10 Things Fans Don't Know About Scott & Kourtney's Relationship (+ 10 About Him & Sofia)

Scott Disick is most famous for, well, being a Kardashian baby daddy. Fans were first introduced to the reality star during the first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when he was the new boyfriend of Kourtney K. The couple met in 2006 at a house party in Mexico, and had a highly publicized on-again, off-again relationship for almost 10 years.

During the course of their relationship, the couple welcomed three children. Their first son, Mason, was born in 2009. In 2011, a KUWTK episode showed Scott looking at engagement rings. However, when he brought the topic of marriage up to Kourtney, she expressed disinterest. The reality star famously said, "If things are so good now...why would we want to change that?" They went on to welcome their second child, daughter Penelope, in 2012, and their second son, Reign, at the end of 2014. Kourtney and Scott finally broke up for good in 2015 shortly after the birth of their third child.

However, it didn’t take Scott long to move on. In 2017, the celebrity first became linked to the 18-year-old model Sofia Richie, who was 15 years younger than him. The Richie family had known the Kardashians for years, which made their relationship weirder considering Scott watched Sofia grow up. Nevertheless, Sofia and Scott are still very much together and rumour has it that they’re getting serious. Keep reading to learn what fans need to know about Scott’s relationship with both Kourtney and Sofia.

20 Scott & Kourtney: He Left Her After Baby No. 3

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Scott and Kourtney’s youngest son Reign was born in December 2014. But it was early into 2015 that tabloids confirmed the famous couple had broken up for good, despite just welcoming their third child.

Reports have since confirmed that Scott left Kourtney shortly after she gave birth to go on one of his infamous party binges, which evidently contributed to their breakup. According to Hollywood Life, Scott jetted off to Paris to party the night away, where he was acting like a single man.

“Scott didn’t mention his baby or Kourtney at all. It probably wasn’t the best environment to talk about a new baby at a lingerie party, but still, he should be happy, thankful, and proud that he’s a new dad again, but nothing about his appearance suggested that,” a source told the publication.

19 Scott & Sofia: They’ve Already Talked About Babies

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Given that Scott already has three children, and Sofia just turned 20, they’re one of the last celebrity couples we’re expecting a pregnancy announcement from. However, it sounds like the pair have definitely talked about starting a family together. So, fans could be getting that announcement sooner rather than later.

Last May, a source revealed Scott definitely wants kids with Sofia. “He wants to make things a little more official by trying to talk to Sofia about starting a family,” an insider revealed, as E! News shared. “He doesn’t need to be married to her — just like it was with Kourtney — but he is having baby fever, and he would like to convince her to be a mother herself.”

18 Scott & Kourtney: She Thinks They’ll Have More Kids

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Fans freaked out last year when Kourtney admitted in an interview that she’s not opposed to having more children with her baby daddy. Given that he’s been with Sofia for several years, the comment seemed a little odd.

However, sources say that the reality star has always hoped to have more children with her long-time love, so perhaps fans shouldn’t rule it out.

“While Kourtney is happy to see Scott so grounded, stable and in a healthy relationship, it also [worries] her to think that she could lose him forever,” an insider dished to Hollywood Life this past January. “In the back of her heart, she always thought about maybe having more kids with Scott or that one day they might get back together.”

17 Scott & Sofia: She Wants Him To Propose

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Given that Sofia is only 20 years old, and there’s a 15-year age difference between her and her famous beau, many fans don’t think the couple is in any rush to head down the aisle. However, recent reports have said that Sofia is starting to hope that Scott will pop the question sooner rather than later.

“Nothing would make Sofia Richie happier than getting an engagement ring from Scott,” a source told Hollywood Life last August. “Sofia is madly in love with him and really wants a huge ring to wear around and show off to all her friends that her and Scott are serious.”

“She has been dropping plenty of hints in the last few weeks,” they continued. “And [she] made it clear to Scott that they can have a long engagement. She is not even worried about getting married. She just wants that big diamond on her finger.”

16 Scott & Kourtney: They Broke Up Because Of His Partying

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It’s never been a secret that Scott has a wild side. Even after welcoming his and Kourtney’s third child, son Reign, it didn’t take the celebrity long to make headlines for partying the night away while his girlfriend and children were at home. When the long-time couple broke up for good in 2015, sources quickly revealed that Kourtney had finally had enough of Scott’s behaviour.

"Kourtney has always taken Scott back and been by his side, but now with three kids, it has gotten old. Kourtney has to do what's best for the kids,” a source told E! News. "Scott has been running around saying he's single. Kourtney dumped him after she saw the pics [in Monte Carlo] and he hasn't been home after a month-long party binge."

15 Scott & Sofia: They've Been Looking At Engagement Rings

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Given that sources say Sofia has been dropping hints that she’d like to get engaged, it wasn’t surprising this past January when tabloids reported the unlikely couple had been spotted looking at engagement rings.

“Scott was spotted earlier this week at Polacheck’s luxe jewelry store in Calabasas browsing engagement rings, diamond necklaces and other expensive gifts,” an eyewitness told Hollywood Life.

They continued, This time it looked like he might have been shopping for Sofia. Scott came in alone and seemed happy about shopping for a gift for someone special. While he did not buy anything, he spent a lot of time looking at really big diamond engagement rings.”

14 Scott & Kourtney: She Couldn’t Stand His Drinking

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It wasn’t only Scott’s partying that was to blame for his and Kourtney’s breakup. For years, reports stated the dad-of-three had a problem with his drinking, and his long-time girlfriend eventually got fed up.

In 2013, two years before they broke up, a source said Scott’s drinking was pushing Kourtney’s last buttons. “Kourtney is beside herself,” the insider told National Enquirer. Scott sought treatment for his problem several times while still with Kourtney, and also several times since their breakup.

Sources have since said that Sofia helped the troubled star clean up his act since they got into a relationship.

13 Scott & Sofia: They Had A Pregnancy Scare

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Given reports that say both Sofia and Scott want to start a family with each other, many fans assume the couple must be actively trying for a baby of their own. And perhaps they are, if this tidbit of news is any evidence.

Last October, reports said the couple experienced a pregnancy scare - and they were actually thrilled when they thought it could be true. “Sofia was totally not feeling well the other day and thought she might have been pregnant,” a source explained to Hollywood Life.

They continued, “She was nauseous all morning and feeling like something was horribly off with her body. Scott, who has been through it before with Kourtney, immediately thought Sofia might be carrying his baby and was surprisingly happy and excited.”

12 Scott & Kourtney: Her Family Is Worried For His Life

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It’s not just Kourtney who’s worried about Scott’s drinking problem. Back in 2017, at the height of Scott’s infamous streak of binge-partying, reports said the entire Kardashian Klan was beginning to fear for his health.

“Kourtney is worried for Scott, as are Scott’s friends and the whole Kardashian family. They are really worried for him,” an insider told Us Weekly in 2017. “The partying and photos emerging are symptomatic of situations they’ve had in the past with him where he has been in a really bad place, mentally.”

The source continued, “Scott's lifestyle has become out of control. His friends are all worried for him and trying to calm him down.”

11 Scott & Sofia: They Often Fight About Kourtney

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While one would think time would make it easier for Sofia to feel comfortable about Scott’s relationship with his baby mama, it sounds like things are just getting worse. According to sources, the couple has been increasingly fighting. And most of their fights are about Scott’s relationship with Kourtney.

“A lot of their fights stem from his ongoing obsession with Kourtney, but they also argue over the way he treats Sofia, which is pretty crappy most of the time,” one source shared, InTouch explained. “It’s like he’s totally checked out of the relationship, and barely makes any effort at all.”

10 Scott & Kourtney: He Went Months Without Seeing The Kids

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Considering Scott left his then-girlfriend after she’d given birth to party it up in Paris, it seems like the reality star was going down a slippery slope long before he and Kourtney broke up. But things really got bad for the dad-of-three after their breakup.

Sources at the time said he went months without seeing his kids as he kept jet-setting from place to place on an international party binge that lasted almost a year. Back in 2015, Closer reported that the celebrity had gone almost a month without talking to his children, who were five years, three years, and seven months at the time.

"Kris is hoping that Kourtney and Scott can find some sort of resolution, but she’s not holding her breath. She thinks Scott may have blown it completely this time,” an insider shared.

9 Scott & Sofia: He Doesn’t Treat Her Well

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Given all the stuff that’s been said about Scott and Kourtney’s decade-long relationship, Scott doesn’t always sound like the boyfriend of the year. Sources say that the reality star has been running into trouble in his new relationship over how he treats Sofia. By the sounds of it, she’s starting to get fed up.

“To be frank, he’s showing his true colors, and he’s been [bad] to her a lot of the time. Sofia is starting to listen more to her dad and closest friends, and realize that Scott may not be her soulmate and the love of her life,” one source revealed, as People reported last year. The insider implied that Sofia was beginning to wonder if she should pull the plug on the relationship or not.

8 Scott & Kourtney: They Tried Counselling For Years

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It appears that Scott and Kourtney did everything they could to save their relationship before finally calling it quits in 2015. Back in 2010, Kourtney admitted that counselling had helped improve things between the two of them.

“We’ve been working on our relationship and we’re doing the best that we can. We’re in a really good place right now and taking it day by day and it’s good,” she told People at the time. “I think [counselling] is really important and we always love going and feel so much better after. I think everyone should go.”

In 2014 and 2015, there were various reports that the then-couple had headed back to counselling to try and work things out. However, they obviously decided to go their separate ways in the end.

7 Scott & Sofia: They Briefly Broke Up Because Of Kourtney

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Fans will remember that Scott and Sofia briefly broke up during the summer of last year. Although their separation didn’t last for long, sources at the time said their split had to do with Sofia’s insecurities about Scott and Kourtney.

After Kourtney broke up with her boyfriend Younes Bendjima, Sofia became concerned Scott saw it as an opportunity to get back together with the mother of his children. “If Scott even is entertaining getting back with Kourtney she wants to know now,” a source told Inquisitr shortly before their breakup. “She doesn’t want to be played for a fool and [strung] along. She loves Scott and if he is going to play these games she is not interested in keeping the relationship going.”

They added, “She wants to live a life with Scott, have a future with Scott and have kids with Scott. So if he is thinking of getting back with Kourtney she wants none of it.”

6 Scott & Kourtney: Her Family Thinks The Therapist Is To Blame

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Although it sounds like Scott and Kourtney may have been making great strides in their relationship after seeking professional help, the Kardashians don’t sound so convinced.

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that aired last August, Scott, Kris, Kim, and Khloé admitted they didn’t feel Kourtney’s therapist was being helpful. "There are two new things in her life — boyfriend and her therapist," Khloé said. "Ever since then, she's been a raging [brat] and instead of owning it or whatever, she takes it out on everyone else."

"I think her therapist is a lunatic," Kim added. Scott then said, "She said her therapist said what she's doing is right, but if I were to do anything similar to what she's doing, it's not right. And I was like, 'Ah, okay, good to know.'"

5 Scott & Sofia: Her Dad Doesn’t Trust Him

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Sofia is the famous daughter of musician Lionel Richie. Many fans were curious to know how the star felt about his young daughter dating the Kardashian baby daddy. And although Lionel refrained from saying anything negative about the couple to the media, sources say he definitely doesn't like the relationship.

“Lionel hasn’t approved of the relationship since the beginning,” a source told People. “He joked about it publicly but he was livid.” They continued, “Lionel knows Scott’s playboy ways, and he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt.”

When asked about her dad’s feelings, Sofia said last year, “He’s good - he’s been very nice. He’s very supportive, whatever that means.”

4 Scott & Kourtney: He Couldn’t Stand Her New BF

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Although Scott was linked to girls weeks after his breakup with Kourtney was announced in 2015, Kourtney took her time to get back into the dating game.

In 2017, the reality star was spotted hanging out with much-younger model Younes Bendjima. Although the two never confirmed their relationship status, they were seen canoodling on multiple occasions before their breakup in 2018. However, reports say that Scott was never a fan of their relationship.

“Seeing Kourtney date Younes definitely played into his partying,” a source told People last August. “He’s never gotten over her and was really hoping to get her back when she first started dating Younes.”

3 Scott & Sofia: Her Sister Wants Them To Break Up

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Not only does Sofia have a famous father, but her older sister Nicole Richie is equally as famous. Hardcore Kardashian fans will know that Nicole used to hang out with the Kardashian sisters back in their youth. So she probably finds it extra weird that her much-younger little sister is now dating one of her former bestie’s baby daddies.

Last year, reports said that Nicole was actually begging Sofia to call the relationship off. “Nicole has reached out to her sister Sofia, pleading with her to end her unhealthy relationship with Scott,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “Nicole thinks Scott is way too old for Sofia and Nicole freaked out when she learned that Sofia has been hanging out with Scott’s kids too.”

2 Scott & Kourtney: He Still Wants Kourtney Back

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It’s been nearly five years since Scott and Kourtney called off their decade-long relationship. And although he’s been with Sofia for almost two years now, sources say that Scott has always secretly hoped that he and Kourtney would get back together eventually (even if that means breaking up with Sofia).

“[Scott would] get back together with Kourtney in a heartbeat," a source said last August, Elle reports. "Sofia makes him happy but they are also very on and off. It wouldn’t be surprising if Scott tried to pursue things again with Kourtney down the line.”

However, the same source said that Kourtney could never see that happening. “Kourtney will never get back with Scott,” they explained. “She’s happy that he’s doing well and spending a lot of time with the kids. She’s happy about co-parenting with Scott, but that’s it.”

1 Scott & Sofia: She's Paranoid He Still Loves His Ex

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Although there are plenty of reports that say Kourtney is the one who has a problem with Scott and Sofia’s relationship, it turns out Sofia may have problems with Scott’s ex, too. Last October, a source told Hollywood Life the young model felt insecure that Scott and Kourtney were spending time together, both with and without their kids.

“Now that Kourtney is single and dating again, Sofia struggles with the time Kourtney spends alone with Scott and the kids,” the insider explained. “She sees the way Kourtney still looks at Scott with love. Sofia does not want to lose Scott...to Kourtney. It would break her heart.”

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