man from the way he interacts with you on social media. If he’s always supporting you, then ten points to Gryffindor—he might be a keeper! The level of support is one of the ways to measure how strong a relationship really is, and if he’s showing you real love online, there’s a higher chance of him having your back in real life as well.

He can support you online by liking the pictures that you post and your statuses, sharing things that you ask people to share, and of course, leaving positive comments to make you feel good.

12 He's NOT The One: He’s In Love With Selfies


The situation with selfies is not black and white. We’ve all been guilty of taking pictures of ourselves, even if those pictures don’t end up anywhere, so you don’t have to immediately write off a guy who has selfies on his page. That said, there’s a difference between a guy who takes an average amount of selfies and a guy who is a serial selfie-taker.

If he’s in love with selfies to an unhealthy point, it’s a sign he may not be the one you’ve been waiting for. Why? Too much selfie-ing could suggest that he’s obsessed with his appearance. We can hear him from here: “Smartphone, smartphone, in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”

11 Good Sign: He Displays Normal Social Media Behaviors


As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good sign if the guy you’re interested in is pretty normal as far as using social media goes. This may show that he’s not extreme in real life and is your average guy who won’t cause you any major stress.

Normal behavior includes changing his profile picture every now and then, but not always. He might tag you in videos that make you laugh, and he likes your posts but not to the point of making you wonder if he’s stalking you. If there are no red flags on social media, there’s less chance that there are going to be red flags in real life.

10 He's NOT The One: He Loves To Argue With People In Comment Sections


We’re not saying being passionate is a bad thing. But it takes a certain kind of person to be compatible with someone who’s overly argumentative and fiery. If a guy is always debating someone on social media about every issue under the sun, it could mean that he’s not the kind of man who has what it takes to maintain a healthy, peaceful relationship.

And if he is, then the real question is whether or not you have the patience to put up with someone who gets a kick out of arguing. A little debate every now and then might mean he likes a challenge. FB fights every day, on the other hand, probably mean that he’s seeking out conflict.

9 Good Sign: He Communicates Through Means Other Than Social Media


It may not always feel like it, but there’s a real world out there beyond social media. And it is a promising sign if a guy wants to connect with you away from IG and FB. Only communicating through social media might suggest that he wants to keep the relationship to the confines of the online space, which isn’t normally a good thing for a girl who is looking for love.

But if he actually picks up the phone to call you rather than just relying on Messenger and Snapchat and IG direct messages, it shows that he wants the relationship to be something more real than an online fling.

8 He's NOT The One: He Posts Photos Of His Expensive Lifestyle


Social media has paved the way for the world to take bragging to a whole new level. A little bit of showing off every now and then on social media is to be expected in this day and age, but it’s a different kettle of fish if someone is always rubbing their impressive lifestyle in everybody else’s faces.

Most people don’t realize, but excessive social media bragging like this is almost always a cry for validation and approval. If a guy is always posting things to make everyone jealous, it would seem that he cares a lot more about what people think of him than a secure person would. So he may not be the man of your dreams after all.

7 Good Sign: He Likes Motivational Quotes And Work-Related Pages


We can also tell a lot from the things a guy may like on social media. Depending on what your ideal soulmate looks like, it is a good sign if he likes pages and posts about success and his working field. This kind of behavior suggests that he is ambitious and has goals, which are two traits that matter a lot to many people.

If he’s following lots of pages related to his work and takes the time to like motivational quotes, it tells a much different story about him than if he only likes posts from pages like Playboy.

6 He's NOT The One: All He Does Is Post Photos Of Himself With Her


At first, it will probably seem flattering if he’s always posting photos of himself with you. It shows that he’s not embarrassed by your relationship and has no problem with people knowing that you’re involved. That said, it is something of a red flag if he’s only posting photos of you two together.

This suggests that he’s sending out a strong message to everyone in his online contact list that he’s with you. It could be because he’s trying to make someone else jealous or that he likes the idea of having a girlfriend more than actually having one and wants everyone to know that he’s not single anymore.

5 Good Sign: He Supports His Friends Online


In the same way that it’s endearing if a guy supports you on social media, it’s also appealing if he supports his friends online. When he does this, he’s proving that he is a good friend and an all-around good person. A while ago, likes and support on social media hardly mattered. But today, we live our whole lives online, and support from friends can make all the difference.

There’s nothing more unattractive than someone who purposely refuses to support people they claim are their friends online, and likewise, when a guy is always there to give support, it makes him look even better.

4 He's NOT The One: He Is Always Interacting With Other Girls


Social media has allowed us to interact with a much wider pool of people than we did before. If the guy you’re interested in is always interacting with other girls who aren’t just his friends, colleagues, or family members, he may not be the one for you. After all, thanks to social media, it has never been easier to chat up people that you’re interested in, even if you have no intention of letting that evolve into a physical relationship.

If he’s always talking to other girls, supporting them instead of you, and tagging them in things, you might have to wonder whether he’s totally committed.

3 Good Sign: He’s Friends With A Lot Of Family Members


It is a good sign if a guy is friends with lots of family members on social media. This shows that he’s family orientated and on good terms with his family (even if his mom made him add all his aunts).

That’s not to say that someone is automatically a bad person if they don’t get along with their family, or don’t have their family on social media. It’s just that if they do interact with many of their family members online, it suggests that those relationships are at least civil, which makes things more pleasant for you as their partner.

2 He's NOT The One: He’s Always Deleting Social Media And Then Getting It Back Again


We’ve probably all considered getting rid of social media at one point or another. Although it has benefits, it certainly does come with its downsides as well! There’s nothing wrong with deciding to take a little break from FB or to get rid of IG for good, but we would watch out for anyone who is always deleting and then reactivating their social media.

This usually points to someone who’s quite indecisive, and maybe someone who makes hasty decisions without thinking them through. It could also mean that he’s always arguing with someone (or some people) online and has to keep deactivating to get away from them.

1 Good Sign: He Doesn’t Delete Posts That Have No Likes


A guy earns serious brownie points if he doesn’t resort to taking down posts of his that get little to no likes. This shows that he doesn’t care what people think of him and he doesn’t decide to post things based on the opinions of others. On the other hand, if he gets rid of things when nobody likes them, it could show that he needs approval from other people, and only makes posts to get just that.

Although he might think it makes him look unpopular to let a post sit there without any likes, it actually shows that he doesn’t live to please others and isn’t a sellout.

Sources: Glamour, Bustle

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