10 Things Daycare Teachers Choose Not To Tell Moms (And 10 Things They're Not Allowed To)

As moms get close to the end of their maternity leaves, they need to look for a responsible adult that they can leave their baby with while they resume back to work. Although it might not be ideal, moms typically need to do this in order to put food on the table. Moms, who don't have relatives or nannies to watch their kids have no option but to settle for daycares.

However, moms sometimes sign up their kids for daycare so that they can interact with other kids to play and make friends. Whichever the case, a reputable daycare can offer a mom some peace of mind in knowing that her little one is being taken care of well. A child is likely to spend most of their day at daycare while the parents are elsewhere and is, therefore, important that both mom and baby are comfortable with the setup.

Daycare teachers, on the other hand, have a big task to carry out. They have to watch, feed, and entertain a bunch of kids who are not their own and ensure that they have a fun-filled day. Like any other job, there are pros and cons of being a daycare provider...

People who want to work with kids need to love them because taking care of children requires patience, grace, and lots of energy. Despite doing a good job of taking care of these precious gems, daycare teachers do not get enough credit for their work. Here is a look at some of the silent woes they endure.

20 Sometimes A Kid Can Go Hungry

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Kids can decide to be picky eaters. For example, they can simply refuse to eat a carrot because the one a caregiver is offering them has a shape that is not identical to the one mom usually offer's them. Most daycare teachers will not tell moms that their child has refused to eat a certain food item that was on the menu or that they left them to starve the whole day, as revealed by kidspot.com.

Daycares do not have a budget for special meals; all children get the same meal. Most daycare teachers also do not have the time and patience to convince a child to eat, as a parent would do. Some teachers will have no choice but to leave the child and hope that he or she will eat later.

19 Not Allowed: The Care Providers Don’t Really Care About Your Personal Life

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According to redbookmag.com, there are daycare teachers who have confessed to not wanting to know everything about the lives of the children they look after. Staff may be interested in what is happening in a child’s life but only to a certain point.

They can only be concerned about what is happening at home if it seems to be affecting the child in any way. Other than this, they may not care about the nitty gritty of the parents’ life. They are also not interested in discussing government matters and news headlines or listening to a mom’s endless opinions.

18 Teachers Sometimes Bribe kids

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Parents always overreact when they pick up their kids and find out that, they are hurt or that there is something wrong with them. According to Therichest.com, daycare teachers sometimes bribe kids with sweet treats to stop them from crying. This also makes them forget to tell their parents about minor scrapes and bruises.

Kids are playful and can easily hurt themselves. However, some parents can cause so much commotion and even go to the extent of requesting the daycare to let go of particular teachers. Some have no choice but to bribe the children into keeping what happened at daycare quiet. What mommy does not know will not hurt her.

17 Not Allowed: The Teachers Don’t Always Follow All The Rules

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It is sad to watch a kid sitting with an empty plate while his friends down a birthday cake with a sweet drink. The poor chap can only watch from afar because mom does not want him to stray from his strict gluten-free meal plan. It is okay for parents to dictate some rules but they should be reasonable. Children should stay away from particular food because of allergies.

Not only is it hard to control children from sharing sweet treats with one another but some rules are just too hard to follow. As also noted by verywellfamily.com, some parents will forbid the daycare from giving sweets yet when mom comes to pick up the child, she will be seen handing the child a sweet snack, talk of double standards.

16 Everyone Dreads Diaper Changes (And May Not Always Change Them)

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Diaper changes can be nerve-racking for moms let alone strangers. Daycare teachers sometimes do not have the time to check each baby’s diaper to see if it is wet. Oftentimes, they wait for the bad smell to kick in so that they can change the diaper. Others wait until pick up time is near to change the diaper.

Chances are, a child will stay with one diaper the whole day and this not something they would want to mention to mom as they can be blamed when the child gets infections or rashes. Unfortunately, there is no way for mom to monitor how many changes her child has had, it is up to the teachers to be keen on this.

15 Not Allowed: Misbehaving Kids Will Be Punished

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One daycare staff admitted that she normally serves naughty kids less food compared to what she puts for the others. Sometimes kids can drive teachers crazy and push them to their limits and when they reach the wall, they can result to the craziest and most juvenile forms of punishment just to show the kids that they are in control.

Some parents may not agree with such discipline measures and this is why the daycare management does not allow teachers to tell parents everything, especially how they discipline their kids. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to discuss discipline approaches with parents, as stated by verywellfamily.com.

14 They Don't Know What Happens To Kids Every Minute Of Every Hour

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The main reason moms take their kids to daycare is they want their kids to be in an environment where some responsible adult has his or her eyes on their babies every minute of every hour they are with them. As much as most daycares may want moms to feel comfortable that their kids are safe in every way, it is practically impossible to have someone's eyes on them throughout.

According to scarymommy.com, caregivers in daycares will do everything to keep the kids safe, but they will hardly ever notice something is wrong unless a kid complains, cries out, or clearly appears to be hurt.

13 Not Allowed: Telling Parents Their Kids Have Zero Respect

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Daycare care staffs do not have the permission to advise moms on how to raise their children. Most may not even do it on their own free will because they do not have the confidence to do so while others do not want to start an argument. When a child is disrespectful to strangers, chances are they also behave the same way at home.

If parents do not hold their kids accountable for their actions or dismiss their behaviors because of guilt or exhaustion then they cannot respect other adults. Empowering Parents agrees that kids are not only rude and disrespectful in today’s society but they are also mean and like berating the elderly. The sad part is most pick these behaviors from home.

12 Kids Sometimes Call Caregivers Momma

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It is normal for a child to call her caregiver mom because she spends more time with them than the actual mom who she only sees in the evening. According to research done by welcometothezoo.com, this is the case especially if the child joins the daycare at the age of about two.

Many kids have a reputation of referring to their daycare teachers as a mom, and the teachers would probably not tell the moms this small detail to spare her feelings. They understand that moms have to work and look for money to feed and take care of their kids, most have no choice but to leave their children in the care of someone else.

11 Not Allowed: Some Teachers Get Baby Fever And Want Their Own Kids

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Children can be the most adorable creatures to deal with. They have the cutest faces and say the funniest of things. A teacher can sit in class and start daydreaming about wanting to have little minis of herself running around like the other children she is caring for.

However, she does not have the permission to mention this to the moms lest they will label her a weirdo. The news is full of many stories where the people who illegally take kids are those close to them, according to therichest.com. Teachers should also not show too much affection for a particular child, they could lose their jobs over this.

10 Children Should Be Dropped Off While Awake

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We all know that children do not like seeing their parents leave without them. Most parents cannot also stand the cries and screams from their child as they leave them behind. Something about car rides puts children to sleep so by the time most parents drop them off at the daycare, they are usually asleep. Therefore, some parents find it easier to drop them off while they are still sleeping to avoid chaos during goodbyes.

However, this is never fun for daycare teachers. According to redbookmag.com, children actually get scared when they wake up in strange places surrounded by unfamiliar people who are not their parents. It usually takes some time for them to realize where they are and the teachers have to console them before this happens.

9 Not Allowed: Describe Just How Many Accidents Happen

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Where there are kids, there is bound to be running, climbing, biting, scratching, bumping and falling but daycare providers will not be so quick to mention this to parents. Even under close supervision, kids can sometimes get hurt or hurt one another, as revealed by verywellfamily.com.

Nonetheless, daycare teachers should watch kids closely and keep an even closer eye on those who like starting trouble. It is also advisable for them to keep emergency contacts close by in case of an accident. Otherwise, most scratches and bruises on kids tend to heal fast. Moms should not worry about the occasional scratches and bumps, kids cannot refrain from playing.

8 Bet You Forgot That Daycare Teachers Also Have A Life

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Daycare teachers look forward to clocking out of their jobs in the evening the same way a parent does. They usually cannot wait for the clock to hit five so that they can go home and begin their evening plans. Although most enjoy spending time with kids, this is a job for them. Therefore, if a mom has paid for childcare until four or five, she should be there on time to release the teacher.

Welcometothezoo advises parents to respect the timelines given by the daycare. The teachers have their own families and even children to take care of. If mom cannot make it on time, she should at least call and inform the center that she is going to be late and make a point of paying for the extra hours.

7 Not Allowed: Having A Child Does Not Automatically Make You A Good Parent

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Although they interact briefly with parents at drop-offs and pickups, some daycare staff are able to quickly tell the type of person a parent is. Having a child does not automatically make one a good parent, as stated by therichest.com but no matter how much mom slacks as a parent, daycare teachers are not allowed to say even a word about this and especially to the mom’s face.

Some moms can erupt and insult the teacher right in front of the kids when told this. Teachers have a reputation of blacklisting certain parents and will do everything imaginable to avoid dealing with them.

6 Sorry Mom, Sick Kids Should Stay At Home

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Fox News once featured a segment about daycares and said that they are germ depositories. Moms need to understand that their child/children are not the only ones attending the daycare, so if the child is sick, it is usually better for everyone if they stay at home.

Taking them to the daycare only makes things worse. They can pick up more germs, infect other children with whatever they have; whether it be the flu, an ear infection, or lice.

Moreover, daycare teachers have other kids in their care and they cannot sit and look after one child the whole day. When a child is sick, moms should stay home with them, they should not transfer the burden to the daycare teachers. As much as they would like to, they may not be in a position to offer the best care for sick children.

5 Not Allowed: Daycare Is Costly For The Providers (And Sometimes They Need More)

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Before a mom goes ahead to complain about how expensive daycare is, she should also consider how much costly running one is. As explained by stepbystepcc.com, stationery alone to keep the kids preoccupied is expensive. Most daycares provide drawing paper, pencils, crayons, paint, glue, scissors, play dough, and a variety of toys which all cost money. There are also operating expenses and utility bills to be paid.

Most daycares also want to serve enticing meals for the kids and this costs money. Parents should take this home; all the ‘costly’ products and services are for the comfort and amusement of their kids.

4 They Won't Say It, But Moms Should Appreciate Daycare Teachers More

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Daycare teachers earn minimum wage. Their paycheck does not equal the amount of job and trouble they go through. Most parents barely say "thank you" When they pick up their kids. Redbookmag.com points out that it is just as important for moms to appreciate daycare teachers the same way they show gratitude to their hairdressers and waiters.

Appreciating the teacher encourages them to continue taking care of your child well. Most go beyond the call of duty to soothe, entertain, clean and offer great company to children. They deserve respect and appreciation especially from the parents, taking care of someone else’s children is not an easy task.

3 Not Allowed: Daycare Staff Are Not Part Of Your Family

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It is not right for parents to involve the entire daycare in their family squabbles, which do not particularly relate to the care of a child. Daycare teachers do not care about domestic disagreements, custody battles, or court cases. They do not want anyone to ask them to testify as to whether mom is a good parent or not.

To be fair they can only speak for the child and not the parent. They only spend their time with the kid and not the parents. In another incident, a mom forbade a daycare center to not let her partner pick their child because they had split up, as narrated by verywellfamily.com. Unless there is a court order or a clause in the signed agreement, parents should avoid putting the daycare in the middle of their family dramas.

2 It Feels Like Some Parents Forget That Daycare Teachers Also Have Bills To Pay

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Stepbystepcc.com confirms that most moms do not pay their daycare bills on time. Moms cannot afford to have their paycheck delayed at the end of the month and neither can the teachers. They have bills to pay and need to put food on their tables but most moms choose not to consider this.

Most caregivers will find it hard to follow up on fees that are due especially after promises that moms will clear their bills as soon as they can. Moms should always remember to be considerate; they should treat other people’s jobs with respect and professionalism and pay their dues on time.

1 Not Allowed: Kids Need More Mommy And Daddy Time

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As much as kids enjoy playing with other kids, doing arts and crafts and all sorts of fun activities at daycare, they also like playing with all their toys at home, reading storybooks with mom, playing chase and hide and seek with dad.

According to welcometothezoo.com, children thrive well and develop good behavior much better when they spend time with their parents. Some teachers may want to tell parents this but are probably afraid of losing their jobs and losing the client by pinpointing this. Some parents leave kids at daycares because they have to report to work.

Sources: verywellfamily.com, therichest.com, welcometothezoo.ca, stepbystepcc.com, empoweringparents.com, foxnews.com, kidspot.com, scaymommy.com.

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